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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Thursday, June 15th

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But Knight capital pressed this is. It's terrible with the writing engagements. Very calculating how he says that if they felt like it spontaneous. Did not. I'm egos and a lot of these things saying okay here's what I'm going to say about this and ethnic about how much time he has this then he's coming up with the words coop. I've never heard the word oops that's that's very creative. On WGR. You'll just right. All right we're back on nightcap. Markets dot com and now we're gonna hear from Jason box at all. Half hours ago talking about some expansion idea is talking about I was lead talking about. Assistant coaches that's louis'. Media Strom. Afterwards as markers on the up real quick there was. I tried to to make something less confusing and then I ended up. Potentially making it more confusing there's only one regional bio period as far as I Jill and I can determine here. So there's this one that started today than thirtieth because you want the players be monarch to you know be available in free agency so. Is the only bio period way to stop by our players after the expansion draft that is the important part that is. Able to happen. So I don't want getting them to confuse national second by Al period just won by a period in guns on the thirtieth. Can hold of map we'll be right now Jones give me thumbs up so map Albania on the AT&T hotline. Matthew. You've got a guy that's been pushing for house leaves for her a long time now know when he first wrote that original article saying that the sabres should hire Housley be done with that -- you got your guy you gotta be feel like today. You know I. Sometimes when you take out the soap box and you stand on top of it in yell loud enough for people here stuff I'm actually goes away so it it panned out I think that the the good hire at a neighbor's. I think Hewitt about candidate on the market another or a lot of he'd look in her coach at but I think this sabres got the best option and I really like them. Yeah I think it was interesting because today a lot of news came out right around the hiring happening about. People that we thought coaches that we thought were candidates for this job in coach that we thought. Even interviewed for this job. Whom weren't even interviewed and they have reared and obviously where does the report came out saying that he wasn't even interviewed because the capitals tonight element. Pocket not being interviewed as well so I think it was it was interesting that all this news came out at once and I think really what it pointed to was Housley was kind of apple deride the entire time and it was just. The waiting process of waiting him out until the Stanley Cup finals over. You know we should probably know better pocket especially when we heard Terry Google press conference after he got it about nine Murray in about character character character. And you look at pocket app obviously. You know that was in the past and he's changed over the years hasn't gotten in any trouble on it I'd recently. But amid rarely did we really think it's terrible below is gonna go out and hired are hired somebody who as so much trouble in the past the that would belittle. And the price that we all kind of bite into that and I think that everybody ball may be collectively. Here than I I. I thought they were gonna interview I thought they had interviewed him to be quite honest judging from what we've been on Twitter these last couple they'd people and I've talked yeah. I thought it was coming down the three of them. Now Leggett didn't even I didn't think mark and it's really an option ever I don't know maybe that was just me kind of close in the option to rule that inquiring doc mark and I mean they've got the point where. I wouldn't Pittsburgh for game one Stanley Cup. Maybe that was just bad on my part I didn't even like ask anybody about him or even take any video look and competitive and considerate. I went there for top how late I guess that a lot out worked out. Yeah no I think you I think you're on the right track I really. I'd ever really consider admire in a an option either just because I know all of the buzz and you you you figure you get these big media guys and they're they're much more plugged and then. Someone like me that's her shares so you get these big media guys and it. They were talking about pocket and they were talking about reared in. And I think it was super interstate that all this news doesn't really come out until today when the process is essentially over which I think could be. A mark her of how botched roll is when it comes to. Keeping things close to his chats there was no need the entire time even though you have to assume that the capitals with a reared and early on told the sabres that they weren't going to allow him to interview him so it's that's something that's Bangkok under Oxford pretty long time. Now here's the question I know that you guys that within the park opera obviously I leave there earlier. It was actually a question that I asked the did you hear how bleak slip up. In Davis in Banda. Coach appreciate you hired so yeah color back himself later in the front covered in golf and a three hours ago yeah I wonder if you would act. Actually hired three days ago while they were and that they'll. After the game like if they like interviewed and everything went down and making it like Tuesday morning he hired a dozen bodies found out. I don't know for sure but the weird slip off three days in three hours that a little bit weird that caught me off guard a little bit so maybe. He went the guy all along they had to get a mop the buffalo undated family up