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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Wednesday, June 14th

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No effect rhythm rhythm with Ryan geeks don't root ball and. For the red shirt they'll take up the food the gun is cool but clearly don't look for the good digital. And little wind into our food looked good so please stop. All right we're back. We're thing about the expansion draft. Apparently. There has been a trade. And the trade goes like this. Do you why don't they traded. Forward Tyler. Ball back. Tyler grow back to the Minnesota Wild. Virtually the wild trading him to the capitals in exchange for a 20185. Round pick. So there it is the first deal. Of our expansion draft existence has commented the Minnesota Wild. Trade. Tyler growl back I don't even know from say his name right GR. AO PAC. Read your shaking in their joke non tournament shoulders I don't I don't know how to pronounce it while Beckham will grow back from the wild. To the capitals a fifth round pick in exchange. So we've got some movement we've got some movement baby and maybe is the first domino to fall. I mean I was talking yesterday and had a few people what are my friends back bunker shot out to ban he he gave me taxed egos you know what at this point. Others take up a minor the minor age I'll deal. You ask and you shall receive because here it is. Tyler growl back. So there we know we've got. We got some movement interesting things from. Sports net today. As Ken Holland the GM of the Detroit Red Wings he was and sports net 916. And he was saying about its. This week I keep talking about it to you Joseph talks about it with talking about these these potential deals between Vegas and teams to. Keep them away from players or to get that depicts certain players. Ken Holland said they're not going to be doing any of that. He sat there and in a position and all our. Want to be in team that is going to be dealing future assets up in order to protect one of their players. So he said they're going to be submitting their protected blessed is going to be seven forwards three defensemen one goalie and Vegas Walt have their pick. From the Detroit Red Wings' roster so we can cross one team off the list regained guarantee. Or is this could be a small screen you never know what he's a sports teams. But come and go ahead and say Detroit not going to be one of those teams making a deal with Vegas. According to there GM on the radio. I'm on my take his word for it right. We're gonna get some insider info though decried by and I'm here he is with the investigators today talks barge about expansion he talks about the NHL draft which is. I mean that's a week away to know little over a week away bought. It's comic it's all comment it's going to be a whirlwind so let's get the thoughts from Craig bind here with these skaters from earlier today. Craig button. TS and analyst TSA director of scouting joining us. On the line I sought out an interview I think you're doing Bryant off where you said you have a feeling the sabres should. Move the APEC. Or. Are we okay aren't that. They are I think Ludacris. You know you look at a lot of groups or were obviously. And I really. Happy and you know and he. Why are these guys who came when it that there were out. A bit subdued. It would look at life. In younger batsmen and achievement tried nutri. Albert Albert you back to try to move with the plan so popular. But. You know you want to drop. A position to look at that but you know we. But park. And try to get caught pretty so. The option but the deal. Predicated. On what they drop in. You know but it really reform groups like that it took a little bit there in the lie and hit it to an option whether. True true shocker treatment. The U. Craig button TS and analysts NTS and director of scouting joining us on the line Europeans to gators live on WGR Sports Radio 550 an amnesty. Buckle your seat belts mr. button 'cause the other Kregg here's question. Well lawyer ago. You know I I'm moving and obviously to the expansion draft everybody's getting excited. Everybody is reading all these different moves in things that that are coming up that. Deals that are being made. With with the golden knights and is there a deal out there that you concede that makes sense. For buffalo and the golden knights. The yeah or relocate Andrew that is it a good example what happens what you do you prepare. You really low look at our pocket that's a possibility. But I can he's really good question. Should for a lot greatly greatly here anyway that we share. Yeah I mean I don't think it through papers or any are the top. Bought like in terms of Bob. I'm looted acquire I I don't she got beat real issue provoked. But I think the you don't have to create a school night that are looking for opera too I've looked in the Philippines I think I think part of it but that's I think there's opportunities. For all the other teams to look at work change. They have an