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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Thursday, May 18th

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The Knight capital best physicists. It's terrible with writing engaged skate very calculating how he says that immediately felt like it spontaneous. Did not. And he goes into a lot of these things saying okay here's what I'm going to say about this coming up big about how much time he had this then he's coming up with a workbook that. I've never heard the word hope that that's very creative. On WGR. You'll just what. All right and that second hour of the nightcap Bryan gates and bringing in tier. Or Thursday nights we are almost there. Also the weekend you know the weather's been really really fantastic lately. And beautiful days I was come in right around noon and Michael. It's real nice out I hope but still it's nice it is but I'm exiting V the station into. Last night I ads and I was like wow this is literally summers' mother. So hoping that guy. Tonight and it's going to be similar in what summer hateful ball. Hope all is upon us it always seems to. Laws that sport where it's just. Yeah and the season. You start talking about the draft. And then actually you know the drafts here those Super Bowls over the draft is shortly after and if you're like Mike Shelton high and we are obsessing over. The stupid first pectoral island's huge playing with that. Then studying the draft getting to know the names in the draft Jones and all the sudden it's. Rookie mini camp in voluntary. Workouts and and mandatory minicamp and next thing you know training camp will be here it just never wants. Really never runs so. We got covered here be got you covered India move this week it's done. The off season training program players getting in here most of Sammy Watkins as a band now for participated practiced Reggie rag away and Colby Lewis can be these are all lot of people I know that our. You have questions about. And his ability they have a band participating. In practice yet ZA Johns now with his knee sprains of the top two receivers taking passes today. Was Andre homes and Corey brown. So those are at the top two guys that tie rods going to right now. Also need to Peterman was missing from practice today because he's. You know at the rookie premiere in Los Angeles so he'll be back next week but it seems like golf for the most part everyone's there and these guys are getting in their work for the first time this season ends. They're going to be doing it in front of new coaches so let's solid state is Sony's new coach we got Rick Dennison coming up here. Offensive coordinator he. He's as you guys probably all he's got experience with Tyrod Taylor the one year in Baltimore. I think some of the years in Houston and you've got an app shop who's throwing for almost 5000 yards and some of those seasons. So let's hear what Rick that's it speaking after a few days of practice with the Buffalo Bills Karrie is with media earlier today. Respect tire he's got here's. Ball pretty well. Hey it was a good part of his game it. And dad years yeah and we're. No all I you know in the obviously we had Joseph. So worked with so he and Joseph got along very very well they were great work to. You know they work through all their progression and and did all their work together as a study together. I don't think so for everything that we asked tyrant to do that that year and he only got a few snaps. He did a very good job I was. Very impressed with this work absences study habits that he was always on task and quiz. We quizzed the quarterbacks every Saturday before us on the game goes through the hole. Game plan and he was always on task with that he did everything that we asked him how he's he's very talented gifted athlete so. I don't think that there was anything he didn't obviously had some success last couple years here. Quote. The group. But he's he's finished up work. Well I you know we're still working through that I think he is. Is everything that I expected he's doing. What I would expect him when I work with them the ball more. I think he knows what he's doing knows where everybody is she's a good leader in Ottawa. I think he's doing a good job obviously is work habits reduces. As great as they were back then he worked his tail off watch film he's he's doing work outside the building. What are you able to do. August 1 up what makes tyra but did very offensive or you didn't fit the up. Well I don't do it right fit enough and he's a good player I mean he. He throws the ball well and he's he's athletics we can do some of the stuff we wanna do we moved him out of the pocket. But I had quarterbacks that are his gift to do they can still get that them because they have to defend the wrong obviously with. Because we have a fun much I think we can on the ball we will pretty doggone good so. They'll have to defend a lot of the field. This it's what. Two. I'm. This is the actual I mean likes it when we're involved or he did it he did a good job with everything we did drop back keepers sharply past. You know handles the church very well so. I have tickets a bit. Matter of making these things where we're paid in round holes around old square. You know I think he plays the game well and that's what we're trying to do is get our guys play the game all win some games. Reviews but. So is yours and others here. How. How much it's got that can help what's your philosophy. My boss changed now that your vote for him. Well all of those exit seven years and end. Fourteen of the previous fifteen pounds was Mike Shanahan so and Alex give topping the run game. All of that goes together communities you have to go that together my philosophy is. Kind of what I've developed over the years which is very similar those I don't know how