here and get it up situated who knows but that was an interest they'd. Little tidbit from today. Bullets at its sporting they say that because the it said when did you sign your contract. And he said three days originally so maybe. There was some sort of like handshake agreement or verbal agreement that went down and that earlier today actually put the pan to the paper you know got an all fish all the sabres announcing gets altered Schrager. Maybe that's what happened. I truly believe that they kind of had an eye on elm and I think you you can even look at with what that happened with the Florida Panthers where they were waiting now. These guys just like the sabres where then all of a sudden like no we're hiring Bob Lugar because. The heat he's our guy and maybe it was last he's our guy and it was more we don't stand a chance of how's the how's he wants to go to buffalo over Florida. Yet there really good point I and it but it never thought about that before but when the boat or higher became official. I kinda didn't have a reaction to it I think I was in the same boat and I think obviously the fact that they publicized that they interviewed and they were somewhat interested but I never really thought it was going to be the next head coach. I thought to be one of those three guys when they hired blogger immediately in my mind I'm like all right well gonna be reared and how uglier pocket going to be one of the pretty. And I know they're big on how bleak. It sounds like they're big on pocket so you imagine they're gonna get one and a guy. Hope I mean they must've really. Really liked so proudly and I think there are a lot of reasons behind so I got that really get higher than its neighbor to make a 100%. And I think that they're gonna take that next year because that smoke. Yeah what do you what do you think today when you're down there listening to the house Lee tock I mean. Days if not I'll say that he was like a bad talker but he wasn't super adjusting but I think the content of what he was saying. Was really. Had to be music to a lot of sabres fans ears with. Holly was talking about the defense and how he was talking about rubbing shoulders with players I think the way that he goes about his coaching style and even from those clips that we got from you. Earlier from Ryan Allison TS tackled in the way that they talked about the guy it seems like he's really personable with the players he knows how to interact with the players. And I think that's going to be hugely important for what's going on around buffalo. But back get ourselves there with the desk and actually the last coach at between the players and the coaches everybody knew that you don't need to be in the lot of them all the time to know that. There was some friction. So when you heard him talk about being right there in the middle of everything rubbing shoulders with the player. That would not my big takeaways from the that was the thing that stood out the most to me because it kinda goes back to what Tim Murray. You know used to say about you know cup copy with the coaches would drink they're up a copy. And spent time in the locker room rather than watching and all the film birds being in and eating dog. And obviously it's not Murray Steve anymore it's possible but I like that how bleak that. Because I do think that that's the way you can win over team I think that the active strategy if they love playing or not. And you know what you're talking about I think you're gonna get a good product on the ice and when you were talking about right now and call when I talked to them they made it very clear. That this guy get the NHL today he doesn't try and make it like it was when he played and coached that way he understands that it's a different game now. And he'd get. That offensive defenseman are very valuable in good defense leaves off that the chip it in scoring chances I mean he revolutionized the way. Defenseman played I think. You know the tying it at a lot of flak for don't think it was a super popular player at the end of time in buffalo. Argued that judging from some of the people I've talked to. But I really like just what the players who played for him that he didn't give. When people need to be on the site and situational hockey. And why certain things work and why other things work I mean your colleague today called Hamel an app. And about cooling and I know we've got super familiar with somebody got a big smile at me was talking about it could you can help. At the guy who's a lot like Q what are the puck moving defenseman and what the right coach he can. I mean I'm ready legally but I don't think it earned about the system what done him out of favor. No I don't think so either so it's nice to have a guy. I'll like house we hear who he is going to be very similar goal is going to be coming up you'll be 1920 years old houses he knows all about that I mean. Always got a little bit of an easier transition I think from the you know junior hockey to the NHL it's supposed to high school hockey to the NH edges. Incredible like how. The third that is of concern that that even happened high school hockey player. Coming up to play in the NHL you're here and Applebee's on the AT&T hotline. On the nightcap when I was I was thinking while Housley was talking. I was thinking about all these others all these other players and how he's going to connect with the players and you were mentioning with Alice and back home. I think towards the end of last season or maybe just even throughout the course of the entire season with the sabres it wasn't something. It was a job and it is a job. But it wasn't something that they wanted to show up every single day a and they wanted to get to work every single day it wasn't a great work atmosphere I guess the way I would