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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Thursday, May 11th

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Nice cap it was a surreal experience. I've never quite done anything like this with Ryan geeks I had yesterday I had seven Twitter followers and two of them were my grandmother because she forgot her password and had to do it over. And now I have a couple hundred which just seems bizarre to me I don't know why people care what I have to say. On WGR. All right well back in the nightcap trying gates neat Kyrie hanging out here we're talking about the hiring. Of Jason Carroll and we've been predicting it for days have been kind of waiting for a happy it's officially here and we're happy for that. We're happy suit and the speculation. About. Who want to maybe go in. He's here he's here he's the GM. He's not gone back with the penguins. He's here. He might win rings to hell he might get his third Stanley Cup ring with the penguins they continue bond. And you win the Stanley Cup he gets he gets a ring. Odds he's not gonna be you're not going to be hanging out with them it's gonna hang around buffalo is and begin worked on here he's going to be a look at first coach may be gay and his staff together. It's it's. It's certainly a fun time in because you know for roster here in buffalo sports and and maybe just for people in general who are in my position. We don't we don't really talk a lot about the I'd be on a laser on field success of our team. So this is really. This is where we get our interest and is he now media and in a new GM and here we get new coach in here in. Begin does get that hope cycle started all over again being like me now. Maybe this guy is is the guy that'll do it is the guy London trial of the guy that will bring the sabres back to the playoffs. And here we are as it were back there and not only to begin with the sabres again with the bills and we get. What just think about what. One city where you're going into a season. Where you have two teams and only two professional teams and each of those professional teams have not only in new. I'd coach. But a new GM. Some at a marketing guru came up with this plan some somebody that have been might have been with the organization for early on time probably said. Maine know what will really sell some tickets. Double GM double head coach search I just date I. Got somebody there who's really get a marketing probably had to have come up with that yet it's I saw this earlier it was Jim Rutherford with his interview with the investigators he did mention that RB maybe maybe this marketing guru that you're you're speaking of was the guy who reached out to on to. He knows setup the original interview. Which I'm sure gets all those. Gravel routers those rabble browsers real. Fired up all right let me hear from the the sabres GM here he was on the show and the Bulldog earlier. So here is that conversation Jason Carroll might show and the Bulldog right here soon in the nightcap Jason borrowed us Jason Mike and Chris here. Congratulations. And a welcome to town welcome back. Thank you very much a very very excited to be back. Can you tell us when you knew who you were getting the job. Came to. An agreement to. We're carrying Kim. What was that probably last week early last week and it was a situation where the with the penguins being in. You know he had serious for the capitals there request list which I did this series. And portion of both parties agreed to that and what's games have a little last night it was finally able to get things going here today. You might you might add half a mind to think you were gonna be your Sunday or Tuesday. Instead it went seven. It's exactly I was sure I was sure pretty hard to depends on last barriers to get yeah weapon since it for many different reasons but. It'd have been an amazing series. Unbelievable over the flow and that's serious but. Very good defense came out with a victory there last night. People around you knew what was happening that I imagine some people on the penguins organization and your family bizarre about it. That please sir there's obviously a lot of rumors and scuttlebutt regards that and that might explain just took an answer that I had to vote. 500 times it was discussions of going positive that the things though. But no there was. If there was an exciting time and obviously I was very focused and on the Penn but it is also very commendable what could possibly happen here we report here with sabres so. After last played emotional win but then also in my mind merely turning into the situation there at the sabres and very excited about being in town here today. I know you mentioned this that your major news conference that perhaps you were wrapped up in a in a playoff. Run here with the penguins. How familiar were you familiar are you with thumb with the players that you are inheriting here you talked about at the outset of you were asked about what kind of team you wanna have an up tempo puck possession. Did you feel like you've got the the bones of a team that can skate and play the way say the penguins play that's style. I think it did it there that there is that both elements that are selling very well we obviously have to add more. To the group that