much its connection. Certainly. There's a few things that we're doing that we've watched on film that. We didn't do over the last couple years some things that they did hear that they'll want and I have talked about run game particularly that they Cabrera although we're gonna try and carry over. It's whatever we think we need to do for the 2017. Buffalo Bills move move the ball make first house when the game. I think it's a blend of everything but it's always. Going to be all about bill's. Now. We'll certainly he's a great player meaning he's done. You know his successes. We're over the years has been great I just you know I've always watched. Marveled that the things we can do you make people miss he could turn create. Create lanes on his own if you will. So it does make things easier I think he runs any scheme. Very well mean a cubic yards I'm happy. It. Behind. Oh okay. Well you know obviously you know we've lost a player that's you know this is what happened. Can count on Jonathan and and Cedric and the guys we got behind you know. Joseph from. We had some experience within minutes of actual real sweetest guys and then. We're gonna compete and see what happens. You know we know was shot to make some plays it. You know sometimes you need to break those guys are here for a reason you compete these. To get some playing time it's carries. I was. We're back. Yeah. You they aren't we haven't Hannity man don't yet know people would probably want you. Guys in game. Big cynicism or. TJ and in Houston I feel comfortable that he knows what to do but. It's a competition. In we're just to name right now we don't have to play for awhile we only have to practice. You know when training camp for awhile so. We're trying to get everybody has many reps as we can but just know we're trying to train the guys are going to be playing in September we're trying to make sure that they get the ball with a wrapped. Or not discounting anybody's experience with trying to get mall experience and so what they have to be just on tape for the for the time being. But it's a point time I'll work itself I don't have a problem with it you know. So for Nathan who just got here. You know and in the had a rookie minicamp. Coming up next week will be the first time here's some of this stuff he's not heard it war so it'll be good for them to watch some veterans do that. For the other guys that have been a while they've heard it wants that. They've heard these first few days three time so. You know it's just the way we kind of present and the bulk of the material most of what we try to teach concepts were in the first three days of principle. So that's why we try to teach that three times. Now we're getting this Morse specially things third downs it's red zones. So different situations. And they maybe need to sit back and take a look at those and watch other guys rep. You know rep those things. But we'll all get the right experience of all make the right decision I think those things play out pretty easily hurt. You. No. Your. Why are you. And a few years. All. They have to follow that path what do you do you favor. The film and volatile. I tried not to be critical I just look I was looking at personnel only right what do we need to do who do we keep on this team that I think. Can make some plays and into go on I was not even looking after scheme and I'm not in the comment on that all I'm worried about this forward movement forward. Right I know who who players that we haven't. I think the potential that we can do a good job with and some guys that can make a lot of place. Knowing some guys that are going to be good back up guys that's all I was trying to do look at it can take I was not even trying to look at their schemes. I just know that of fraud to do some good players chosen to play our very good player tyra to make some plays. And obviously to me some. Mike's place so from that on orange can vote and give the guys and opportunities that. That prove themselves to be players you know give them the better they play the more opportunities they'll get. In them by hopefully dig into jets have a 53 man roster that we think can win some games. Yeah you know how what looks at Watkins can do but watch him well in his body it's got all of them but give me any pleasure but. How much of a setback is that says it will go to field. Well war. At least until somebody here and at that. Get us through what one. Not a whole lot we can do about that's the back or not. So we're giving him every experience we can't I mean ask him questions and being make sure he's a task and he has been asking the question today that was. A little look security answer department fine so he's been studied the work out so all we can do is give them all the experience for cam video. Let it cease and things if you get a chance to do anything idea only in a walk through him. When the time comes and goes out compete we've got to give him helping them on the. Yeah. And today you know. This series isn't philosophy I don't wanna break longer anything over. You have. I think people can put precinct in the contributing roles he dropped him. And look in basement just accurately give broken. He approaches just like anybody else there on this roster for that meeting room we think they can play even. You know I was a college for you tonight squeezed nine years out of it so. Hopefully. You know we treat us halted and everybody to get him out there. Now obviously we've got pretty highly of those guys to trap them a work we're gonna help them go out there and compete and I can shed once they show that they can handle material bill or for playing time and a war for more playing time you know the better they get. All us yeah learning her. Very. Getting. All I think that's all along well I mean they've they've. You know just just like he said