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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Friday, June 16th

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WG ER Sports Radio fine. No effect at all. Rare bird. Bryan gates on WGR. Sports Radio 550. Yeah I was actually triple minor. Broadcast journalism major. English and film studies and love Meyer. So you know we are talking about Andre Markoff for a second there and just happened to stumble across this thing on the Twitter. One of these hockey analytics guys name's Matt Cain. Is right for hockey graphs and does hockey analytics for her it's called an Oscar winners view. Too much truth is important up right quick. Bills legend TJ Graham somehow I got the bill between I don't know what's going on but he's. He has projections. For our free agents and what they will make depending on what the salary cap is so we've got projections for a 76 million cap or. Sunday three million cap a gel a watch shooting got us. What is predicted average annual salary for Andre Markoff is. If he if the cap remains the same as 73 million which is what is currently projected to be. Does it have its fair what his salary was last season now. Well. That quick it was five point 75 million jobs so low. I'm gonna gas it's just the cabinet not term yes just to cap it. For a 73 million dollar cap. Five million. Five point five million the same. Pretty much the same like. Basically the same pretty much higher and he had never nevermind yes unlike a lot on the looking up and down this this year chart. With these projections. Just to see you know the the sabres potentially will be. In the in the business of signing a defense and and so on we go let's take a look at what's on the east defense men. Would be making a solo will won't go with the guy that were often earlier with here. Dmitry cool cop Joseph said. In the break we're talking about the Russians. And he's like always you keep cool cop around like uncle Costco is gone he doesn't like it here loner all year everything that you hear about cool off. No ball is around home. So low no reported talks yeah nothing nothing really around him at all it's just pretty much assume that even if free agency. His projected cap hit for a 73 million dollar cap 3.5 million. Would you take a look off back and a one year deal 3.5 1000100%. 100%. It. You get him healthy and and indeed Kate bank on that but you would hope that a freak accident doesn't happen last pre season. You get him off season being healthy he's actually worked three definitely now he's not. He's got a Staten beat the answer to you need on your top terror immediately on your second there. But three and a half million is supposed to be a solid third pair defenseman or a decent second air defense I think he is that. I agree I won't I don't hate him for that. But I guess that's healthy it's really. That's really. Anything that's on the agenda here so before I hit the break I was talking about the the Minnesota Wild in the Minnesota Wild. They are. If there's a team in the NHL that is absolutely screwed over by the expansion draft the Minnesota Wild they have. So many players that potentially could be taken. By Vegas here and they've got a lot of players who are on. No movement clauses that police say meat to call you blue. Buddy Jason palm in bill and Ryan suitor solos are all guys that have to be protected immediately and and they have a bunch of young twenties players like 2425. Years old so you take a look up and down their roster. And in that we've been talking the talk about the defense of Minnesota but we haven't spent a lot of time just taking at the team as a whole because. Tore folks on here and awful or focus on the defenseman. But you take a look at their defense and they have to do protect suitor which he's he's our guy is their number one defenseman he wasn't going anywhere he's the guy that plays the most minutes per night. And I've gotten Jared spurted 27 years old Markel scandal 27 years old Jonas protein 23 and at all but 22. So purging as a guy that played the second most minutes on the team he's under contract until 20/20. F five point one. Probably keep an actor whose views Z played the second most minutes on the team. And then you have a choice and they're gonna go 731 because they have a ton of forwards to. So we'll concentrate on the 20/20 one. Really great value contract for defense and that's still has room to grow. Matt dumbo. He's restricted free agent after exceeds net 2.5. And Marco ski and golf four million until point. They've got all these dudes locked up they had their Duff I've scored. Locked up and here comes this expansion draft go ruin everything. For the Minnesota Wild. So you look at the odds they're only gonna protect three out of five suitors automatic sturgeon. Protein scandal dump. You're protecting two of those guys. You take a look at their forwards Corey say Koivu in palm and built all no movement clauses none of them and passed away of them. Chuck Fletcher. On the Wednesday side that he has no deal in place in Vegas. To. Keep them away from you guys and if I'm Vegas on the market in Minnesota. Even take that I'm not even considering taking ideal though because you're going to get a good player no matter what