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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Thursday, May 18th

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Joined in studio by diamond Dallas page WW we hall of Famer. Diamond speech. Says it's still fresh to you. Nice ring to it I thought how does that feel it was really cool and knows I was actually filming my. Dvd series at WW just put out positively living. Which is buys some biography did they do and it and then a dual matches and stop after that. And actually got in last filming. And it's at the end of the day to bleachers you know call to me and I was thinking he's finally call me back. I called import. The earth and we started talking I'm thinking like what is cold for notably shakes comically back. You better know what do you but it has scope and then he started go to in my career and at some point became like trying to. You know obviously this could be that call and Hillary's I really wasn't aware that it was happening. Was causes October. And I yeah I thought it and career worthy you know the whole thing but you know it's it's like anything yet you wait and you see when it comes up and he started work his way towards that then so we wanna put your normal fame and it shall we now. A career worthy of the hall fame in your career I mean. Peaks right at the time when pro wrestling kind of piqued I mean you're at the top of the game when. I mean pro wrestling was everywhere. Can you give us that because idea you can look it difference. Ein news outlets and it seems like every legitimate news outlet is in someway or she performed talking about wrestling and it seems like wrestling is kind of back. Can you compare now when it seems like wrestling is big too. Back then. Well back then we don't the cable networks and they don't own the cable networks today the other doing very well and really wrestling is like I'm talking with the my agent and how about doing it showed the Kevin Cash is doing with the BBC and easy he's a retired wrestler but you don't know it to like the port episode. And is nemesis shows up and you know that's that's where things you know it's like it's everywhere wrestling sort of integrated it's made it. I think WW made it more like every day apart of Americana. You know but back in the ninety's man and we exclude the Monday night wars present and ever compare to that. Because it literally was fighting for. Who is the number one cable should not just wrestling show. Cable show and when we added not just brought nitro. Under smackdown. Ballots for wrestling jokes. Sometimes we were 1234. Top rated shows on cable television and there was times where you know will we really started he kicked our butts pretty good. You know we were we had it's highs 67. Rating which is 878 million people watching the show and then flicking back and forth. So or we're it was it was kind of surreal to assert that he. Do you have. I guess any one thing that sticks out is the reason why it was so popular damn was it just a mix of everything attitude the timing was right for wrestling is there anything that. Think about this we you're watching a movie. When you get pulled the characters. Or you're watching a show. Billions. Gore you know Sons of Anarchy or whatever that show you pulled him. When you get cold and chilly. It's like it's a race that aluminum out like this is believable to me is really be happening these guys are amazing actors. Because they've worked so hard to become that person. In wrestling when you can blur of this and way you can make people think waited. He's real like people don't know still to display what's real and wrestling in what spot because we're the first real should. Were the first when it took you know things really happened in real life and moved him in this story are and we Kevin Nash and Scott Paul came over and thank Scott showed up. It's a bringing a three r.s three baddest guys you bring your three I who's he talking about. I know when new guitar like oh my god WWE. Is now merging would WCW something. They dig in now and it would Kevin showed up. You know it it was you know where it more like you kind of that was an Internet back there was but there really wasn't. As an avenue to the power. That went Hogan terror. And Hogan was the immortal babyface. And we eat turn and ripped up there say and just started burying the stats. And this was the new world order. Turner got the siege to we've phone calls people crying. People so mad that third kids. Were so upset. And a lot of adults were too. And again it blurred the lines what was real and that's what. Like what's interesting today is their way more storyline based and don't give credit to their writers and you whether you like the story lines are not because they're writing. Three hours of television. Every week. And two hours of television that a lie. So it's really hard to keep things fresh especially when everything's been done. And the tough part for the young talent today is are given a script. I grew up they're saying. When I'm given a script like for any moving on Dillard's show. How would have to piece. You know sometimes weeks or months. To prepare for. They've got minutes. You know and they also don't really write their own material because all these right different were I wrote all my house. Jake Roberts Rudolph was announced hole Steve rock every. Everybody you meet him before this Brecht you know I mean every one of the guys got to take their own personality. And moved from there and deputy tried to do that but it's just tough. It's really tough because of writing so much intelligence so we knew characters and thank god that triple H came up with that idea of an XT. And doing the whole performance center down there and down and Orlando. Because that becomes are feeding ground and closed the independent some of these kids who can make their way through and make an impact. You know like some like and it was certainly didn't Bryant when he was coming