I mean every process that we do we went through free agency with the draft it's all different for everybody because we've all come from different systems we this is how we did it. That may not be exactly how we do patients similarities and everything we do even in these camps you know how much. Each period how much we do what kind of rotation do we want how much we want those guys play. But it's what shot he's very open you know this is just the way I think what you guys they can and we. Talking out we Kamal what if he grew. This vision you know let's get this on this way and and it's paying great I mean his his conversations with a you know. I asked for a little bit more individual time he tried to squeeze a little bit there's a lot of techniques that we're trying to teach he tried to squeeze it. And then one time checking giving this is always who will make due with full house so it's really been a good give and take and have no lessons for a long time now. Look we're images you are as well we're not trying to win practice we're trying to do our small but if there's something that. You need us to show you that we've probably got it in the playbook somewhere just tell me and we'll do it he said the same thing. Defensively with coverages. Eric are pretty good computer policy. This team again what little bit better ball really ought. They. I well I think. There are eleven guys often. And so he's got to get pulled away right and I think Charles has been a good player over the years she's been obviously been. Some big big years I think he'll do fine in this system million. We're just. See who gets a while but I. If whoever makes the plays that Torre trying to get the ball to and so. Hello all work it's oh well I don't have any problem at all with how Charles is working and he study and in in trying it he's. He actually made a couple of you read a couple of great routes over the last couple of days she is things that we've done over the years it. You know that some of the guys that we've had we've got some. All kinds of right. From you know those real fast athletics to not docile athletic move will make them. We are we got all of whatever eleventh on the team will trigger they give them the ball and and make it work. Richard yeah I sort of moving forward not back rounded out of the blocks. And the issues and it succeeded with the book good read we plus years but is it is still relevant I don't. Yeah or. I don't let it go. I'd love balance opposed but which we are playing in the U. AFC east you're new to me some bad weather games where you have to run the ball well this should tolerance to it. And I think we will I really I have confidence and assists but I have confidence in the players we have in the locker room. Once or open their you know. Taking shots over the over the place. As well always tried to do it. In the years that I learn from the guys who taught me so. Will be successful run in when there ought to try and stuff too Long Will take her shots on the field. There's offensive coordinator Rick Dennis in his first meeting with the media. Of this season and some of the things that I found interesting there I mean right there at the end a Bulldog and a touchdown a little bit earlier but. Dismissed. Idea of fraud you've lived in the northeast there's going to be bad weather games there for you have to run the ball. I'm not against throwing the ball well like yeah that's all fine go to John McCoy is on the roster the offensive line is pretty good. And number one rushing team the past two seasons I just think it's assumed that this team is going to run the football pretty effectively Tyrod Taylor's quarterback. Idea that's part of the reason why the football gets runs effectively is because the threat that he could take off and any. So. Why is it that's just because it's the northeast the you have to run the ball. The snow games that are there there are 3 December home games this year but it's. Some games usually down in two months so it does it's mostly a matter when it comes down to it. Also Sammy Watkins you know getting Sammy Watkins out there and so what he talks about. With the Watkins in him being. I guess. Still there he is not on the football field but it's something that Tyrod Taylor touched on in his meeting with the media today as well and of the development of Sammy Watkins and we all know going into this season it's. It's a contract year for locked in the typical is that your options so at the end of the year he's going to be a UF OK so and I'll. I think this might have been part of the reason why the decision was made along with the V you know the fought they want to see if his foot holds up and eat and remain on the field all year long. Buddy it sounds as though Sammy Watkins is taking his preparation more seriously this year and that's coming from of the cornerback. So it's not like you're just hearing from the coaches like oh yeah he's taken his preparation really seriously. It sounds as though from Tyrod Taylor who. Is very well respected around the locker room as a guy who is a hard worker and a guy who is always in the weight room in the classroom. Is noticing the change in Sammy Watkins which I think is. Encouraging going into the season certainly that and he's gonna have a big year if he has dialed in and he is healthy. But this offense could potentially be very dangerous. I still think the combination of Tyrod Taylor LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins is extremely dangerous and now you're innings A Jones to the next two. He's still kind of unknown again these these wide receivers are always. You know rate you welcome back out last year. Three wide receivers were drafted right in a roll late in the first round will Fuller guy stocks and who never really got on the football field. And Quan tried well. And