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My children and no bull dog. I'm here bulldogs asthma network suddenly. That's why he's six foot forward full of Mosul why did you play this pretty old so I guarantee you will be in my language. Crime he just smiled. Gave me a bit too much sandwich threes you nailed it I come from the land down under. Photos a ball game. Danny here can you hear the phone. You better run you better take up. Blow. It's great you. 550. Terrible singing. It's a bit for yourself I've never been less. Impressed with my own singing than listening to bat just now. It's like somebody is holding me down and I'm singing that there's no there's no soul that. Give it another try it on missile plan. May have to make the right or wrong I'm strong right so I'm too. Embarrassed right now did that. I need some time while music and I think a lot of L side of the horrible Chris Cornell old news this morning. Music. And you respected and admired him but were never the biggest fans right yeah I'd just that was not my aide who was never really my jam by the day in that whole scene from Seattle did sort of it's moon. But Riyadh and that we can sums of cheesy but. So while the music that I dog is as a teenager into Miami. Young adulthood. Was. Sort of railing against the big arena rock bands over the late sixties and seventies that it has become sort of just out of touch in just. At least frankly and it was just very self indulgent and just not didn't really speak to me. So I was into a certain genre and and that whole scene sound garden Nelson chains. Pearl GM. That the blood all others put those three wood of the big ones. Sounded. More like seven these bands. Banned the stuff that I was in two and sort of listening to it in respecting it. Help to me backtrack and go back in Mike Reid discoverable to music that I just left on the side of the road. When I got on a certain train and I'm grateful for that I think that's a bit of bits of and there's a lesson in that. Is because I was sort of in one Wayne musically. And I didn't really wanna get out of it. And Bob Dole's bands did sort of help break me out of it and I'm grateful for because I listened to a lot. Wider variety. Stop because it. If you wanna talk about Chris Cornell one the go 30550 is is the number in the meantime. We have a new bet. Today yep on the board. And that is to give a think of which side you would take. I am betting that Patrick more homes. Is Kansas city's opening day starter in 2000 beating. The Bullock is betting but he isn't because. I don't thing. The notice those. To me that he'll be ready to be their starter in 2018. And I think Kansas City will have now I'm making this bet if you when you don't either I think you know. Alex Smith's contractual. Situation there I'll look how and eighteen million dollars next season. So he's under contract for next is that the end. I mean not in order to censure OK although but he is at least he's not a free agent after this year he's under contract for two that's all I really needed. I think it's a very interesting situation there yeah I'd I think the threat though I like the bat just I think Bob Holmes is developmental guy. And therefore don't rush him the chiefs do get good results not great results. But the kid could results wouldn't. Smith and if they do that again this year I don't think it's I wouldn't assume that they'll just go well thanks for another playoff years Steele later we drafted Patrick Holmes pastor. I think they do I think that is the story of the chiefs. Next year Alex Smith's cap hit will be twenty point six million dollars. And they can get out of it for three point six. And that would get them out of the deal and then the year after that he has free agent to be release of next year without too much of penalty ironies of his deal anyway as the U racer. That it's actually like about our best pretty that's that pretty tempting. You can save seventeen million dollars on your salary cap Smith today said his first step. Comments about this since the draft. He said that they're committed to me for one more year yes Smith thanks all went well. I just think Smith knows it is settled at camp situation probably notes were thinking it readable for. I didn't know that final take ten and we can cancel and that there. That's fair Ryan all the little wiggle away if he wants to give me had to have the money you can I don't know is it fair. No Ohio would you do. We arrive at. I'm Doctor Murray racism K okay I'm gonna leave it there Oca. Because they could they could be really good again this year and he might have been running shot I think like I don't know what they're thinking but mighty. Analysis of it would be. They don't have to just be really good. They have to get to the AFC championship or the suitable. If they do that. Then I think you could get tough. To walk away from them but by that trade with the bills. And that peck V decided Patrick Holmes is going to be their quarterback. Eventually no that's what the bad news is that