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Jason bottle would us Jason Mike and Chris here. Congratulations. And a welcome to town welcome back. Thank you very much a very very excited to be back. Can you tell us when you knew who you were getting the job. Came to. An agreement to. What pairing him. What was that probably last week early last weekend. And it was a situation where this with the penguins being in. You know he would seriously the capitals their request list which did this series. And portion of both parties agree to that and what to game seven was over last night it was finally able to get things going here today. You might you might add half a mind to think you were going to be your Sunday or Tuesday. Instead it went seven. It exactly I was sure I was sure pretty hard to depends on Latin buried together with the system that for many different reasons but. It'd have been an amazing series. That there are unbelievable the pool and that serious but. Very glad depends came out with a victory there last night. People around you knew what was happening that I imagine some people on the penguins organization and your family goes on about it. That police are headed there's obviously a lot of rumors and scuttlebutt regards that and I think my just took an answer that I had to vote to. 500 times was discussions have gone positive that the thing you know. But no I was. It was dedicate time and obviously I was very focused and on the Penn but it was also very commendable what could possibly happen here reporter with the sabres so. After last may emotional win but then also my mind immediately turn into the situation hurt the sabres and very excited about being down here today. I know you mentioned this that your major news conference that perhaps you were wrapped up in a in a playoff. Run here with the penguins. How familiar were you familiar are you with thumb with the players that you are inheriting here you talked about at the outset of you were asked about what kind of team you wanna have an up tempo puck possession. Did you feel like you've got the the bones of a team that can skate and play the way say the penguins play that's style. I think it is there there is that both elements that are shall hear you well we obviously have to add more. To the group that regard to give them more support. But you that is available one moment that it wasn't even discussed the press comes as just an ice. That's the players here before like that's the thing meant to. Our lake is so I think there's an adult still that. And and guys potentially boo moved well off. And and and and have the puck position game that would that element loses there's a lot or size and what do you think your team is even in Pittsburgh. Now I think sometimes size can be. Overvalued if that doesn't compete hard but. I licked the way our guys moving in from that standpoint and that's what success of a coming into the situation here. Jason bottle roll without the new sabres GM Mike show in the Bulldog here on WGR. So you've known for days that this was happening. Have you been able and would you have felt right about like whatever downtime the array is walking it. What would it be Jason like the capped peak or not there's not kept deacon immoral expire track early release sites we're going over the Saber numbers do you know them already I mean I don't want that it. Be assaulting. No you don't certainly don't have these numbers are it that was part of my responsibility is back in Pittsburgh and then. It also to the dole you know the players from afar. We've been right down the road three hours away certainly spent that time tournament. The sabres and you know domain especially some of the higher American players you watched him at college at the world juniors to potentially have a familiarity with them. The police get in here and and it is notable that more are watching him day in day out. Give me you don't really have that true assessment of the stuff but I feel fairly good in the battles where wanna get in here and starts talking to staff members and see if things contradict some of my opinions of the prizes are. Do you feel like. The opportunity to get to know the players is something that will have to wait until. I don't know all. There were talking about training camp will there be an opportunity to meet with some of the key people before that like how do you envision that unfolded if. Well no I certainly would. You know whether it's in person or over the phone actually wanted to and I in Iraq and the main players possible on. I don't know I can't give you an exact number what I don't get too but it I think certainly. Some of the core players of this organization it's going to be important I begin that dialogue with the marker right away. And really they're focusing on him what are we doing very well Eric knows the organization when we have to improve on. But you know obviously coming together as a team. And certainly not gonna. Really start to come to fruition until September but we're training camp but to. Have interaction with them throughout the summer special with a new coach's name and having them reach out to him and just have little bit more of making sure the players know what expectations are going to be. From the coaches step in what's expected. Oh hole with that except have a strong to camera and get off to a good start. Jason we've been on the years since back when you were playing. With for the sabres. And normally on the air when you're drafted. Him NFL Tibetan Edwards is in order to unsettle us later all right you can be older than me. So we had nursery gear for so many years and RC was no conservative. And then Tim Murray was more the opposite of that. Net now I know that every situation will be different for you but don't you do you see yourself having a tendency one way or the other. Or do you feel like you have Wheeler dealer in your blog or is it are you more patient guy in this respect. Well it become a more a patient systematic. Approach. Did you. Making decisions and and making sure that. All bases are covered before pulling the trigger on a deal. But it's. And I think I I get a lot of that from ratio he only shook comes from the of the David oil a line of of making sure. All of which are covered in that regards. But also what I liked about Reyes became more or. He's and manager he was ready to pull the trigger on things weather's make a big deal for Mary host. Or you know stepping up and you know bringing in guys such drama give my he was great to make deals and you look at Jim Rutherford struck record. The biggest thing that I learned it you know really I was vast majority times about a player before McBeal Jim Rutherford is back up opposite. You know his one time asked about it you make what make a deal. But I think that's where you know hopefully know how to balance itself. Get enough information making sure that we have. Covered. You know what whether to transaction from all different scenarios but what if we're if you want it right this can improve our organization. You gotta have. The conference just crush of people trust