for her knee he had some pretty decent games he had that he moved drop in the playoffs. When an honest Wyler founder and in the end zone. Blunted these these receivers are guaranteed to be to be pets in saint John's fourth receiver off the board and he's got the big east frayed right now soul each week to week. Hopefully he'll be able to did get fully healed up in time for training camp and be able to get out there. But see with that offense in the offensive line wasn't great pass protection last year hope that. They all come into the season healthy is not really what it is all about the NFL a lot of times have you king. Stay healthy. Sammy Watkins Shawn McCoy Tyrod Taylor all stay healthy I think it's. Gonna be pretty decent. That's the way I look at least like those three together. I mean that the speed in the explosiveness that they could provide especially there's going to be more of that run pass option kind of block. And I think it could be an extremely dangerous year because those guys they are absolutely play makers and are absolutely athletic. On the football field it off real fight if you want 888552. By 54 and overseer of your comments on he could richt since there and we think about Sammy Watkins sounding like keys. He's I don't know paying more attention being held more accountable at some lead talked about at the end of last season how. They're needed to be that they need to be more structured more accountability and that's what John McDermott was brought in four and it sounds as though at least. Right now. It's paying off a little bit for Sammy Watkins or get back after the break. I am going to be bringing new defense of coordinator lastly Frazier as well his first time speaking with the media it's the nightcap pure shooter Ryan gates this study GR. We carried over some runs from engine they'll go to coast and is that going here and and want a more definite run run the football. And we office alignment to do so as well as city and a couple other factors that can do it as well too so there's definitely going to be part of offense. With the keepers and and then make it's and give notice. Deception for defense. Vin Everett takes us over over. My sanity like Phillies might conjure like today if you go out. Reports and those shots. There's Tyrod Taylor talking about the U Rick Dennison offense and some of the weapons he's going to be work and what. This season in that offense a quick update from Nashville in in time. And I am call one to nothing worked well with eagle there about eight minutes remaining. In the first period gonna get to Leslie Frazier here but one hit the phones first we got Josh who wants talk about the other receivers Josh and my capital men. I don't know if I got an at a couple points so warned about Steve earned what about the draft. Started the receivers go. You know I think like last year are solid receiver might spend every block in early. Mean until Justin hunter came in I think Justin was probably the biggest guy by the seasons and. Okay yeah I forgot about them while. I mean that you that you guys are you old you know go to win in wants last year or not. They're not exactly tall receivers I would say so and you know our catch radio. This year between. Holmes then. You know H owns Robbie interest although that's. I agree the and nobody got a quarterback like Tyrod Taylor who. You know isn't exactly. Accurate all the time and that's the blog reasons Zeta-Jones talked about about. Coming out of college is the way that he catches the ball he's on he's a big time hands catcher can catch it away from the body so when you're doing neck and stuff can get really help your quarterback. Exactly. In my point about the draft there's. You know like I don't like you know edit the first OPEC I mean regardless of what happens you know Ortiz followed the tech quarterback green next year. You know I I like I like the idea cherry now and every year like that you know he had to arm straight vocal sounds you know we have to pick up. Two for two more first honors next year. You know you can you can almost stay on the page that you if you're willing to come down off some pecs you know obviously depending on where that all the drafts well. Yeah I I think makes the call Josh appreciate him in but with what those pegs it all depends on obviously what happens this year as well but. If your in line for one of those those top quarterbacks. You you have to pull the trigger you just have to pull the trigger you're up there as bills. I think that's the reason why EUU. Got that ammunition. I mean beauty part of it was to kind of convinced green in beamed to come over here from Carolina be like hey look it's your going to be your first G raft with. One draft. Draft with. The EU has Jian is the first time you're on in the show ends here you go here's a gift for have a couple first round pick to play with. If you're in line for a while those quarterbacks. Just because of the way the season goes which means Tyrod Taylor probably had a bad seeds in org got injured or something like that. If your mind is you you're you can't trade down from there but the the second pick who later in the draft that she expect depending on how they do this season. How would I listen to that gets someone's calling with another. Mean it'll probably be late first round picks up they want to move up in give up second and I'm all ears are all about trading down trading down. The more ammunition you have in the draft the better for me because. It's not an exact science all of the the more selections you have the more likely you're going to be successful. And grabbing pecs and you look at the patriots drafting record the Arab rate drafting record they really don't. What they do have is a lot of tax. This year they don't have a lot of text because they they gave up their picks for