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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Wednesday, May 17th

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Enjoy at all. Cool yeah. Dream job to. Then you'll remember Ryan geeks who gives them keep up a bit of debt. Because each track. Of the three questions. Craig Crawford. What do you got a question wrong. Then you have to. It's a nightcap well it kind of crash that they can't get past add send me nice and easy. Ed the other side eighty seen fight KG odd name came from Ryan geeks can the president. Yeah Adam West who seek the holy Grail. Quite busy at speed velocity on Sunday was brought out what do you mean we Africa and all Europeans want him. I'm I don't know back. Kucinich is believed. Well yeah fidelity souvenir opinion on WGR. Sports Radio 515. All right what's going on everybody writing gates Jody reality. We're here. Hang out with you gotta. About a half hour that's it. It's an yeah that's right give or take about a half hour here before we or take off to. And now media elitism nice and HL playoff hockey. Game three between the penguins in the senators this series shifts to Ottawa. And looks like the parents. Going to be on going to be hurt tonight. No. Rust and all org missed. Schultz. All these guys are out and that's already toppled a bunch of other guys who are already out. Man these are these playoffs have really. They played Ottawa they have absolutely. Played Ottawa. I mean you'd think about G Ottawa. Negative goal differential all throughout the regular season and make their way into the playoffs. They get the Bruins. In the first round. Oh that's right the Bruins they were without you know brainy Carla hall in Torre crude. Probably top two defenseman. And today they end up winning. Data crate she also banged up and answers crate she was banged up a few there's another defenseman that was missing that I'm I'm missing here butts. Stop points. And so they they when that series and get the Rangers and and the Rangers. They're kind of a weird team to begin wife going into these playoffs because they are a team that was high scoring. Day. Had a lot of bad scoring power a lot of players with high shooting percentages but not a great team when you look at the accorsi and the the analytical number is so. I didn't even have that moving past Montreal and doing that and get the senators' thoughts. The senator's move on because Erik Karlsson a date in early in the first two rounds there was no answers for air Carlson between either of these teams. And getting the penguins. And apparently are all banged up now. Patrick marquis through was brought in in the the real deal James Neal trade whiff. The predators who have during the playoffs to. And he's among the league leaders in goals scored in the playoffs in the past two years along with Phil Kessel. And now they get marquis banged up roster banged up rust was is a big piece to what they're doing there. The Cosby is is back and he is fully healthy and Elkins there. But their defense wage not great to begin with already missing or talk peace with what hang out for the season. And all they got a dash also as the bad guy who is stopped up and really kind of taken the lead at that defensive corps. He's gone. Do you leave me be gonna be making his way back in line up tonight maybe not. And then I mean what our guys aren't as in general Eagles point and wage. Is is aged and say the least like general eagle it was it was decent defenseman but he was never you know he's got PowerPoint. I never saw Jabber we will be to guide to to get power play time but hey. This is what does the world we're living in right now at these NHL playoffs anymore of that coming up. For you at 745. The pregame stuff from Westwood One with the call on mats until that would talk a little bit about. The sabres coaching search and we're still on the situation where. Nothing official is coming out yeah its word word is kind of hanging on to inside reports and all there is interest in Ralph Krueger like peer LeBron said the other day. Before that it was chuck Gormley with the HL network saying that's. Reared and was going to be candidates. And then today you've got Steve Simmons who is a contributor. To the Toronto saw and he doesn't stop with Kia signed radio. And he's saying today that from who he's talking to incite these sabres organization. It's expected that either wrecked sockets or Phil Housley. Is going to be the next head coach of the Buffalo Sabres solo. Names are starting to. Keep trickling out here of of the top candidates I don't have my list of candidates and I was making yesterday in front of me. But it's been talked it was on that Housley was on its Krueger was on at Riordan is on its. Where is the feeling it's it's kind of weird with hockey coaches in. I think it's it's the same really with a lot of these these management searches. These these coaches that you bring in. For the most part. A must have your your booking its I don't know I think of coaches that are out on the market right now that would make a splash the Lindy Ruff. Who else out their jail well a big name coaches are out there that would that would make a big splash. Mike Keenan Mike