regard to give them more support. But you what is available one moment that it wasn't even discussed the press charges just advice. That's the players your buffalo like us that they met. Our lake is so I think there's an adult still that. And and guys potentially moving to move well enough. And and and and how that puck position game but what Villanova diseases there's certainly a lot Forsythe and what do you think your team is even at Pittsburgh. Now I think some type and size can be. Overvalued if it doesn't compete hard but. I liked the way our guys movement from that standpoint and that's what success look into the situation her. Jason bottle roll without the new sabres GM Mike show in the bowl blog here on WGR. So you've known for days that this was happening. Have you been able and would you have felt right about like whatever downtime the array is walking it. What would it be Jason like the kept geek or not there's I can't speak any moral expire track early release sites we're going over the Saber numbers do you know them already I mean I don't want that to be insulting. No it don't telling those of these numbers already that was part of my responsibility is back in Pittsburgh and then. There is ultimately you know you know the players from afar. But being right down the road three hours away certainly spent that time tournament. The sabres and it'll tell me especially some of the higher American players you've watched him at college at the world juniors to potentially have a familiarity with them. Basically get in here and and it is notable that more are watching him day in day out. Give me you don't really have that true assessment of some stuff but I feel very good in the that's elsewhere wanna get in here and search talking to staff members and see if things contradicts some of my things as the president already. Do you feel like they're the opportunity to get to know all the players is something that will have to wait until. I don't know all. There were talking about training camp will there be an opportunity to meet with some of the key people before that like how do you envision that unfolded. You won't know I certainly would. You know whether it's impersonal over the phone actually wanted to interact in the main players possible on. I don't know I can't give you an exact number what I don't get too but I think certainly. Some of the core players of this organization it's going to be important that I begin that dialogue with the marker right away. And really they're focusing on him what are we doing very well Eric knows the organization when we have to improve on. But you know obviously coming together as a team. Yeah it was not gonna really start to come to fruition until September or training camp but to. Have interaction and them throughout the summer special with a new coach's name and having them reach out to him and just have little bit more of making sure the players know what the expectations are going to be. From the coaches step in what's expected. Oh hole would set things up have a strong to camera can get off to a good start. Jason we've been on the air here since Barack when you were playing. With for the sabres. And nobody on the air when you were drafted. Him I don't know that it matters the simple book about unsettle us later all right you can be older than me. So we had nursery here for so many years and Darcy was no conservative. Vote and then Tim Murray was more the opposite of that. Net now I know that every situation will be different for you but don't you do you see yourself having a tendency one way or the other. Or do you feel like you have Wheeler dealer in your blog or is it are you more patient guy in this respect. Well I think I'm a more a patient systematic. Approach. Did you. Making decisions and and making sure that. All bases are covered before I'll pull the trigger on the deal. But it. I think I I get a lot of that from ratio you know ratio comes from of the David Boyle. A line of of making sure. All of which are covered not regards. But also what I liked about Reyes became more. And these and manager he was ready to pull the trigger on me. Weather's make a big deal for Mary host. Or you know stepping up and you know bringing in guys such trauma can. He was great to make deals and then you look Ichiro the first track record. The biggest thing that I learned it you know really would always ask me to reduce time to go to player before a big deal Jim Rutherford who's backed off opposite. You know his one time asked about it he Michael make a deal. But I think that's where you know hopefully we'll have a panel itself. Get enough information to make sure that we have. Covered. You know what whether to transaction to Malta the scenarios but what if we're if you want Detroit is gonna improve our organization. You gotta have. The conference just crush of people trust your gut and make the decision. It possible for you to answer a question about what you think the sabres need most this offseason nerves a little too early for you do it. Have your sleeves rolled up to that extent. You look look we we we can't make the playoffs so we have to do that we have to improve dollars in property as just the simple fact of it. But you look at the success of the most into the playoffs here right now it's