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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Tuesday, May 16th

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I just two months. No effect Greta rhythm with the Bryan gates proved anything you get in that. But you kept an eye in that. When everyone needs some upside they go to him on good. Our crew of the nightcap Comanche years trying gates might fiery hanging out with few here on WG aren't things but get underway with Pittsburgh and now in high name and Nashville. So keep you. And what's going on there and I tossed up a little poll. To possible Opel asking. The fine people Twitter if they would go to jail for four point five million dollars a year. And I gotta say. A little shocked at the results are much closer. Than I expected. Expected this to be run away with the duck. Your choices are duck or no way. Poll 60%. 40% no way. I checked a couple of minutes ago was 55 forty five's who's voting for no way I like you know my doctor doesn't wanna be in jail. So it really doesn't want to be in jail maybe it is they know themselves mending old Lee camp happiness money you know money can't buy happiness and they know they were to be stuck in jail that the be miserable for years. So maybe now. The value isn't there for tablets in the values there for BP got for me that the time equals money. Let's bring you are essentially giving up time to go home prison. In due prison things eat rule and played basketball. Meaty. I'll think I'm playing basketball I think our act basketball for a pretty sure. A lot better in India. Putts. Again I. You're you're you're battling evaluating your time over over your money so it's. It's funny question these questions to answer is would you would you give up your time years and it potentially. For presents some accidents that do for 11. Million dollars a year ago jail. In Indy at one lead arsenals Texan. Between me Paul Dario oversee all the Dario I'd be so bad at being in jail they paid leave. I think that's how jail works by you like injury. Guy can absolutely dream yeah definitely. They are a movie to another cell may be. Yeah and 8830 by 51888552. I figured phone numbers year if you comment on anything and talking about two outs. Right hands and and counselor. To Rob Reiner. The sabres would do in the offseason. Coaching. List of of people that I have seen written out. Org slightly connected. To the sabres job of course Todd beard and there's Kruger. Who is probably. Probably I'll Eads already denied jobs apparently. And yet so he's probably out Phil Housley. Who is still in the playoff series all running national's defense which is pretty nice he has a nice background in our player development as well. Wreck pocket David Quinn. These are on the and so far that have banned connected. With the sabres nothing official there's no reports of interviews or anything like that it's all just reported interest. At this point art let's get back to Scott collier's got a call enjoy shopping the bulldogs earlier. They were just having a discussion about his offseason plans for the sabres because he released his. He does is every year offseason plans for every team today did the sabres so rugged back in the conversation here Scott Cohen with Mike show global box. Michael and Reinhardt are going to be. Eligible to negotiate second contracts this July will be playing the last year their rookie deals. And you already got O'Reilly cited the money you've already got a post assigned to big money. So if I add those two I've already got risk the line and we mentioned Bogosian if I add a good defenseman that's another big contract. But how many big contracts can I afford to have as like pain. Gets so tricky like long term commitment letters the off place issue too but just from a contractual standpoint can I have them anywhere else on my team. Malia and that and that's I mean this is part of the reason that. I think there's there's a reason that you might wanna trade Evander Kane is that. You're not. Prepared to invest in the long term that noise secured keep on your ploy keep them through this season right and then and then you know then he shrieked go wherever. And if you know if your. Thinking you're thinking that no we don't wanna go beyond this season with a vendor came. Well then maybe see what what is out there to recoup some value and you kind of a longer term asset like if somebody would give viewers to a younger in the upper opened coming type defense in prevent Cano don't know who's. You know they would but if they would if they were due literature buff quote consider right. What about doing all of this with how to coach. It's not that they would will have. Baby without cokes all summer. But what we're planning. We're we're watching the days go by when they didn't have a GM Scott and wonder wall. How much crap is there a we got the sense that Emery was preparing for the expansion draft more than a year ahead of time. So cam bottle or eight GM go into a job and be expected. To negotiate the assuming that there's talk and we've already had a little bit of a here. Of maybe you want to read. I mean if you could get really creative maybe this summer teams trying to make sure they don't lose guys are all are all this. And I really not I'm way off my original question but. The sabres position to do with they need to do I guess. Well I I think I mean. If you're holding interviews for general managers. And in this offseason I think one of the main questions will be okay so what's the plan. You know later I don't think he's a bottle comes into this and now suddenly you start thinking of what's what's going to have a I think that had to be at first and foremost an OK but how are we gonna. Home you