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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Friday, May 12th

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Don't care about the hard isn't doing that kind of thing and and and we. Or Sports Radio 515. It's Friday night's. It's the nightcap right gates Jody yeah she also hanging out here and we've got a tactful shelf Korea. You're not even hear much from you on your old pal Ryan gates here because. Double GM watch it's it's overt it came to an end this week with with the hiring of each GM's. We still have day coach watch that's on going bots. The big guys the big guys they've been hired. There's some like I'm in a wind tunnel here. Well would be because the the air conditioning is literally blasting. Right into meal from I had here and so it sounds like him and we've told don't worry it's not gonna last long because I've got got a bunch stuff coming up for you just heard. Rein in these press conference his introductory press conference. Andy yeah we're gonna hear more from both the many guys you heard their brains beat in Terry Gould are going to be coming up next hour. Rain and beans visit with the John Murphy shelled along with Carrie Google as it is it. With the John Murphy show coming up. Pretty much right now we're gonna hear from Jason bilateral and we we've heard a lot from him in the past few days from his press conference yesterday. On the show mobile blog and then he was he was making the rounds this morning to. WG RW BI and watch the stations around here. At Entercom and we're also gonna hear from a guy he worked very closely with the hall of Famer in the first Hispanic descent hockey player. To play the NHL. Yes I didn't know this until I looked as Wikipedia page either bill. Garrett wanted to hear from Bill Guerin as well sell. Without further ado we're gonna get this get this Friday night party kicked off for you this Friday night's sound party here is Jason actual. Yes that's right Jason box troll with Howard and Jeremy this morning. Where we start. How how Long Will it take you to feel like you know. This this roster this team united and he gave a lot of questions while it is crystal line and number one what do you think about Ryan artist senator and I think he's at all. Questions the sabres fans have you what's the time line for maybe knowing the answers to those constantly if you net don't already feel that way. Well I don't think you took truly understand are true there are confident about it. Until this time next year to be honest view O will certainly go through the process and trying to set things up for as quick as possible to helper team this upcoming year until you. Have an a new coaching here. And see how they perform on the eyes and see how he talked about Reinhart at Sonera wing there's a lot of versatility from a lot of reporters that can know where they fit in the puzzle. So you have ideas until you actually see it on the license you have performed through the course of the season. You don't have that wanted to sickness or conferencing guaranteed but it will certainly try to set things up this as quick as possible. You've got a busy couple of weeks coming up I mean and his wanting to get this job in any old here where there's a draft and free agency. Different game there's there's loopholes is like two games should be played had you done or had you guys in Pittsburgh done any sort of preparation. For all the things that can happen they're not just like sovereign protect these guys him but you anticipate. It getting a bit interest thing around the league in terms of player movement and not gaming the system or however my work. Oh without a doubt this you know that the initial thought for true artists you know you have to work with Vegas to see what's. Deals you can work with them but at the same time your were your you're talking to Torino another team to the same time and I regards and a as a good thing was as we go into the process in Pittsburgh with a couple of who we're going to protect but you're we're always trying to look at different teams and answer. Figure the puzzle for the postings and I think it's kind of similar to situation here in buffalo Fiat which have an expansion draft tomorrow. I think myself the staff could easily put the list together. But it's a how would the other teams what players but it bus that was as the way we can build our team here at the so few times now on financial season where you can really. Changed the complexion of your team. Obviously the draft free agency trade in mind but it's very difficult to make a trade with the with the Google's other situations I think clean up the days after the expansion draft. Then there's going to be a lot of movement from all a lot of the teams and that's where once it gets throughout committee hearing and get to know my staff who have a better. Certainly make analysts also there John mattresses you what how we can improve our team here. If you need any help from us in the world we share. You don't see how what kind of a feel do you have for the roster because you know you're like as as a fan I expect. Hey pick up the phone today start calling GMs and struck figuring how to make this roster better so in terms of who we're keeping houllier trading who order re sign what do I have in the system that could be here next year what kind of a feel do you have on everything since you've got his start make a move at some point. Well look he always have a feel for from afar. Especially. Sons of was on the other side to roll those in Pittsburgh three hours away so it is here appear Euro we're in the Eastern Conference planned against buffalo you have a feel for. Our players and especially that some players that we have here in buffalo you see him. Along the way it's whether it's edge on their junior teams world junior championships. Is fumes good to develop and grow. So you have a feel for but to say. You know. You have it there's always ideas and what