exposure problem maybe they you know they don't want to give up a player for nothing like you know you look at look at jeopardy. You look at our that a soul you looked at the pit stop they are able being. That George Burke I remember she did have a different challenges that I think for the ball close paper that the vote. You know trying to trying to say that she bit. Like George just try to cut a deal without the democratic how to deal with Jordan argument or shut up. At. You know in Iraq there are discussions to try to buy up like it strictly you know so yeah I think there's more opportunity. I go back to adopt that sent. They ought to mention some younger defensemen that I think you're pretty good at the Batman and you know what what what the cost me. You know one I think that you know you talk about really good at bat there who we get a pretty good idea what the carpet but I think there's a real possibility. Digging what gave the eight pick Atlanta good good top. Top defenseman. I do and I don't want I could play the captain is the challenge we're lucky to have. They'll come candidates trying to date you at all but not just trying to look at look at shedding some hollering. Add you to would you would you try to get picked up I think cap space. Become a real voluble like body so definitely I I can you got up. What you achieved what a liquid liquid used got to get a gap. They have a long there are a lot of good job back but I've got up and fill the pipeline. And it's a lot of really good act so that they were gonna trick it ever got in trouble won't he got. You want to hear your editor at that point. At a younger there're there are creating a state flexibility of a situation like that goes through that there are doubtful yeah. Because actual owner export. What would it take to Lou work Christiana out of Vancouver. Yeah you're remembered our crew recruitment real good solid. Underrated player you know. Yeah well he's well who's the park while. You know we don't get it took issue with a lot of action dashed the probable back in the sixty he'd name. So you'll Vancouver. To new Yorker she could be achieved that and that cap crunch area. And again they don't improve your forwards but I would trade at a price should you you know might be reached peak. Opera Barack I can add up then that I would opt that they didn't might be a player rocketry you know you look at it we're all. Rattle more than that might be a lot old line so it all you start. Are you start a lot okay trap or better change from Vancouver that's up with a. How about this year's send Adam Larsson Edmonton for Taylor hall and now you're looking for defenseman. I mean that these New Jersey that's. That's a that's a tough tradeoff right there now they end up with the number one pick overall and you knock him ticket. Here's a question for and if you're just tuning in Craig button joining us on. The investigators here TS and hockey insider Tia sent director of scouting. Nolan Patrick is he's still the sure fire number one pick overall. I don't think so you know I think he sure I think she should consult. Our engine can't shouldn't and I think this stuff you talk you're done number different people. You know some people in case you're comfortable that it doctor also go to Google the defense let me I don't I don't Bobby Kennedy. I pay your final draft and you show coming up next week early next week. Sitting there or work. One minute punitive that they had killed a card number one Yahoo! that there was another few that had argued a number one. So you know I think what we have been there is not a clear cut. Number one until we achieve that the last two years or is it about these. And it's certainly not clear cut to an acute the last few years about blunt why so. I think there's a lot of carry out war. We're debate. And it still wouldn't surprise me if it if it usual egg or opt out to echo what captured our are the first. Any will you think there's going to be any big Wheeling and dealing going on the draft this year. Yeah I do like I think we're gonna feel a lot of balls again I go back of the track you know we're not there are a lot of room in the chat so she was looking shut. Try to find a way to improve their true you're gonna happen you know these significant player for player feels so. I GI II and typically seen a lot of that up. In any current or speak to make and not trying to make our team better here in buffalo. Article Johnston. Willis. From sports net. On talk to vote to islanders possible trade Calvin B on to the sabres. What do you think the votes calendar on. When you wanted to try to discredit what division one would be moves would be. Seven and 20172. And a third. Yeah you don't want to walk first of all you're getting that you're getting. With a stimulant effect but I don't think you're getting. I talked three defensemen but it ended exactly the case. You don't play each and can no matter between orange body through each still pop a little bit they're kind of in your what