know addressed this offseason and phone and handle the whatever challenges are out there and then you know presumably okay role what are your ideas for. For improving the defense and you know. Crude for you think we builder along currently I would I would think that's all part of the process for getting higher. But as you stated that is the difference between you know bottles that this this past season in Pittsburg for you you've been aware how how Pittsburgh roots. Going to. Approach to expansion draft me babies don't pick a little more. Studying up to figure out how what's going to work with the sabres but. Look at I think. Good that the point you bring your point you brought up in there that is interesting is about. How hole. Teams are gonna be able maybe negotiate with the Vegas about yup you know lead this guy available or. Take this guy from a police and allegedly taking. You know I've seen. And in several cases where it. You know mock. Traps and stuff have mab mall and going to Vegas well to me if not more from the going to Vegas you're offering something to vaguest. To entice them to take him right a bit and maybe they will and in but that that's the kind of moves that some teams are probably gonna make is you know how how can you convince make it to take this less than desirable contract so you don't end up buying a voter what have you. And then. They shifted the challenge for for some like butter really is I don't know how much how much say it over relationship he has with George XP because he's been an assistant you really doesn't. He'll be in the guy making those calls back and forth and you know. Years ago Mark Cuban was that the flow comes to one of the things he's sort of pointed out about pro sports as you think about the trade market and end up. Think it operates like this efficient market but it's not. Right like relationships matter between. You know general managers and then when they're trying to. To set up deals if you have a history was somebody makes it a whole lot easier to make that deal and so you know that's probably one of the challenges the bottles in faces that you know this is the first time around for him to. You know be the one calling shots illustrates. Thought it was Scott Cullen from TS and here on WG yards joining us on the AT&T hotline Scott is there any guessing at this point what. The price might beat to get Vegas to take like we mentioned Bogosian earlier you mentioned Molson there. Like what are we talking about maybe a second. A third like what what kind of what kind of an asset to Y have to give up to get them to take one of those guys. Yeah I suppose that depends on. How many teams come could come offering that kind of thing to them. Like it it just depends on and you know how how and it. Problematic the contract isn't in my expectation is that there. They're going to want to keep their their salary structure pretty low. You know I think they have to be 43 point eight million. Against the cap and that's obviously. Lol. It's a you don't have a ton of room to go adding five and six million dollar contracts and attempted to do it for guys who are very good. Well at that makes it even. You more challenging so but it. You know maybe a second comparable to a but maybe that won't like it if you have because if you have through fourteen coming do you think can you please take discover and the may be able to open system and you give your first and don't I don't expect that some you want to give up high first trumpet to Drupal once you start into the bigger. Her later parts of the round and you know that that might be would it take. I love all of us my hadn't noticed and what it would explode if I had that every day to think about this. He's in a good way if your head can explode and a good way but this is Holler at one ago. He died he died thinking about Las Vegas expansion draft supposed to be good good head explosion of a little country to my face melted and that's a positive but I think I had explosion is is can also be that now think you. Now there. There are probably rules here or there may be rules you're the pro clue this kind of idea Scott maybe not but look like this and I'm gonna go on the surface level here and bring up Cain in Vegas. Yes because I saw picture of their once Eric yet the so here's Cain. If you commit him to go about credibility gap right here here's a star player. A semi star player for you to promote and he's also you know of a goal scorer. And he might even wanna sign there and they might even want whatever you're here you go you're gonna take somebody I want you to take. And you're gonna give me a young defenseman that you're gonna draft off someone else's roster. No doubt that's out totally possible. Like it and then one of the things that. You know I've. You know had occasion to talk about the the expansion draft and a few places and one of the things I've that is I think like. Defenseman are the great currencies for for Vegas is that you know if they go when they draft twelve defenseman who are number four number five defensemen on their. On their current teams. Them during your budget teams will come calling looking. Cup great what they have been in this you know the thing you're proposing here safe and OK we'll give your Evander Kane and no more take one of these top four defensemen. From you know that's the kind of thing that that Vegas I think vegetables have to do because when you're when you go through the process of the drafting an expansion team to them. David we have this really solid and deep defense right in the from the league employee gets decent goaltending. But they don't have enough guys to score right you know those guys just are being left available in most of bought expansion