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Bills Football
Thursday, April 20th

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But so what. Yourself. Where this defense kind of functions. And all. It. Update for us are gonna get a lot more fundamentally sound. That's one thing that coast Fraser and cause them harboring answer outside of the ball isn't really focusing on fundamentals which is great in the for everyone to understand they're job and how to executed properly which is two huge points that we really focus on despray. There is an all out and cast your vote occasion. And people. You know what do you suppose. Well you don't publisher there is different now from what I know I gotta play you know. Your handle on. Altered that's an abuse and. Just by the way our coaches are gone about teaching via. It's actually taken time to kind of right now thanks to us explain the ins and outs of that way if we have questions on the feel we can go out there and ask him. Really understand what they need from us on I think with that really focusing on the whole fundamental aspect everybody doing there 111. Understand that what they need to do to execute the play and win of coach calls and then also helping us understand our weaknesses they're actually. Going over that force of that when we can continued to just get stronger growth. Yeah. It changed her. It's. Similar things here now what happens. More. She's now. For justices having everybody here right now in the spring which is going to be use of that when we can it was communicate a lot better is gonna help us one's fault. Comes round will be it was some move a lot faster but just. That we've all. A lot of us have actually played in the 43 scheme to become understand some of the little nuances that. Coach's dream but you know just really he's helping us understand his place until an assumption that scheme. What he wants from us what he expects he's not doing too much that if he doesn't wanna complicate. Make any being to most and what it really is he wants to go up there and play fast and play physical message to main focal point that they're actually bringing for this voluntary. Communicate with glue up their play fast be physical and just really focus on fundamentals and techniques which at any level of playing any type of ball that's what you really need to have. So low fall back on come on into. Your use. Your back to defensive end it's not so hang up heart attack or not and never know what a coach is on us. It. Absolutely it allows this kind of play to our students you know. Four guys coming off the ball create that Havoc you know. Closing in on that pocket put a lot more pressure on QB's and just alone in the kind of stand back there and pick apart. Thanks your manager.