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Bills Football
Thursday, April 20th

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Well delay here right. Plus getting it started here last couple days and really. Get on the field not some rust off. A lot of areas and then start to get a plane with our players on the field. As coaches we haven't had a chance. Yet it's everything's been classroom work that. Really up fired up about the way the guys have worked appreciate the hard work they've put in. When you look at the body of work the last three days we made progress so still a lot of work to do but it is a good start with that'll take your questions. Or. You're gonna help me. Faith that you it was that he is that true or not at all. It's true yeah you know it's important that we are well rounded individuals right now on the big believer that. In order to win on the field you have to went off the field and and so. Life skills are important and no different this case you know we're gonna we're gonna do things are right wing develop our people. And I'm also included in the itself. That's a stubby big force. Yeah you know Mike's next good football player Ryan and I understand that in. We're still watching the process of evaluating an offer Sheehan and then a couple days will have a decision. It. There. Yeah you know all I know put out a statement. You know. That would go through the process right now of gathering information. And that's like and they've done. What you're looking at players who this guy process. How you evaluate character. And yes. Questions of one's I'm slot that. Calls. Us. It's a it's a party overall process in and you know like anything to go through all the steps and character characteristic. It's a part of the evaluation. You know is it more important than others. For some people it is. It is a start as you diary and we answered the question about off the field. To win on the field you have to went off the field and not to sound repetitive but I believe in and so character. Is it is a big deal for us as we evaluate players and there are other characters to that we look for in addition character but it's a part of the process future. On the little things we do different things here that are the die either way whether you Shalala. This time vs somebody in the draft they have history. Criminal histories when asked. Can you give me. List of how you would rain. Different types of things. This type of trouble himself. Every situations look at different. And you know I don't think you ever say always 22 words trying to keep out of the look at Blair always and never. Which you do have a process in an evaluation process whereby you go through the vetting process of each individual. And and then and then you take it from there and how does he fitness on the field. Scheme wise and in the off an evaluation so. Our scouts to a great job with that and this is a big time a year for those guys right. In Doug and his staff have have given us as coaches at a good landscape as to the players out there. In touch with people they are off the field so so that's that's big for us. But it's this. And now worst war. Fred. On what's traditionally can only went once or at least. Buffalo what is that despite us and how much how much can you speak or the draft given the fact busy building team and will ya know. And I think. Let's wait that's right which went got a strong team you know and it's indictments in the scouting staff and the work that they put in all season long four. And you know for next weekend and so we're going through that process now in terms of respecting that process really with. Been meantime in stack and the board and and make sure we know these players again off the field and on the field and and how they fit us on the field in this scheme theater whip or whatever it is and so. You know. We respect that process or scouts to a great job coaches have done a great job with that process and so the communication now as important as we lead into. In the draft that. It was an error they were wrong or. But who else. Is that it's always done so rule. Or. Us. I'm not. All this is this is this is absolutely a team effort 100% a team effort and you know and dug in I've had great meetings he's keeping me presses to the situation. As far as is valuing the players. He he Ian staff line things up fortunate and nice ways we can have productive helping meetings. So we can come up with the right players for this organization for. You're not really control and maintain strong. It is so actors vote. Where you know these. Better picture. If there's split in net earnings. We're on. We're gonna make that call together. Grassley and make that call together and we go through the process. Let's understand the process is about it's not always we always it going those meeting to agree right. We don't always like your family always go home and agree on everything. And and that that's that's important that you can have that dynamic healthy conversations. Have some disagreement at times in there that's a decision has been disagreement. But we when we do things it's got to be open their communication. I'm not afraid to disagree so that the end of the process. We get the right players this organization. One more follow. And he knows control from injuries said. I understand no one voice philosophy that if it were incorporated and ultimately he's hurt his call in terms of the draft. Should I had an exception where we should hear from dozens. We believe in the one voice philosophy and and and I believe in that whole heartedly in and out alignment is key in terms of how we do things on the field how we do things off the field in the situation different so we're all in this together like that so few minutes it was