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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Friday, May 12th

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WG ER. Sports Radio fine. No effect at all. Golf because the weatherman predicted rain predicts rain. It doesn't rain so the first time this has happened some she's going. What's the weatherman. Predicts it's gonna rain just so we can keep people off the golf course and haven't for himself the there. He took a nightcap with Ryan gates as the there flat open. Hardly anybody up probably as some do but whether fortress. Probably. Have you seen the weatherman Athens where it's not a fact there is with the microphone over to come up or NightCall. I learned that it's going a full day. Yeah that Donald thank not supposed to play tonight but I thank Jeff called me last night canceled. Because of your weather report about funds dollars. We have mistakes the way my wife says that because yeah. Oops that whole wolf yeah okay nice to see if there's examine me they care about main. I don't quite get your point. I let them and I'm gonna tell you might. I've got a sneaking suspicion. That you're predicting rain. To clear the golf course do you sell the compromise. Got. That's real popular so ridiculous commemorate. Ridiculous it however all other man you're now like I'm gonna report you because every time you want to play golf Larry make sure that's right Larry first ball. I'm not a weatherman I'm a meteorologist I'd appreciate hole a little bit of resume. I'm deluge Kenny our Sports Radio 515. And is I. Never thought of that one here in buffalo we know. The weatherman rigging that bother me in the I'd assume the weatherman the biggest rat weather right here in buffalo because. It changes every. Half hour ourselves. Play now it's Larry David yeah. Sounds like there might be sick and draft ruling. On the show and the Bulldog show which should be we should be interest I certainly have gone already got my my list I don't know of topics. I didn't mention. Third it. Lieberman third planet from the bowels they're called third rock from the zero should know I never heard of in my third rock from the sun. Yachts. And yup they're scouting staff yeah I gotta get my scouting staff together to get mine. Sitcoms in order I think we all know my number one saint Thomas. It's frequently featured on the show in the bulldogs' shell on it goes back further than just need to previous producer Tom search. And that's not a smoke screen. That is not a smokescreen guarantee that that shell which I shall not rain name. Is the one. That is out on top my big board of sick hearts are right so while we got a double GM hiring. You know couple. The loss of Tony four hours. All of a sudden it all goes down a couple of GMs get hired. Less than 24 hours people get introduced the awful media so that's what we ban. As we've gone for the past couple days the hiring some Jason doctoral hands. Rated B. So we're gonna hear from brain being here this was right after I guess a couple hours after his news conference he decided join. A couple of John Murphy Donald Jones here is your is his interview with our engines. Joined in studio by the brand new general manager of the Buffalo Bills fresh off the podium at the news conference an hour ago Brandon be Brandon walker. Thank you excited to be your buffalo it's great to have you here. Well that was out to start this up on the weatherman says. It's only because he would come out whether you're coming from North Carolina you know Carolina worth little bit warmer than buffalo. What's the and the feeling about commendable. Obviously wimpy without rubble followed the weather that it you know what is the obvious question and you know we're excited about it in my kids have not seen a lot of snow is seen snow. So we're gonna embrace it. I've said I've I've mentioned this earlier I hope. You know in December and January to have home games here and make this a tough place for of the team's accomplished you mentioned the news conference shipped two sons right Tyson and west Tyson and west yet in your weight alias he review this week yes yes pales here she's she's gonna jump right in the home search and today in. Hopefully get my boys appeared couple weeks because this is a big move arming professionally you spent your entire careers in Charlotte right it is on the very top Terry mentioned in those body the way you worded it. You know I'm a very loyal guy I'm loyal was loyal to the Panthers the whole time not one of those guys trying to bounce around you see that in the sleek. You army I'm gonna do everything I can. That this was just an opportunity that he knew you have to investigators there's 32 of these in the world. And when I looked into it. It was even better than I ever imagined him away. Just that the coolest Timmy carriage I promise you they are so passionate they wanna win. And me we talked about different things resource is that they've already done here things they can do. And it just it was amazing to hear their passion for this city. And the two franchises they on hand in this and I wanna help. You know get this thing role when you hear about the past and from the city from the fan base things like that and you know that this team hasn't been through twelfth and what seventeen years I mean you have to feel like it's a bit of those are essentially still new owners. A new coaches that you've been in the first time you know hey it paid GM now. You have to look at is like man it's a great opportunity to it to change the face of the city to change everything that this city has gone through for the last seventeen years. And and I said earlier I empathize with the fans sure know how passionate they are. And how exciting would it be to be apart. Does