you're gonna end up getting a good player from Minnesota. So let's take a look up and down their forwards now so I guess that reads a Koivu pomp and they'll automatically protected so they've got. For more for more protection slots and these are the players that aid. Potentially would like Q have protected Eric Staal who after a down year bounced back with 28 goals. Twenty calls Eric Staal twenty goals last year Jason zucker twenty goal scorer. Charlie Coyle young son Herman whom she owes a lot of of that two way game. Chris Stewart is still there definitely what are probably not. Protect that guy but he got air solitary Charlie Coyle Jesus sukur Nino meter writer he put up almost 45 goals this year. Eric Hala. Another young signer. These are all people that have to be protected. By Minnesota so Minnesota is in deep. With this expansion draft if there is one team I think in the league that is like Obama can't expect. Such players. Minnesota. I mean it probably cost Anaheim in there as well just because of what's going on with their defense but you look at their forwards third term. They might lose a Ford because they might choose to protect more deep science they might lose the Jacobs Silverberg. But that's because they're making a choice of defense over the forwards. There is no choice for Minnesota here there are losing a player no matter which way they do. Now what happened what I would be trying to do than our than its don't lose a guy for nothing. You've got to treat these guys away which is why we're seeing protein is almost for sure. Gonna be treated well that's the thing so I I go back to the trade. Was that that was yesterday the trade yesterday between Tampa and Montreal where Tampa. They were a tough spot because they had an extra forward that they were gonna need to protect and they couldn't do it so they traded a player. That. Need to be protected and ruined. And they got a player in return that did not need to be protected that's what Minnesota has to be looking for right now. You have to be looking for a young player probably they're gonna be looking for a guy who's. And it's already a guy that's probably banned illegal already if you're trading. A young player like best. A pro dean or dom Baugh because you're trading one of those guys are gonna need an NHL ready player but you're also gonna want. A guy that you you don't have to protect an expansion. In his name is the brought up around here as a as a guy who could potentially be dealt for. The defenseman. He doesn't have to be protected and ease on the Buffalo Sabres. This name samurai her. And I don't think I would do it obviously there'd be more or to the deal then just happen if you're looking to bring in one of these defenseman. And if you're looking at Jonas bro dean who's locked up until 20/20. On a dare re nice contract. It's something that I think is worth thinking about now you can get even deeper with this. And I think what you could do appear to sabres. You're saying to them you know what you potentially gonna lose who's a former to a Minnesota. They just during that wind almost. So they don't have a ton of draft picks they don't have a first or second round draft pick this year. I'm not sure what next year is looking like forum. Try to pull that up real quick but I got very they have a first next year but no second a first next year and Osaka and solicit the team. That could use some some draft picks 20. So is there a way that the sabres to pull off a deal. Depending on which Winger they want to give up maybe it's. Need a writer who was a top ten peck. Or the Joker. Who how and I don't know exactly where he might in the draft but he's. Put up twenty plus schools last year. Was around fifty points. They're they're a little bit older and Reinhardt but if you could somehow package. Samurai and hard. And maybe some pecs. To. Minnesota for. Jason sukur and Jonas protein. The gazette crazy is that too much I think that makes. A lot of science I think from the sabres point of view that degree trade off elderly neighbors point of view it's a tremendous unease but I'm thinking about it Lakefront is it is it too much wishful thinking on my part to think that that's a realistic type of trade. No I think Minnesota would want something else now whether it's the second or something more that they called me. Back if I make that offer and say it will be one throwing eight peck I'm not. No I absolutely not because your mind really what's happening is they are flipping their depth from wing. That's under which they've always had a problem with and you know air solid great season but he's getting up there in years they're gonna want a guy like Sam right or the dubious honor for them for a long time and there are an Arab. Their stock. At defense they gotta do something there. I think. Your clocks I think you probably have to give a couple picks 82 seconds if we even have two seconds at the look but media second and third we have two seconds we have. Our second what the sabres second and the Minnesota Wild second in nine. The third round picks they have the sabres have their own and Washington's from the Mike Webber trade or you know maybe they want. Maybe they want a prospect eagle putts and fashion. Just another another product that doesn't