players like Mike Gillis we can't easily and played in talks. But in years previous it hasn't banned a fact that they've nailed their picks is just and the fact they've got so many album and then they plug and play and in that system. And it works for them very well. All right we got to tell Leslie Frazier here before and enough time so here's Leslie Frazier defensive coordinator of the bills his first meeting with the media the cup. Today's your world jays. Good start for us. You're ready to go into third OTA practice and looking forward to. You don't feel where our guys that really the work of horror. Those of neighborhood is pretty. Leave us. You are behind those guys and. We've got some. Some young guys that are competing for some playing time and that's what this time a year is all about notes and ended a five some depth along with two starters and we get together to compete and hopefully they'll come along and and and and really improve and he was saying as we get to training camp but so far so good. When you click here and a philosophy with respect to rotation so defensive coaches went through all those guys a lot of fun. Some people like the lead on here started a little bit more to edit your house you see it. We'd like to have a rotational system. And a lot of it would depend known you know adept at we have what happens when our starting four off the field but. I dearly we'd like to be would have rotation system so we can now approach Gaza on the field especially. In those situations we will rush the passer. This team and three working class person that. Yes. Is this person and personality he's seen so far. You feel like it is perhaps that isn't worth it you guys might be. Here. They tried initially left here. Well we're implement Indy 43 scheme. And the guys have really bought into that and that's what were practicing and that's we're looking forward to that's what John is most familiar with his experience and Carolina and our experience together. In Philadelphia that's we've brought the buffaloes will what we both bulls can't win and we think if it's our players will. Who threw a split this has to walk. You're crash where. The felt lost. No we you know we we had a system that we talked about priority didn't hear in. It was based on 43 not anything that has happened here in the past and we tried to really put that conceptually together and we feel pretty good about directness no. Like these linebackers. Portraits. You know with the guys we have. No we don't have risen right now but he's a limited basis spoke with Preston with Ramon. With a runs though what would go with him in some W young guys we just drafted. We think our linebackers fit fit our scheme and that's the way we can address that the two picks that we did take this year's draft with 43 in my because thrown roster with what we've done to this point they fit the system. Is there are potentially room for both Reggie and Preston star. Yeah we've we've also mean get three backers on the field in we hope this. You know will try to mr. right. Three hit in and a 43 scheme and maybe it'll be Lorenzo pressed together maybe it'll be a different configuration but you always want to get through level best on the field and you know I believe it and those gov apart Robinson level. Initial thoughts walking through like. You know we spent a lot of work approximate draft just get familiar with him both as a player. In as a person isn't. He hasn't disappointed so once he's got a drug bill he's. An outstanding young man. In a very very good football player and obviously we feel that we drafted him with that our first pick in 2017. So. We're very pleased that he's part of our team. What right. Following your quarterback how critical was that he's. Micah had a very good career in in Green Bay at a total ball production. Soda add you know to our rosters of big coup for us so we think he has is to really make a difference this forced taking the ball away it. And in the true Daniel talk about this win you specialties as part return to build as well so. He's of course the guy in the second period we can tackle but he and cover. A tiny is good running backs you know he's just a very personal. Player who has provided great production with the ball so. Tells a big dip boss this offseason. No future. Or about back but when you got here. Life the past two years under Rex Ryan there was it was public criticism coming out of that locker room there was there was. People complaining. Fashions how did you weigh down the law outrage when she got lost or tried to address. It happened over the past years and thing that's. I think we've. You know calm they would approach this is 2017. And history is history you know we we are looking forward to 2017. Buffalo Bills sought team and we really haven't dwelled on and having this happen and passed off focus has really been known to group of guys that are here right now. And that's been our approach we've set what we think we're gonna be our standards for for this team owned defense. And we'll talk to him about how won't achieve our goals or be this really have a reflected back on in a part of the past what is nineteenth. 