you wanna do with the roster. But it's and it's also dictated to president what what's the market value for some players who you know if you wanna make a trade trade trade as or better situations. Traded player X purses in a player why. So until I get in those discussions with certain general managers a stuffed it to say oh this is our except the exact plant. But you know right now there's information the situations get to north south it's no coaches. Around here and get to know some of the players or next week here to you get a feel for. Exactly what happened not welcome this year what went on what are the positive things that we do it in our organization right now and I guess there's things that we can improve rumble what are we doing really well that we can continue right now. You mentioned market value for players it is always seem to me that. You know big games always gonna change GM is gonna have different values on different things as the game kind of evolved some things change over time so. In your positioning your role do you feel like. That's a primary role for a GM manager constructing a roster is defined it. In efficiencies. Where this. This type of player is underpaid this type of player is overvalued whether it's you know fans have gone through a lot of things whether it's first round pick spent on this or whether or not. Certain players deserve amount of money when it comes to. Market value and valuing players is that the primary function you think is is knowing values. What is it is it is if you draw it's a huge draw how you have to develop your teen. And in a salary cap environment nowadays. If we're just talks oldest player this player went for this and this clearest here for that but. It doesn't take into consideration. How many years is that guy have to you face. You know. And you look at scenarios especially when elect do we accomplish from Pittsburgh is yet to find some guys on the radio like a player like we added that Justin Schultz. You know it comes over from limits and and a discoveries we assuredly use his captors and one for sort of new entries mature but he steps in and and turns into proper investment for us. So you're always. You know when you have it's great having a league players was to have here in buffalo. Pump at that allocates a lot of your salary caps you have to find. Players from mothers and to all the guys from Europe. Development from your own system. Or guys in the open market that are undervalued a little bit bring him in for a year two and see how the produced. Look at buzzword from yesterday you use and when you likes talk about autism development. Here the sabres have a couple of really elite young players. How important is it viewed to make sure that. You and the coach who ultimately hire bring about the right atmosphere to make sure that they can. Flourished that the that they feel comfortable that they that their their feedback has listened to is that the kind of environment you wanna create photo. You wanna have a coach that has that presence in line connected in and everyone knows he's in charge but it needs to be communication element of it. And I think in our game two were in pro sports and obviously the results matter and matter a lot. Arm but results come from younger players get better and I don't care if the players 1820 years 38 there's always room for development and our sport. I think we focus on Leno a lot on development the American Hockey League level or junior than its National Hockey League and almost for concentrate. I know it's a lot more difficult you have games on Tuesday Thursday Saturday where he views you have very little practice time. We still have to find ways but there's two video but it suit shorter practices or more scope of own practice. That's been through and I keep talking about development because. It's the only way and when your mental pain top players cap you know ha Haim high salaries is the only way you that you can create depth in your organization when asked you about coaches. And we haven't hired one and I'm not I ask you fire one yet but. As a GM now the decisions to change coaches in Pittsburgh there were changes even when things were going well some coaches the org or changes made. Can it can a GM can sum on the front office look inside a locker mansi no. We've we've got a problem whether it's the wrong system whether it's the players are responding. Is that something you're confident that you you can read you can read what a room. Hat has lost it for that coach or the coaches for whatever reason fall out of favor or anything like that. Hey you have to deal that's being here's the situation I think my experience both of Pittsburgh and also. Being a general manager and wilkes-barre working with no coat good coaches such as Mike sell and John Heinz down there. That game we could feel bad feedback and experience of working with the coach and how to how to develop a team warden when there's conflicts between players and and coaches when to step in when allowed to other coaches staff to handle it. Coming from Pittsburgh when glorifies because we did when student to Stanley cups there but real sources and difficult times so first round exits non media expectations making coaching changes. All of those experiences I think wool army to prepared to see whatever happens here in buffalo. You think you've had difficult times we have been living here the last. Won't let me follow up a jet on Jerry's question you're gonna have a close relationship any GM would do with the coaching staff pressed real deal with them some way shape form every day. What do you think is the role of the GM in terms of the relationship with the players you wanna be in the room to wanna be there after a game day skate if you want to sit and shoot the breeze with these guys or is that's the players that's the coaches on the front office guy will what is that. Balance for. Well one via the relationship with the coach SP it's imperative. But at the GM head