describe it. And with. Howell houses he was talked about particularly by Coleman that one clip resize. You know wasn't a joke around earnest serious situation right now with the playoff run but he can keep it light and people are having fun and it's loose and I think that's important and I agree I talk about our work environment here at WGR it's it's very loose it's very loose it's very fun. We don't have a ball assets like a taskmaster. Micro manager it I think that's important and it's important for players like. Jack Michael and Sam and aren't these these types of players who want to be creative on the ice but one they make a mistake they need to. Learned from the mistake in not just BE. I guess chastised for it they need to know all weird to get better and directed in a certain way and I think that might have been a failure. A dent aisles and on the past. And I think that that's something that he can get accomplished because it's still relatively on the mat that they did and I'll with an old guy. Actually a lit I think it actually younger I mean housing 53 years old but it's coming from a team that had on what the perfect comparison and it's not cocky but. Look at until Matt. With the cup and then even before when he was with the rate like obviously winning solves everything but don't seem very publicly had a lot of fun. And there's a reason they've had success than it did because the talent but it and I because they love. Being in the locker room and I love and you know what they're teammates and they have a good I mean they make the most of it. It would not fun to be in the sabres locker room here the only time it was fun. What it after they had built little mini story when you like they were gonna finally take the tyrants. And they never had the current and I think there was a lot of different there maybe it was some of the people in the locker maybe it was the way they were playing on the ice. In Nady went all the way up top of the coaching staff. They're going to be up and down next year no matter what the neighbors still are that talented you know at the expense and in some of the areas especially in a bottom export. So how would Kenya now kind of rally the troops together and they start strong quality start you know have a really good time. I think that he can you know unite the locker room awaited them I'll never. Yeah I I agree with that that some Tampa Bay on the eighteenth he outlined. Expansion. It's it's almost here yeah and before we get to that that there was he made the comments that he came on WGR afterwards Housley. And it was interesting because during the press conference he brought up all mammals and entirely honest my name far and and he came on WGR two with Irish open the Bulldog he brought those two players up again. What do you make of that I kind of I mean it after I. I'm getting a lot of stuff from year your comments from the two players so they keep forgetting those because it really gave up a lot of insight into the type of coach and Housley is. But it's seems like that was his way of reaching out to the guys through the media and essentially saying to Molson and it's like. Hey I know you guys have had a rough year for a couple years but I'm coming in here and even though I'm new I've got your guys' backs though. Yeah everything that I just that about bill outlet taken back into these odd I did it and getting yeah I think that's probably a fairway to that that. I honestly when I heard it the first time maybe he thought you know what maybe a couple of third. Mocked him when you look at the roster. And hope for the first couple times those are players that stand out because of the success they've had and pass. So maybe I would just like Ali lit up eat that apple then because via the guy who scored in that league before the quote unquote big name. You can look at it either way. I don't really think it comes down. Am I think that's obviously a discussion that spot troll in the heat add during the interview process and kinda look at Barack's journey that equity like here who do you think work through it thank god that I'm higher on Tyler and maybe it just because of an age maybe it's because he'd been here longer but I think pilot and a it more likely to get back to what we saw the 20142015. And Matt Olson is to get pulled thought I'd like to outlet in 2012. X. I mean it would better last year but she still. Yeah I'll probably half. Well the player he widens when he was traded to the sabres I mean he is the goal scorer. He's not the fact that I around I think he needs to play with some talent but I don't think he can beat. I'm your fourth line. But I also don't think it's a good position slowed little guy down quote unquote like I would put him with Michael that obviously didn't work when they bid out last year. He might score a couple more bold and you know he would wit but Lori Yeager and then. I don't know I mean I got them all the patent maybe they end up keeping both of them because Zach Bogosian ghosts. For the golden knights maybe they work out ideal after the prop up were actually. We talked about optional for like six minutes been just like a little like huddled little scrum bank yeah and take credit this is that him and we have been talking an attack. Like an open line of communication and have been dialogue between the two of them I don't remember exactly what he said but. He hits it like they were talking about doing something more than just losing a player still met maybe that happened you know now. Yeah we are we're gonna actually play that coming up after about where we're finished with. With you here 'cause it there is a mixing stuff in there about expansion in doll and I'm happy that the coach got hired because. It's just the fact that now but for all and I'm assuming