going to be this year probably not doesn't have to wait till 2019 I don't think so I think it would be next year. Let's see what we'll try this one more time we've been very good. But we lose to new England and Pittsburgh in the playoffs goes those teams are better than us. Mainly because they're better quarterbacks sure. Is it always. So. If Kansas City can go far there which is say a lot if they go farther this year than twellman for the second round. Maybe they keep going would Aleks Maric if he wins the suitable for them roll maybe they keep going with them maybe even. Though. A eventually moans goes and that's the V. Determined that may be signed up for that when they made that trade. Especially because it's a trade. Especially because it's next year's first round pick he's going to. And it is a little bit as we talked about early is a little bit like Losman here. When Bledsoe played you know for the bills lose the game at the end and missed the playoff spot that was a pretty good team aspect they were very good. Errant shots and say it's the highest rated. NFL team we've ever measured that didn't make the playoffs the 04 bills. Loss that was here and he had been treated for in the first round of bills do. The copilot so word we we decided we're gonna do this an hour to do this and it you know the bumped. I like I write I I think that comparison. And there's enough similarities their but I I think the chiefs of being a perennial playoff team now expect. That could work the defense. Smith to with the only get to the wild car round of the divisional round in the me crap out and they agree they could easily then look at. We gave up all the stuff to get this guy we've gone as far as we know with this other guy now that lets just move bond. But they also could city. This is pretty good and we might be rushing this guy think there's a lot of raw to more homes. So I don't assume when you draft someone mets' bats that raw but that as he is described it needs a lot of work. That one year is gonna do the trick so. The money might matter their results are certainly get a matter Pomona it will matter to. I I'm sorry with a back I feel a little shaken by the seventeen million dollars in cap savings. That is massive. Yacht three million in debt money mean that is huge. Big went to double column view I mean I mean I could make the decision for them right to know about it. Efforts on the board put on the board yet you've said you like this that being on the board because it will be there for a year right. Since some that it might have even less the day in someone somewhere actually do rule guarantee arm or get together you know what I had thought at. What happens in these things sometimes. And we we've been through a lot. There is. There is pressure there is fair and reaction. That shapes the direction that can pick him matter in terms of one teams do. And I think Kansas City which makes the trade formal home so interest going for them. Kansas City is squarely in one space. When it comes to this expectations while they are they are squarely in one space which is good not great. And so here's Andy Reid who had a whole career of that. And a franchise that's had a lot of it to even in the nineties that matters like Kansas City Chiefs many many times were good not great they could not. Get to the top the could even get to the Super Bowl. Lots of close calls. Here they are with a team just went twelve and four and lost the very close game in the second route. If they decide. That Alex Smith was fine. And if everything they were doing was fine. And that they were gonna use their first round pick on whatever the best player who can start and add to them for this year would be. Find that would make a lot of sense and everybody would congratulate them and applaud them and if it's OJ Howard or whoever it is they have trips Kelsey but. Whoever is big go do that in this draft everybody thinks it makes sense in the take twelve and fourteen out of the field and 47 team. Announcements are quarterback and they figure out. How to replace him next year. However they do that. But they didn't do any of that and they sent next year's first round pick to the bills. In the process. Soul. Are you going for it or not. What are you doing you are you are saying that you're setting yourself up. Form any more good years and if holds as Erin Rogers. Replacing far blobs will be well beside herself home chaos but you know the chiefs will never regret betrayed even no matter what happens this year it'll never regret the trade. If he's great. But they are making of a very interest in play for a team that was that good even Houston. Just winning bet she blow AFC south. Making the trade for Watson. All right. You know you're not hit your behind Kansas City I don't have figured out a top franchise you wanna go do that and become a top franchise regardless of whether you won that dissent that division with nine wins overtimes fine I get it. Can't see doing that for me is different but that just makes so we're doing