not my thing it's it's our thing we you know we the Buffalo Bills. And I can't wait to we get back in the playoffs and take it even further. Which Brendan being the new general manager of the Buffalo Bills joining us in studio. You know. Since the announcement was made a couple of days ago and you'd look at your back story in your background. All of us I think respond to the way you came up I mean that I don't buy you down but it caused me to reflect on. No work in a small radio station you talk about coming into the league as an undrafted free agent to Europe rise at the start as an intern and be where you are now is the kind of story that most people love to hear it's it's pretty remarkable rise and exit. It's really like an American success story isn't yet you know this league is. Lot of people that know people begin in and I pride myself that I didn't know anybody. And I just probably an undrafted free agent moon is probably as a good analogy for me but. I just. I love to put my head down and work and be a team guy do what it takes. And that's what you're gonna see and in I think it Mary's of the buffalo we know this is a blue collar hard working town. And that's really how I see myself did. Did you when you started out as an intern in media relations with her for four weeks it was posted Mathieu was just a month most ovals football operation and you had your I am football up a 100%. And yeah and always one to be June wanted to be a GM you know Regis. He never know how you're gonna get there but. Once my high school playing days were over I just was trying to figure out how to either doing college or how to to a pro and I ask questions and as they were speak to a gentleman with the Orlando Magic one time. And that commerce station he just sets and things that says you know how many go pro and I work so hard and just made the connections and Carolina and and the rest is history and you played quarterback can play quarterback in high school yet torment ACL my lap my opening game. A my senior year. What did the general with the magic tell you about breaking in the pro sports and and how to get involved just you can do it somewhat different ways and at the time I was an English major major in school planning to be a teacher coach. And he thought maybe change into like. Communications are some like that eerie I was the Milwaukee and without any coaching experience a new coach or scout so. I took that path and just said I'm gonna get in the organization and figure out who I need to talk to an amateur home that I can do this I imagine their word. Hundreds if not thousands of hours of of manpower right it would an on your part is being around yeah and the timer and that's what you gotta do you gotta love it you know. I didn't do this my when my wife. Said you know you go Carolina she was teaching and make it about 20000 dollars. And I said honey I want to do this season intern ship and football ops Sikes head of the month thing as PR guy but. The whole season I was still an intern. And you know you make a minimum wage is making five some an hour obviously that's you're not doing that for the money if you do it for the experience. And that's the way it was in for years I didn't make a lot of money. I didn't care didn't collect a job I loved it and I'm just as excited today as it was day one Carol it's great to have a white school support you with that too right without her I wouldn't be here as she was unbelievable. And it's just it's just paid him dividends for our family that the doors and it's open for my kids. And you without them the sacrifices they make for the travel and that goes along this job. Is it's unbelievable and our actual operation. In your rise from work and in media relations in the media department down there to where you are now as the one being that you've learned since being in the sleaze like wanting this success to him. Well I think just you know I'm not a guy that's gonna make a huge bold statement of we're gonna do you expire this year. I this think he just play you build it and build a solid foundation and that's that's what shown are looking to do. Speaking of bold statements he said in a press conference you know debates last big slash reasons than you like the bill through the draft so. I guess we can get into a little bit about players on your vision of building the team. Well you know we want players with character that are tough. Smart obviously they have to have athletic ability to think you see on tape but. We want guys who integrity wanna work hard in attain the one thing that I really look for in the college guys coming out who is ultra competitive. What players know I asked my scouts this year at the very Ian Wright before draft. Tell me three guys in your area. That or so orchard competitive they'll chew glass they'll eat nails for the teammates for their coaches. And it's funny to hear the different guys that come up but. Those are the guys that I want and I'm kind of shots in the same way the question is how far down I'm looks governing this are those guys and how many guys you fight this to get to the kind of guys you just talk about what it's a typical balance it definitely is and that you confine those guys in the first round here in the sixth round an undrafted I mean you yourself played the leak. A lot of times on drafting guys come with David they were slighted they've never been looked at they weren't that top recruit college necessarily. And but they have an edge in sometimes those make the best pros. My question is how do you bypass guys because I know we want good character guys. How do you bypass certain guys in the draft that you know and this is buddhism is a piece on the field but you just can't do with a the carrot is the focus you know. I think in