have to be protected that he is that they cannot take on another player that can be protected. So bright they're not looking for Boehner came brightly they they wouldn't even want I don't I think if your Minnesota you're not even really entertaining the thought of Evander Kane because that's. It doesn't help your situation you're looking for helping your situation where you're already going to be losing a player and that's why. I think it's interesting because proteins name is probably one of V. The hottest teams out there right now. And if your Minnesota like he'd even trade that guy but you gotta be looking for someone who doesn't B doesn't have to be protected because if you're trading him for. Like and Evander Kane is an example. It doesn't help you doesn't help you at all. You're still gonna end up losing. At that point two players. You get Evander Kane but all of a sudden I got to protect Evander Kane can protector installer argued that you creator writer Ari can protect Jason sukur. But that all comes into the equation. So all of your Minnesota you've got to be looking for a team that has a ton of young prospects. They do not have to be protected. And a team that has a lot of pecs and looking for ways to what you're depth that way much like Tampa Bay did. With Montreal you're looking for a way to get players that do not have to be protected. And if they're able to do that. It's a big win to find. Good value for those players and to bring back something that doesn't have to be protected. Who would be I think that's super adjusting to to think about I mean that deadline is coming up. It's 3 PM tomorrow the transaction threes vote so teams that are not named the biggest golden knights they can't trade. Vegas can still work out the you know expansion deals with the other teams. And all once the the lists are released on Sunday they can start that process. Talking live on restricted free agents or restricted free agents that are unprotected they didn't do either of those things. So its fastest. They're they're in such a tough spot I try a terrible terrible spot with this expansion draft I'm looking at what I would think if I were chocolate your position what would I be doing. And the way I'm looking at it is. Right now you're you're pretty solid everywhere. You're not great at setter but you know meek Okoye who the cal Graham land and air stalls pretty self cordial Ericsson acts going to be another good piece to coming up. But. If I'm Vegas and taking notice protein the way it's currently present in if you have in say. Say Minnesota goes that intrigues you is pretty. We'll bend it biggest goes ahead and takes Markel scanned Allah suddenly Mikey just got really bad. Like in the depth my top three are still really good but suitors burgeoning dumbo but now Nate processor or Christian full and like oh Christian fall and he played very little semis or I remember one play Nathan cannon like broke his ankles a couple of years ago. That playoffs. But in the first round. I like the avalanche were in the playoffs yet and in the canyons flying on the wing in his speed just like overwhelms a pretty sure it's falling he falls backwards on his hat on nights so. If I'm damn right now I might wanna consider buying out Jason Ahmet. To free up another forward spot that's not a player it's worth his cap at five point six million now he's not like Matt Molson because he's gonna give you a two way game. But he's got 44 goals in the last two years. At five point six million. I that's gonna and that's something that I mean if you're if you're thinking that way as Minnesota and the other thing with Minnesota's they're up against with the cap its. I mean I don't know how I'll watch that would be going into the future for her for the wild. It's that it that's what I mean they contract is this whole bad right now he's a 32 years old he's got a seven and a half million dollar capital 2025. I mean common bills five point six for the next two seasons so if you were to buy him out that would be extended back kaput over four years. It would give you some relief the projected to have. About 1211. And half million in cap space and they've got. A bunch of players like Michele grandma and asked to be reassigned need all order Howell law has to be resigns or even. Minus the expansion draft they probably get to make a move anyway his date there almost think we're Tampa Bay's right now. If so many good young forwards that victory sign they're not even to be able to afford to keep the ball. There is a tough spot they might have to trade a guy like protein entry to weigh a forward to. You're right there in there in the works fine. That that's. Man fine bar bottle I know he's he's new to the job that's. I'm sure every GM in the league is looked at this and it took me. However many months it's right before it that freaking deadline for transactions. And I'm figuring this out they probably figure it out a lot quicker than I did. And I mean chuck Fletcher has got to be. Inundated with calls right now about either of these defense and even sukur Hala but these young forwards Peter writer. The the wild right now I think our. Definitely there's a team to make a move before or two minus 3 PM deadline that's the team to keep an eye on because