coach. It is is the face the franchise. There has to me the players in terrorist issue NASA send that that strength that bond is there. I I also be around locker room also certainly being. You know the coach will be the main interaction with the players but I always been around interact with them and helping him on situations and I think the key thing is when I'm talking to a player or coach is talking player just making sure then that. The other party knows what's going on and I'll be having dialogues with the coach every day so will be on the same page in that regards and I think that. In that front. That relationship together we'll certainly. Feed through the organization from the standpoint of players know exactly what is expected of them and what they need to improve on to have a bigger role or an opportunity get up to national likely. I wanted to ask about one comments specifically that you made yesterday. When they announce who was made my character Gulu the was cleaning house she talked about structure is one of the things he wanted in this organization you said yesterday. Success comes from structure. Okay what is structure cover when you say success comes from structure what do you mean what does that entail it means across and all boards it's a situation of. Okay what tipped the players are we looking for an. From parameter set staff what is reporting trail from our amateur staff. Com covers are amateur staff. You know can interact with our development staff how to are pro scouts in Iraq with an amateur scouts. The biggest thing and I seen this or any resisters Tyner resources missed a ton of information. Let's make sure how all this work together simple thing of of Rochester who's in charge Russia's refusal you know. One player it's called up how are they can appear armor development staff today in rock just real time it's been an issue rivers on the that's going wrong wrong with the player. We don't want chaos down their tune get in a different views on we should do this no he should do that. On their needs to be our players need to have been a concise message and to me that's all involved instructor. Indeed it's important to have over attacks and s's question because in Pittsburgh is a bit of this former players as part of the management team former player guys that have been around the game. Prolonged time may be guys that have the respect of having played in the league like yourself as an important have other men like that in positions around you around team. I I think they're they're having former players is is a valuable experience and in its its. Dave they gain respect. From the young players and men in America market right now we look in Pittsburgh we honored to dollar stuff Bill Guerin now Mark Recchi. When we went through a coaching change. With my excellent going up to it to Pittsburgh. We and in turn coach minute and looks very and then her two assistant coaches were Mark Recchi Bill Guerin a three doesn't games with experience right now the armed. You know former players. You have to have former players who want to work at the trait and no thing that I respect vote Julian and mark is that they got out there are lots of them on our developments staff. They were in moose jaw they were all over Europe they've they've they've worked hard so it's a scenario where yet you want former players and from experience standpoint. But they also have to understand what's going on their organization have to be able to communicate with the rest irritation out and have to bear. Get after and that's why we've had success. In Pittsburgh because those former players really wanna be a part of it. I was at three separate interviews just sort of forgot which when you set an and you were considering if not doing this commercial finance or corporate banking. And I wanna ask you honestly think having a degree in economics. Isn't this the same thing you're trading multimillion dollar assets I mean that's. You bust a lot like when I went back got my MBA like how does your experiences get an MBA. In Iraq to being general manager and current term bone pro sports on tiger's or talk a lot about negotiation classes. And that I talk to vote. You know it it valuations evaluation course you're trying to value what a company's worth its very similar to what players it is you're trying to figure out. Projections on you know what he's accomplished so what's the value right now what's the projection. In years 23 and four or is he gonna continue to improve as a player. If we don't sign this player whether options are out there. So. It was a great experience get back is in receivers can get my MBA and I actually took a lot from from those courses that are stones went today. You talked yesterday about the importance of cinnamon one and ask about Jack cycle you've got the top young player here is one of your two senators. When you look at a guy like that Jason what. What kind of line mates should the guy have when you have a player of of Michael's feel like last year we talked a lot about. Who's the right fit who the best guys to have. But the guy was a puck possession guy and all the things that Michael brings to the game. So again I'm not looking for names you put the idea of what you want to surround the guy like Michael with on his line what are your thoughts on that. To me it's it's it's. And we dealt with it. With small gonna cross me and I can you look at look at the history of walking across his lawyers they're all very very different but with a one thing I would say is is that there's a high compete I got to level. On Q and into whether it's Patrick Horne Christa player who gets the front that or. You look at now chickens and haven't success with Sidney Crosby. A big part of what chickens let us yet he has great hockey sense can make plays but he gets in on the fore check. Chris two minutes. Past of the week but most skilled players but had a lot of success with Sidney just because they got it on the fore check on puck