continually add to the blue. And that's an area where I really like elements of the Blue Line right now you have players who couldn't eat it too big minutes. You have players which in the case. We're picker can help with the puck movement standpoint at home but at. What I don't know here either kill 85% or 9% came to national click it to look for that market sentiment and and didn't and improve their defense. Still maybe a gold bars but. But if partners and try to it will certainly be a challenge. Jason about a role with us new sabres general manager for a couple more minutes. I like hearing you talk about your days in this area with Rochester too and like what the sabres that a couple the playoff teams since. Since that team that you know the guys you mentioned were stars on Ryan Miller and so one. And so it's huge and I think you view as having been here right at the cost of what was arguably the best aero. The sabres had certainly is in many years. Party you remember what's more about are you remember those days Jason. Look at may have it is an area where you know he even when the team was struggling even when they're going to those difficult times like they're still the passion for the game for the team. And you saw that and you know who whether it was. You know I was in the days of of the black and red. Yet you still these are we always thought so which of the navy. Ankle still out there and just enthusiasm for hockey. Across the entire region. And you know that's what I remember and then you know from my playing days in Rochester we always say it's only which could fan support there and a playoff runs. And then not ever the one you're playing and I think was Milwaukee in the pockets while there's an issue with ability coming into. It's a ball forward. I think we're close to pull out of people here ms. for the first American luckily I was there in the you know it is an area where that that just assure you how. How passionate people are. In this region about hockey. And then you know I've always kept an eye on these people on the team here it just because I knew so little players from a time Rochester there. And you look at the play up front that they went on and didn't do you guys have in this building in the passion level. And that's a rip about actor now. Mean it was also we also scored your First Financial goal here to remember that. I do remember that appealed Atlanta thrasher the first year of the thrashers I've heard ray Ferraro was on their team tells stories about like what a team. Right in there that that delegates he won fourteen games and pick a tweet Marty bronze front of ours earlier today like Marty your you gave up. Jason bottles for the Mitchell gold and his response Beasley I probably did. And I'll say that there was an intent rush going top shelf put them but I think I did a broad move the pocket book to repeat. Dividend until wide open up but ultimately ticket. Jason I'm curious is this is another these guys specific questions get on you you talked about. The sabres having a couple of high and sentiment and an in depth and Michael and O'Reilly. Sit griner was drafted in 142 overall and and came out as a sign him and found his home mostly on the wing of the NHL level to Kevin early thought on whether or not. He fits best on the wing mirror at center. You know or more I've seen mostly of them I would say it's it's more reward standpoint but the locals of the decisions that usually work with the coaching staff and what I like about it I think. Well look at some other players a look at he'll arsenic urgent. Like to have that. That versatility to put to play ball. It's something that we've tried to install an organization. In Pittsburgh and stems from you know I worked there from the pressures upon the kuril. You look at his career he was a player that will play both positions and I think cabinet versatility. Tourist season you know whether you run into injuries and come playoff time. Haven't players that a couple of old positions. Can actually be stricken I think sometimes we look at it is like how you want to bought at that point spot where he can development. I think have it's sometimes the ability to play multi visit multiple positions. Certainly. Allows and creativity in the lineup and he just look at the team the Pittsburgh like even a guy like The Beatles played both center wing. Columns which colonel Wang. Carter routed but generally having that opportunity. You know I think just get to coach that manage more auctions with well what to do with the lineup. So before you go Jason the one question they're probably waiting fans are really waiting for us to ask is about the coaching search you were asked this at the press conference an hour ago. I do you think it could take weeks. Yeah I think it's a scenario that it is home to me the pressure point is just a to have something in place by the draft. Bomb in if you can get summoned early it's great but it he won a victory you go through the process and find the right person for the job and and there's. You know. Double check of scorn on you still have Metallica playoffs going on with Porter for teams. So that at and also to the focus here right now we we have amateur scouting means next week we have broken it means. You know considered you know the stuff a little bit