they have to get some sort of value back for some of these players and they need to have players that are not going to have to be protected in the expansion draft because. They get players that need to be protected as it's zero helped them. You know it's funny I just. Calculated exact cores a.'s buyout just heard a sales event ala. It keep it wouldn't come off their books until 20342034. Rick DiPietro just got done being paid I believe I think he might have a few more your thing yeah actions the one Ali action news just yet so what they're him. Buyouts you're right I mean they could do it upon it build it could even do with Nico Cooley who although I think they wouldn't want to do next about a player but and her captive where they can free up a spot here. They got to free up salary somehow I don't know how else I'm gonna do. And lest you go ahead but they could've done something like Tampa just they could treated. One of their forwards your beacon of package gramley and with something if they wanted to try and go get a guy like searching and you don't have to protect. A guy that young that has a few more years the pay him. Which is why maybe Sam writer fits that mold of little yes Jim Reinhart is definitely the type player that they're going to be looking for in return because. They need to find players that do not have to beeped and they're gonna to resign dumbo after next year and that's going to be another big seller I mean beat. I'm calling them and I and if I have it in my mind I might wanna treat bright hard doubles and I'm asking about. Even you know at this point right. I'll toss out Zealanders name in bears didn't mean he doesn't need to be protected new winner Ryan hired. And you need another pick and you get two players are ready to go immediately. I don't like Ryan are I don't I don't need that to be traded but if you're bringing in a solid well thank you can bring in a package from Minnesota. I'm definitely accident at that our continued talking about the expansion draft we got Jason prof he was on which opened the Bulldog today. Really excellent stop from Jason brought these he's all over the rumors you follow him on Twitter. But he's gonna be coming up next great conversation with them and then we're be had into the weekend. Monday. The list will be out may have over a gel meet me Kiri I don't rate is gonna have an expansion mock draft easily put up on the Bob. We're all gonna be job making our teams up with we work George McPhee cell look forward to that. Coming up next geez grow. On the nightcap. This WG. Expansion draft media here on WGR we are all super excited for the expansion draft. Wanna get you. A national perspective here Jason draw from pro hockey talk. A lot's a lot about the expansion draft here a great conversation from show for the bulldogs earlier here's Jason rough which opened the Bulldog. Before we get into this expansion draft Jason I see that you've tweeted the results of the expansion draft when the sabres joined police. Bull look to you or not you care member of that right there that you would have been five then you it's tough one for me you know it's lower quality some real name. I'm I I remember Twitter be in relief. Fired up what was happening I'm I can't tell you specifically use too much more than they got to go ahead I'm sorry guys I mean. Greg Cooper so sold out the same year trucks in this Aybar all came in the senior. Bolt still looking for the first cut but give up some good. Do we know did better in this expansion draft like that the sabres won parole. But do we know who did better in the expansion draft to get Pat Quinn here did he do anything for the canal locks open coax them to the note to our idols. I think get a big hit on Bobby your wants yes so that was what the Canucks got their remembered those you know. Honestly I'm so I was born in seven XX and from the time I was born to the way to all the way I got a high school. The conduct did not have a single winning season. Well so not allowed allies are I don't know how like that interest in and hockey with a can ox being that bad but somehow I don't. How do you do you suppose that is mostly because. The sabres got jewel verbal roll them really good right away and that can accept god dealt Allen who's a fine manager but. Wasn't anywhere near visual bar pearl's employer. Model didn't I don't think that helped by the can if you look at their drafting in the eighties it was just awful. Just awful beta they realized civic acting really. Didn't really get good until they got palpable Berrian and they you know they got a little better after about came close to the couple few times but stole her for the first walk. You have that one run to the finals against the islanders in minutes not and so liberate it really well area. And I am and that 82 run was a total. Cinderella. That needed the miracle on Manchester. Fuel that's needed beat the kings to upset the Oilers. And then economics through the kings instead of the Oilers and they made it all the way to tell a final and got blasted by the islanders' zone Roger Neilson. Yes I was. So and so the conduct basically the most one of the most memorable moment in baker threats exist or what Roger Neilson. Waving a white tell the obituary to conduct and