up a C impart these guys were all over the indie scene make you name it vessel ten years got there. So they were seized. Two you know to a degree of work and even Promos that they would. So you just finding who. You know to I'm dolls they conduct really find that when it happens to call. You mentioned some of those new or guys do you still watch a lot of wrestling do you have favorites now or are you a little removed. Little move but I still about terrorists on the big pretty quiet fans who watched a lot of Jake but he is doing his own thing like there's a guy that. I came in the first time and didn't really get over and they really know to do with them and and I. You know the whole duck dynasty your thing that changed he still has that changed America to a certain degree and and yelled pretty was it was grown is out and the whole thing what my first love their first Promos. It reminded me of a movie did called Dell's rejects. Which is disturbed. Teen horror movie that Rob Zombie you wrote. Price fell while this is doubles rejects. How they get me this PG head you know and they do you know they did and to go to to Brady's credit. You know late if I was like in charge of writing. Yo I would add him beat taker like that you have been in particular to being twenty you know whatever it was time an odd ad break beat him. Game go him start his own record but it it just me. Outside looking in there's so many other things. That can happen. As this to a lot of guys who come in and it says it kind of hit and miss what the cancerous. You venom buffalo before plenty of times great great great city for routes do you have memories of buffalo or is the wrote such a blur. You know there's you know one of my favorite people town. That is all over the news. When I first came here are here to elude showed don't think about it at first came here it was emotion. I came here is she would you are and I am so many people. We're coming up to resolve the bottom guys are my two curtain Jerker but on the guy's got a decent enough name that when you put be up and a you know autograph signing session people are gonna come in. In this scenario it was all for the town in Janice. On legally do it he'd just been who died from a car accident somewhere hit. And to see the way people reach out. Did to that your job cuts but there's so many people came out to me and Kyle thank you so much for doing this. Because they did and Dennis that bore hole. She no reduction in. We were just start yet ha you know we weren't hot yet but it was like I I always Christian. The rock and this night it's Dennis was the beginning of what was about patent for WCW. And so many people came to me in thanking me for you for doing this for it for Leo's foundation and all the but he did. Because he was huge charity you. So. Marriage that is delegate on the first match. And a days popped in we and we were to become buddies in he's ready day as saying recruit all bro would be the first one out. And I'm one knock it out. And looked after it was 161000. People there. I'd never seen a crap. Important piece. So and eight red hot. He works and I was in almost the spot peoples' urgent GDP are still bad. You know so. You know I grabbed the Mike and sets up a really Smart ads and you know what happens it'd boo. They shut up and I didn't want the shot up one of the blue because to be which earned me that. Scuttle would pull me cobra the match what do you do it. You don't you'll buried people like that trickle up what they were cheering me. They want them on the healing goes no you're not you you're a superstar. You're about to take off he goes you got in Greece passed. And it was like in it happened here and then I came back again. And it's on the way to dentists in the legends. And it they do if I was a world chip. It was like. It was less than five years later. And maybe at him it was three years it was like three years. I came backers the world yeah. And now come on back again it's been years has been god. Be about ten or twelve or fifteen years back here and welcome back. It. It's nice that we just had a twentieth anniversary event the end of last summer for that show you're talking about like it's amazing. When you look at the up poster for that show all the names that were on that last show with the awed. It is amazing amazing to re live on the place that I'm a parent. The actors. There's certain counts it. It's always been super from this is one of Oz Salt Lake cities in Atlanta Birmingham Chicago. It's all. That work. Working people. And everybody knows I came up from not. You know I never I never expected it was so 42. To give my induction speech agency I did I did the bestseller. And I added you know I just rerouted. So that our two. Leaders talked I would speak. Ball sized cake you know I was talking Julia. And a while not. As. It is broke. It was emotional. The we have that utilized stuff in here at the movie. The Reza rush resurrection of it's the number one highest rated. You don't offend people do you not understand. Jim can. And you know we've had dinner together. Cabrera had drinks love the driving. Accuracy in oh magnitude. How did you gain after you would take those blistering shots from LT. You know it's threes it. Achieved it out like rocky. And egos. Alls like it was my Brothers and get that we op. You ain't tired get up you PPP. It is lasted. As I did hear that you know. Like big and so I watch a level you know level sports. But dedicated and when teams have Dell's it was a little bit because that is by namesake but bills would be at the top list but Jim was some reason. It. DDP ogre you weren't sure right now representing the brand. How does it feel with that movie with DDP yoga you've kind of become this. I don't know what to say is that the wrestle or whisper is you know I people's last less gas to go do it DD pizza get out whatever is left inside them. How do you feel is being known is deck guys now. Humble. Greg Bader. Talked to Leon right now big band