draft and so you know getting a guy like Cain who. Scored twenty bull last year. You know might be might be the kind of thing their Britney be interested in. And certainly if it's coming you know in return for guys that they just picked up. You know through the expansion draft goes to Celek they're invested in the player and in any. Long term way that you know maybe that maybe that works for them in terms of how they manage the assets but I think that. Because the real place for Vegas is that they should have 45. You know legitimate NHL defensemen to turn around and trade in and try and accumulated scoring forward and be you know draft pick prospects because we're gonna you know factor in down the road. Stu Scott before you go is their possibly. Ought coaching candidate you think the sabres showed higher. Being. But half my head that I don't have somebody that I think is all of this is a guy you have to get it's hard to go right it is hard really. What because so much of it depends revelation of what I've heard. You know I've even heard talk of Ralph Krueger. We got a coach dealers glory but it is an off from the I wanted to ask you really thought I like he. He he's a sharp guy and then you know Detroit got a bit of a raw deal with the Oilers. Soul you know you could do worse than than certainly talking to him finding open. What suburb I think think Dell Pickens is prodding and get an initiative that is these sexual a couple of guys who got a raw deal in Edmonton yes the tend and you know you'd. Give somebody a chance in the middle of a better situation in you know he'd taken to be another guy in. And now I know I think you've been in the discussion for Florida as well but. Those are a couple of guys who you know don't have. A ton of NHL experience. A little bit. But you know might might be worth a discussion at the very least. Various Scot Colin of TS sign on with Mike show and the bulldogs earlier today you want. You wanna check it out again Marie did go see a bunch of other interviews from today. And WGR Brandon being he was on WGR again earlier today he was on with John Murphy this time talking a lot about is. Is. Now all on demand and on demand audio was occupied north west to make the switch to northwest and get back to the living. So we have sabres there in. It's it's an interesting. Interest in time for. Four sabres fans because. If you got the new G uncommon and you got a guy with a fresh set of eyes coming in he's gonna still be hiring staff. He's going to be hiring a coaching staff and coach. Which reminds me Dallas eakins. That in the last year of names that. Keep in the back in my mind. And when I'm by trolls on wish open mobile blog last week talking about the coaching candidates and saying. He wants to coach in place and by the NHL draft so there there is adapt. So you've got to draft that's. Eight weeks or so eight weeks or so away. Andy you wanna have a coach in place by that. Now EU got the other decisions that need to be made as well as you just heard them talking about there. It's the idea is for war. The he knows and the sabres fans now and it's a most people now. I guess not hockey fans don't know butts. The sabres need proof that that baca. And how they can they go about doing it is going to be I think. What most fans are keeping her eon this this offseason is how do you go about getting bats that the Huntsman. There is back and the chatter there's chatter need to certain bear the idea for Evander Kane. Trade Evander Kane the you can do what Vegas or whoever that has the top four young defenseman. Trade Evander Kane and maybe a little extra to to to bring back again. Or Sam Sam my heart's another name that's been brought up is maybe trade bait you dangle world trade bait to bring a guy. Victory Teepen he's still expected that was also an Elliot Friedman species still expected to join the sabres sold so there's another guy that's gonna be adding to your depth. But you hope it ends up your top six. Redding goalie he's gonna become again and you you hope that he's a guy that is in your top six immediately but he is only going to be nineteen years old. So the you don't really know what to expect from a guy like that yeah. When I Major Garrett you make a roster RT you don't want to be relying on in nineteen your league right now you don't wanna be. Relying on a nineteen year old to come in and being the it would be the guy to improve your defense but EB. A part of the puzzle to lose to improve your defense and so the lobby relying on ninety broke it for that so how do you go about getting getting the defenseman in here in I think you look at. You look at free agency and its its underwhelming unrestricted free agencies super underwhelming there's some restricted free agents all their butt and it's. What's the off Hershey how many picks to I have to give up team to get this guy and offer sheeting is it something that's. He hasn't done it just generally is not done at the last one that I can remember. Is the of the Shea Weber this year you offer sheet Philadelphia. Offer sheet at Shea Weber for a huge contract. And then. National decide to match and fast for a few years Nashville. And you trade that for peeking through and then. And pound on the Western Conference finals speaking of which yeah. To be expected right Kessler being booed every single time he touched the puck like that keep it up. And she'll Kessler bulbs that is while Seoul as NB adding little fueled his fire. And the opening faceoff counselor vs Johansson. Love it. My big goal after you've got this story line play it out. I think of last year when it was Michael vs make David here. And damn miles might add the opera I think honestly where fans are really started turn idea miles. Was that