he's probably thinking along the same lines like OK my focus is now completely. On the expansion draft and the NHL draft which comes directly after expansion so it frees him up to focus on. More of the personnel side things today the big trade withdrew and insert each. That's an expansion based trade because. Camp they would of had to protect Rouen and left a guy like a lot oracle law murder one of these other guys available to be taken. And now they don't have to protect search absolutely flipped their dot. And now there's more rumors come from Bob McKenzie regarding. A broad beamed out chatty out. And that that deadline is coming up in I don't even at any hour Saturday at 3 PM so it's ever going to be deals will be had it's going to be happening fast and furious in these next couple days before. That period and what do you think what do you think are we gonna see more action there's this there's usually like that first domino that falls and then there's kind of they the pick up on the action afterwards. Urged her but I certainly hope we do mean that all the guys tour media conference today we're talking about like we were happy that they got out of the open today. Because the thing about a two hour. It did a deliberate and it's not the same time I mean I know him a new yeah I'm I'm pretty confident that you talked to people about potential deal. Maybe he needs to wait for a couple more dominoes to fall. I don't know what would find out I know like the big thing sabres fans want it and sent men weathered from Anaheim and Minnesota are one of those team. That would be awesome I think there's probably 5050 chance that happened I don't know anything. We lost my aunts. By. Now. Yeah yeah you do never now and I'm just I was hoping for I'm not necessarily even with the sabres I just want to see solemn some wild action and maybe. It will be interesting because now there are staying with all of this ideals that potentially is coming with the Vegas today don't want any of those released to the public heard. Leads to the media at all until June 20 for. So I think it's gonna be listing to to see how they with the awards ceremony going on simultaneously. Released the names that are going to be on Vegas and release the terms of the deals like they going to come out someone. Comes out announces dock the Hart trophy winner and now and they announce a few players not fewer deals like I'm just curious as how they're going to carry themselves throughout the entire process. Yeah that's going to be definitely interest and I am so looking. Keyboard too and I know I told the lack I've just that somebody who loves the game of hockey and who is so enamored with all the things that are going on like vidro went straight today. Was so excited is now. That would be you know when you look at all these free agent you know deadline day trade deadline date march 1 and everything. That trade is way bigger than anything we've seen happen on that. And I think Eric Berry a little bit because everything that went out how. I mean committee what re tweet now wow look at that and then I was so focused on what would banana out I didn't really think about it until after lap but I mean. Jonathan rule and that's rated in his own division. To a team working probably if they don't move him to appoint a line with guilt Chechnya that we talk about waking up a guy if they don't bullpen and you put those 21 out I think other. Doug Padilla payment of back Byrd and. We're at it that's I think a lot of these teams in the Atlantic are looking the same way. We Ottawa I think of last year you know making that the trade for girls which and wasn't a huge fan of but it was pretty much Ottawa saying we have to put hardships and this year a lot because we're looking at. Toronto and buffalo and the whitening aren't gonna really stayed down in Florida isn't really gonna stay down in Montreal still has Carey Price and Detroit's heading towards the basement. Boston always seems to figure out how to be good so it's that division it's it's it's. Going to be pretty much a toss up next year when you when you take a look at. It's a little scary when you think about it and favors he says school year's us. Two years ago you would have thought oh man they are great that and I still don't think there are a good position but they'd have to deal with in their division now. Toronto who proved last year that got on the talent. Can't vote was one of the big favorite in beg. Out to win the Stanley Cup next year the team that would just in game 7 of the Eastern Conference final. Montreal who's won like a million and a half Stanley Cup off to a dollar pretty guys. And then we'll have some decent piece that you how to get pushed it. It's a solid division I mean. Another a lot of parity and you know the NHL so there's a lot of dividends that are always really really competitive. But it looks like the clinic dividend is going to be you know a beast for a long long time. Agreed our Matt law will let you go without one ball we're gonna get you in here. And one day I see you're welcome judges are coming out the entire time I think I need to hear he's gonna stop by as well salon. We'll get those rosters will look at those protected lists and now we're gonna have a lot of fun. It may comment I'm not come. You you're all right thank you outraged at this it'd I love it but they ran out but I appreciate it. That's map of AW KBW they stand for coming on and yet we're gonna get him on Monday play around with some rosters Joseph will be here. We're gonna have good time coming up after the break we are gonna hear from Jason bottle you heard Matt talk about their little bit. And saying. Bottles kind of hinting at. Any hinted that it well McPhee was in town that they hermit feet and into that actually