Keenan. Partly the seek out again maybe he's coaching over worlds right now. Lately I Hitchcock when my name for that guy hits tires I don't believe the big named Claude Julien when he was available to be shelled Syrian deputy like a splashy hire. Yeah like that better in coach did like the Britain of recycled right debate in place yet the big name coach that you've at least recognized. That the direction of these organizations seem like that's not the B option they're going to take Rick target is among the names. And he's done an NHL coach say with Ralf Krueger who will hear more. About Ralf Krueger way if Joseph prints right. Joseph prince right coming up in and a few minutes here. He was coach of the team the Edmonton Oilers for half season in wrecked docket was coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning for. A little over. A season but he may be a season and half so as not these guys have extensive background and extensive histories. But they're gonna be candidates that are I think more of that up and coming brands where you you'd think more. Think this going to be guys can stick around for for a long time you've got a bright future and you get him in here early. Phil Housley I know it's a name that's been tossed around for her pretty much the entirety. That we knew that that coach search once common. Carson's house Losman fired I think Phil Housley has really been named as reverberated around here when it comes to who the next coach should be. Hands. The more you watch Nashville in this series and then the more you watch the defenseman and what they're able to deal. Men and and and then you start looking into his background. Before he was he was an assistant there. And everything that's Jason bilateral said that he wanted in a coach. I think Phil Housley. Really he brings that there was a piece on him I know puck daddy by Josh Cooper. Two days ago now. Three days ago for days ago now. Talking about how he coaches off and so the predators beat finds and it's talking these defenseman these defensemen are talking about how Phil Housley. Though the way that he played in the NHL but that's. Part of the big reason by he demands a lot of respect but they know who Phil Housley as they watched Phil Housley. They know he's a guy that played an offensive game problem as a defenseman. And that's the kind of game that he's been preaching like a puck movement. Offensive style don't be afraid to take those chances. And they know because this is a guy that's been around the league forever he played on. Comedy the USA teams. You pay out a ton. Of USA teams representing the team nationally. So they have respect for a for what he does as a player and I don't think you necessarily need that some of these coaches that don't pop up. Are certainly can be damn buyouts again miles analyst player in the lead wrecked docket you as a player in the league. So you're you're gonna get your candidates where. There are they were previously players in the league. But I think that's a prerequisite. Necessarily. I do think that will help you if you are coach to me be. Getting that respect that. Jason bottle kind of talked about having the coach be respected and everyone knowing at that coaches I've coach and it's not the inmates running the asylum or the players running the locker room on every won't describe it. Having a playing career I think does assist with that. And then you look at his background as before he became even in an assistant. In Nashville and he took over for a guy in Asheville and this is still one Barry Trotter was coach because it's something I've got to toss around within. Played with and had a little bit about how coaching staffs are now constructed. I think V the old mentality or maybe. Just what people basically think typically about the coaching staffs are. It had coached that coach brings his guys and I think it works that way anymore. I think the GM has a much more hands on role. In crafting these steps I think to the into the playoffs this year when the Blackhawks. Got eliminated. And one of Joel Quenneville is close assistance gets wired. I don't think that was Joseph prime evils choice I think it was an organizational choice and they said you know what we were happy with our season. Someone. Passed role. So has its bilateral. Sort of use as assistant coach may you may be used the wrong term by. There has to be some changes around here and shall Wendell great coach I think he would have hit the open market and bad scooped up pretty much immediately. So they're like oh we got we god. Takes someone else. And Joel Quenneville wasn't wasn't happy about that and then I was reading about Phil Housley when he first came and whoever the assistant coach was before him was assistant coach there for eight or nine years. But it's defense in the power play wasn't up and up to par they don't want get rid of trials yet because he had done there forever. They had just finished 26 in the league. Maine only needed change and bring in Phil Housley because like look at what this guy's done. This guy is back and an assistant. For the US team and the world championships. In 2013 he was had to coach book US man's world junior team that won a gold medals some of his