was big David and I call this this matchup we all been waiting for the first time they're meeting. In damned aisles and he has an opportunity and they look at that there's there's comic David out there is going to be taking the opening face off. Let's put doll not Jack Michael. And I think a lot of fans were like come on dude. The we know you're in there trying to win games ends. Soccer the far out of the league God's. This is a moment that we've all been waiting for receivers hands and you general and it. Now you've got this. Right counselor right now sort of sent out there about Anaheim Ducks take the opening draw. The peer audio lot head coach at the prides he could have very well said you know while we're not gonna. Reckon we're gonna feed into this route to send out a different line. Not new it's been known is that right Johanneson opening draw ulyetza counselor and counselors being booed every time he talks the talk it's great. It's great that atmosphere Nationalists. Incredible. I didn't. But talking about it a little bits and just taking a look at that atmosphere. It just looks great and only so much fun there's so much energy in that building. They they've been having a budget country stars coming and seeing the end so much to the archer grand two of the normal anthem singer who is pretty much. What national seeing. I do this all season long and they they make to the Western Conference finals and I just get shoved out the way because Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban wanna sing the anthem where they've been all season long. I can pending deal with that. It be like. If all in buffalo Doug Allen our beloved dog Allen he sings the beard and all your long and then all of a sudden. Robbie take care comes and says you know what I'm I'm the guy from the goo dolls and sing in the them in an Irish tenor. You are using Indian do you see Dallas America for a little bit with the Yankees to. Now Roman kind of Roman times yeah that's that guy. Yeah and he shows up is like am more famous. I think I think also sabres fans maybe be back and Doug Allen. But this guy is bad here the whole time do you guys done. You can go back to Nashville thing we always get on the NHL were not expanding well and I expanding right you know we we play to Atlanta now we talk we point the Columbus sometimes but. We don't give me credit for Nash bill that seems to be a home run with them like look where they are now look at the fans are like it's like you said that looks far yet. And. I think sustained success does that to pretty much anywhere but he put a team and they have an eighteen year existence may make the playoffs the teen years. The fare search. And Billy the Nashville hasn't even known to be a good atmosphere for the past few years but there it. They're perennial playoff team it's it's hard not to have a great atmosphere here you're having fun and be a perennial playoff team plus. I have about the national summit populist it's something I'm trying to do this year I think. The nightlife then nightlife in Nashville certainly. Lightens up the scene as well it off real fight 51888. By fifty to five that your phone numbers here to pop in any talk about sabres offseason plans coaching search Watergate eight defensemen here. Right counselor Ryan Hanson and whether or not you would go to prison for three years at four point five million dollars a year would you do it. I'm doing this right gazing out here on WG. Yeah I definitely wanna be part of it to me meant path towards the end of the year and things haven't changed but it's a business and I understand it on here and I love your position who have been a part of it and I just want to success to this organization teach. That's Brian Gionta. Well he he was captain. It's yeah but it's he was captain what's gonna happen with him on. This I'd hazard a guess missing just. Q won't be back. That the gonna move forward with with new leadership in the locker room. Whether Jack Michael gets to see or Ryan O'Reilly gets to see. How low. No buts. Yeah I think I think that that bright idea at this time is it's gonna be up with sabres organization. Just having the new guy in here I know Tim Murray was guy that was open to. Am Brian Gionta back and I think Brian Gionta had a fine season as a sabre. EP brought. I think. And the criticism I think you could you can. Throw Albright she got his way and it's. It's it's tough being an in that guy's position I think he was certainly the elder statesman of the team I was talking about. Bringing in a veteran tight pool has recently done the playoffs and Scott goal Colin and his peas it has example is nick but he now. A guy like that bottom. Bottom six forward top nine forward type of game kind of move around the lineup he's done. In the in the battles while there be for Pittsburgh another organization recently. He's been in the playoff battles he knows that all takes. And a lot of people said to me immediately was Brian Gionta almost that would Brian Gionta was supposed to be. And yeah. But. He's he's still galaxies and old guy because it has hired g.s and viral news. Two years older and them as a GM. But it's I think was it a different time in its. Holding these players accountable. And that's going to be. I think one of the major. Qualities that you're looking for a coach. I mean when Jason Marshall talked about the coach at a press conference he talked about develop Kirk. A communicated her and knowing who's in charge. And when you look back at the the previous coach year it seemed like may be. There was. All the loose in this around the team as in like they didn't take his authority very seriously and they didn't take him. As an authority figure seriously and the players were kind of running