from that standpoint Honolulu but certainly because the discussions from the coach's standpoint. But. Is certainly we'll take a little bit time and we wanna make sure that we get the right person and her. You envision in our own. As many as a dozen or more interviews or is the number is probably smaller. You know I I think the number probably a little bit smaller from in person and if you're certainly. Would like to talk to critically different people just serves either level as we get some I feel for some of their opinions on most. But at the architect played hard number of exactly how many is going to be interviewed right now. Jason before you go do you find it kind of cool that you and Brandon being with the bills are the same age and taking on these new. Jobs first time GMs for both view it like on the same day almost. No I actually met him for the first time here today and it was great news it's it's it's it's I am I hope that. And we can both bring some enthusiasm. Two or additions here and you know I I know I'm ecstatic we're talking about in the brief time there. I have an leaders will meet a more moral of that and at a press conference there. I think I'm hoping that. Oh dictate time and hopefully that both organizations up for the future. For revelation stood both well to you and your family. Thank you so much her really do appreciate that thank you Jason good luck thank you. There's Jason bottled in new sabres GM ends. You know some way to solve a standup guy. Sounds like a quality guy and Maya talk to him on the phone he wished me a nice day and we we carried on with our with our lives here and it was it was a nice moment I was I enjoyed it. I enjoyed I might literal. 72 conversation when Jason Carroll I said he Jason thanks for coming on he signed a things have put. Okay did he. Hang up before. You've got to say hey thank you for coming on I'll know now he was still there you see a line now that's a class act that is the people you know these people don't respect. The kind of job that you know you do behind the glass in one of those jobs is you don't call people on the hotline and after they've come off the radio. The prudent the nice thing to do that the appropriate thing to do is to say hello Hayden makes for you know dialing my phone and all the hard work you do it's predict on air phone and say you we appreciate it something to do so. Graduate you know now here is working it's kind of thing. Yet but yeah. He might get to the point where he starts doing enough of these that he gets the primaries like I'm done. I feel like dad's there again there's very few people he who get interviewed off then that really stick around like I would say John clay and always on the line afterwards I'll always yeah he isn't just he's agreed to it because he's a savvy radio guy like he's been in radio for long enough for like he knows that that's. You know. Attic at its proper talk show etiquette. Yes well enough from everyone but you'll mend leader earned. Gentlemen so yes such a radio gentleman he is a gentleman and scholar and a scholar definitely esque and you know but there are many of us left. Scholars yes yeah I'm on the big time Tyler I've actually been told a bit action is the third time I've said today that someone's called me an anti intellectual. An anti intellectual often that's not no no it's never good and I'll tell you what. It legitimately hurt my feelings it really didn't it didn't we just a little out of La outrageous if you ask me. You know Monday with an egregious thing to say to someone you're you were on Twitter so yeah now the true spirit can be anti intellectual and I think the whole concept twitters and anti intellectual so who are you to combat Miata for on the anti intellectuals. Ism and yeah yeah okay you know speaking of anti intellectual ism we should talk pop next yeah we're going to. Let me laughs out needs and on and tweet earlier about Josh scored an ill. He'll explain its opera off its high and that's all can do it talks about Jason bilateral hands story just coming out from bar stool sports body titans wide receiver who did something. Pretty stupid. Pretty stupid wall we'll get into that as well sneaky rewrite gates we're here for area that's the nightcap. Are you we are. We're back. To the nightcap on WG RD theory if I mean it's thinking now if you hear. Yeah and needs needs. Make this the most liked tweet of all time we have our I think now got some light on players up there and got some. Plans. Josh Josh courting today he he apply for reinstatement. In the NFL. He was denied and he he will be allowed to try to reinstate again in the fall. But all will see more CEO what's what happens then. Neatly. I think. And there's a lot of good responses to what I said and what I said boys had. Josh cordoned been Smart. And had just been taking you know deadly. Addictive. Pain pills right now he'd be fine implying. He'd be getting ready for camp. Rights to to which my argument is and it's a good market. You know key he's not smoking marijuana to alleviate that he may then you he has to say that fresh off field we can't say that pressure. Well we can't but. He he had a year suspension. And smoking weed. So we it's not like he had pain on the football field for that. How does your suspension when he bought and that's