a total team effort. Both on the field and off the field and and you know dog and I has spent a lot of time together Doug and his staff my staff. And we are gonna continue to do that as we head into next weekend. And make sure we get the right player this organization. Well I was. Felt like. Guys. In the first round. I won't come. You're gonna look very position you mentioned corner you know excellent stereo coming from on Napa we're gonna look at every position. Sit in truth this football team and so whether it's corner. Whatever other position. Evens you know positions were strong at we feel like we're strong and there's a number of them. That we have to continue to improve this roster and doing so improve this football team exponentially for years to Kumble short and long term. I'm you know well you don't follow through. So shirt you're. Where there but can you please give us what some thought. It's it's I would say wanted to keep her positions. In the draft that said. You know we have to find the right fit right for our football team and schemes that we run. Corner is an important position and you talk about. Affecting quarterback's right on the big believer in trying to affect quarterbacks. From the defense is outside of the football and so corners are important part of that. In terms that formula so you know that's a position we're looking hard at just like the other positions were looking taking a long time so it. To detail are working in make sure we've got other guys down trees crossed. Chart courtesy of the is. Personal you. The details and he's pretty bills were down all the prospects. 2000 and you kind of content clever. All up ultimately ball are things. That he's you have. I'm involved very involved as as as everyone is mean it's this is in order to make I'm a firm believer in order make good sound decisions. You know it's not a one person meaning there's everyone's. Everyone's on board every once in the room it's open communication. You know shame on shame on you if you don't say what's on your mind right and in so it candidates not who came up with the idea it's. That we came up at the right idea at the right time and in no different with this draft. You know and no different things on the field we do certain things on the field right as a head coach I want I want ideas them. We gotta be out front bead dynamic in before thinking on things in. When you do the right thing you put the time in you can do that there. Evidence that your options. My. You have a bleeding on city walk I was born rat bastards it. So it was a good football where and and I know I know it's good football player of the key right now for Sammy is that. He's in the he's in a good spot he's attacking the rehab. You know we obviously have to continue to evaluate that situation as in respect to send a situation. And I know the hardest part about that is withstand the situation is there's not going to be much different. You know physically because of the limitations with the injury. For us to evaluate. New product of the deadline that said you know we're still going through that similar no different than Tyrod situation and methodical. Picture we look. Look at things are right way. Let's hear. Dispute what is it that differently. Experience working with your own experience act that. Right now. In in modern day NFL I believe you know. You wanna fine you wanna find players that can help Ian and sometimes timing is important right so who's available you wanna find guys that. In special the first couple rounds that can come in and contribute. And and so lashing Carolina we have to do that in. That the board positions and so you go through again the make up on the players and and that's part of the evaluation processes. You know and they mature enough to come in and do that next cute. At a high level earlier in their career. That's written ultra now. John who was fired her hockey goes two years by her. News that creating greatest hitters and you get this thing right. Nom I'm focused on doing the job done the right way. In doing things when I C needs to be done for us to get to where we need to go disorganization. And in my vision for. John when you guys sit down in the draft room next week company. Players will beyond or some teams like to keep content type list B fifty to a hundred something's you know. Almost everybody or how many we've done and. Well for everyone else won't give us their picks in the first round it just take all the picks in the first round of the gate cult day. Now it's. You know we're gonna do what's necessary to have. Our ports set the way it's right for us and keep trying to locked in 32 different you know war rooms if you really gonna see 32 different draft boards and and set ups you know who see who's in the room who sits where. That's the kind of neat part about it via the process with the draft trade. So we as we indicated right for us and I've been around picks before and and in the end you know flashy picks that they turn out in the right nets that's what's important is we go through that process. I don't while tension. You're countrymen and our vision it quarterbacks. Prospects in this press is there a sense of why that watch. These circles its position and everyone's talking about it seems like this is apparently most what was that puts far left. Well it's a quarterback gently so. Very important position and we feel good about the quarterbacks we have. Really like the work they put in this week starting with tyra and and right on down the line so it's it's an important position just overall. And just like the other positions were looking in order to do our job the right way. Trust to just ignore certain positions when the we'd be doing my job or redundant his job so we're gonna look at every