are. So I think they're when you're looking at a at a doctor topic they're really. You know you're you're competing you know 34 years ago who ordered you know you're about extramarital. That's certainly a burden a little bit longer than that. But I think that that's the acceptable deal that there that is plausible. And again I thought batches up. You look in the neighborhood you know they drafted a pretty good. Op Georgia they got the big players in the pipeline so. We know to help you achieve right today we don't want it it was a younger group at the conclusion I think they're we've got a good spot personally. Here are you hearing anything about this is the biggest question I think there were the news the news it will get sooner than later. That in the draft stuff is the sabres coaching. I'm wondering if you've heard anything on that supposedly there was a the goal of playing track yesterday bribe when stopped in national came to buffalo mean that would spell Phil Housley. For an interview but you know there's been a lot of talk about wrecked target. Todd Riordan's name has been out there has been just botched needs now at boobs are going to Florida wondering what you're hearing about buffalo. Why well you know I think that this thing that you guys that I think you can bottle roll. You don't understood that there was couple of people that you would look like if you want to talk to believe and talking until I was the athlete to the end of the playoff so. You don't. You try to do that in order it and try to get that I respect what those guys that. Try to go to the post it should be throwing it strategic will be that. Two options for sure so you don't all of a piece you spent some private talk ordered my understanding that part. Had to interview out you're job replaying it was right it may actually yeah we're lazy by dog loved all of them so. You know I think that who played were approached spotted it might be ball between the optional but longer batter Yelp app for the parade maybe frequent cooked burgers and bought well. But I think that the older I I think there will win and you don't Rick taught and don't know what to expect from god would go probably I'd. I think it just screwed it. I think that you don't you know cute and had a slight bit odd interview and number of people have been you to the last two are we should order you guys. You know like I. ERP it's one of the worst kept secret going that. You know they look like we're topic but I think it come out to a to a rip pocket or I know how I would be leery that they'll probably. I don't think that it would make a pork barrel. He is deeply technical. You have an echo can call hockey. I think he's got to be really careful. When you don't see that coach an expert to grow ought be put them behind the dacha I think it'll additional products. But I think she's you need not apply to be at all can go from there. All right terrorist Cragg bought in with the investigators interesting there at the islands. That he says CE strictly offers richt pocket as a candidate for the job because of his experience as a head coach in the NHL. Which. I I understand the thought process behind now wanting a guy with experience. By day it's not as though. Phil Housley has never banner had coach he's been head coach few times with world junior teams and of course that is very much different done. A full NHL season. It's eight turn meant that lasts for a few weeks you've got like a month or so with the guys in total. And your just immediately playing games. So it's not as though it's an entire season we're gonna be dealing with a the ups and downs of sees it injury is plugging guys in all of Lionel finding consistent chemistry. All of those things. But I mean everything you hear about Phil Housley in the type of coach that he's done in Nashville as an assistant is. Positive. Positive the way it is defenseman talk bottom in the way that he encourages those guys so I don't. I've never met a guy who's needed the the previous coaching experience is a pre requisite. As. Something that these candidates need. Is that it's. Comforting sometimes sure. And the fact that pocket the had a shot as a head coach and is now years later. Going to potentially get the other shot I think that's. Kinda nice to does not just a guy that continually was getting jobs was continually be recycled by other teams but it was a guy who got shot. Things didn't go real well for a he'd dead. Lead Steve stand coast to a 51 gold rookie season and was credited with a lot of that because he needs Stamkos feel very comfortable. Under his leadership and while the reasons Barry Melrose. And all that dysfunction was happening in Tampa Bay was that he and stamp coast could not see eye to eye. So you've got someone who can level with a player like Jack I call. That is useful. Useful thing that you're going to wind moving forward. With your team and of course it's not just about I call the the point on pocket. Audience. Someone was able to connect with all of these