the Spanish as its last suspension was it not was because it was because of the alcohol. Within itself says I think it was OK he wasn't allowed to have alcohol or marijuana in a system. And he got you drank after a team function and got tested the next day. OK but I mean it's the old tiger is but. I think the point I was mostly trying to make. Opiates are bad in the NFL coaches and players they do in their stance is archaic. Yeah I think most credit for each dances are yet I don't disagree with you prefer for the most part just on the the basis it really go I should come down to hash tag context. As really ought to come about it. So I. I agree with you and it's not like I'm I'm gonna be the guy piracy here and tells you as know what you're hampered junior point is valid it's it's it's a correct point. Which it because it what heat the way he's smoking it is outside of the scope of the. Legality but the legality but it in the terms of I guess public acceptance. Yeah wants more so you because we've had this conversation in the past as well. And it's. Okay the NFL obviously. Has its stance where. Even if it's it is medicinal purposes and in that was one of the arguments for shots for Anderson. Was that with his crohn's it was most literally for. 44 it was one of the if not the only effective treatment forum in his battle against Crohn's Disease. So you would think that there are certain exceptions that you can file an exception with the NFL but it. I'm not sure if there's at least any public documented case where did a some filed an exception for medical marijuana that was accepted by the I just. It in one of the other points so and and not to necessarily get off as well a lot of people made this point to me. Was the NFL. Will draft a player in the second round as seen on video. Knocking a woman out with a punch to the face. But essentially blacklisted a player like Eugene Monroe for being an advocate for alternative. Then to opiates for pain pills. And they've essentially blacklisted and he's a player that was still kind of really in his prime aim isn't to climate. And it really important position in the NFL in medical teams said nope. Don't want it because you're associated with with marijuana this medical marijuana. But yet they're willing to spend a second round draft choice out of players seen. On camera. Knocking a woman out and I think to me. It's such a bigger issue than just the NFL refusing to you. Accepted as all an alternative form to pain medication I think it absolutely should be it's at a higher level and added it's it's at a more. It's at the government level like obviously you have our federal government who says they'll schedule it's got to draw a bright which is ridiculous that it's in the same category as. Apparently. Forgot Phoenix. Like it's just it's unbelievable to me you can be so far. Away from reality and these people are making important decisions that you have. Though the commissioner of the league who's making decisions on men's careers in lights and livelihood. Based on the fact that they likely get kickbacks from most of these pharmaceutical companies that are pushing. They have I would have to assume that professional football. Pharmaceutical companies bake. 30% of they're out their their profits and a talking pharmaceutical and I'm talking about companies that pedal pain pills and opiates. Those companies I would I would. Not I would feel very comfortable throwing out the fact they probably make 30%. Of their margins from the NFL from professional athletes. Because there's guys that are taken. Branches in hundreds of these. Well yes and I absolutely agree that it should be able to to see the alternative because. I mean even our. Around our communities here in the Western New York area it's dying a huge issue. It's an issue with doctors around here who allegedly in baton. Giving away prescription right or non medical reasons and it leads to. People going out onto the screens and finding herald landed and cheaper because it's cheaper and then you get a bad batch of heroin and I had Eli yes and many die and that and that's that whole process starts from you. Be having surgery at right dental surgery adding some sort of medical procedure and you get prescribed pain pills and they're they're so easily. Something that people get addicted to. I'll tell you this like having Ben. Heading had surgery three months ago two months ago yeah I had. Hyper color I think I was gonna dollars total national votes. And IA. Finished my prescription. And you gonna do more now I just couldn't I decided I even though I was still a significant amount of pain it was difficult to walk. It was difficult for me to like makes a move to get out of bed. So is. What I'd rather. Be in a little bit of pain tolerable lot of pain. Then have to rule I something is addictive is hydra code owner of one of these opiates. That are ultimately. Not it's not only the effects of addiction that these medications are causing its effects on your liver. Are your kidneys that things that are filtering out your body they can't filter out all the stuff and then you have the abuse of it. And then you get. The addiction is I think only. All part of the issue with this in you don't know what the long term effects in most cases are from these medications a