saying that he had talked about troll. And that they have had conversations those conversations went while. And it sounds like from bottles comments that you're gonna hear a few minutes that those conversations have continued and they continue to go well. Pretty well. So we'll hear Jason Marshall coming up right gates Jody B Ozzie Danks to map all of AO WK BW channel seven for coming on this is the nightcap on WGR. There wasn't much of a plot that was a couple games in the training camp and that's been Phoenix's situation here and there isn't a strong relationship has been built over years there's been always been respectful from afar what Phil's accomplished. Obviously throughout the spring here doing due diligence on on some of his background and communicate with people for this USA hockey you're. Others post office has been a long way trying to get to normal. So it sounds like we got two guys. Who've been respecting each other from afar. They've crossed paths in the organization briefly. And that's it. That's kind of cool like that I like that. Want them away. Lula could have gone down a path where. Actually was popular mark tanner some and that's Montrose worked with previously but like the fact. That it's it's a new it's fresh face and it's it's a guy getting his first shot ends. I'm a big fan of that as well so we'll get to Jason bottle here. This was after the press conference today yet will media scrum answered some questions from. Our Paul Hamilton from Tampa Bay from others in the media so here is Jason bond troll after. Film house leads introductory press conference. Something. Nice shoes. And whose team. Previous to. Movement. At that. Little unique from that business standpoint but I think as you saw in the press conference just the passion level that Phil has come back to that the buffalo. And that I was very evident in my discussions with them and it excited me to Munich I had always have a ton of respect for him as a as a as a player and also as a coach. And then to see that passion level that which you want to be part of it and then. Building this organization again. Certainly was one of the reasons why don't want to bring back in the in this in this situation. To be able to interview everybody wanted to and it and it went a long time was it difficult to be patient. Odds it's certainly it was it was difficult process that rude I certainly enjoy the process it was that. It is time consuming and sit down with people and but I also was I was blown away by is that the quality candidates and just the dialogue. And I certainly enjoyed the processor chip so many things going on it was difficult but. I use your phone teams that were going into the conference finals in the files he knew that this was some possibility but it's also what draws you to these guys. His plane and you know having teams in the finals. You wanna try to bring while winning attitude and securitization on February 3 quarters of the Buffalo Sabres organization. With anew every bill. Players ultimately it. Well I think and if you talk to feel about it I think there is Thursday that that credibility rail about. But even talked with Phil Phil just isn't. You know rest on that yen may have some credibility with his players are up about but then if you don't back it up. You're not helping them get better it's it's gonna dissipate very quickly. And that's what I electable Phillips and talk with him and said. He touches on it touches on hopefully that there's a respect level right off the bat and I had duels with some of their experiences that you of the star players. You know. If you wanted to has been. But then that's where you talk to anybody as preparations deep jumpers meeting. How articulate is in his means. That really comes across the players the players realize he's he's out to help these guys. You know achieve their goals and. It appears this is crazy is the past couple weeks must have been for you with a cup and in the search process I mean the next couple the next month I mean how do you. Feel as far as preparedness for all of that with how much is still brand new here this dogs who. Feeling out process get to know players and your staff members but. You know dynamite dialogues from other gyms and preparation for the expansion draft her for the draft. And for previously I've felt very vote all prepared when it says that the amount of research that this organization has his very impressive from analytic standpoint from my pro scouts. And forget a lot of great experiences are still feeling out process yes but. I've got a lot of for permission from the and then on the Hampshire side I think Jeff Chris and I can and upon done an amazing job of preparation for it and we feel we're ready. For whatever mean journalists are the draft next week. You set with George McPhee and I event you have your conversations and you sent her. I've had conversations with a minute I think that has to step process like obviously I think we took from where route right now. You know can change in next couple hours or couple days here but then there's there's you know it's once you. And it was over there's a whole other market the church and have that with other teams now involved with to. And we feel comfortable where right now process and cheer Georgia's been very nervous. The memory that he'd been treating it and ultimately it was the I think you always have to be open to it Miami I'm mindset. Especially with a high pick it's always taken the best player available that's a scenario I think. Draft him for position and hockey is so difficult I think community goes on a little bit more in other sports such as. Football but for hockey things change so quickly and you're drafting eighteen girls you know the these players are coming to four years down the