later. There's about six months ago easily it's two years lib because of his heart and I'm like dude you can you can have 400 pounds and get down 300 counts. So bottom line is you know he's come out and house and Michael JP's count bill congress could. Blood. We talked about and actually moving too because he can't do it and counselors and that Jesse you know. It's really doing he's got you know he's got to put it clinical work and he's got to be my whole crew isn't just me like the director Steve you do an unbelievable job movie. But mild crude deal Gary and you know all the guys date that Tyler all hell. It landed the old chipped in my daughter Kim. They deal chipped in and help whatever needs to be done. To help guys out. And on. CJ turn it is like if you ever get a chance and takes up here he's doing and you know he's spoken word thing which is kinda comedy. Kynan ups. It's really been the reviews he's gotten some are unbelievable. He's been sober for three computers to you know it took that long. And really it's about five because as couple times you felt we show him during a movie. Which can get pretty emotional it was time to me and Steve would look at each other in my office ago. Huge anybody's gonna see this movie let out because I didn't know Jay could ever really kick out you know and do it and just thankful that he didn't I got this man he'll be here we will both be at the comic con this weekend. And it's always great when we get to spend time which we were just with the men. And where we baby. We're in Albuquerque. This last weekend. And again in Jacobs knicks which you know it sure you'll tell stories while we're next to each other and both closed out here's what real. It doesn't do that. But. You know the whole if you get a chance out there you haven't seen it even if you hate pressed for some reasons to Narnia movies still listening to DDB doubt. Check out the resurrection exit because it's really it's it's not a wrestling it's about his three guys wrestlers. And his journey that we won and it was pretty you know is really amazing. You know the whole. I can't do it alone a workshop. Friday night from six to nine. A leveraged at comic con actually it's it's worth actually your ticket to get it and so if you if you paid for. The for the them workshop you actually get into the comic con from three to six and will be planning to do there. And now it's time you'll meet anybody has struck he's really lame especially early you know it starts to build from there but. You know it's good time talked people but. At 6 o'clock or two over. And I'll do my DP workshop which is inspiration reached restrictions to amp hours as that working out all the way through it's a lot of inspirational stuff where. You know I really I hope people. Like get to that next you know and told them very infectious. How do you like doing those workshop events you'll you'll do one here. I'm G trying do that as often as she can wherever he goes to people get a chance to you know watching the dvds is one thing I dimension being in person. Is something else animal and have a lot of people who say I got the program. And I have sorry when you get two years ago. It but I came here to start we deal. So you know that's. Really big deal you know and I walk for a sailor talk to everybody and I've done is where it's been a 150 people this is a really light crowd because when you're in buffalo is only being in Boston and her New York you grabbed from Seoul many. Different cities so. You know it's gonna be as a small intimate crowd. People get a lot of attention. I will be absolutely. Do in my inspirational thing which really goes through the whole thing. But it starts out where I got to how I got here where this comes from and then I break into you know getting people learn how to breed. Properly because most people. Can't breathe. And did but I and I teach about a priest once you've started to learn how to breathe it. You when you start owning your breath. And I really work at that and the it's gonna be at the buffalo you Brenda you say it's you know it could. That kind of and they get tickets where. Nickel city count dot com I believe a Disco right there pick up all the tickets from ball the event and. The special DD peel session assets. It. That day that day and he'll also was. We also love isn't just. You know breeding and inspiration. I really break down dynamic resistance. Showing that to heart rate up there standing still and the breakdown Dimon doesn't meet is so it. The other people coming once walkers to you know Colin w.s are set him up with a chair do you balance leaves open and share. You know you can still do the work and then when I take Herbert who worked out a light Brendan you just heard she's she's always doing the modifications. So that again it you can bend over pick your keys or reach a change political you can do GDP yoga. I just had temple university's a couple of universities Duma program now one is the cavaliers. And University of Virginia and temple's just picked it up issues this year. And we're there guys injured date 320. Pound. Bottom down you know he came down in my current zone as you know and suitably gonna do wrong thing but I could workers were from port four days. And he got it. And you know especially for the aptly. When you show up pretty huge school like at temple or wherever you're you know whether it's you know Florida or wherever you know your jobs to keep the best. You can give to your team. Number one number two don't get hurt. Because you use and you get our capital is timing you you know and goes for the pros it goes for everything. Don't ever. EPO is best preventive maintenance you can do for your. And you mentioned. People with walkers at its the entry point can almost be anybody you can see that in both the movie and also. You know Mick Foley gave you a lot of credit and he's a guy who you could see. On TV. Over time because he came back into WW week. And didn't look in the best shape by the end of his WW we run it was like a completely to. That it free to lose. When your hunched over and he froze its rusty. Rusty. Makes a legit 64 stored and used a 61 quarter. And he was just an hour how's. This. For months ago and really freaked them out the most is because. I breakup that scar tissue injures. 