world championship teams that battled. Pretty he's been around the development of players which is another you know mark on the checklist development. Any he's a guy that coaches defense. Which. I think most people around here like OK that's that's cool by media lab guy that's a little closer to the defense. I think he didn't like the offensive skill of the guys who are already here the court that's already built here and forwards. The skill as there. The defense is what needs little more coaching up in the offense because the skill is there it's natural for the offense the defense. Is something that needs a little more mood crafting I guess house. So. From my viewpoint and they haven't talked to anyone yet there's been no official reports of interviews. He's got to be number one analyst is what I'm thinking can be bought trolls ban. Officially named now for what is it. Close to post to post a week now. A BOB tomorrow. There's no candidates yet he said he was gonna take its time that this process bought. You take a look at. Assistants that are still in the playoffs. And there's bull richt socket and Phil Housley their ball still on the playoffs and they're the ones whose names. I think there are probably on top of the list right now. Of people you could realistically get. Our take a break here because I'm and I had to an interview with Joseph prince right coming up after the break talking about a different coaching candidate. I'll say necessarily candidates. But our person of interest and the sabres coaching search and that's Ralph Krueger ready hear from him coming up after the break is trying gates on WGR we've got. Penguins senators coming up for you at 745 so stick around for that. Right gates Jody B Osce on and I kept. The relationship with the coach it's imperative that GM head coach is the face of the franchise the players the entire organization asked consent that that strength that bond is there I ultimately be around the locker room the coaches will be the main interaction with the players but I'll always be around interact with them and helping him on situations and I think the key thing is when I'm talking to a player or coach is talking player just making sure then I feel the party knows what's going on. He's got trolls talking about some of the things he's going to be looking for and hey coach. And that's where all the attention turns. Matured and developed. A gases. That word I would use some that means you know maybe we'll toss on my show too Lee's. He's not involved with the show bought it. As a doom with the expansion draft coming up maybe something will focus on more subtle. When the playoffs are older. Bullets and may be an earlier time enough but I'm really. But I having some like crazy. Trade ideas and crazy expansion ideas. And I wanna get too deep into it right now because there's just there's not enough time. I'm out here me and fourteen minutes. And this is a rabbit hole I mean I get stuck down for for a long time. But essentially what I'm thinking is. Again these are there's there's some of these things out there already and some of these things have been previously discussed. But my thoughts is something along the lines. I don't well the sabres leave a player that wasn't expected to be unprotected. Yet they'd be legal where that it wasn't expected to be unprotected. And we've on open so like talking with various economies like savings listen. We're gonna leave Evander Kane therefore. You can take Evander Kane. But in return is what we want. If if it's available you take. And I'm just and is thrown names against a wall here for this one but you take CME Byron from law and I. Or one of those defense. Almost defenseman you take one of those guys. And you grab them on your roster. And nine Walsh signed a pick your way. And you send him away believe Evander Kane or protect for a you'll get some scoring you'll get some much needed scoring on your roster. We get the defense that we want and we don't have to pay a king's ransom for. I'm not sure that's something that would work by. These are the kinds of things and I'm thinking about these sorts of ideas so I mean Joseph we're gonna. There's gonna center room for like three hours at a time. Drink adult average is and just start. Talking like idiots and see where it leads us. And then hey maybe coming up next week maybe the week after that does have a whole show where it's a call one. Call and what they're crazy expansion draft you're crazy trade ideas before the expansion draft or obtaining everything we are doing everything yours that's. Some mean jargon develop a little bit. And tried to try to figure out ways to bring tea. Right now our folks a little bit more on the our coaches coach watch. And I mean there's there's still falsely has names phone around wrecked pocket another name floating around Todd Riordan. As things like Ron Bob and our. His mic Jack with the sabres body is getting an interview with the Florida Panthers the only other coach vacancy right now. So his name not connecting the sabres job buddies out there he's been assistant with San Jose for awhile under. DeVore. He was briefly also on the NHL as an assistant. Under Scott O'Neil in Columbus. And then before that in