the locker room the locker room lawyers where we're speaking up Allred and the coaches. And it didn't seem like everyone was bought into. What needed to have been purely from a team standpoint so when you get coaching here you need to have a guy who. Is going to be able to level at these players and if there are problems in the locker room is he going to be able to appoint those problem players specifically. Is more but I'm trying to say is he going to be able to reach out to those players and get Batman line. The one in the locker room lawyers that were speaking out or is that something edgy some bottles and had taken his own hands and ship those players out of fear whether it's. Via trade or orders. A buyout now now. But it where. Where does that happen. How do you sort these guys out is all part of the process is gonna be going through right now but it urgent symbolic rule. And your come into this organization the EU came from the penguins organization where it's. Stanley cups and there there has bad turnover there's now it's all ban. Glory years damn miles gets fired Mike Johnson gets fired me shell carrying gets fired they've they've they've doctors and coaches. But they always find a way to be competitive and certainly yeah Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin helped that a lot. But they always come together as a team and they are successful even with the high end talent the town that's getting paid. You need to be able to find a coach to come and and be able to communicate that. Is gonna soccer corny but the that's. You hear that Sean McDermott. That pro ball all the time for the awful Beltre one team one. That vision one entity. But he need you need that guy who's gonna still be able to connect and you get the blast on these players. I don't know where that guy is unknown who that guy is. I have always been a a big proponent of having the younger guy come in and you're looking at some of these coaches now in our all. At a younger guys. Dallas eakins he's fifty years old and I'll tell you Turkey is generally on these beauties like right. Guy as a coach he had his run with Edmonton and now he's with the San Diego gulls and the back and pretty competitive. But. You need to be able to have a guy come in here and the dumb and that authority. Pretty much be able to come and say listen guys like I know is by going on here in the past with previous coaches. But I'm here now and I run this locker. Let's I was running this locker room it's not going to be any of you about there and if you think that you have a better idea than me. You can come to meet with that idea you won't have a conversation dialogue. But don't be. I guess talk and other players and be like yeah it is coaches know anything we should be doing this we should be doing that now it's not the way things are gonna work anymore so. And it's not some sort of authoritarian figure whose my way or the highway. But it just has to be guys coming in here and demanding the respect from these young players and the players recognizing that they're not going to be able to get away. With little things that. Arc for that the the good of the team and whether that's Jack Michael herb San Ryan Carter Evander Kane. You have to learn the last and hard early on we got something you have to do. I mean the same thing with Sean McDermott if there's someone who is an all in with his system set them. Saddam but don't take my trip did do something to send that message that you know what. This is an acceptable. And you meet them passages and some might argue that Sam and got that message already at the end of the season in that. Really screech timing incidents by its. In what he did leave these these guys are still kids and you need to bring people in here that are going to be able to liable with them while simultaneously. Being able to be like listen. I am in charge. I don't know why it connected to you work for her wherever. And if you have a boss who. Is an authoritarian type policies tells you the way that you're supposed to do your job and and tells you the way things are going to be done. Yes things are going to get dog but it's not gonna lead to happy employees he got given a little bit freedom. On the contrary if you were hard. Not weighing out the guidelines in at least some of the rules. And a year your employees are gonna go out there and kind of do whatever the hell they want moderates within the rules are not so you need to have. I think about it leg with with our bossier ease its free looks. Is Prilosec thoughts had conversations with somebody he always gives me a little bit of direction. Body. And I know he's in charge. Buddy he's pretty loose with us and lots of us do our thing and gives us the creativity to be able to go well and do our jobs effectively. As opposed to. A micromanaging typing. You need to be able to Foster relationship between whether it's coaches and players employees and employers. Where there's a mutual respect going both ways and there can be dialogue between people to share ideas. And when that happens. That's one and you grow as. A boss a coach a player an employee. If you brawl that way by adding that exchange and without that exchange I just don't think you're ever going to be successful. As a coach. Brilliant coach you need to be able to have these exchanges with your players. Are never going to be successful I mean that's boss they. It's always going to be. The easiest of conversations to have but. You go and if someone breaks a rule you go and see you explained on my rules and plays he explained to home YE something has to be done a certain way. And they try to motivate America them you know if you made the mistake I don't see the mistake again. Well Morgan here we're gonna