what they did because of their having. What the third or fourth or fifth best team in the league already. Moderate herded to their respect too first round picks and got to study gonna play this year right. Mean it did die I mean there's been all the thick. There. The compelling case. That mean the dollars and you know can can give you two. They play next year especially when you factor in that money. That's an error but. He's got to be ready like that's there there is pressure and they can save money. And they wanna get better and find out if this is gonna work for them in the sooner he gives on the field this you know things are figured that out. But IIIV Indy read. Probably. I wanna say has the credibility to be able to stand in front of people and go listen. We drafted this guy and we have a plan in mind form and it's just not time yet. I'm not I'm not just because. The talk show is in the columnists and her Britain once again the fans while the gotta play I'm not I'm not ready yet. We drafted them we have Alex Smith here and were confident doing that we're gonna do that again in 2008 team. Just it would just we're just not ready to move on yet and we don't wanna mess the kid up by put him into some. And that is sort of against the grain because guys that get drafted in the first round. Mean that they've barely last year when she ended up going in because do we trade it away Sam Bradford he played right away. It even golf who was which sheltered. By the end of the year they gave up and Michael Graves could go and see what dot. They got there so. Our whole season sitting there. Is that enough time now. I'm betting a betting against. The up and the odds are stacked against me now. Yeah should he be able to buy out of any bets for half price at any time. I wanted to give it fine I'd rather give you might want me for losing the bed the whole banks and which I respect that. They today sports. Not just Alex Smith commenting about Patrick Holmes being drafted but the announcement of the all NBA teams. Did you did you enjoy that you see that I merry go all BA teams were announced that a dissonance basketball. Yes. First second and third teams. A little trivia about and builds on. You know there are no bills on the all NBA team this year. Three players. Boys is updated through today carrying out a second and a second Ryan ago riots coming up tonight there's no. NBA tonight and there is hockey but we're not we're not carrying the game Nashville home to. Anaheim OK I'm gonna trust that this is updated because it's Wikipedia and somebody would have done it immediately. Three players. Are tied. For having been named to the all NBA first team. The most times eleven times the first team. Three players. Eleven time NBA first lemurs 33 players in history in history right Osama on this current group of right. Probable LeBron James is the current one. Did you know that because I told you I had to check to see if it was updated. No I guess if they named it today in his current players on it like he's he's the only one that would go back far enough to have phenomenal what. LeBron James is right he has been. All NBA first team eleven times. Two others have been bad as well. And both here here's and it's. But what you'd have a hit and carry the other two guys both spent time with one franchise. But neither was drafted by that team. Omaha. Phillip Phillips thought this. OK well then careen is one of them. Korean is not right. Korea missed ten. And he fits the criteria box lakers yes more time with the lakers box if you're thinking that the lakers are the team yes right. Karine a was all NBA fifteen times but first team turned times. Which is of course tied for second and a first eleven what's known. So up. I'm gonna say Kobe Bryant. Right. Philadelphia drafted him Charlotte Charlotte draft and a huge cues from Philadelphia Charlotte drafted. Kobe Bryant the other player played the lakers to was not drafted by the lakers. Eleven. All NBA first team. Awards. All with the lakers. No. Maybe not any with the lakers. But he played totally right Karl Malone and rightfully be graduate Karl Malone pairing. All right we have seven players with time. Korea's won. Mean no longer using this criteria and have been drafted by different teams are Jordan Jordan is one Shaquille O'Neal no. Shaquille O'Neal has scored a I mean total but not fend for violence let's let's see the extent of your MBA now that you are now an ominous shot up to exempt because of don't gators because of Olajuwon. I don't know but Shaq was not all. NBA first team as many as ten times okay. Larry Bird though. Magic Johnson know. You have 1234. Old timers. And won him recently retirement Perovic. Julius who don't know what you're but that's a horrible guy this merit which is bad yes. Illegally didn't go all the times no he wasn't he had a shortage career. Marriage. The short ish dude give it to be either of these people voted in this room. And these people wouldn't I don't think so so it's not what I did earlier Dominique Wilkins good