road. But what we've tried to have discussions with some teams are able moving up and moving back and I think because there's no set one or two players off the draft. Yes you peripheral comes. You have a something in place which George where you're knows what's going to happen are now. Wouldn't say I can't I can't tell for sure what sir we talked to the parameters and different different possibilities. But I. It's also very difficult for us that if they don't you know it you have thirty other teams were given a list so they can certainly make projections. But. He's not going to be able to give final answers to most teams until he he has all the information from. And if we help you can signing or going to need. We're gonna meet with him again next week and we've always was it's on succumbed to the organization and I did have a strong finish with cal but I have enjoyed our dialogues with them. Two situation room in the CPA and he has that right and you know both players and team utilize the right of the CPA. But to go it will processes that you have a dialogue with them has good relationships with. The goal lead development staff and organization. And we also think it's a great fit here. Both when buffalo and Rochester for him to achieve residential pools that. There are any indication that he might be leading into the expansion draft shakes out as he rolled would go plan. Before really making them. Certainly a possibility I think certainly just there's a lot of changes organization to whether it's the National Hockey League coach myself coming in. Who's going to be the coach in Rochester so there's a lot that's going on with the dialogues have always been very good with skill. That is and I'll muscles. It's a situation where. We told them if that they have been a lot of talk to the teams but it's a scenario where Phil will certainly sit down with them for next few days or your next week or so and see if there's if it. And then as we talked about during the press conference can be very important that we round fill with the staff that he feels comfortable and the conservative line each other and because anything nowadays obviously the head guy has to be the leader of your group. But over course of 82 games you have to have strong assistant coaches who are empowered and we just have to make sure there's a good fit the. All right there's Jason by troll after the press conference today ends. While fishing stuff there he's talking about Peterson is while right at the unfair. It's a bomb a process that's going to be ongoing. When did you. You do have this general area are you good guy this is probably wind is once Peterson's thirty day window close they get to like thirtieth. July 30 I remember correctly did it right I June June 30. He did it right beginning of the month a look at the Dallas just I know it was a thirty day period won't see. Declared. It to go pro at the sabres have a thirty day period signed him. Saws just wondering when that that deadline let's let's going to be coming up and. I think that's why one bottles getting in their way from what what's going on with Vegas I think that's why a lot of these deals. We keep hearing rumblings of potential deals. But I don't think they're going to be really completely ironed out. Throughout the weekend and be right because. Vegas is gonna have different teams offering different things and there are going to be figuring out. OK do we take this offer do we take a player like there's so much juggling going on that I don't think things are going to be your golf for Vegas until. Have to submit a roster and then that's when the decision's going to be made of okay we're gonna accept this deal we're gonna accept this deal were not gonna accept this deal and take this player in style. There's gonna be so much of that going on throughout the entire week and it's just such a wild card. It's such a wild card and of course I would love to see the sabres were to deal. Where it's. EU get it a nice salary off the books I think the most likely candidate is probably now Molson. Because these high salary player. You probably wouldn't have to give up as much to get them off your roster as opposed to maybe is Eric Bogosian who is still under contract for her. A longer term with a higher cap hit. Unless they view Bogosian is a reclamation project. But the connections between. Meet the animals and as well I think he'd welcome mail Molson in Las Vegas as veteran leader who knows what it takes to be a pro who would. Put in the work correctly day in and day out he's a guy that shows up early leads late eighties. A fixture at the Ryan O'Reilly practices afterwards so he's a guy that could show. Younger players are going to be in Vegas the proper way to go about business when there's going to be. Distractions and abstractions. And I think. Looking at it from basis point of view I'm going to be Yi taking on salary or bad contracts from a teen it's going to be team that doesn't have much else offer mean the only other thing. That would interest from buffalo are now. Would have been been cellmark right but I haven't seen this and I might just mistake if there was a one way deal or to deal it's the first year of all mark's deal is a two way deal the second year it's a one seed that I don't actually has let me let me look at that. You keep our focus my my point of view would abandon what I eighteen to figure this until I saw that hallmark sign and I thought. When that. Here are telling him face to not take means hallmark. Because that they're taking on mark what's going to be forced and if you be for them beater prospect goal either third goalie he's probably appoint H offered them. If I signed him to a one week contract. I'm pretty sure they're not taking him he it is a one way contract is NHL salary