between those times he wasn't the only job coaching junior kids so they go out. He knocks off development defensemen in fear if you're concerned about apple in in the NHL if you're concerned about the season our guy out there. And that's just out to prove you. The sabres here the common man and the third the Connolly to the party you know lobbies the other teams of the coaches already. Stock quality candidates out there are still quality candidates out there to be found so it's not like. Everyone's picking from the same bucket hands. And it sounds like there's there's plenty of guys out there one of these guys who. It's been reported that's from from our gas coming up your jolt prince right. Jumpers right he talk to Ralph Krueger. Yesterday. About his future plans so almost let him get into it here in white need to know. Ralph Krueger V told this guy that he had turned out to NHL jobs this post season he's focused on South Hampton. Boss says. It's early in the door open. In May mean if it's the right. Money. And the right situation. He might he recommend also if he's turned him down this offseason. Eighties waiting till the end of Southampton season which ends this weekend could be that is well. Could be that as well so all let's let's hear from this guy hired Joseph. Prince right talking with Howard Jeremy this morning he is from pro soccer talk and BC sports here's interview from this morning talking about Ralph. Kroger. Ralphs Kroger used to coach the NHL and then went over and start working with Southampton and I find to be you know other fascinating guy you've spoken to him recently. Framed hockey fan and the wonders what this guy's deal as what a story is how did he find his way to Southampton and how things gone for him there. Really well to be honest review all the other London what are very close the big below theorized that we've all seen the club with a bit of America. And Iraq the figurehead for the lead chairman of the call. I mean you could leave the family you'll end up on the Germans with family or even connections not all the world comic sense on the lookout have been. From the chairman of that that is a seasoned veteran club history. He could do really well and and that build the brand globally was. Contacts in the US and just the very impressed economy. Argument shouldn't be even Kirk didn't that either an inspirational book motivational book. All connections and all you world than. Bulletin yesterday and he's very happy it I'm in. Obama closed the door and anything in life so yet albeit fitfully spilled all under the mine even though you do multiple things go to air in the mail it. What kind of role has he had their NEC's become a lot lake. Can you give any examples specifically of what it is that he is done from his position with South Hampton helped turn that around. Thank you to put good people or places he figurehead he completed that he. By all accounts he's blog all over the world record you park it and Africa are trying to article on the huge contract at Valderrama. The biggest in club history. So basically that they get it but we have today it'll on the Hokies got the almost totally the focus thought at things the very talented people I have. But that they get to the club we helped them tickled to the next level and the prime cook went through on and listeners do on perhaps well book the Premier League governed in the very small city. Cities are all the buffalo but they have to compete with the likes Americans not at all but they'll be. All these years since Iran than it knuckled it to the Premier League all these in that eight plate right now. And then at a transitional period go to new manager comment are you said the little sold well and they who feel lucky you kick him on. To one next level but he's been very impressive known renewed we will when he came men. Whatever it seems to do we see battery to begin sort via the World Cup hockey lawsuit in Europe which was hurt Obama to build the. Speaking about Ralf Krueger here with Joseph for his right how much did Gruber know about the Premier League or about professional soccer when getting this job. Not much opposed to the forty grew up in Canada eight played a bit. Growing up and school that. You'll be spent many days here in Germany and quick Olympic soccer makes him so he was surrounded by the gang. It was a it will that'll still be on the market that they're lead the families on a truck and he double look at the World Economic Forum. And Switzerland. Not wiggling cobble so he got to take into it motivational skills leadership. I applaud that insists Oca under look at what level they're adding that very well respected. Within the Premier League. And entry is he turned. And sentence. They beat you get to the club. Are the fans like him the management like him are on the planet who seem to like almost caught you want that look or light or very artistic. Other bike like cancer. Whatever on the in this you know you're taught you the play hokey but. He's really upon got to be around Vila. College people are people spoke oil that I thought the. You mentioned Joseph is is motivational skills that I wanted to ask you because you also said. He's he's said he's not really involved in the