question could conduct a co op. Julie's serve and no doubt color you are yet George might him you know. Wilt Chamberlain no I don't Wilt Chamberlain but no maybe because of Russell rule Russell though. I just feel but no pushing and John have what you know. Tim Duncan yes. I'll sit notice out of habit yes Tim Duncan I am at times all NBA first thing Isiah Thomas. Your four old timers and now on I'm on how well maybe one of them all one of them played on color TV. Maybe you're watching it very good you gotta from that. I just ease the logo in it's probably what he does he crossed in the color TV off Jerry West to be the finals. There was caller TV. In the you know what the sixties. I get the picture of I have a west playing is like a dramatic half court shot or something in the finals Americans in caller gets the next. Wouldn't it the other or Bob Cousy but Bob Pettit and Elgin Baylor. Ten time all NBA first team I don't care about these the second thing you can really trust the record from back there anyway that they did in. Keep score very accurately Rex it is somebody fudged it. I mean marriage though aren't you possibly guess him what an awful job and is. Along with his career seriously though is that that bad guys. Yes. The bloody look. It's not that important really care. Stop with the whole time I was a kid he was really good. The whole time but I guess it was an acute for the. He died at forty. Okay well. I'll stipulate that takes time out 611. Seasons he wouldn't hit any news good years after forty anyway that's the point. Ten seasons eleven on eleven he's going to be really callousness time. All right sure wish I stand by it MVP at all. The leading scorer to we have any vitals he wrote and he led the league in minutes. Scripts for kotsay could. Help. Just tell me what the league in scoring at some point led the league scoring. Lead college basketball. He scored the most points in the league wants. Did Little League in points per game yes he was the NBA scoring leader in 197677. That's a good job okay Olympic hero Jim Craig. Coming up. Much over the Bulldog WGR. Joining us now the AT&T hotline is Jim Craig Jim Mike and Chris here it's a pleasure to speak with you thanks for below us. Guys. So you're in buffalo this weekend is what we hear. I am. Nickel city conventions. How how old do you enjoy those have been you're doing them in your nice enough to be out with a us. Hole much enjoyment do you get out of these appearances. Well you know I I don't do a lot and I do one a year. And image viewer work with a small lead they're they're really really nice and so. But it does give you this little window for people who are saying who haven't let it really a chance to see any of the way. Then you know can correspondent for the mail to. Yet. I get to see some former great athlete most of I'm dissidents a lot different tricky little bit of everything here yeah but on the it's nice to see that and I really enjoyed buffalo I had a nephew Craig Sharon playing at the end irks them. I passed away at a very young age and so the sabres were terrific they'll put in this game you raise some money. I don't you know I always like pick Larry queens are really good friends publicly come back and you know visit with a Coke bottle. I remember Craig he was a good player. Yeah whose boys don't go to win these days. Taking care those four young kid and so you know. Lucky enough to see these people and they were so supportive with Craig had a battle with cancer isowich it's really nice to go back into the folks who bought. That's that's what Larry to I've known him a long time as well. There its nice to hear. You guys have had that relationship quicker but when you look back Jimmy as your your career. How how do you how do you feel about it all of it all these years later when you look look back on your career do you feel like you who. Have regret that you didn't do more in the NHL old like how do you how do you feel about it overall now all these years. Well I don't think many people know both the my last game didn't sort play against Detroit that morning I was signed a three year contract and they were gonna trade Bowe Craig. And I tore his hamstring three spots up. I think it took a couple of years that the Olympics on the shuttle and then you really get back in and get my foot. Putting back in Minnesota is a really good spot to do that it's got you know hockey. Was a great vehicle for me to do a lot of things I never would have been able to do so many people had made. Some of these sacrifices you need to achieve that dream. And you know sometimes it you know injuries and then. Circumstance make it hard but. You know I I don't I'm very proud of what I was able to accomplish as an athlete and an end to deal to reinvent myself now and then in the field. Worldly now own my own company in a moment there are business books and really got me I think entrap my peppery. Talking we Jim Craig course. Famous 1980 guys don't know. When that you don't know always I do a lot of work for raising