surrender. Kind of like appropriate. Yeah when we met we might be kindred spirits here Jason. Okay so much does Jason David was conceived and but I don't know it's not stuck. OK so. We just played a clip of Daren Gregor and with are one of our earlier shows today talking about Evander Kane and he says. As he's been saying to loss. That he thinks the sabres want to trade him and he predicted there that they eventually would but that nothing seems imminent on this. Does that line up with what you now. Our art are still the same way idle Phillies gonna get traded for the expansion or opt in might if I were a team. That resisted and Evander Kane I'd wait till July 1 went back again side to an extension. I'm so it's all about kind of exceeded because you trade for vendor take you wanna know walkway in free agency and somber right and that's kind of what the sabres are up against right. At the moment you know what it's Evander Kane double play and anything quite the sabres next year you don't walk away. We're nothing in free agency and you know the question that I. With Evander Kane is does he want to reside at all rape or does is that finally the time that he wants to say. You know what. I got drafted by Atlanta we moved to Winnipeg I didn't love it in Winnipeg. But I got traded to buffalo I didn't ask to be traded to buffalo. But you know way you know bit slower bat bat request or does he want to resigning with the sabres. And for the sabres it's like well it a lot of resign without Saddam street absolutely straight out for a walk but just let him walk away next summer. And also you know the sabres I don't know if you heard what they need to expert at. Huckabee both leave he could be you know to be he could help that. He can help that you know you know Evander Kane. But there's good there's going to be a lot of question mark any team that comes in. Inquires about him per trade one and noted in our city into the traps are going to be a problem. As good. You know and uses when he's healthy when you aren't you know really good player and he still really young soul. I think. After July 1 the sabres will be able to go to the market if they do decide to trade and say OK look you can talk to him on extension and the turtle somewhere that's going to be able to keep up. Yeah one other factor here that you didn't mention there is whether or not the sabres can afford to keep him. That I've got to pay Jack Michael I'm probably gonna pay Sam Reinhart. A Marty can O'Reilly in a post so I'm playing in Bristol widen I need a better defenseman that I'm probably gonna have to pay at some point as well. We how many six to seven million dollar contract I have on my books is a question there because I like Cain as a player to. But I'm just wondering if he fits. Well I I I totally agree with you and you know you Europe on every Q really your priority should be senators. And your assessment and that's really where you wanna expand the most of your money talk it out. One or two high priced winners but you know that the sabres a bar to duck also locked up. Prologue time at a certain big chapter at Seoul in any what you said I mean the roster has to improve you talk about all these guys they already. That they need to sign a one point Jack article being obvious when he's gonna need a big concert but they need more players you better players so. You know it's it's it's just a question of how much cap space they have and who Wear the dollars are better suited to going and again. The big one does Evander Kane want to stay an awful. Do you do you get the sense that. Vancouver is intercity mean that there's been smoke fairer for more than a year. You know junior hockey all that I mean did you think Vancouver is a pit. Alchemy. Yeah I think you know I think it might have been your bill I'm not so sure does now. Because it can accept kind of changed course and it finally seemed to have admitted that. You know they need to go to a pretty big rebuilt Arab during the you know I think adding a vendor came would have been one of those deals where they try and make mistake and added a I mention he's still young but where is he going to be in five years right I mean the hockey players primenews. Believe it or not there early twenties it's right on the can still be good in their in their late forties and in their thirties but reaper colts score you know this is a vendor came climbed shall. I don't know I don't think personally piloted GM of the car. Not a fit for me. But it all kind of depends on how old how management and ownership really feels about whether or not they want you I should competitive team. Perhaps and the Canucks you know they they've got a young guy like Ben cotton I don't know if you guys heard that name back on them any ability to puck moving defenseman. I kind of like. Kind of like a Jay Gardiner style in Toronto. Army is not quite as good as Jakarta but he's got potential so I don't know maybe something like that but action to delegate I would I would sooner expect king goes elsewhere. Jason Roth with us pro hockey talk as it happens a literally mean anything but Cain is in Vancouver just tweeting a picture of the Vancouver giants memorial cup. Golf tournament this apparently is playing in today. So. We are a bow to the deadlines