got pucks so I think that's where. For a talk plot top line players like Jack O'Reilly it's a scenario guys who wanna get unfortunate get after pucks so then. Star players can have a pocket. I think that's the biggest thing if you ask Cindy. Whether it's on the four check with a suit and you to zone players that in the pocket kilometers to. Do his magic up there that's the type of players he likes playing with. I don't telling outlook on Republican talk for hours not been applauded its Roque I'm. How about the changes in the sport over the last 510 years we've moved from the marketplace free agency kind of scenes. Dead almost I mean it's still out there you get a few players that have free agency but now. With the new CBA you've got young like Jack likely employers like Jack cycle or the stars they never hit the market anymore so if you wanna. You gotta have those guys and then it's almost like free agency is has changed in the last maybe ten years maybe five years. I completely agree if you're trying to build your team author of free agency you're in trouble and we always have the height when July 1 thing that it was gonna go amiss in that but I think some of the better deals are. Happened in August and September when you find most players are about more produced on a price on a short term deal. From the game continues to younger and younger and teams are locking up the young star players Celeste players hit the mark Markkanen on the flip side. These free agents at age 3032 routes you have to make sure your pick in the rate ones to do going long term for long term contracts with them. Even though he said that I do afraid to question but it's restricted free agency we bring that up a lot on the show and it feels like there's this. Gentleman's agreement this unwritten rule that you don't give out offer sheets in the NHL in church seems like. There's a market that's not being explored the way that it should be and there's so much there's so much talent available like you said. Both guys don't get to unrestricted status but there's so much talent and our fair market what are your feelings about offer sheets. I think there's always a threat to offer sheets but I think most. I can't speak for other gyms but I think most times people feel that there at the teams will eventually match the offer anyways they will never let those young players. Well. You know. Just go for free because even if you look at that what the draft picks compensation levels. It's never usually equates to the council of the of the player. On so certainly you always have to look at it you always have this certainly and that the great thing about here in buffalo is you'd at least have that option. A Sarah Pittsburgh we've critical way a lot of traffic so we never had are our. Our our full rain off of a draft picks due to really go after an offer sheet and we it was never situation Marie had to cap space to to go after. Here it's a scenario where. We have Caspian we have utilized our cast is right now as an advantage and whether that's offer sheets or more likely from a trade perspective. On behalf diesel sings turn for the team. We return after got through this whole process. What kind of questions get asked in an interview to GM is there won the you can tell us like. Because you know this'll bring the double GM search and for a week we thought. What do you think are asking his ties. What's that like the coach of that is there herb I don't know is there anything you can you can tell us that came from your interview is that you said the arrest your comfortable sharing. For the most part it's that schools to private a salute to keep that that it it was internal but I. I think it uses the biggest situation is is what. Terry talked about this talk about it. And Terry can talking about structure of votes communication. On act didn't some feel for how we would how would set up the organization. Our what are thoughts and different sales but it's the same thing until you get a general manager and her work on things it is a little bit of the school my standpoint but. It is also a process where you have to feel comfortable on both sides. On hand it's always been a dream to be a general manager you want that job is as. Quickly as you can when they ought PTA you wanna jump all over B have to make sure their expectations are aligned with your expectations so. As a Prosser on that I felt very comfortable. Interact with Terry Kim and it's all it's among the main reason why I'm so upset about being hearing now here's your chance before it leaves what I had for ago. Will you fight for the 321 point system for us at. At a. I don't like it too much trouble with the league but I do like your 321 point system right. All right you're hired you get the facts and as long as are pushing the envelope can you get the outside challenger if you wiped out all I'm sure I'm I'm sure is as the new general manager awful lot of sand that they look at new guy pick everything don't edit out in a new perspective in the room they don't look at it okay and thank you we have one more people are asking about this week and asked about anti bin yet if you have any any sort of contact your staff has contact you about that because this of sabres fans so concerned about the Blue Line we've. Here but this guy victory and keep in it was supposed to be close and if I don't lose them will be will probably freaked out. I don't have enough data for for years fans right now but it's asserts that situation where so I have a regulation but his agent. Will be following up with them and immediately in that regard says the source he works out. Hump but I think. That's an example of what this organization needs to do whether it's a European free agents called FISA silicone into you're trying to find players in different avenues and it's a great way to develop a good organization I don't watch the KH Elena and sadly I have not watched Russia the world's can you tell us anything about his style of play. You