awareness for. Abdominal aortic injuries which McFarland died shortly and it's called the time to collect. And Larry if Cuomo and I became great friends and I make sure he won't get checked out so. Larry currency facility is like that you went in and gotten injured. I take care and so on so good work has been done after the the hockey and a lot of really great people who have been there for me and now it's my turn to get back. That's very good at a time I think may be leery thought we were making slight harbor. Well at all. Buffalo didn't have very very passionate. I can get very very fair and you know everybody watching Warner in. Sometimes what desire is just so great and let the pressure is also room. Jim Craig with us here on WGR that its name and its legacy be continuing legacy is incredible I wonder about sort of personal level gem. How amazing is it to you to think about how you have vet bond that you would have with all of those guys mean if a player from that team does something notable it's news. You know not not everybody had distinguish NHL career for a long financial careers but that one team in time. He's just you know waited in this way that I would know nothing about personally but you would know everything about I think that that's really awesome. Yeah outlook and you know I'm writing his new book called we win you can't really explain how what can you know a workable but. Is that whole process I think people are going to be amazed at how incredible. The guys hockey careers were you know a week. Mike Ramsey did you guys woman in his career was 1819 years should Cali and fourteen gave me Christian you're talking about. Too skinny cup winners of that team and me. They were pioneers. You know. Yeah American hockey player does not accept that. It was a hole buried there had to be very controlled united Aetna and saw a lot of my teammates are pretty darn good negate any more old Stanley Cup you've got mark. I mean you're abroad and honesty we've talked. Lot of really. Really pretty big career especially when you take one PW eagle go to college football team and to Gallup. How we don't ever make it to the pro wanted to guys. You know eighteen elite 819 guys play professional art. But I find interesting is thinking about your career and and and even you know I was fifteen years old the 1980. So like watching that have been so close to home Lake Placid. And and learning that you know by that point I'd been watching college football but College Hockey wasn't something that I knew anything about his fifteen year old. And just now all how different would the world this is somewhat smaller analysis so much more out there and I don't know eat you you should I think I would hope takes some level of pride. For whatever responsibility you're team and you had for lighting the fuse for American hockey you'd just set it what you want accepted. And now I mean like College Hockey is just. It's everywhere it's on TV and like everybody knows about it. And it's just the tremendous growth in the game. Oh what what's really exciting and in correction there were always pioneers before. My secret all right but it's nice that we and you could be a pioneer in your own right figured with the teammates because. Take a look at not only hockey culture talking about women like. In normal college are you argue there was a time that you know you had to play in the W she AJ. Or you had a play yet at that time was you know that you usually not a good hockey should. You know big draw was the Beanpot and you know now. You know Ohio State Penn State every school as an opportunity in the and the young women athletes and album you know that the especially our juniors are doing so well both in men and women and until the excitement of the sport they beat the fact that people. Can play that matters here. Young boy or young girl or you know everybody can have these treatments and if it's exciting and you know for me when I was young I was fortunate enough to watch applaud your play in the chairs achievers in the you know Bob Estes he goes and all those players and it was so fun they they inspired me and I'd like to think that our EDT that. The movie miracle really helped resonated and make people believe that they could really enjoy the sport in. Rekindle what we did when we left that you can move to LA how how without touching the big push himself. Nice to be part of something and give back in and hopefully the way we represented ourselves and we can and olympians were. We're special people remember that. No doubt about that so bold organize Jim were both in Lake Placid separately in the last couple years it was my first time there. And I that everybody says this but it's just when you think about in the context of the Olympic Games how small office. And so in 1980 when you're there when the Olympics are there may be no one thought that I don't know. But I just wonder like for yourself when your teammates as you remember it. You get there you've got a job to do what you've got work to do at the