lot of them. You have suicide you have all this other stuff and to me it's. Such an interesting time in our. Country in in in this whole revolution of the war on drugs and Howell. Critically terrible. The outcomes of the war on drugs were in the seventies and eighties. And now you have you know president and an attorney general who wanna go back to that and it's just like as it. Nation as a country is humanity. We were getting so far in this process with a very progressive. President for four and a very progressive what I thought at before Roger Goodell really. Doug is a pretty progressive voters are pretty progressive commissioner. In terms of the league he was he younger guy he'd better and I just assumed that this kind of thing. And in marijuana isn't the only thing the league is far behind out. It's just one of those things that the league is is really far behind and for no reason. And you just wanna see progressive thinking. You wanna see people being realistic about these issues and for that did not have an issue the league has no issue writing an. They're not even writing these players prescriptions. Are just giving them pills in pet is to me the most ridiculous thing they have no way to track. And they do have a way to track. But they're just giving these players. The gold back to a couple years ago Sean Payton. And the New Orleans Saints a truck paid almost got what year because he was caught stealing. Hyper coat on from the locker room from yeah from the team physician. They are right in him scripts. They like that's what I'm saying is. There it is totally uncharted territory that there's no regulation in the NFL they just give these prescription medications these players like Andy. And there's no repercussions from. Yet sides. It's doubly something they need to take a look at what does. I mean you even look at and this is switching sports and kind of moving that she's a little bit by. This is something that has been going on with. I mean it's not to opiates but cortisone shots well you you know mock your page and you go back out there on the field. Alex Ovechkin who had a knee injury and he takes pain injections in his neat for the entire series you got Joseph four in plain and freaking torn ACLs right so you get these players going out there and their numbing their bodies up so much that it's. Can lead to further injury down the line and then there's the the opportunity I got to. You you get these pain pills and you keep taken how many keep taking them and all of a sudden. All of a sudden your hot let's all think one phone call here before we had to break we got Jeff I'm Jeff you're on the nightcap with a knee and. A I its windows police greedy guys I mean I I don't even know I can get much more to what you guys Tibet but. It goes in a car accident court battles being built for about three months. And after that. I was totally autonomous and that would go out and find them and basically it was spent almost my entire salary on that medication because people aren't high praise the farm and was never willing to go to like Cheryl generate an exact inspector certainly. No it the light destroyer and there are other ways to go others but again and medical marijuana works the hole much better. And now have liver problems too because of it from up the right I went off. Am. No lawyer and in that crazy parties to Jeff thanks for the call I mean thanks for sharing your short list. It it what it is is just so much more at stake. In the pressure to perform at the highest level in people will say all the time all these guys are professional at the Jamaican millions of dollars well you know what. They're putting their their bodies through something that you or higher the average Joseph will never understand I mean I played in college. But to take in the kind of hits at this that this sort of speeds that they're taken at all. A national level absolutely. Break in and not get it would crumble my body right now is in shambles of 25 years old. I hurt every day. And I'm like holy cow imagine being a thirty year old NFL player who has played. Ten more years of football that I have it higher levels at higher speeds with higher harder it's. In in just the Wear and tear on your body. Is is unbelievable to me in an I can understand. The necessity for pain pills for hydra called on for all these. Different medications but at the same time why can't we be open minded about Alter if you want piqued your your players smoking weed. Bans smoke substances that make it only so they give these guys can you see BD oils or or there's ways to. To manipulate this system to get these players to cut to conform to the type of you obviously don't want your players out smoking joints out at concerts like they sought Cam Newton doing they don't want it. They don't like beyond all right here you're driving that is not a if you get pulled over in Europe in your possession of marijuana I think you should absolutely be subject you. Apparently from the league but I don't think that if a player chooses to alternatively. Medicaid himself a wave from. Dangerous addictive opiates they should there should be at least some sort of tolerance there in my mind. In a 305518885525. Figure phone numbers here yet need to or or we're talking about the the epidemic of painkillers and