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Thursday, April 20th

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Yup I think you and on the idea yet of the draft and some team does something unexpected or guy gets taken at a place in. There goes all mock drafts so. It's. It's it's funny part of the year you know there's there's not much who's going on the NFL teams have been away for a little bit and you know you around sort talk about the draft and I'm guessing and on your guess is as good as mine has as we're gonna draft I have no idea. And it's so that's what that's what makes a draft funnier scenes we're getting in and seeing these guys who were gonna come in and compete for starting jobs since the other incident. Joan I don't know maybe it's. Period point out its regret for the and he's out. There it right. Having had successful there. The visiting from. Forget it and what is what is that relationship or where we're talking points. You know we do appreciate have a pool round we we know how much they love and support us and war in this altogether. I think. You know from when Sean came in it's it's an all in approach we're all we're all on the boat. Ownership coaches management players bombed so it's great to see that out of practice greats you know to dispense some time with them. Q did you care you know they're they are accessible on their approachable. And don't know the the travel with a son on a waitress so you know it's it's like one big team. I don't. You know glance. You know hey use and a little tree here as well there are. And. No I don't I don't sense at all I think you know we're trying to get this right you know we we we hear all the noise we hear about the seventeen years in the playoff drought things like that. Who were working to get this thing they're missing right I've been here two seasons. I think you know the message amongst the guys it is you know the guys who have been here for awhile com. You know air woods Kyle Williams. Jerry Marcel those guys. If there are part of the issue of this team comic in the playoffs it would be hearing more. But the guys that are here those special guys have held on and works hard and our foundational pieces of this. Team and what you have happening is you know we have guys that you've been here two years we have guys that tyra tearsheet each year's we're all come together forming an identity. And I know we have shown here. You know we're so on the field compete flying around practices fund itself tired it's has been eventful three days were were flying around. So. There's no frustration aren't you know we're just looking it's to get better day by day and you know win as many games we can fall. Shaw. Thank you. Providing what sort of fuel there on your head coach and what does that fit especially. But what are his wife there and it was separates him from. Reps and I'll one got a part it's been true all along but she's good players we want. Again. You guys trying to solve problems and not treated like bad luck go patent. So Sean I mean you spend couple minutes from the guy you know he's hungry he's he's yours in key he is a and energetic guy he he brings a lot of energy he wants energy in the meetings there's lot of energy around the building got music playing in. In the hallways in music playing lunchroom we have. You know that the juices are flowing you know he wants you don't and those meetings. Com which reminds switched on rate work and we just got down with three days on the field is energetic and casualties today you're out there. Flying around when he got his there are some points where I was running I you know where I was running and I decided nature my boat was in years so. But having Sean here it's you know it's it's it's it's it's a breath of fresh air you know haven't haven't Sean command. And and be so focused and so detailed. And I so energetic and down you know just just laying out all the expect expectation level for the guys coach is what we can expect from him what he expects from us. And you know it's it's it's nice to get to work underneath him and the second part of the question mr. Thomas coaching changes. Interactive account nominee. But the important thing is for the veteran leaders to buy it it's guys like mean Eric ward Tyrod shady Kyle Williams. We set the tempo and our temple is were all in with coach McDermott what he says goes you know you may have couple whispers here there'll used to do it this way at least that way. It is time this season where you squash all that stuff and we're just make sure all the troops are on the boat in world paddle and row in the same direction so. I think we've done a good job of that. Shots to preach in compete and fly around. And I you can feel it was a energetic threes practice. Lots been made about the difference in blocking scheme problem last year that your last. He had an innocent general sense of like a much different as. Playbook itself when the real difference there Elop is here it's much more me pull it tight offense he's athletic ability they got what you. Can't you just a general sense of how much differently this. Yeah the right and look but different is. A really kitchen too much detail how it's gonna look different. You know last year we are more of a a man blocking. You know. Blocked out Paul round power. Look QB option. This year we're gonna be feature in his own game where you just use seat like Miami featured lecture that Jai the whole front kind of movement. Expecting someone on defense to get out of the gap assignment increase decrease. On so we've without. Three days in it now on the field and I think we have the guys up front to do it you know we have athletic guys this is. This is summed up plays into it to be athletic guys you know guys get out of the stance again out and move in and displacing people and create those planes. And I think we have the runners for you know she is a a dynamic runner he's got a good feel for what we're trying to do and put its foot in the ground meat and place. Did you win go go back on peripheral or two year old first oh. And it's what we perceive NC. Maybe more important than what rights they have oh. Even one voice and through his approach. Hi how you com how do you welcome them and receive him first guys 42. You know I think the first thing is you know us are Smart guy he's he's very cerebral alone. He is he's hungry like I said before and he's energetic you know these energy and his. His wisdom kind of is what jumps out you know he has a plan for everything goes over the practice schedule I've everything's planned out everything. Is laid out front of us and he pie he kind of just tees up so we attack. And dome it's. You know you do a great job he commands a room he he has a lot of guys respect and it's really fun. Didn't get a normal little bit and the government and actually get on the field and fire around and play hard. But. Yeah. Oh. Yeah you know I think we have the guys in this roster Jonathan Williams Dotson then it touched flashier and he he really good job tote the rock so. Is next man up diseases NFL you lose guys every every year and a mule gets guys in the draft to help us out what. We just Gaza atrocities there on the football. The draft coming up here take this kind reflect on. You are draft process and what was it like for you. Yeah my draft process was of those stressful process. I know where's your draft obvious that some baggage and college I was injured. I didn't know I know what can happen on draft day you know I know I first round talent. Do you know Fuzzy grabbed the second round. The. It's Ireland right there. That. For it fourth common thing. No itself you know what it was it was stressful time irony you know whereas you go and I was Christians I got the opportunity to put its insurance. Ever. The way it is. Hope this. Tall and hence you have any real lynching process for myself.