your gut and and the decision. It possible for you to answer a question about what you think the sabres need most this offseason nerves a little too early for you do it. Have your sleeves rolled up to that extent. You look look we we we can't make the playoffs so we have to do we have to improve dollars in property as just the simple fact of it. But you look at the success of the most teams in the playoffs here right now it's continually add to the blue lights. And that's an area where I really like elements of of the Blue Line right now you have players who couldn't eat it too big minutes. You have players which in the case. I think Kerry can help put the puck movement standpoint. But it. It's what I don't know if you're here in 85% or 9% international likely to look for that Marquette and and did they improve their defense. So that may vehicle arson but. But if partners and trying to it will certainly be a challenge. Jason about a role with us new sabres general manager for a couple more minutes I like hearing you talk about. Your days in this area with Rochester too and like what the sabres that a couple the playoff teams since. Since that team that you know the guys you mentioned were stars on Ryan Miller and so one. And so it's huge and I think you view as having been here right at their costs fall of what was arguably the best aero. The sabres had certainly is in many years. How do you remember what's more about are you remember those days Jason. Well to me it was a scenario where you know he even when the team was struggling even when they're going through those difficult times but they're still the passion for the game for the team. And you saw that and you know who whether it was. You know I was in the days of both of the black and red. Yet he still these are we always thought so which of the navy. And gold still out there and just enthusiasm for hockey. Across the entire region. And you know that's what I remember and then you know from my playing days in Rochester we always sits on me which could fan support there and her playoff runs. And then not ever the one you're playing I think was Milwaukee in the conference while there's an issue stability coming to. It to buffalo and I think it's close to pull out of people hear me for the first American luckily I was there and you know consider where that that just goes show you how. How passionate people are in this region about hockey. And then you know I always kept an island that is these people on the team here just because I knew so little players from a time Rochester there. And you look at the playoff run that they went on and an enthusiasm in this building in the passion level and that it would have to give doctors now. Mean it was also we also scored your First Financial goal here to remember that. I do remember that the old Atlanta thrasher the first year of the thrashers I've heard ray Ferraro was on their team tells stories about like what a team. Right into that that delegates he won fourteen games and a tweet Marty bronze friend of ours earlier today like Marty you're you gave up. Jason bottles for financial goals yeah is response is basically I probably did. And I'll say that there was an intent rush going top shelf put them but I think that it is a problem with the pocketbook to repeat negative and haven't a wide open up but ultimately ticket and. Jason I'm curious is this is another these palace specific questions. GE you talked about. The sabres having a couple of high and sentiment and an inept and Michael and O'Reilly. San miner was drafted in 142 overall and and came out as assignment. Found his home mostly on the wing of the NHL level to Kevin early thought on whether or not. He fits best on the wing her at center. You know the more I've seen mostly of them I would say it's it's more throwing standpoint but totals of the decisions that you certainly look at the coaching staff and what I like about it I think. What are and I look at some other players a look at he'll arsenic urgent need to have a net debt that versatility to put to play ball. That something that we've tried to install on our position. In Pittsburgh and students from you know I worked there for numerous years with Tom FitzGerald. You look at his career he was a player that we're political positions and I think cabinet versatility. Tourist season you know whether you run into injuries and come playoff time. Haven't players and a couple of old positions. Can actually be distracting I think sometimes we look at it is like how you want spot that's what spot where he can development. I think have it's sometimes the ability to play multi visit multiple positions. Certainly. Allows and creativity in the lineup and he just look at the team but it's reflective metallic The Beatles played both center and wing. Columns which aren't winning. Carter routed but generally have that opportunity. You know I think just get to coach that much more options with what to do with the lineup. So before you go Jason the one question they're probably waiting fans are really waiting for us to ask is about the coaching search you were arrest at this at the press conference an hour ago. I do you think it could take weeks. Yeah I think it's a scenario that it is home. To me the pressure point is just a to have something in place by the draft. On the if you can get somebody early it's great but. He won a victory you go through the process and find the right person for the job and and there's. You know. Double check of scorn on you still have Metallica playoffs going on with Porter for teams. So. And it also to the focus here right now we we have temperatures could amused next week we approach because it means. In marketers know the staff a little bit from that standpoint although there certainly because the discussions from a coach's standpoint. But. It's certainly will take a little bit time and we wanna make sure that we get the right person and her. You envision. A world. As many as a dozen or more interviews or is the number is probably smaller. You know I I think the number probably a little bit smaller format in person interview I certainly. Would like to talk to critically different people just serves either level as it gets some I feel for some of their opinions on this. But that act to be architecturally. Hard number that academic going to be interviewed right now. Jason before you go do you find it kind of cool that you and Brendan being with the bills are the same age and taking on these new. Jobs first time GMs for both view it like on the same day almost. No I actually met him for the first time here today and it was great it was it's it's it's as I am I hope that. And we can both bring some enthusiasm. Two or additions here and I I know I'm ecstatic we're talking about in the brief time there. I have an leaders will meet a more moral and and at a press conference there. I think I'm hoping that. Oh pick saying time and hopefully that both organizations up for the future. For revelations both well do you and your family. Thank you so much her really do appreciate that thank you Jason good luck thank you.