this is a team game and when you're Thomas 53 guys. And eleven on the field the time I need to know that you got my back all the time and you know that I got eat my back. And I think at the end of the day. It's just one of those things where. If you don't have if guys are sinking guys can't trust each other it doesn't matter what the talent as I've seen it it becomes cancerous in the locker room in and it's they don't work. Branded nom is this. Maybe the shared vision to people talk about on the talk about you and Sean McDermott have a similar vision is this what you're describing here. Yes I mean Sean and I it's funny we're work cut from similar cloth. You know humbled us and our work in and working your way up. And that's the kind of guys we want we want guys that are gonna earn the right. To be on this team. To start. To be on special teams everybody's got a role in all we're asking do is lay it on the line in practice in the film room in the weight room. That diet. It's everything being in a pro we talk about Carolina their professional football players and there's guys who play professional football we want the guys who were professional football. All ball all the time. Now. You know here there's a lot being made of relationship between the GM and head coach and you know people. Thought that you know you had a good relationship with Michelle McDermott we're not talking about now you talk in a press conference about you know going all rounds and things like that point. We don't mean you guys are not like buddy buddy I mean it's just a good working relationship and that's how it should be. A 100% you know it's funny shot and I both interviewed Sam Cisco we were on the same plane coming back. And he was hearing very positive news from here and I was so excited form that to get that opportunity while I was still hoping to get the same Cisco job so. It was never anything like Sean and I trying to figure out a way it was what's best for him and his family was best for me in my family. And nobody can predict the future and when I got the call from the put grew those you know couple days after the draft he knows like while. This could work out for Sean going to be here. With Brandon mean to new general manager the Buffalo Bills a couple of minutes left Brandon up. Who is the biggest some influences on your football career whether Carolina or any work or you considerably mentors or are media people that you what model model your career. Well obviously starch and mention mr. rich and press conference he gave me chance. He income from much he earned his way. As a player Baltimore colts building restaurants and he was a blue collar guy and that's what I consider myself. Marty Ernie taught me a lot gave me a lot every time I would. Cocker task he would give anymore. You know from salary cap stuff to letting me scalp stuff letting me sit in the draft room letting me add duties as the years went along and he prepared me. For that interim job the interim GM job that I got before they get there. And then David just been a lifelong scout obviously start his career buffalo which is a neat. You know who symmetry but. Date kind of just. We just talked scouting all the time I taught him some things about run in the business part of it he taught me things I don't know about scouting. And let me go aegis he sent me off and I think in a couple years he realized I knew what I was doing and he gave me the assistant GM title. Gentlemen on our show a couple of days ago talked about you and said argued develop you have developed a good eye for scouting but he also said. He put you out on the road a little bit on it kind of and you know enhance their party resonant guess the last few years down yet he did. So like when I was in her mind jump on the road a little bit and when they've got their he realize I'd done more pro stuff on the season college and he said we got a broad net so. What I did it was I switch my focus and just started focusing more on the college while still won on the pro once the season started but. I hit the road ever since 2013. In through this year and just it's been fun to. Watched the draft and build the draft room and run the draft for its. You can scouting pearl and how it's I mean now once you get out of our show and probably go watch a little bit of practice I'm sure you're on the phone you probably receiving text messages and calls about. Hired me I wanna be part of a team. Yeah you know it's been neat. He he's trying to back to revive the falls and blown up or since this was announced a few days ago. But I wanna put an all star team of scouts just like I want but all stretching the players I want to get the best guys. It's knocking about who my friends are who not it's going to be about the best guys for the Buffalo Bills. And we're gonna build this thing right is it experience you look for a scouts is it. Maybe. Alignment with your ideas are Sean ideas what would you define what it looked upon you know what is very similar players on the guys who were competitive who want to do it. Who love it and it's there and this is not a job they love you know. Digging some guy out of Penn State or in Ohio State where you know in the school they wanna spend what time in his talk to the trainer. Talked to the the strength coach talked the academic advisor. They're based like private investigators are find out about these guys we can all turn the film on and I do wanna hear either thoughts on this player. But I wanna know everything about this Q what makes him tick and I mean the guys that are gonna go out there and do that. You talked about being being loyal and very loyal to the Panthers and now going to be blue. To the bills how hard is it to finest out at this point of the year you know when most of these guys