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Bills Football
Thursday, April 20th

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Almost sizable and even take a strossen as far as teams. Area as well but definitely offices product and do we progressed you stay at home gas showed up to make plays and was able to deuce. Her and all comparative quality. He kept us. Throwing me stuff for him playing. I'd definitely own mortality in their room upstart team we have a boxed out guys. In that room already and get a chance to work with them this week is definitely. Productive. Let us not allowed to talk that we have that room would bring in more talented room never. Hearses on the list of what you guys out there issue it could take that video of this thing. Oh. Death. Sad to hear that come actually heard it coming up at practice today promised something that you wanna hear. We were Brothers and. In his in his game that we play and the smartest does Stefan said here gonna continue to keep trample on chrome. I just hope that everything turns out well we're definitely concerned as a team. Another brother a search for just one the best form to commodities which Christian. Apparently it bills. Look at her stabbing. She or access your class. You look at it you given any thought to remind me review your future your words aggressive position early to Madrid and maybe the first. And I have room are focused on. Or whatever it takes to help go. My game better my game and help this team went home this upcoming season. And and it. That includes. Don't what it takes in phase one phase two and included a new playbook can it sounds in our guest house must have to be done. As their enemy. Keep them between the polls had there been any discussions from team. You. Nada Ayman arsenal that decision doesn't involve me. Mostly so that's going to it is not gonna bother me one way and others. Paris on just an exchange Q folks and things that. Noted it could have been we have got a plan and whatever it hopes to ultimate standard. This does this sort of these years. Oh what's faith is. At some point. OK futures clearance you can stop me here. I always. I own a commanding your watching. Learn. I do my best couple bring him along with. Home that doesn't it doesn't distract our focus on this offseason. And or not open this team win this fault which it. Well the technical question that I'm Watson who protested that we were mentioning drop that stuff. How much your your basically that you maybe changing it figured their mother's arms or legs or whatever or as a player player can really mess of that stuff too much. At that stage and immediately guys the making baseball a certain way you know mess that we're that much that goes in every year. Army definitely. Can change things in your game of course fundamentals are still one of those I was gonna throw the ball delivers going to be different throughout the but as Foss as far as foundation and have you feed. Correct in the pocket that's definitely something is pretty standard across leagues you know just wanting to coach Rico coach Kelly. Good job it's just focusing on forward drew. And the players they tell us as far as listen to a feed to product aggressions alumnus something that definitely details come in our one on one sessions and then me. Federer more off than I felt a new coach comes and and asked installing anything it takes time. To build a winner you know what it doesn't always happen in that first season what you should the league that. This these bills this team under god like he could be that's the exception rule. Going to act. Palm Beach years definite challenge new coach and not but I definitely like. Where we started these first two weeks and deathly day home good tree weeks I think we've taken steps in the right direction as a team. Home every must respond to what's your coaching. And I think just in doubt these last three days how hard they carried it probably carried themselves on it soon. Men in these rooms petition deeds you threw out everything in just to practice. I've Phillip price it has definitely been a positive one. Martin deaf to see things changing we have a law long ways ago. But I think we're taken steps in the right direction. So of thoughts on the possibility. Of the how Marcus as an active player definitely don't want to lose a talent like him. But I also understand the business side of the. It is well too so I was definitely a tough situation to be and hopefully we can get him back and knows his players are too big. Not a office is how to ball and just our team in general we allowed to have them back but we also understand. What he's going to right now so to us. Hope for the best and that now it does not hear it in which Memphis itself to it. Here's what you want. I envelopes addressed to his chest 2011. Is there. Their personal reasons. He drives me every year that I don't want. When it. It uses more homeless the sabres. Sort of you know Byron general manager and coach. The fact that. The bills went through this. Just opened with a coat and changed because moves like that knowing they're owned by the same. People who goes to the President Obama rolled it doesn't reflect. It was fine. And I don't think pat has anything to do. With us. Honestly didn't know that happened to users edit home on national or Alicia hockey fan on national you're aware of the situation home. All of us have a job to do. We've come near the top vessel flow these days trying to be better and if coolest as a citizen nice fit. If we're determined do. Spotted best part ways but I think that once on board for the same. Gold earlier in us terrorist organization. Around therapies under. What is so far as voters who thought it's expected. What you anticipated. I ball. Compares to. Are just watching film over the the cut outs of this offense. On a detained in previous years definitely getting our tight ends involved have been different says remarks were Todd is on the it is definitely. Big in his office probably that we have the talent at target position to do so. Jaws in the low in the period. Very good this past these past three days just got to continue to build them as weeks. Acknowledged of the characters on. That that. Army can have a provision pegged those three guys that I just named in the Charles Logan. Create mismatches for. Hope much defenders Tom Logan sizes. His death as something that stands out. Makes. There's always get hope we would call them the basic runner but he's always been open on the field and Charles Ross Ross a receiver room. As ability to to create space as perhaps the catch is that BP has careers the more tuition get those guys involved definitely helps as a team. Basically just to Guerrero. Is always a necklace. All the important. Injuries. Or. More time. They're well she and you're. With us or. Party it is a great great got to be around. Great players two we've got to our promises it was a UNC. Me and hokey. We bout them but just knowing each other come in knowing. Not a city have of this offense been intimately known. To talk to certain situations on the field and just it. To test is not a topic in the classroom as well to definitely helps and it brings. Even more leadership today according chrome makes us all better. Is that better. Yeah.