know it's there's always risks with players certainly come over from Russia. Fisher from the transition of you know the culture over here in the language. But he's pretty he's through the new or NHL player he's. Can skate very well good puck mover from that standpoint so undersized a little bit but. I think it's the way teams a look at that and what what Ford's want and that Shockley they want guys to back can go back there and and get the puck up to the ports and he talked a little bit earlier vote. What wingers for Frankel or morality. A big part of this also is find defenseman who can get them the puck you know I think sometimes the best way to develop defenses. Not that is what the defensive skills are and and these doughnuts and how how can help get the puck up the forwards and and play in the offensive zone and on defenseman there sometimes in percents bar fight about whether or not risk the line in his. Our number one or appease a number two if there are bad numbers you know bad fans I finger. Invested in trying to evaluate the same way GM's are that we do we kind of play GM when you see crystal line and what EC. And an amazing top four defensemen and can complain all different situations and what I love about him is. He's one you know this is a guy who scored a game winning goal in Sweden and for Finland at the world junior championships so. When we do get a team that can be American crunch time and it. My personal belief is this going to be a guy that you can really rely on. And you look at the national heart there and on the defense he you know defenseman it's always seems below this as a power play again this guy's appellate kinda. But it is the great thing with bristling in his I think he's. Maybe yes also things to work on in his in his game Michael Young defensemen companies ago the complaint also and short situations like huge minutes. And when you can have those players that that that dual role I think it's there's been key for your your team. Before Alicia will you pay attack and are you on Twitter will you pay attention do you listen to the radio you read the paper we fully QB even or do you thirty shot at all. You have to shut out a lot of that visits and pop it to say it only has nothing gets through it you happy you know that's also where you get some information too little bit like you. I think it's a scenario where there's always Jimmy strong opinions. Being in a part of an organization had star players such as Crosby and Balkan. You have a lot of attention you have a lot of opinions and it's important that it's I surround myself from Obama's staff with people I trust. And their opinions that they truly focus in on and get from. But. I understands brother joked that it it's part of why it's so great a vote pro sports and pro hockey. Especially in this area people are passionate about the game people are passionate about the sabres arm and that's what now we wanted to help the team that people can come on Rick and your vote. Are you on Twitter. Or you 100 disguised name on Twitter. I've not Jason bottles not on Twitter know OK there's a take Jason botrus Twitter as well that's not you listen that is not me it's a chuckle get them. Thanks for coming and it was my pleasure thing amateur I mean on today good luck best to success was everything I appreciate that. Jason borrow spotter robot shrill what's what I wanna make sure it's right it's bought droplet bathroom really not too concerned about them will pay well we got to race trying get things right. Jason thanks again seat it is in fact Jason doctoral. So if you're you're wondering wage. I'm missing by a role for. Weeks now and it's it's optional. But no one's really going to slay you if you see bilateral. And in fact probably going to say bilateral at least 75%. At times. Will be all right we'll get through this together all right coming up next. I want I want hold things up pierce of ringgit to break when we come back we're gonna hear from our hockey golf fever. Bill Guerin. 02 victory NT been and how do. Kind of create relationships. With today's young players all that coming up next the nightcap on WGR. All right we're back here on the nightcap boomers got to continue on with all of this good sound spur us because we got a lot of good stuff that happened on station today and we want you wanna showcase that for you so here is bill Geary in the assistant GM. Of the Pittsburgh Penguins talking about is his friend his body is colleague Jason doctoral and know what to expect out of Jason Marshall moving forward. As Buffalo Sabres GM and here's Bill Guerin with Howard and Jeremy. Bill Guerin former NHL player longtime NHL players now the assistant GM in Pittsburgh he is where this right now on WGR. They'll it's Howard in Gerri first of all thanks for coming Ellis today. All thanks for having me on I really appreciate it. So yeah I I just thought we wanted to get Jon bill to stick get home or inside Jason was just here in studio and he's made a great impression so far here in buffalo we would love to hear from. You know guys that know about him as a coworker and colleagues so what you know when your time in Pittsburg. What did you learn about Jason working alongside of him with the others in the front office for the penguins. Well the first thought I think that buffaloes made this. An amazing choice I mean case and there's a guy that. He's worked extremely hard and prepared and he's been ready for this for for quite some time now. You know always in. In reading everything in Canada here in what's been going on there is exactly what the doctors ordered the ball well. And you know be a lot of things that I learned from generations you know Coleman from player to. Management is this event Sony is extremely organized extremely detailed. All the things that the search for gore talked about this press conference. You're all month ago. Jason will provide. And very good person got a great young Staley a I think that community won't who's gonna fall