players and someone who has done. In their position as a player in the NHL. That's why I think both these guys are are more than qualified. They've banned the battles as players and me talking now is guys it has to cup rings of Pittsburg. You've got Housley who is that consistently going to the playoffs ever since he's joined Nashville has gone through some battles especially this year with the Stanley Cup finals. So I. I do prefer Housley just from the way that he has discussed the game in the type of game that it sounds like he would play and I think most of these coaches now say all the same things about the type of game that they want to play because they recognize. The way that the league is going north south fast team. Defensemen involved in the offense and that's the way that the game is going in the way that these guys should be wanting to play. The game. Of course you do have your I'll wires with you Boucher Ian in Ottawa. Bullets. The way that he's talked about the game Phil Housley that is that's why he gets my preference. I really what I hate the pocket higher. From strictly hockey sense I just think it would make a whole ton of sense just due to his past and he could say that is in his past and it's it's whatever. Andy's Q did he could have grown from its I don't know the guy personally. But suggest it doesn't seem to gel width. Everything that's been cited. With that the goal is moving forward. With the type people what they're trying to hire further organizations. That would make all whole lot of sense to me on the bus if they were assured and very share in the met the guy like okay. Yeah he. Doesn't shady things in the past. But he's he's grown from notes that he's different now. Looking at from like it since you brought Utley he's not. Recycled. That much the only coach the couple years in Tampa it's not jock mark ten now on our ten this would be his. He's our coach for four different teams this would be its fifth if he gets another job. And he's been coaching since 1986. That's like that's a higher that I might look at it and be. Like OK that's something I hate I don't wanna see abort cycle guide your why rather have house leak that's fresh. And he coached at Nashville the which I loved watching and that's why I want the sabres to improve bat. Talk it's not the end of the world letting a guy like Jacques mark ten if you go out in lake if you go find some guide it's been coaching for twenty years and actually. Yeah I'm with you there so. Really the names that seem to continue to pop up and I mean we have. Throughout the whole process we haven't heard who they back interviewing it's an. Very. Close to the bus the entire time this coaching search so I'm assuming. That they started talking have already talked with pocket in Housley. Bottle that tell the APV taxed. John world there that he he is planning on having a coach in place by early next week. So we still might be waiting for the week and hear all that and I would expect that he's probably talk to pocket he's talked Housley. There's gonna do second interviews. May be Riordan gets involved with another round of interviews but those seem to be. The top three names that keep being cycled the round is Riordan. Pockets and Housley and I really from hockey sense. I think a welcoming any single one of those guys and fresh new new perspectives on the game. All coming from organizations that have had a lot of success. I would I would be OK with any of those tires definitely have a preference for Housley. But any of those hires would be OK with it a 30551888. By fifty to five that your phone numbers year to any thoughts and expansion on the coaching search. We're all just way around here for some news we can't ignore the big news. All of the trade between Minnesota and Washington. Tyler growl back. For fifth round pick. It is grow back roll back a silent okay Tyler grow back. Going to Washington in exchange for a fifth round pick which adds to Minnesota in next year's NHL entry draft. We are movement maybe as we've been waiting for. Ranking thing with you here Jody BRC and the board this is WGR. War is calling the youngest and panic at the age. Yet the web and I'm even healthy scratch did a very good at an iPod sport event that the I've prepared he added I don't either Paul I don't know the reward and help the event they figure out what issues they don't yet I don't eat out of college and who can figure that sort of stuff out and communicated and it. Who the player I got pretty effective. All right that Stephen wise they'll be Associated Press he was on wet. Howard yesterday morning talking a lot about. Tot Reardon as the coaching candidate and he's going to be on to tomorrow afternoon which opened a Bulldog as well talkie a lot. About expansion. And hey. Maybe we will have some deals in place by done hopefully. We'll have some more official deals instead of just Tyler. Roll back. And a fifth round pick be switched I mean that that. Transaction freeze comes at 3 PM. Eastern. Daylight