662000. Two or 2015 and hasn't been a part of our conversation it's it's all about the 2017 do. Still. Addressing. Disciplined me okay. Any type issues and kind of limited in what you can do it is spring practices serve. Yeah I mean they're deficit limitations. When you in the face what are offseason program and you really can't. Do very much for media standpoint only communicate with players you can't really go outside to do anything like that so. And when you two faced too you can welts it's you can't not up against an opponent or indicating a lot of cross or other as as players so it's. There's some limitations but we've been able to. Really work with the new rules to get some things accomplished that we needed to get accomplished nothing a collect Gaza they are really felt like. Based on the limitations of what we raved to give achieve an phase one of face to. It has prepared us to have a good. Faced three witches are too old he practices so. The Gaza adapt well the colts have done a good job of instituted the things we want to get crossed our players from the communications standpoint which is. Almost all you can do it face one of based who's more communication you can hardly go to some of the fundamentals but. Our guys they put a lot of time is on their all to prepare. Off the disk space who connects them not against an office go out and execute some things you can do on defense so. A credit to our players is innocent tumbled are all. Gortat playbook and kind of prepared. Of space through. Think you're anyway Parcells are split. In a short time we've been here and had a chance to go back and look at some tape. You know he's an impressive football player for sure and it will what we've been doing this all season. He's really bought into everything we were asking him to do he's been. Tendon every. That it ever meet in practice I think he's only missed maybe once if that he's been terrific in what we've asked him to do it. This comedy year. Do you you're limited as some things its can do is we talked about a moment ago but a full what we've X Marshall do he's been been to report. Where you does he. That. Will gonna try him at both. We're gonna try to make that determination overtime vote we're gonna take a look at it. No two days of both inside and outside and just to make a determination as we go forward would do the same thing mostly it's training camp you know we talked our Gaza about. The depth chart just how many years very fluid you know you don't get caught up in the ducks are we won't be able to take a look at. Gaza different positions and and try to evaluate admin. So once we get to shoulder pay as we can actually they'll do some things are going to be doing a ball games that will get a clearer picture. Novo what direction wanna go but look it's his work both inside and Elsa. Last week's shock vegetable earning her most colleges. Here really just mentioned you know. Or can hand hey my beloved in this morning and we'll let. You know what an easy thing right now. So he can surprise you. And a little. About surprise us. You know Rick his great got to work with him. John has given us parameters were within that are you know their million. I don't I don't think there'd been anything that really surprised you caught me off guard at this point. Now Debian saying we've all ahead two days of work so we got some of the days ahead of books but up to this point. This bit about what to expect. Carolina I'm and I would use three safeties I'm sort of look at the big nickel it's called. How much do you plan to implement that in and how exactly can give you an advantage. Well some of that depends zone you personnel you you weren't take a look and see if you have a person elected a loud you team played. A big miracle. Up front or coverage based on who you have put in those positions so will sleep as we go along it'll the pieces fit. And it will make a determination of what's best for us here buffalo. All right there's Leslie Frazier his first time meeting with the media. This offseason the bills done with OTA is for this week they'll be back next week doing some more of those and I think there's communities around. Media availability. At some points there as well. That's called coming up on the nightcap Gary comments about the bills and see Jones knee injury to devious white he signs contract the way at the front offices look and anything. I'll take your calls here for last call tonight get populist and trying gates this is WGR. Our last call on the nightcap rite -- hanging out with you here so the he stadium. LA gets to unload teams. The chargers moved this year going to be playing in you know. The LA galaxy stadium 30000 seater. And then of course he got the rams the rams there they played in the coliseum last year while each of these teams probably in the playing in these these places. For another couple years. Well you know an extra year a couple years. It's just as it is just I'm sorry I agents that. But the the opening of that Inglewood project is being delayed because. Green. That's how much rain Ali has been getting a reading of the dad's been article they're talking about it construction site called bare pretty much. One part of the construction site there was twelve to fifteen. Foot deep waters. So much rain has been received in LA and the other it stings thing is. There are scheduled home of super. I'll be the first season that they're open 20/20 one when they're scheduled to host the Super Bowl. And if you open stadium you're not supposed to be allowed. Though in any. Host Super Bowl it your first season as the the new stadiums that to be interesting to be something to keep an eye on. Might be a Super Bowl moving or there could just be you know law a waiver to exempt them from that rule. Though the Biggest Loser really all of this is going to be fans of LA because now I got the chargers the 30000. Person stadium and the coliseum coliseum is a relic. And some of the experiences had bear last season sounded pretty salacious. So maybe you know after a full season of the NFL being back in LA and back in the coliseum they will hopefully have. Rectified some of those issues are as good deal for me I'll be back tomorrow night's briefly the bridge version of the nightcap as we will be bringing you sends. Patterns deem forward tomorrow night so lobby be ready for that. Tomorrow on the morning show I have no idea what's going on so should be good time now. Her body here yes PN radio coming up next on WGR.