here Jason pulled organize have been talking all the time about the expansion draft these really cool. And immersed in waiting on unmoved here like tomorrow's the deadline for submitting these rosters and those kind of opened there'd be there'd be more action to this point. How do you how do you feel about yourself than what's happened so far. All to me until like another trade deadline day I I like you expected a few more boots today they could still Terkel and later in the day and it slipped moral. Two or 3 PM eastern time there to treat or use. So the thirty teams not counting the biggest golden Knight can't read any more expansion draft so. I mean what it is kind of like a game of musical chairs right if you got a guy that you can't protect. You wanna trade that guy to a team that can protect. And at the end of the day you know they're targeting and shares for every want. Ought to change that thirty teens or credit they're gonna come together and and and make sure that whatever is available to Vegas it's not all that great. So I'm kind of looking at teams like Anaheim and that sort the islanders. Like it. It Anaheim penetrate any. It was a pretty good defenseman I think that probably will. You know the same for someone like Jonas bro being in Minnesota. Or. Trap trap cabinet on the islanders so. I've been there could be some some moves and it in today and tomorrow. Well I'm also looking at Montreal you know the rumors about culture and they are being traded. Third I mean there's so many rumors and there's so much smoke but there's got to be higher there. I mean that situation really reminded of when Sagan and all lol quote Julian what the the coached in buffalo coach in Boston coach Montreal now. You know basically quote Julie what commencement Alex Vega could play center. And so straight it. That was a big reason he was traded and it seems to be that way or Montreal I don't think or Julian has commenced Brickell China to play center and perhaps meet senators. All I I. I'm not sure I mean I think you're paid you know without straight guilty verdict they'd better get a good return hunt but I could see maybe a deal between Montreal and Minnesota you know. I mean. But wild. We have the wildly they dealt Henican yes senator. Need senators. And you know may be vacated senate defenseman to Montreal select a little while speculation on my part but I just. You know like there will be treatment in today and it's it's really a question of how big. Right and I'm I'm very meager curious to see. What what the market. Gets that bat for that kind of betrayed like. Because the the teams say I mean everybody wants defenseman right of course buffalo wants defenseman lots of teams that want to upgrade their blue lines. And there's only a few of these teams like you mentioned Carolina might be that mix to the islanders Minnesota Anaheim. But. Better in a spot where they are risking losing a guy for nothing so should a team trying to acquire button and or broad gene or time. Have to pay a standard market waiver for to be discounted because the figures were stuck if you don't make a trade you'll lose the guy from up in the expansion draft. Yeah and I think that's why it's coming down to the I think that that's why it's coming down to the last minute. Right there's probably a lot of poker playing going are now you know them going out there lol you know we're not gonna pay that price we will let experts we want and then. It's gonna come down to maybe tomorrow right at the deadline. I think you know I think I think you. I think setting the market is the hardest thing about this now you know because we we don't go through this every year in order to trade deadline it kinda know what. One attending USC is work. Break it like maybe a second rounder now you're coming you don't know for those reasons that you looked. We'll have more coming help with the Jason Rolf from his conversation which opened Bulldog coming up next nightcap on WGR Ryan gates and Jody BC with you here. Welcome back into the nightcap ranking it's hanging out with. You here we've got more from cases Graf pro hockey talk show probable. We think about Marc-Andre Fleury your Jason how does this play out. Well all I've heard people don't think it's. You know you can have eve of the election and they're gonna keep them you can period starting goalie and that makes. Sense in a way around you know I think he's pretty good goalie. Erin I know he's very well liked in the room like he's so popular on like nobody out of that word to say about work orders are unbelievable he makes. In Pittsburgh when he could have been kind of you know not a great teammate. When when McMurray when infirm and some sort think that's probably what's gonna happen but you know I've always wondered about Fleury you know. Could betray them all four men Calgary needs a goal in and you know the wildest thing I've come up what is it still. You know I mean flyers need a goalie doesn't sound like they're gonna bring speed base back. They've got Michael Weber that are who's coming up pretty bad year. They got some guys down in the NHL that might be ready but maybe not to be your rest of them injured in your tandem so. I mean imagine a man where he went silly I mean idol but but well you know