savings time. I'm not on Saturday afternoon. So it's. Once once that strikes 3 PM eastern time on Saturday strikes. Any of these other teams they wanna make some minor exchanges like Tyler growl back grow back for the 85 round pick. You're gonna have to do its own you're gonna have to do it soon. All right joke on Jamal punch Jamal we got Jonathan Alter and on the line he's got a question about top reared in Johnston was probably. Hey it was shelf com. Precaution eight pocket Riordan how sleep I'd be able per packet the condom. How with renovated. My question about Riordan did he ever hit it via an idea how it would be about global war don't worry you or beat it out but not affected at all. Yeah I'm not too worried about it because I mean there's there's other guys that have. Back and under. Coach is that TE LA Urich Uranus as dumb and your your listened to your head coach Andy you have your own ideas about how things should be done. And I don't know was. With bottles might seem to be that swift the star players and maybe just players in general it happened in Pittsburgh and happened at buffalo. That there wasn't really enough of a back and forth enough of a connection. Between the two sides. To. Create a relationship to create an environment where there was ideas flowing back and forth and if if reared and saw bats and was able to diagnose that maybe it would be. Different applied I'm not really too worried about its. Does the connection between Riordan and again miles I still think we heard honestly is. Out of those three he's the long man on the totem pole now we don't know. With Jason bot troll. It may be reared in came in and and maybe its main sticking around because. He came in and he impressed so much I mean we heard that way if the Florida Panthers Florida Panthers it was Abu owner his second his final interview. Let's super impressive and they decide that they are gonna and they are coaching search there because they were so impressed with Bob Buckner. And wine bottle was talking about when he hired Mike Sullivan for the Scranton Wilkes-Barre. Penguins. He did not go into the interview expecting to hire Mike Sullivan it was Mike Sullivan came into the interview. And essentially blew the socks off of Jason doctoral. And losers like me. I can't miss out on this guy's guys impressive. So maybe talk Riordan did something like that would doctoral. But for mean ends. I'll I'm no insider. I'm no insider. But. It seems like Phil Housley and retire after the guys who. Have I have the best shot at it and I think Riordan's kind of on the outside looking in. It 30551888550. To 550. I wonder if you can go back in time and change some things again I'll move was never hired the outside Buffalo Sabres for whatever reason he is available currently. You would probably be. A candidate to be hired right now. Who's that behind piles of all to go off we see with reared in here and I think he worked with tock it now mark ten. But guys with connections to piles ma are coming up in this search. Up part of that is the fact that he was just in Pittsburgh so is Jason talk troll but certainly we were seeing up. Haven't hear of tear the glove reaching from. Free desserts organization. Not at all. That is back in the people who wanted to make that connection for a long time with with. Terry cool and is. And I'm being from Pennsylvania and in giving the Penske organization a bunch of money and he hires by natural ends. They think of all the ties that the bills organization head of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization that necessarily wasn't. Anything to do with Terry Google at the time but there is this signs that the goal is kind of looking towards other organizations that he is. Admiring. And trying to poach from the I'm a little bed trying to. Bring some of that culture over which I don't think it's a problem. But at the fact that they're are these. These continued connections that's how coaching ghosts are right you make the connections you work under guys and then you start getting those breaks because those guys and up. Vouching for you and it's what happened with Sean McDermott C. He was with the Andy Green tree in the end the Robert pear tree in the league you guys break. And that's another interesting thing about Phil Housley because from what I can tell he doesn't really have any connection. Working with. Jason Doctorow I don't think there. They wouldn't of crossed paths in the playing careers that it played there was. I do remember reading there was a brief moments I believe it was 2002001. With the Calgary Flames. They did cross paths in the same organization focused so there's that. Bombed. By mean even that's an extensive but that's not coaching. Being having a deal Lee. Conversation with somebody or working with somebody. Every single day is different then a knee on trial of the bottles with Q2 2002001. For Calgary. Meekly for instance a bilateral yet yet so he was in the organization you're right they would have been in