soccer side you know he's he's more a figure it oversees everything. So the motivational skills the energy the things that he brought to Southampton. How do you believe they have translated to help the soccer performances. It's called this'll collector so they're a separate apartment very content managers. And thought out work well amendment than he's got a voted in it but from the Boca. Suspected not seen. Just little things in terms of the mentality and behind the restructured the whole club because they got promoted from the division it is and by. Background and he went back up a few years ago they were the third division nickel promoted very quickly idol. Governor in the big league in the well nick and Ian are. From Augustine there was much destruction so his mind Joseph was the more players in the international caliber Anelka and when you look at them. They have to and spoke of applies. For every single ball on the rock the boat by the look of a motel until than the club around in terms of the finances there. The quadrupled their commercial revenue was an image out on financial they. That are out well over a lot of things. Coca. Kirk. He he basically let the people. It's got to our romance side of things you ought to go to duke and and he's just got to Clinton and Al. I've used in its leadership skills wherever parents yeah impressive but let. I wanted to ask you about some of his comments about hockey. And and you know yes he referred again in your article you you point out that he said he turned down to NHL jobs this post season. On the one any talk you about Southampton and taking the next step taking them to another level. On the other hand he also mentioned he still loves the game of hockey he's keeping a close eye on the playoff she's got a son playing for Germany in the world championships when you spoke to him. Joseph did you get any sense. That there is. A burning desire are yearning we everything you said about Southampton to still return to North America. In a hockey related role. Until they bulky it. My rock Alec ballots that are in a that this is right this area he actually leave it there and but 290 million ball loose from Conde investment group that they couldn't cope with the heat of the there. Mittal that might not the best on the day in the looked up all of but I do think because the cobbled a trip to swept along the plot is welcome let go of oil at Oki. Made a terrible the it was a crowd of people that the Hokies never. All missile. I get daily. Would speak your probably. A coal and Kirsten. I got it and don't know it now the best product next year may be. Would be at a group but these college guys open and adjust the minute you or the other thought that the vote. A little bit is that he would he would make the move but. It but the longer it is but I have money I'd love for permanently get lost here he was. Right and about Kruger knew that Ed said. Maybe done it than anybody else to talk about it dole under the look this guy is. If Perkins mark because. I happened to. I have used the look of the pit OPEC president bucket right. In the focus skate elevating the middle people are all good accrued about in it you know so when it. You know we always have a chat about all these weeks. All I went on in the oil that. He could provide very cloak room and you're not cup. Joseph prince right where this editor lead rider NBC sports pro soccer talk Joseph thanks for coming on with us appreciate the insight on Ralph this morning. What I. They areas. Joseph. Prince rights talking about Ralf Krueger and what he brings and its allies his mindset going into. What he's doing a self amp day in his hockey life so. He's a guy that's. You know he might not come over this year. He might be a little too tied up with a business dealings to make it over the NHL this year resolving a guy that will certainly. Still be interest in the coaching job Andy is definitely a guy that will get interest around the NHL especially with what he dead. In that world cup of hockey with team year are taking that team to a championship. Best of three. And really just an impressive performance by him he's an impressive as a man but not he's in management now but he. People could probably do this guy's a general manager even more sober coach. In the future because. He's he's not super oldies like 57 in mid fifties. By its. He's not going to be having all of that business experience the management experience. Saul. Minority NBA coaching job the next time he takes a job in the NHL might be a managerial job with all the stuff that he's doing with South Hampton new working. With. Under armour to make deals and a Chinese company for a 280. Million pound deal. Yeah that's all it's a pretty ridiculous and something that my fall under the general manager all right we've got penguins and senators. Coming up next I will be back tomorrow. It's going to be a full. Two hours of the nightcap so will be out will be now again we got tomorrow Shelton Bulldog. Team USA goaltender 1980 Jim cracked yeah that's true that's right and Steve Simmons. All of TS and and trials on talking about Phil Housley and doc I'm out here thanks to Joseph for a hook me up on the board. Penguins senators up next on WGR.