probably already have jobs. Yes you know it it is what you're looking for is. Maybe there's some areas to promote guys you know the guy from an area scouts when national scout a national scout to a college director. You know our director person player personnel. So there's different avenues that we're gonna look at got a lot of guys down got a lot of work to do but it's going to be a methodical approach to get the right. Brendan being sarcastic bills general manager the coolest place we call it ego for an interview and how soon after that did you start looking at that. The current bills roster and how much assessment you've done of the players who were here obviously it happened fast so I would've loved to look at even more sure but I did put on a couple games and just look to the guys and took the roster and in because would be Caspian NFC is being AFC had not taken of me you know a deep dive into the bills' roster and the Frontline players but. I'm looking forward to after I get this personal staff set to foot from the film back on also watching what happens in the spring fish on starting Agilent. With the current guys and the guys that are draft it. Now we you know what we always talk about the pages keynote speeches here in this division when you first if we call you first you know you're about to be hired. Do they come up in your mind in terms of the players that they had and the players that you need to be dancing. Obviously you know the first thing you have to duty in the playoffs he union when Univision that's your first goal every year when the division. So you have to know your opponents you have to know their strength you have them know their weaknesses and it's the patriots the dolphins and the jets and we can't just focus on the patriots we got to focus on the other guys because they're going to be trying to do the same thing Brandon. Up on the question of the roster we've been tucked Donald lemon talking about this the last few days about. In other long term roster issues and how we gonna build the type of team we want wary unit you know what type of buffalo that we want. I've wondered are you looking in any short term like holes that you feel the need to be addressed. You know for the season for 2017 and and went how could you start get your arms around that that this league. Yeah well you know I have a snapshot look at some things and I think maybe some holes but also I wanna sit down talk show on and and and and his staff. And I wanna hear what they think we're here with Leslie Frazier thanks owner Rick Vincent thank. How hear what everybody thinks again this is going to be a collaborative approach so I have my initial view but. I'm not saying that's that's the right way but I'm gonna weigh in and talked with them in there in the store built mostly. We were wondering if at this time of the year you know career in mid may if pro personnel is more important. To set up this operation as opposed the college scouting I don't think so if it's going to be all done it once. It may be that our program before college diary could be vice Versa. It's really. It's giving the interview process go on C who's available. CU the guys I've really targeted as an A this guy and some us just timing of where the guys when his contract in the team's allowed amount. So got a lot of hurdles to get through. And but really no priority college or pro. Donald and I think we feel like we miss an opportunity needed to get teachers printed up that said who controls the 53 competitor become like beam me right in buffalo you were asked about it we have a caller just Afrique months they know who has the final say. When making decisions. Is that an issue and can you answer that and how does that play out the important thing is not an issue if you don't make an issue and you know I just don't think it's healthy. To have a so quote unquote sore and in these to be collaborative because as you yourself you can do all he can't coach and scout he can't discount and in in coach. So I think if the end of the day and asked the great the beauty that Sean and I Arnie knew each other. And I know what he started started in on a jump right in in I think we're gonna make decisions together we know how I chose tics we know that we're not always gonna agree. But we both are going to be adults and mature and come to the right answer. Now and you're passing your history your career throughout your career in the draft room. What is when you have a player that the GMI want to pay close minded not agree on that player how does how sensible the player. Well I think you talk it out and if you do a good job preparing. All through the fall and through the com mine in the spring workouts. When you get to April you set your board you get the coaches opinions after that and then you massage it a little bit. In new look it's clumps and you talk about guys and you go through scenarios where your pick in in the rounds. And you talk about OK if we get on the clock in these two guys are available which one we like more and we're gonna hash it out. Before draft day and you know I think it's a little dangerous to get on the clock and start hashing things out. When we get a few picks now we're gonna pull the board and tells to who to pick in it's gonna narrow down to two or three guys that are sticking out on the board. And we're gonna talk about him way before. We actually get on the clock what does David facilities and you just got here what do you think what you've seen so it's amazing how many. Guide for a little bit so to learn the ropes. I'm just amazed. Never had an indoor facility in Carolina. Bill cafeteria is amazing. Went through the locker falls agrees set up love where everything's located to draft room. Amazing draft room we had nothing like thing