training camp together that's probably what are. They would have had most of their dialogue together yeah I'm not saying that there was definitely I have conversations just happened to be in the same place the same time I what you mean by Wendy when we're coming down to it. When you're gonna connections. He really doesn't have that much of connection with Phil Housley. Which. It's encouraging it's encouraging because he's are ready good candidate. And I just don't wanna see them I'm not saying like I don't wanna make it seem like if you're gonna hire from and are and as I've city constantly it's Pittsburgh. Yeah Wentz I mean you and I don't even care what connection is if they bet the winning city. Poll from them what do you want but. Well look at Phil how's the right now I don't want and hire a guy like pocket especially mark ten. Just because of the connection and I I don't think boxer would you. Know. Bottle doesn't seem like the guy that would do that may be. Maybe he would. Want the coach said he's had a personal relationship with just because. I'll be the back and forth but it appears to me that Jason Marshall is probably. And I haven't had a personal interaction with them. But he seems like an easy going guy who would probably pretty easy to work quickly he'd be willing to listen to your ideas he's not gonna be the guy that's. Meat may be Tim Murray was more like this he's not gonna be the guy that's coming down there in the locker room after games. Tolerant about this or that he's gonna be more of a guy that I think goes down there. Certainly you'll have some suggestions I'm sure there'll be some moments where there's heated exchanges but I'll think it's going to be something that gets two out of control. It up real fight if you want 888552. Pipe it to go to go to. Bit of an early break here's I got stumble across an article that want to read read that her break and I'll talk more about the sixers coaching situation we come back here. Last call on and I kept coming up next on WG. Our last call here the nightcap rankings you'll be Osce on WER just. Take some time to read more into Phil Housley in the the article that I saw. Allow Ireland to us break a little bit early there came from Puff Daddy Greg machines he. Pretty much playing well why the savers should hire. Phil Housley all of our Rick pocket or Todd beard and he starts off by saying. Good news. There's not necessarily a bad choice among any of these guys which is something that I agree wet but when he goes on to say essentially. That's and the way that pockets. She's the way Housley. Coach is the balance is the way and the reason why the sabres should go house Lee's way which is a point that's I need. A hole here on the radio station on WGR. He's Smart mobile offensive oriented defensively sound in of course you take a look at the guys were there in Nashville with soup and an ankle and Yellow Sea and Alice. Obviously those guys are great players. But he's helped develop those guys into to better players called especially. Alice and a guy that he really developed. These are guys who were taken under his tutelage. They were brought in to play a certain team in the eight. They really excelled once they a they've bought in to that style and the other thing is. Though the style that he coaches. The communication clearly was an issue between the players. And the coaching staff here in buffalo and you certainly. I think we saw a little bit with Rex Ryan although football and hockey are different. It's you want a guy who. You know that it's a business. And he's still on a half on a practice. And you wanna be able. Wants to show walked to work every day. So I think there were times last year in the sabres locker room where guys are showing up. Two games to practices. And they didn't really want to be there wasn't an environment that they wanted to be and I think Phil Housley. With the way that he is. You you hear from guys in Nashville that he looks like he can still play he's out there skating with the guys he looks like he's having just as much point in practice as any of the guys out there. And that could be something that really benefits I think the the youth here. And of course you want a guy that. Is going to mean it on the hammer when he asked you. But that to be something adjacent by actual does. I can be something that may be assisting coaches can do because you got to assume that you're bringing in Phil Housley you're gonna be bringing in an assistant coach that has. A pretty fast head coaching experience base I'm not sure exactly who that would be. But you would think that that's gonna be a priority for Jason I actually if he doesn't umpiring. A guy who is being. Head coach for the first time whether the time reared in whether it be Phil Housley. There is going to be looking for someone out there that does have had coaching experience can come in as an assistant. And probably an offensive minded guy because you've got house we would be the defense minded guy. But if you can bring