while Shah which. I think you just gave some of the answer but I'm curious billion you know you said that all the stuff going on here that he's exactly. What the doctor would have ordered what could you expand that out a little bit more why do you think the timing for guy like Jason is perfect for what's happening here right now. What great I think Jason's gonna provide good excuse me. Oh making it a lot of stability. Jason but it's a very organized she's gonna get all the ducks general in Mosley don't methodically he doesn't Russian anything. And he knows good character people he's gonna surround himself with good character people. And and try to make the best decisions that he can. You know he's got a lot of experience in it and you'll be administration older but he's got a good hockey background as well. And you know he he's a big reason for a lot of for the best we've had here. You said a moment ago you also said that you've learned from Jason in your time in Pittsburgh what have you learned from him. Yeah well actually I mean going from playing for so long to just jumping into a roll like this that it's. It's typically you don't know this site at all your player I mean at all. They're in case there was a guy that you know I I think. How to beat the tail how to how to put the work ethic into it how do you at all be on top of everything. I'll min and make sure that you're organized than in. You know I think one of the biggest things also lose his communication and Jason is great commuting between low spirited Pittsburgh. With Jim and in our entire staff. While he was kind of a guy that we. Get the news out to everybody. Me or or what they needed to help. So I mean there there are a lot of there's a lot of people that. You know in Pittsburgh and I've learned a great deal from him and Jason wanted to and we work very closely together the last seven years. Billion could speak to this and and Jason could as well do you think there's an inherent advantage. To being a front office someone in the front office has also played in the legal like you mentioned it's very different so once you learn that other side of it. Communicating. What it is you wanna get done from a front office standpoint whether it's strategy or game planner what the coach of that the team are implementing as a player. Trying to communicate to. Current players. Is there an advantage that. I I think so I think. It's if you've been there. You know you know everything that the players are going through what they're thinking about how to handle them and kind of what approach to take I think it's very important that you you need. You have to know your players. Our home but but again I I it's Banca. You know that to have the background it is. Is definitely an added bonus suddenness you know on necessity but it all depends on the team that are working towards well what they're. These are part of what I wonder also is like how things have changed you know you as a player in US a front office a member of the front office. But without making it like these kids today. You kind of have to change I mean you realize that every error every generation's gonna be different the way that you relate to them is different in the way that the the people that were in the front offices when you were a player who might have related to you. Yet he did say that it is that it as do all today at the help. Well but we also have to remember that you know when guys like myself started in the early nineties. You know they're guys that you know perform before being. Played in the eighties and played just seventies saying about me these kids today so at all you know it's all relative got to move to small body and try to understand. Their culture their. Their way of thinking in the China built these type of social media and we just don't we just don't get it you know. But it's one of the things get to play your on the way that are treated now they get. They get everything and I've been where I get a look at it that I'm there's some. A little bit of jealousy involved too because. Out of luck out. The via the opportunity to go out all of the things that third that there are provided with today. It's all greats of the player and it's amazing insult. You know not being instead. You know Jason's going to be yet I believe that it can bet no debt he's gonna provide these guys and give melodic stability and and they're gonna go all right direction. If you're looking for some good news still don't worry about it because in the ninety's you didn't have to worry about fans ripping you on Twitter. You know what that is a really good or. I mean. There are a lot to rip there are a lot of nights that out of come under some pretty heavy tweets. You know our church about for Jerry's question. Kind of following up on that you know where you are now where you were then doesn't that also play a role in how you and Jason approach. Hockey operations. And I thought he you know he seems to bring in. A little bit of that is not an old school guy he's more open minded to how the game has evolved and how the game is change and I would assume. You know you in management now as opposed to use the player. Twenty years ago it's a different gaming near you you look for different types of players in different ideas for finding coaches so forth and so on today. Yeah definitely every mean everything at it it just keeps evolving keeps getting it keeps getting better but you know it said the changes and if if you. Kind of get stuck in the mud and your stubborn and you don't wanna involved with the game then you're gonna struggle you know or. Bedard broke at a time we're certain things were you know. Different. You know it and you just absolutely palpable pop it. And just understand that the game has played different cultures different than the players mentally or differently and you have to you have to adapt. I got one thing I've got there and ask about are just totaling up you were you played in. I think eight