Olympics was it difficult to stay focused on that at the beginning. I think you can get that herb Brooks was our coach. There is no chance of up nowadays the only one who really regular advocates say the speech in effect who recon his wife and down. So maybe he had a little bit more on the rest of the guys but. The back and ultimately. We we reveal I didn't play action before the Olympics started before the opening ceremonies and unlike many sports. You know. People of the Olympics might have an event in my last thirty seconds and they've done in the enjoyed the Olympic village and really out but we had seven games we played every day you take care of injuries in. So it. We we didn't experience the Olympics I mean I think the greatest thing is we're great athletes ever air Heiden was there and you got to cheer more and see him a little bit but on you know that was really work. As we surprise. Other people but so much ourselves on. And in the momentum grow it is slated to pressure but it Lake Placid when I go back if it's a very. Special place and you build here is that there's there are about classic but nobody knows until they actually go there. And what I like about it it's not mean it is commercialized it a little speed village can yeah. But when you go there it is not an infrastructure that he's created that nobody will ever do it. It is Fatah hollow ground. The number of Olympic and and people who. There are chasing dreams all the time. You know this tract one million hands and eat everybody goes there to chase a dream. And it's not that. Infrastructure that made that will crumble if somebody will look back thirty years ago and since the Olympics are here. People that you politically here and an army you know this will keep those can create so much emotion but it's really special spot. When I was there were seeing the places the first for the first time a few toward the hockey rinks all or the speed skating was to school or some merely write the first little spot on her high school and then the ski jump. By my wife and kids and I went to the ski jump Jim and what they were due it was the summer. Or like Labor Day what they were doing was they had guys who were in treating. Who word Stewart actually ski jumping into the water yes like how great is that. You know but you know everybody goes there all you know they had the controller. I think publicly because it doesn't seem that angle they go their different different countries states that taught how to eat take care injuries. And you know they they prepare for doing something. They did dreamed of all their life so it's it's really kind of on and and that's why going to a show like it should seek immediate thought. So much the older one that really remembered it still is the young ones that have dreams can compete at their base and you know I can help. By making them smile feeling like they can achieve that in my time in my decision but it will be great. More coming up would Jim Craig after this on WGR. Talking with Jim Craig US Olympic gold medal. Goaltender for the 1980 men's Olympic hockey team miracle on ice Jim Jim Bruton goes on Alfred I probably can stop their people probably know who you are. How did you become a goalie. But when did you decide at what age in like how how did that take place. We know it's interesting all. When. We waited upon so pretty and so I would always go up there and you when your little dated but you get the game and so I would always keeping people off school courses and side Alba. The trees that grew up through the the mud and you know that throws in. Our meal and then began and still pumped some of you she heating up real time they told my parents that. Mission play in this organized. Popularly called Houston you know arguably. So I didn't I don't think I care can any idea what someone that you didn't have a lot of money. How how expensive that was and so on. Our community neighbors that you borrow kind of stuff like I was a catcher in baseball. But really eager he's carried word. I get the play the whole game I thought that was a really cold in the ghetto and enjoyed that. And and then as the games went on I really like that position. End in the fact that. You know you could you couldn't really. Be a positive of that out com more possibly confidence you know so from it and really enjoyed it. How how much do you pay attention to how the position has evolves over the years. Can that I do it more and more you know. Yeah yeah we we go on this forever you know you don't feel that scheme is a good friend of mine and he took the analytical baseball changed them you know he had. Pitchers get up there they pitch count but now they have batters in the you know they're really judge how many times can about a meter pitcher throw pitching. You know goaltending it's archaic you know they judged by. Shots on goal. This summer the other analytic that could be done that really solar goalies who have gone and I think we you know we played the equipment wasn't all that we've got to be you know. Really