ever ready to go. And Walden will grow from this and I think that's what that's what I think of one night I cured developer. Is someone who can have those conversations with these young players. Explain the technique explained to them the way to go about their life ball in outside the locker room. And help these kids roll further. Into hockey players and as man because there's going to be. More of these guys more of these young man coming in and these are the union what you're relying on for the future it's not just Jack Michael. And Sam Reinhart. But it's branding tool lead and just him being in the nick panties and LT winter. These are all guys who are 23 years old or younger and you need it. To make sure that everything is cleared them about what is expected of them while still giving them a little bit of space. To be able to figure things and own and have conversation view it real by 51888. 52. Ticker asked rate here because no Malik. Exco into law poll tonight he's against it and leisure rinks is actually replacing me in line. So I can't say. Too pleased that for the team. Four ball cocky I gotta say. Go to them like the and I got pretty big shoes to fill man Archie made it sound like that yeah I mean I'm just so don't worry about my skates and a film skates he's out there do your job. Well there's a Porsche for a listeners the next week if not right leads early next take over you kind of know how went you will. Yeah sell Mike's gonna get out of here I'll be back for another few minutes or sell. Call it real by 51888. YPD two I pity you could be the last call because the nightcap and calls coming up on WGR. Right. Won't different. Are back here that part has figured things I might come Mike took off so. I entered the the usually my place my place here during the the afternoon so I came back in here and things are different. Had gone somewhere and it's not important what is important is we got covered. Got you covered for the the upcoming sabres coach watch and that's being brought to you by. We'll seemed edgy workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys working hard for our working western New Yorkers. So we'll keep an eye and that the latest. Not reared in an assistant in Washington he is a candidate for the job. Haven't heard anything official about any error views. Anything like that did earlier today peer abroad and mentioning that Ralph Krueger. There's a guy that the sabres would be interested in. But he AP's came out today to. Roll soccer talk yachts pro soccer talk saying that it's essentially. He is. Knee he's already turned down jobs. He's already turned out jobs here's here's the quote. From Kruger in that piece to NBC sports. It was nice and honorable that was offered to NHL jobs post season and I was happy they didn't forget about me but I turn them down just feels like. We've only just got started here and especially with the management reorganization we just ahead. There is kind of woolly bear something. We are going to take it to. Another another level he does have a son right now he's up playing in the world championships. For Germany. Who beat La Villa today to advance to the the quarterfinals. So this guy's still connected in the hockey world but it doesn't appear that he's going to be able to be poached from his position as chairman. Of Southampton football club last night I went to this this bad last night and it it if you're familiar with the the buffalo area. Al blood bears the the Franklin Pierce. All the factory. Right up near hurdle. And I had no idea that this place is in there boy it's a place you can look it up on the Internet it's gold states buffalo space buffalo. It essentially. All this there's diagonal factory warehouse type of field. Feel to it but there's just tons of pinball machines. And the video games late racing he gains you know. Daytona Beach was out of those things called whatever. In this place is awesome and a band there I was there for. And event for new Belgium brewing. Mean they threw an event they had. Just this place was incredible and I. We'll start in the Bulldog about it a little videos you'd be surprised there's more places like that in buffalo when you think because I was there are saying you know there's like small machines in light to band playing I got. Eighties video games behind me pinball machines. Bomber ran Ono. Street fighter was there they had built like a legitimate Japanese machines. Either put Yan in there I didn't have any but see you as a possibility they could put young in there. But it felt like you you're watching movies sometimes there's like these cool warehouse type parties there was. A show on HBO called how to make in America. It's about these. Fashion designers in New York City and you know networking all that kind of fun stuff and they are always going to these like little. Under or even undercover where house party type things. I'm a man this this feels like it's like to New York City tight. Byte New York City. LA when those those high end cities and I got down by from there and I'm like damn this place is right around the corner buffalo I just thought it was really cool. That there are so a venue like this that. A bludgeon pinball games they'll all read play all nights there was beverages to be had. And it really just a great place I would check it out if why are you I'm not sure. If they post divides two towed to the public. Let's cults baseball alone if you cheated on you better check it out if you like pinball it's there for a I don't audit here we've gotten NASCAR live coming up next. I'll be back to briefly tomorrow before the Pittsburgh and Ottawa team which is gonna become a do you rate here. On WG I our NASCAR life come up next is right gates for the Nokia.