different organizations. And and now you're in the front officer and manager with Pittsburgh and I wanted to ask you. You know we're sitting here in buffalo and it's been a struggling here these last you know half a dozen years at least. I wanted to ask you what what what do you think we your exposure to so many different organizations. What makes a successful organization their very successful in Pittsburgh now the easy answer is bill it doesn't hurt to have Crosby and Balkan. But since you've been exposed to so many different places and maybe this is some Jason learned in Pittsburgh what makes a successful organization. The how long it's that. Were until 10. O'clock running a fine well. I think. I think strong ownership. That that allows people to you know to do their job. I think strong management group that hires good people and then you have to have you know understand age you have to draft law. Via draft law on the your pro scouting staff has the past two identified the players that are gonna fit your system in in your culture. Things like that it's there are there. I mean that there's so much but it definitely starts from the top you can and you can tell Luke duke beat the strong ownership which ball boy has. And the resources that they are willing to provide news is a definite definite advantage to. You know to have or good architect. Had four let you go Jason was sheer mention he said you're just back from Europe you're watching the world championships. I don't know if you had a chance he Russia we've been talking here about Victor and T been who may be ends up a buffalo sabre. Are you familiar rhythm and all the got a chance to see Russia volunteer imply. I saw eruption play and it ought to eight. If you can grab somebody from that team needed it via. A bonus that innate feel very good solid play against Germany. It was very exciting game. I Russia was was pretty dominant. Sony out there's to be on the ball pool favorite I think you'll be happy. You're fury US born Europe. An American guy would what do you think about the young talent that the US. Has put together either the guys that played for team North America like Michael in the World Cup or that to the guys that are playing right now on the world championships. I I tell you why I think our future's bright and I was sitting at Jimmy Johansson until talent. You know we're kind of discussing it and and the Kentucky well it's all in all that we we we definitely have a bright future. If there was nights. They're get to spend some time with Jack article could lose its first time I've met him a suit is a special kid special player. Got a very very great future but three US Clark USA hockey I mean we it we were. We were the youngest team in the tournament at 42 point six years old. We just got a couple of more guys in the appreciate it Kevin Hayes so. I mean we we've got to we've got to deeper pool and ever and it's a bright future very excited they expect. I take it you're Jack had that Massachusetts native bonding to. Yeah yeah I eat a little more. You know he is a little more city and I am mile per month stick got western Macedonia I want every your. Don't want to hear from Massachusetts we need you get that bonds so. We've we get it. Well the good news is you've lost the accent after all these years away from Massachusetts. A unit you know we we can understand everything you're saying. Yeah I've talked and so are we don't know OPEC circles of the New York if that. Appreciate it coming ominous bill thank you very much true for talking about Jason and joining us today. It protects your idea. There it is Bill Guerin with Howard and Jeremy this morning we're going to be moving past towering Jeremy now. Remote the John Murphy show next hour I got take a break here. We back briefly for a few minutes before we we had over two some things from the John Murphy shows the nightcap on WGR. Are back here all. Then nightcap going to be hearing from landing being the new GM I'll eat Buffalo Bills coming up in the bouts. Twelve minutes so twelve minutes from now we're gonna hear him as he joined John Murphy. And Dow Jones we'll see here from owner of all the bills in the sabres join John Murphy as well in Iran. Just a quick note that I want to pass along there's a photo that's making the rounds right now. On social media and it is young Sam and arts young Sam and heard of Buffalo Sabres graduating from. Which is. Code so that he was getting a degree. In the first place because you know these these guys they go to junior. And if your if your samurai and our senior extremely talented player you make the jump from juniors right the NHL. In some of these players will do. From my experience in lower junior levels we'll jump from juniors to even. And their colleagues when they're in college. But San Reiner graduated from college the University. Of Southern California. That's right San Reinhart got his degree. From USC. It appears he graduated. Earlier today and I just want to say congratulations Sam and that's it's pretty cool he got his degree from USC. Didn't see this come on now did not see didn't hear anything about it ever not once not once did you hear anything about him taking classes anything about and you know doing school work on this I had. I mean being from. Getting his degree from USC got to assume that during his seasons here whether it was his junior season at the the last couple NHL seasons. That he's been doing some school work well and rolled you know at home with Jack I goal this past season. And I just gotta say that's it's pretty self accomplishment to be able to go out there have your professional career. And also at the same time be able to go out there get your degree. I can't see what exactly it's four putts. Ill it's pretty cool prequel it's him honored so congratulations and getting his degree from USC. And yeah. Coming up will he have it and be joined John Murphy showed Terry Google as well as has come up for you next on the night campuses WGR.