opiate painkillers in the NFL now they're prescribed verses. You know alternative medicine. And we we got some a few calls anon hold stay there we'll get to you after the break for last call on the nightcap. Here. Oh yeah. Our last call here and and it nightcap. Ranking it's neat hearing out here for a couple more minutes some occult and and and made the point of you know in other leagues what they kind of deal with with situations. Like Josh Gordon's and especially in the NHL. I think something that they do is that day they. They check the levels of these drugs in their system and if the field at the levels are too high they contact the team's personally and say hey listen. Player acts. Has. Elevated levels of cocaine in their system you showed you should give us. Set him down at the top two maybe we begin with some counseling. As opposed to you know. Just straight up punishing them for. Force something because it seems like. It's something that they should be eaten not so much with meaty Merrill mono but these other drugs that he naked the big help for as opposed to. You know being punished out of their league and being taken away from from the sports that day you know dedicated their lives to a right of I guess for me it's. Just more of like how come it's so hard for these people in power. To just admit that. They're wrong with these opiates lake. Why can't they admit what it's like click click global warming it's it's. People it's it's one reason and we all know the reasons it's money. It's all I don't know about how on how can everybody else be like yes this is a thing we should it. With how bad heroin epidemic in our country is. How come nobody is just drawing like. But lying to the base of at all which is these pain pills like people are blacks it's hard to leave we got institutional change for God's sakes the state of West Virginia is in it is essentially in the in a crisis. People are dying every day from heroin overdoses and you know who gets you know what. State in this country it's just flooded with opiates in pain pills for G. Lake. They have more per capita what like people who take like it's something stupid like a hundred pills per person. Like in West Virginia per year like it's something astronomical know was like well I wonder if that's the reason all these people overdose. Nate. It's never. The morality and he's a businessman permits and doesn't matter doesn't apply anyway it doesn't matter you common sense doesn't matter when there's money to be made and Hume in life sometimes doesn't matter when there's money to be made almost. Ever I've done it in the history does it matter if in humankind. In the possibility of a man and it's probably tell people it's always been profit over people slots up to finish shots in. Accuracy. Little later now okay businesses. More serious moments it's pretty steep and it's a stupid move. From Tennessee Titans wide receiver total Sharia us dodging Sharkey is a wide receiver for the titans he was a rookie last year draft and like I don't know the fourth or fifth round something like that. As was projected a lot of fantasy circles guy could really break out and have a big year. Never really happens and now this year the Tennessee Titans drafted Cory Davis at the fifth overall pick while Todd. You might well hurt RG shark excuse me he went out and apparently now. A fan and was running his smile inside you know Corey Davis got drafted to. To take your job and to replace you in. And Taj a sharp did not take this in stride and beat the person the fan and to the point of on consciousness. Which is not the way you want to react to that situation because now. Corey Davis may not only come in and take your job you might not have a job yeah you might not be even having a job by the time fall comes around and it's all because you let solemn idiots right under your skin. Liked this you see these idiots on Twitter called me anti intellectual you don't see me going to their home. Eight in ball and you're calling for life if you're there to call you an anti intellectual beer face you might have to do something. I'll tell you what you might he also called me a version of skip Bayless which also I think was maybe even more out of line now in. And it now you call a guy who's you call me skip Bayless to my face. I had Ryan I know. They're it's certainly those are fighting works. But I am but I can beat them to the point of consciousness I know. They have the ability have you tin roof I ever I am much more of a lover that I am a fighter. Am I yeah I ate my faces possible I can take a lot of punches. But it doesn't mean I prefer to be yunis in operational situations so if someone called you skip Bayless I'd probably say are. You're a jerk your jerk your urge your jerk. All right that's gonna do for us tonight I'll be back to morality no other. Full two hours next week we are going to be clean the NHL playoffs often sell elect stick around for that. Next week until tomorrow. I'll be back. We'll talk more about Jason bilateral. Maybe and Brian Brian cozy alone among other other gas that have been previously recorded by other shows. And yeah we'll have a good time tomorrow morning. Pardon Jeremy I have no idea what they're going to be doing so I have fun with that this and I kept him in the center right gates.