position so that we know if this if ex players sitting there. No we know them and sat and now we can make a good sound decision for this organization quarterback Jeff. Turn your homework problems Byrd rule book coffee you coupled business. And I are what does it was no yeah his comment. So why dad has been involved in business and not order. It. He's been involved he's always involved and eight and it's the greatest thing about. Terry Cain is is they give us the resources in their available. And and so what more could but more could a guy ask for. In terms of from a leadership standpoint so. I'm Terry is very involved him and was involved in this quarterback visits and they're gonna be involved with foreign and so I love the commitment. But that to me signals to to us in this organization. You how many owners out there which would be spending that time. To golf trips and it to me it shows the importance of Whitney Houston to both can enter. You know she's eighties. It's. Tell us move I agree on the stuff seems like there's pretty good difference between one of them all he'll want you flip a possible link and a I didn't more similar I mean they have pretty much good different skills that are available porcelain making what it. You know you you know look it there's certain players that ball skills out there. And ball skills is important right we look to take the ball where it's all about the football and that's will be looked to do on defense he saw some good out there today at practice though that's a big point of emphasis for us in and you have to try and make sure you have enough of that. Defense believe whether it's at linebacker corner safety in need in trying to offset word isn't so. That's important part of the process is well. Where the fish and vegetables. But here's. One example one of the troubles that's for us. Editing by six. What we're reaching or. Trading up against any or whatever it. How my eyes and he could not make it a flash pictures of just a big way how much I was guarding against that because. But it certainly helps that the suspect is back. Yeah and you know I think if you go out in the parking lot and look at my card type of car driver I think you've seen them not in the flashing and I got to pick up trucks though. But I like to put armor on terror sponsor while also writes a so we're gonna do the right thing for this organization and if that's a flashy guy he turns out to be that of flashy guy for the right reasons and it's it's not. So be it but he's gonna it's gonna be gonna pick you guys for the right reasons and antlers flash on them or not there's armor on the tires or not. That is a bonus yes. Her bush. And gives me pleasure pickup trucks or. Not. It's an affluent if after that. It. There. Are. Other good football team and so. Two ran the circle is is the next practice. Phase two when it starts Monday that's next in my calendar and and and then what happens after I get off the stage and going back to. To a finish up their players and then in anger on the strapped again so that's that's it it's not cop out answer that's. That's what I focus on that's what I want our players and staff to focus on we've got to get herself right and you Desormeaux said before and so stick with that process. That's where I say a lot and now but I believe in it and to get to where you wanna get to we've got to make sure taken bright steps in between. Now and then so. What's your view on undrafted. Guys. From that players. Trading scandal when you look at what. I'm a big believer in the undrafted undrafted pool players as priority free agents as well as you know basically how we turn those players. If you look back it in my history in the teams that dent in Winston. And the positions I've coast over the years to sign players that it made the team. As priority free agents when Michael. To name one in Philadelphia who had a great career so. You look for. You look in every nook and cranny if you will to find those players that can help help a football team helping organizations so there's a lot of most guys that are missed in the evaluation where whatever school their act so. I'm on the big believer in it im gonna look at that that part of the draft very hard. Structure of the players on the roster now cap situation. What is your. You never. But there. Latest the key right now is for us to find the right players and then you know within that party creation period. You have to make sure numbers get to a certain level every position seeking ground practice and he had a good quality practice offense defense and special teams so. Yet to keep that mind you at the same time. Which we wanna find guys that have a chance to make this football team. Not painted numbers and into quality and and so that's that's important for us and and nine are Scott's done in great job with that and I am looking for to have those continuing to have those meetings where. I wanna hear about him. Player X or Jonny from. From whatever school is in and and I'm looking forward to learning about those type players because they can help football teams. I'm tired of activists but. There and it. So we got to the world work together. You know by the city. The yellows and news. Different things. As the just. Anyway Walker's words here. We respect all you start off with that in mind respect everyone's opinion that's why they're here and that's with me if that's what leaders do. And and candidate's decision been made by Doug and a together we have to wait all this. All the opinions that are in the room. And and certainly Doug has great familiarity and familiarity with the players because he's been looking at these players for a long time and so I'm trusting dug on that. And and his staff in terms of their experience around these players