Carolina. The technology that the rules have done I mean. Excess damage or they you're gonna provide every resource. It's up dusty it's job done. I was told to ask you about wings I don't know your history of with the wings down in North Carolina blood. Do you eat wings and William we had what do you heard about the wings of his I've actually had the wings appear before I love wings. We went to the Ankara more than last the most your 2013 for urn of two years your receipt printer. When he fifteen pre season. We went over there and I look forward to eating mean buffalo one. I feel compelled to tell you that dumps things went to see official chicken wings onto the Buffalo Bills and that's what that took a paper and that attitude that I'll get the Duffy of idiotic. But let's say and it's a question about your career arc is kind of where we started you were lifer at Carolina in nineteen years there. This is a bold move for you mean I don't they get nominee's little bit older than me and who knows how much longer he wants to work if you would have been a position to be GM there. Most definitely everyone assumed. In Carolina that that was where I was going to be an anal I think you my family is and that. But I never want to close any doors you. I wanted to investigate any option in see what was best. And again I just loved the whole set up fell in love with Terry and Kim in the interview process and the aegis. I couldn't turn down. Detriment to being with us who went well watcher rookies image because he had to be a lot of fun sexy were doing thank you Brendan being the new general manager of the Buffalo Bills. There is inconvenient. New general manager of the Buffalo Bills appeared and just say there. And yeah like one of the things that gets glossed over here is that normally visible those days where it's not a ton of fanfare but still ought. The bills are on the field the rookies getting out on the field and that's all getting glossed over because of the firings of these G I'm serum buffalo cell. I will say it in on the rookie mini camp going on this weekend ends. Hateful all slowly got to be working its way back and lives here as this summer comes around and rookie mini camp turns into regular mini camp turns and treating many. Training camp. And it all goes so fast I always I always think about the sovereign being like. All it's it's the dog days of summer the bills the sabres they are playing. And that all the Sunday training camp is. Upon us I'm like oh wait summer is over. So I'm gonna enjoy my time for now without so much football on tried to enjoy my summer laws here are 30551888. By fifty to 515 but wait there's more. Terry Padilla he's going to be coming up as well he was on the geography show earlier. After the news conference Sabrina being sold Ribery knew that knocks on the nightcap this ranking aides Jody B Osce and the board on WGR. All right we're back here on the nightcap and bringing you a lot of the great stuff we've been bringing you all day long it started this morning live. Jason actual common non NB station making his rounds around here at her come. That much bill Garrett. They'll get earn of course hockey hall of Famer now the assistant GM with the penguins and worked very closely with Jason -- past few years we had seen. Green and in the press conference which you heard play bad French Open the bulldogs. And then throughout the John Murphy show who was on for five hours today. He had much good guess on as well including. This next we're hear from a I think you know pretty well. His name is a tear people who look. He owns the bills and the sabres and he just hired two new GM so John Murphy got a chance to sit down with him today and who else. CE hired these GM's now and maybe we don't hear from Kerry Google for wild. I think you for a lucky and things go well for all of these organizations. We probably don't hear from Terry Google from awhile unless. One of these teams when a championship and then you'll probably definitely gonna hear from Terry open until and hopefully. There won't be massive overhaul massive changes that we have to worry about where we're going to be here this guy got its third goal with John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR. Joining us in studio pressure off the podium across the way at the immediate growth we have the owner the Buffalo Bills at a Buffalo Sabres Turkoglu during Donald tonight stereotypes about. Thank you bandits beat any GM to get a higher tomorrow or what we put our our core food or we're done with the help. I'm competitive and just relax balloon as it into the press conference Ian fifteen years. I heard to say that that that it has been an interest in a couple of weeks right with with both teams with major retooling needed for both teams at this because attacks in Korea. Yeah. We were up to the challenge we knew we had to get get it done and know you get timing issues with draft coming up. Hiring coaches and one not so. What's your opinion that you did I mean the sabres you're kind of idea appeared you're waiting on the penguins in the playoffs but did you need to get that job. Filled first because of and you know that an imminent draft an expansion draft and everything. Yeah that that was more pressing for us because of what you just said it's. Especially with expansion coming I mean there's a lot of moving pieces in the league right now. Besides just the draft coming up at the in the playoffs. This search for bills general manager took less than two weeks. Can you tell us about the process and first of all. Did you rely on the and I know the league has the committee that. Will put together a list of names did is it was at a jumping off point for your starting point when you when you're going on this couple weeks ago we. We had. We