it's miners' salaries and so that's perfect to me because now. Vegas doesn't have the same amount of leverage over buffalo to say hey we can just go ahead and take Omar we can look at them now let's say. What are you gonna get off our team that that much better than mammals and anyway. Yeah I hear there's there's not going to be a lot left or protect them and all saying there is Tyler does potentially be Zach Bogosian the duty to go JGB gear incidents if he doesn't get protected that that's brilliant yet you're gonna get half decent player it's going to be got to probably doesn't have a very. Friendly contract the team. 830551888550. To 550 are the phone numbers here we're talking more expansion the coaches hired. Happy to have Phil Housley back in buffalo and now. Speech drafts coming NHL draft coming. Transaction frees Saturday at three. We're talking about adults the nightcap Jody B Osce right gates hanging out with you on WGR. Point not to mention it's a good point. 01 timers what they're doing and I think if you look at. All month individually inform them they all spent some very resourceful learning years. With the organizations. Where they were well respected and they had some success it wasn't the plan but they guys that one out on. There is bills and sabres owner Terry Malone who adds. I think. What the new PR director with the bills or maybe dvd image list you know coach they brought an. He's been told that he has to be available and visible at these things though I've. It's it's good it's good to have them there it's good to get his thoughts on these things so I hope it continues. Throughout the rest of the the time he's here I'll be you get a man. Post season. Press conferences. Just because I think it. It makes the relationship between him in the media. Who demanding answers sometimes a little bit it's just a little bit daughter. So before before we take off your got a couple minutes locked before we take off that is why do a quick roundup Bob McKenzie. He was. Time. That's 92 cents X ninety Montreal had a lot to say about potential movement coming up. In it in in the wrongfully. It started today with drew win a conditional six round pick to Montreal for me cal search of and a second round pick on the condition. Date only exchanged pecks. If the surge of plays less than forty games this year. Not more than less than forty jelly out against. You'd think that he wanted to play more than forty yet I've spoken in a Tampa still pretty strong an idea I think he's gonna make that jump in here. So here's some of the other stuff that's going MacKenzie he sat in Montreal radio. 1015 this one's saying what are somewhere in Montreal maybe somewhere and that somewhere in Canada. Bob McKenzie was talking I'll be really surprised at Shania is not treated here in the next little while he goes on to see. Brody in Minnesota as a guy that is eminently available right now believe Minnesota likely to trade and before the freeze in Montreal is by no means the only team in Jonas bro dean. It's crazy right now all sorts of talks going gone. He thinks Abra Lee is going to get traded now when congress figured he'd bought more likely that knots. Would say it's more likely than not to treat happens before the freeze on Saturday. So there's. There's at least. Yesterday Elvis talking about everything was still so quiet it was still so quiet on the trade front and and now we've reached the point where. The insiders are finally getting some concrete beams that are being exchanged. Relief deal chatty out yesterday there was some true win. Some ruined rumors popping around some truly for Gail charity rumors even. In the open that he sizes. Gradual loss of Reggie Walton Canadians have been having ongoing contract talks but they're not even in the scenes of the year when it comes to the contracts ago. That'll be urged to keep and I am going forward because he. It was her best offensive player this year. He's the guy I would even. Prop XT crowded at the price this he is gonna wind he's good he's owed her. We got a six year. Six million dollar you know he's looking for that big contract at least thirty power many of these 3132 years old he's not gonna give it because they convince them to come over and approve it deal and he definitely proved it. So he's probably looking for an enormous raise someone will give it to him. For better after that season and he's not just know he's a culture he's a good two way player put on the Vegas. The biggest pretty much Russia team Russia in Vegas that vehicle attempted to get called the chalk get. Data off bring Datsyuk back hit the whole game together. I don't know global actually wanna play over here because the Obama represent their country and you know the Olympics and stay out of but yet I did team Russia over in Vegas I'm all about it based in just make agreements involved on the go over the Olympics and then you know during the Olympics though just the terrible NHL team yet. I'm fine with it the legal you can online one. Repeat to him. The guy guide read duke and guy that'll actually be a team that has played at four skaters. Group. All right well where were shot we're done here for her for the night will be back to Raja and I. Jason bro pro hockey talk you'll be Irish open the Bulldog and as always I have no idea what's going on on the morning show. You have an idea Joseph you know my government. He thought he had an idea irons are called to the USC yes they had was on this morning all of that Perino tells OK yet he's not going to be. Tomorrow morning so we don't know. All right that's a big serving for coming in calls. Tweets tax may ample AW KBW channel seven they stay and we'll talk to him again on Monday an ace Joseph good guy. Right gates I'm out here it's the nightcap and each year.