in house we begin. Kind of create that atmosphere. Where players are coming again. And they don't feel like it's necessarily work there's going to the rink every day they are still working and use teaching them things are teaching them things every single day. But the environment of being there and being. Getting the feeling that your respected by your balls and that he's not gonna come down on you and scream at you for no reason. And he got a Foster that atmosphere. Especially. With kids nowadays I can tell you for me personally. I've heard it. Some things about former boss' year. And the way that are here is now is he's very loose pucks he has a very loose we come in every single day. He'd be as something to tell us he'll he'll come down he'll communicate with us but it's any fair read. Bloody body loose kinda fashion. Things get done. Over here and where we're having a good time for the most part and I think it's because of the atmosphere creates a lot of the time. There's not someone who is wanting to Knoll. Every single second of what's going to be happening on the radio he lets you go and he lets you get creative in and be loose with. I think that's important especially with a player like Jack Michael you want him to be news you want and feel comfortable you want and feel like shouldn't go out there and try different things with I'll. You know you don't put the team in danger but you want to be able to go out there and have that creative flow. It does give some great points to talk here too because the talks about or the relationship. He had with Phil Kessel. And how they'll castle the castle is always on this Claire even though he's. Always put up great numbers even going back to his days in Toronto. That in all not motivated. Enough the guy out there that's putting the most energy on the IDs. It's not gonna be the big ice skating hard. But with pocket it seemed that all of that turned around and that he became a guy that can be relied on. To skate more and that tock it is getting a lot of the credit for that relationship. So Buchanan. Bring that kind of guy and help Jack Michael I think that's excellent as well. Really I was talking myself into pretty much anyone of these coaching candidates is the the point of analysis I've done here. I've got to the point of analysis where I don't even need any of these guys. I just don't think doctor makes sense from what the Google aside previously. I think on the ice he makes Thomas sounds I think they'll policy knicks Thomas Jones I think the next Thomas Jones bringing anyone of those guys and B two outs. Hockey coach is so hard to know because I mean everyone comes in with. Ever comes in with what they're good dad and what you think they're good at so Phil housing for instance we would be oh he's gonna make the defense better. Rick -- it's gonna be O communication. And relationships with the players specially ones and maybe you've had some trouble in the past. And I'm not necessarily be a case has been involved when he came in. What would've been a selling point for that for fans of Nokia's experience working with six us. But Cindy cross been gaining market and that was his downfall was cut working with a superstar player so. I mean while it could have while we reads ever went. Has to be it's it's hard to be on one side of the fence and got tapper expectations is that's what you're trying to say right in and that's gonna cause you to. The more herbs in different too. Who the coach ends up being this like pronouncing your today acted I would prefer Phil Housley right I have no idea that's actually going to turn out to be the. Out on the right which yet we sit here and we talk about it we're not certain we never are but it's. How well they're there's some like aura around Housley that it just seems like he should be the guy. I can't explain it I part of it is the fact that he played here in the fact that he was. And what the sabres need right now is exactly what he was a supporter yeah exactly I mean you you think about the type of game that he taught down in Nashville. And you think like okay. Can he teach that type of game to these young defenseman Kenny get more out of Zach Bogosian if you still gonna be here. Bristol line and McCain bully who is the smooth skating defenseman can be get the vast on him and Teepen who's gonna be coming over here who's known as a great puck mover. Can he get that offensive game that he's been preaching down in Nashville to these players and put it to the defensive corps here in buffalo if he can do that I think. It's going to work out much better for the sabres and you'll see. Not and meaning immediate improvements. Maybe not huge leads but on a much more sound team going into next season. All right we've got to the pit reporters coming up next. Tomorrow Stephen why don't coming out shot the ball god talk expansion Friday Jason Perot of pro hockey talk. I'm a morning show tomorrow I have no idea what's going on the nightcap Jody B Osce crying gates forward WGR.