had conversations with the league. We developed. Our own internal lists. Talked to smother individuals. Put together of the combination of names and says okay let's talk this guy this guy in this guy and word Brandon stuck out was he he was with Carolina where almost Sean was there. We knew they knew each other obviously but I think more is being made of that right than it really is and it says. In the end you know if random. If we didn't feel he was the best candidate he wouldn't be here. Today so now in the press conference he said that us on did you listen names and Brandon was one of the guys on on that list. Once you've had your list from the NFL and then you had to us and shown the at least jump back this owners say tell us a little bit more about the guy. No you know what we did not talk prior to who we were gonna interview we've pretty much said. Here's here's where we're gonna start in with. The gentleman we interviewed and a and so we did. I think you mention not only at the news conference did you say not only did you get that name from Sean McDermott. But maybe some notes on that the tight for the Skyler. Are kind of what would be beneficial for that for the organization Evans general manager is is that correct and what kind of things which are looking for. Here and then and again we have our. Our prerequisite switch. One of home was. An individual. That would be more than just pure scale them someone who has had experience. Running an office. Actually being in the office. For a long period of time. And the ability to scout. And determine what kind of players geez look at that so you know. Case he said in the press conference that he's done a little bit more stabbing people know we're given credit you know from from what I can. Glean out of it. He's come up pretty quickly in his ability to just play. Why was it important to get more than just a scout more than just a guy you know boots on the ground. Gone out to Nebraska and and a you know Arkansas looking at players you want him more than. Jia yeah whoa it is somebody that was. Better at putting it all together. He gets capped it the type of players you want in the in the hole. Gotta hire individuals on your scouting staff and and one not so. To me that. Became obvious. That. That's the kind of person I think we needed. In the organization. With the bills monetary cargo talking about the announcement today bring him being the new general manager of the Buffalo Bills Donald and I have been joke in the last few days maybe goes back a couple of months about. The 53 who controls the 53. It's our belief I won't speak for Donald my belief that the too much is made that it's it's. I don't even know in any regime that I've ever seen including here including recently animal they've ever seen that much friction where somebody says this is my team you I'm making the cut it doesn't really work. That agree with the under percent. You know it's. It's that. An organization in order to survive. Everybody has to be on the same page and as Brandon said yeah he's dead he's get the 53. But. He's he's gonna talk to everybody that's involved. When he makes that decision and that's the way. Good organizations. Should be run and and our round. How do you and this might go to your business experience as well but how do you set up an organization that can. Didn't can collaborate. Effectively like that how do you eliminate you know silos that people build their own area of expertise what that would silo is this dangerous yet. How to avoid that if you know what. At least on the in the football side with these two guys show on and and Brandon. They just across the board organizational guys team players. If you wanna jump over the savers Jason by Perot. Humble. Another same kind of guy you know been raised. In an organization. That develops that and has developed that same philosophy. I know and in business you know a lot of times seals when they're when they're hiring people they like that. Hire people that aren't good in different areas you know I want you to be very good one everybody if you can. Pay attention to be tilted the entire business that's a great for our business so when you're looking for a GM or coach you kind of connected business side of things and. Yes it is yes they do and when when I ran or when I run my. My business outside of sports I like all my people to have input at least to sit and listen to what other departments are doing. So when they make a decision they know how it affects. This department in this department and it's it's to me that's my management's. Terry can you articulate come maybe the vision that coach McDermott and their branding being half work. At least the type of Buffalo Bill they're looking for DeDe did they ever say that cute this is the type of player we wanna get here. There I heard the term chew glass and spit out nailed. OK you know that if and I heard it mentioned a few times it. I think obviously that want to make it's a tough team play against an issue now. Coach McDermott has really emphasize good character guys that something that you share that as. Yeah we've absolutely. You know. We want guys that care about to teammates. And care about the whole organization. There about themselves. There are some teams come and some football people who say it's cricket character guys but if I don't get players. I'm I'm won't be around long to reap the benefits of whatever character they might be you know it's hard sometimes to walk away from players. Because character issues isn't to say we don't want him monarchy. Yes it is but it. There's a lot of football players there's a lot of good players. Have character in and can operate on a team setting. And the thing that you may or agree or this or not but you know it strikes me