and what's happened. On campus with these players over the course of the last 12 years. Three years in time so. You know that's a big part of it for us is making sure that we. Know. These players inside now and and then putting information out there's we can make it sound decision. But it's earth but. There deeper. Or. That. At the end of the day we we yeah we agree it can't and that's what we do we come out and we are sharpens iron in today right so. You know we we go out there we say hey this is how I feel this is how you feeling and we hammered out that's that's what in this if it takes all day that's who that's who we're gonna do. I'm not renewable. This book I closed more than happy when we'll. That's a great teams do. It's a great teams to 100% great teams do that they have healthy conversations and they continue to hammer things out. Because at the end of the day if you do that come to the right decisions about here. Absolutely absolutely that's that's a great part about this with these with tearing cam I being available like they are nicked in the resources that they can net. They're very involved in and as it should be. They understand this tell it that candidates is that it's a decision that dug in on me again. Decide what to make. It. Yeah we're still gone through it we're still going through with Chad I'll listen I know what he did in college in and so but that's another guy are gone through that. And then make up on in getting to know him. And whatnot and so really haven't gotten off to. To Chatham. His total make up and so. But that'll that'll be handling defeat India next couple days but. What about slow players who are no right. In you know. Got what was it was excoriated us how much more difficult isn't it gave what. Let me play against. Ones are we. That's a good question. It is it is it is a projection to some extent you like the All Star Games for those reasons because you can get on the everyone on the same playing field. Of course a good football player. Like the other small school football players some of that are out there and you know eight seats that goes into the value weighed that in the process in the evaluation. At the same time as you know a lot of fantastic small school football players that have come to the NFL and and play for a long time so. On from a small school I didn't play obviously but. It's doubled part my heart for the small school guys. Here. Are some. Concerns about what they view. Weighed more heavily others you know be topic. Well past yours as well. Now prospect have. That background. It's something like that non starter for you. Look at the situation out way oh. Right yeah I Gagnon the office feel part is big for us. You know I don't know I don't know how other teams look at and I know for us it's it's a big part of that that evaluation and again the scouts. Come up with some good information for us and to wait you know on campus visits and where they dig to find information that's so essential to find out some of that. So that information becomes available right. And some teams get in some teams don't and so that's important part for us and and that evaluation character with those people. That have that in her background. Or at least or alleged to have that background. How tough is it to kind of like through the neutral player and actually get to note these track exit personalities. Even though you know the problem they're probably just me. Juvenile. There's there's an I've been around only for Tony ran around twenty years now so so much first rodeo in that regard and and so experience helps. And then you. I think you weren't trying keep an open mind when you start off and and can go through and look at each guy individually. And in go back to. What we believe in and and for us where this the things were looking for. A lot of homework quarterbacks. Would you worry about Nancy it's. If the court. And necessarily you know our players. Our players understand. That we're gonna compete and now we're gonna look at every option to improve this football team in. And so. You know we're earns the right. One of the on this football team that starts with myself and and right through. Our for our players and so no different to start get to earn the right to start on this football team and in. Entire net Tyrod and I've talked about that dislike have talked about it with the other players and so. I believe that's they do things. And when you do that come up with a pretty good product at the end. Yeah. What's expects I don't usually. When you wanna put it back and and and and oh and it got them. Well you know again and if we are rarely good football players are that's that's were overgrown its like fishing right now. Like the fish and so whoever those relentless Fisher. Hunkered in underneath those in the shadows underneath those little it that's that's where were gone in China Fund those schools finished at a high now there and so. However you draft moves like that school of fish that's where we're going in. And number China finally those as big as big fish hang among those ghostly blue pants and and so. And that's the fun part drastic. As everyone knows that's exciting time. Lab bench honor relief workers team obviously has the athleticism went head to Carolina at least. When you were involved in Alabama like she kind of create a whole package or is he mortgages that street my god she's pretty there lingers on the investment from us. Yet dynamic player good football player. Can run in and makes a lot of plays and coach Saban does a fantastic job down there and you know that they're successfully speaks for itself year after year the putting out in good good football players that play well our level and in no difference is that true. I'm thanks guys appreciate it.