athletic and it was a careful position that you think you can get hurt pretty easily. And excitement equipment changed quite a bit with the equipment. Has certain that technique and the other part that I think foolish at this boom. We might keep me and I played we didn't just play one sport we've played all sports and and we get such love and passion he didn't limit ourselves to just being. Hockey player or just a baseball player. And ultimately that the supported go where people just trying to make money. And in the end driving passion that these kid before that you didn't know how passionate they can be done. We hoped I think they try to make the position a lot more complicated indeed. I think there's some good with the old and the new. And and I think people just over shelling. Each technique vs and actually so. I'd like to see the goalies become more athletic guys that got that Carey Price or knowing exactly school. Absolutely perfectly. And around some guys are really evil plot well you guys should stop it that's a very interesting from. Bulldogs on his fifteen an aspiring goaltenders goodies 66. Out of. So that among the model it expects all and indeed have an itch right that's it they at and T I don't work anymore because. They're gonna make me in the park. And in and you conceded teams that are in here in the bullies picking him apart and stop the puck yeah and you know put the puck got to play him. It is if in your opinion and I am thrilled that he's a goalie because. And that's really hard thing for parents should be you know. Mother or father or holy because you really know if people take a view kid. I I tried to just release separate myself at the games because I don't wanna be around when there swearing about the gold and I did just flooded or whatever sort of about an island in what that's final set after the game and it there's as a there is an especially cheesy golden goes and I can deal with people are afraid to look. Look at me you know whatever you know what happens let's look plus Jimmy's in here so we could give bills questions it was a want to cut back. Yeah. I think it's true but it is so tactical you're ready he talks were don't movie watching the game and there's all these you know our VH in the east is all these different techniques work. Where the players on the ice what Andy shooting. And these things are different different things he's forced to be doing it a day at a certain time and it's really it's a lot to taken. Well league and that kind of warm Norwood you know I have that you're going to play really good position and makes you shoot not shoot. That that's good stick that you know that should be done our goal that you coached that position they missed the net. That has that. Our goalie who. Meet such bad shape that he forced 45 other shot after bad that you know so there's there's a lot more than how many shots on goal. And unleash a so I really think they have been you know improved quite a bit. With the fans have to learn the language normal for the us the accuracy is the most important thing the fans have to learn the language of of how to evaluate the players and doing it in numbers is is a nice way to do it as long as you know what. What the numbers mean Jim real quick soup to tell us or by a real quick Jack Michael BU like you know. It. We data Quinn. You know I have really good friends from being an awesome coach and you know I think he really was a great influence while Jack and rejection is gonna get better and better and better I mean it is. It strengthened his knowledge engine. Hockey I Q is this fabulous and you'll adjust he has already and well I I think you guys that you can build. One more name William Shatner so William Sanders and media respect the fact that you don't have it. Yeah I just felt that it's yeah I'd I'd I'd I'd met him once but I mean that you are subject. But cool thing because you don't like our team our track it lasts forever you know. So be it Turkey she. That we're all getting old god I'm sixty a couple of weeks if I'm sixty he's going to be an all amazed. He's in his eighties he's in his eighties you know. Yes and none of my wife and I were in Vegas for a birthday we want to share performance she was humble Leo if she had to be one while and I can get older you you think everybody's numbers. Can't beat Jim this is our second time talking would you the first was many years ago you were in town for. Did this and HBO documentary about the team that was shown at the arena remember that. And so since this is twice also always a pleasure. You know what I wish it on the very cost. For all the kids from buffalo who are just so supportive and and in the end. Understands sports column box could be really make it gives you the. Thank you so much for that Jamal I'll I'll tell you wished them well. Thanks Jim have a great day. Thanks to US Olympic. Hero Jim Craig for his time stay tuned. The nightcap with Ryan gage the full run tonight and I kept right it's coming up after the sun WGR we'll talk tomorrow.