about football pro football particular it. Pretty much always is the you know the whole is greater than the sum of its part so the you can. Maybe stick to character people get good players he says there's plenty of players and an excel and be better than team a good collection of talent maybe and boom I mean yeah almost the idea. Well you look at. The champion and it doesn't have the football. You know the other night them watch and hockey game and oh Washington takes a shot it's this year after a flurry stick it goes in the net it's a whole different game yeah. So. You you plan and and building a team a certain way and than you gotta have some breaks and or or you're not gonna win this project on the watch. And find them to carry some. It seems like that maybe one of the first jobs for a brain and dean is too is who assemble a staff discount instead he's got some work to do there right and yeah probably got a veteran right now. Yeah that's one of the more important tasks. That we have to do in in both organizations. It's. It's get that rightness of its and he's he's you know again that's. He's a hard worker is dedicated Smart. It's easier for a guy he's here he was well respected around the league so I think it'll be easier for him. To get guys to come into our organization as opposed to somebody who's more task master and artwork with. We have talked to quite a few people over the last a couple of days about. Brandon Carolina Panthers we talked to did gentleman down there and in Carolina we're gonna talk to Marty Ernie the former GM. We talked to media people. Almost to a man they talk about Cree Indians. You know at his level of expertise at a variety of look at the different areas in the in the game. And the fact that he's a good guy easy to get along with you you must've heard that in even see them yeah us weekly. That they almost make you feel bad that that hired the right I don't like that some I mean they've you know they've ground apparently you know. He he really liked him so well and makes makes us feel good you know again and again. Can fit in organization must though is that and because you. Yes on and I got Brandon. You know you know we everybody we're a wicked disease today that's better down go to that and yet there hole and they're home opener. So what's next I mean you really do want them you're not going to be away for fifteen years we certainly wouldn't know there are fifty years is a long time in but I will take fifteen years and a new GM and yes I will definitely know absolutely what about that and you know that that the if someone and people ask why the bills I mean the players for seventeen years and I always say because we keep changing. Coaches and GM's there's got to be. At some point kind of a settling down range just let Rezko. Brad I mean they have the contracts together and some continuity in is everybody criticizes me for the kids were victims of that of not. Keeping that nobody but you know I I think now we have a right. With. With the bills and sabres. Good work you're lucky thank you very much for provider and a thank you. Here's open of that that he does have a rights and that we can all move forward here in buffalo. We have some good times have some good times and Lori super late when I come back to be a super quick segment about. Who is on the cover of Madden twenty team. It's good news if you believe in curses this trying gates on WGR. All right back here in the nightcap just. And we haven't heard much from me on the right so I got out I got a little bit for you here before I take off for the week and and legislate no next week we're gonna be having a lot of playoff hockey. I will still be out because most these games will be starting at 8 PM. Saw beyond seven and 745. Guy and Monday Wednesday Friday index my normal slot sudden and nine. Tuesday and Thursday bots it. That the Manning curse the Madden curse has been something that has been talked about it's been around for awhile now and this year. If your into the mad and curse you believe in curses. It's good news for Tom Brady. Yeah that's the goat Tom Brady. Is going to be on the cover of mad and ET this year. And so there's there's that occurs the cement anchors and users and so there's lots of studies about it and it's found that buyouts. Tooth hurts two thirds of the people on command and conquer do suffer from knee he sees in the that is poorer than your average. One and being featured. On man and a lot of that has to do with injuries though Tom Brady going to be featured on at an. And then Tom Brady not only took this and took demanding curse but he doubled down the list. Tom Brady doubled down. Demanding curse and by that I mean he made he needed video viral video you can find it on the Internet a viral video. Where he's like you know what guys know where he's curses don't exist the mad and curse doesn't exist he picks up my hand mere. Both sit with a hammer. Many polls the latter from off off Sutton calls that went on site walks underneath it. So if you're a big believer in curses. Mad and curse broken mere. Walked in latter I didn't see any black cats I'm soon neatest thing around Tom Brady because he's evil person. So. It's good sign seen a lot of people out there too that say. American support merit any team this year because I can't support something that glorifies a cheater. If he does he down peers EC are something in every single one is going to be going out there and eighteen. Every single wanted to our am I take off gonna go absent on this weekend's. Don't work tomorrow but you. Such like Joseph makes her they swing and out your your cool and thanks for answering phone there so that got you want to talk about the massacres. Brady's curse Brady's Kirsten its sides the bills yours tonight cap on WG here.