'cause it's all about this is never about weight loss you know Mick lost hundred. Has what to do it just subscribe to. It's about getting body back and she packs. Leisure camps. You know for Mick he'd like he could stand up and now he's 63 again let it got blue line like I expected. You know I expect I'm still 64. Holt who used to and I met him 67. He's lucky piece export priest at eight back operations. And beg him to let me help you point you know. Tiger Woods just had his fifth back surgery. And months. But you know back playing again but if tiger. And I would I would look at him he would I would bet and he never had any back operations. Like that I can open. And help to alleviate the pain so you can keep the regionally bill it is for athletes beat out. Mainly cops. Out fired mean military. As they go from zero to sixty now. And they're not eighteen anymore that might be 44. At least want to keep your job or your mates and or your whatever you wore thick ice I had a whole guys we sort of her bags that crippled as it. I'd five. The guys who weren't you know in Atlanta. Won two big fans and three who does new. And by the time we start talking about ADP in April. And as Wear shirt. Because of about producers says it Umar on the joke I never develop this for. Developed. For people about. I built this for working class people as it healed me. You know when unit hole we start wrestling are your career takes off at forty. And it gets in 96. At that peak of its start take out but 9798. I was white hot. Finally sold the mall so I signed a multi million dollar contract. And I blew my back out. I ruptured my board and apply means no discs in between my vertebrae I now. And I've been told by three of the best specialists. Who do that you're never gonna Russell. Lesson three months back. At 42 this in my career is over 43. On the world champ. At 61 on the hall of Famer like. As well be safe because it's like that's the number like dusty city. You've seen key. Mean it it to be you know he's in his. If you'll for the world champions. And hopefully. You know more economic dusty for awhile. The way you've been working on a dusty Rhodes a little while he was my mentor would does he rosary is not diamond Dallas page. Logic snake Roberts who will be there also at the comic con. There is not a three time world champion and without them both. You know I never got the ring you know. Rabbi's speech I got to do. You can hear I'd that's just a taste of what you'll get if you sign up for the DDP yoga program. In buffalo Friday night's nickel city count dot com probably the easiest way to sign up being gay banner ad link right there just click on it it's your name down and you can meet diamond Dallas page before the craziness of nickel city count of the week. A little before ending look for the love coming out in lake again if someone if they can't make the workshop whatever it is when it come into the picture order for whatever. I think time talker and snow at Edwards really cool is the people who are blind like they can see. Like. He's talked peppers and it's like 32 miracle because I'm not here for the money. I'm here to. Communicate. And shall do and I'm going to be doing the same thing in the seventies. And my eighties and still build stick my foot over my head stand on the other. One why I'd always want to talk. And that's why people buffalo up as much as Russell. Ourselves and use it. And it lost it didn't matter it was when outdoor game every. And most people didn't realize. He's 44. He's forty files is Eckert and is still go like you can't tell wrestle mania eighteen mean Christian who loved working. Men and you don't know East Point three important cynics. By the way I'm moving the Chris Jericho to. By the state of video that's out right now you seen Judas. After Jericho is brand new music video it's in the video it's bad that. Man it is super. It's an amazing song. My production studio when GDP yoga former senator is an Atlanta Georgia we film that from AZ when my guys Nathan directed it. My wife just told his twelve million views right about that that's pretty sweet I'm just so happy Chris getting a live the dream. I start work won him five years ago like our bodies when we wrestle together to really come close total the last five years in. When he said doctors say when he attorneys all four. Done. Oh not just wrestling but Singh and educated those high notes. Well I should have that disabled veteran video five minutes later he called me back he said whatever you want me to do it. You worked so well with Chris Jericho that he can go to was heavy metal band and say let's have the GDP yoga. Guys film our next rock video and none of bomb laughed Adam at all turned out to be agree video. Yet they but they those guys they only two of those guys today and Chris does but he came in when he saw the performance. Like I didn't build this place again to make money on it. I built this place because I want to people going go wow. Like you overbuilt this like I would never get the money out of it that I put into it I wanted something it would come over people would go. This is this is a really cool look in place I call the house of shark tank built. The cup. But I also won him a note that accused the beginning of our pre production studio. And I took care of big time morning and he got himself an amazing video. Got a great song I mean it's such a great song. It should get her I mean it's that. Ari. GDP you can catch him this weekend at the nickel city Kan and don't forget about Friday you wanna go as soon as she can. Nickel city Kan dot com to make sure your card that workshop on Friday thanks for stopping by its in your pleasure they.