I I I I guess I'm still curious to see if you know I'm I'm I'm still curious to see a flurry does go to Vegas if he doesn't go to Vegas if it will definitely make him the starter or maybe they consider. Right that's what I'm really asking like right I think he gets picked in this thing or lose some may be something else happens first but does. Does Vegas. Feel all I don't know I don't get sentimental about it as Vegas feel like he just what what the plan is thought that's all what is what is the point that could trigger click I think confused during this it web one point about what his contract actually. Was or was what was necessary to do so I guess you're saying look at least it could happen that he gets picked in the expansion draft and then traded immediately after. Right because you've got a no trade list he's got a partial no trade clause and it archer let's go to. Picked up by. And then make its failed to do this you're twelve team leader willing to be traded to. To support someone like I don't know about that exact number I'm but you know I just. I don't know what they do that because I feel like if you know vet that vet brother spurred him exceed what kind of have a deal in place but rather what what would make sure. I would seal that flurry wouldn't get screwed over you know what yeah it's lower wages no movement audited final about it. But you know wanna move into the wanna go to Vegas and it slipped somewhere else if I would rather for an make sure that an app. Well especially up. Sorry would you also want to make sure doesn't end up in Philly and give your brother for what you don't wanna play and immediately the penguins haven't I'd lose it. I don't know without being great but I would agree it would be my I mean I I just think like I think there's a lot out of all morning and blurry. As an and an expansion team like these guys are gonna out smoking young players but there are going to be. Then they're gonna need a starting electoral experience starting goalie people out there and you know I mean Dutch shell. Right and am Marco under -- to do that like her reminds me a lot of Ryan Miller drinker right back guys last few years has been. The ultimate role. The trucks have been terrible in front of them and their games one and he could have like murdered his teammate Oscar but he didn't you all about it and I are trying to steal like Vegas might need a guy like that. Interest thing out what what's happening the Miller. He's going into free agency is me. Yeah I think the clocks electric to bring them back Armenia but you know maybe Eagles to Calgary. If he's willing to move there is pretty close to going to a pretty close to elect. You know I I think they cannot wanna bring him back I don't know what about planets if they adult. You know tick marks and could be the starter but then they need to back up the man you're looking at. What could potentially be pretty bad goaltending next year marks or how to really prove himself. So I think they'd like to bring them back but they're gonna get at all Bowden after the expansion throughout just like all the other US and Israel. Right to nice as I think I saw a quote this offseason from Jim Benning and talking about mark's drum is their goalie of the future at some point and he's 27 years old. That's an idol age or. Now I mean it's a big debate in Vancouver because the athletic. A lot of people did like the line Miller signing in the beginning. Can they dissent like why are you doing that's why are you spending all caps it's on a goal is to try and they competitive we're not a good team. I'm so I think a lot of people in Ankara like to see the conduct move on Miller and just kind of hand marks from the starting job and bring them back up. That might happen is Miller doesn't end up signing I think you know I don't I don't know what Miller wants to be 12 year deal. If you want to cheered field and you're looking at critical. I don't know he's 37 now so. Now I don't know but the symbolic and say like the you know people of buffalo like. Ryan Miller. He came into Vancouver west credible reputations for being kind of Audi. And may be a bit like standoffish with the media and I've seen nothing about like Durbin a few games street needed a few minutes to compose and salt. Well we're speaking to reporters but. You know he's he's just been the ultimate pro and think you're actually you know a lot of people ended up gaining a lot of respect from there. I'm glad to hear all of that I'm an admirer is at their word definitely those moments here. Which is probably how he came to have that reputation but no there were over there were many other times when he was wonderful. And he was important in this community so I'm glad to hear your report on this Jason Jason thanks a lot for your time. They're Norris guys have a good debt. And that was Jason brawl I really enjoyed listening to his perspective on the expansion draft and yeah it's and come equipped tomorrow 3 PM. Roster freeze. The teams have to submit their lists by 5 PM. And then tiny amounts Sunday view lists are released we'll have you covered here on WG are all one day. I now. Me gel may apple today Nate Geary we're going to be bringing you our. Mock expansion drafts so they actually come to an announced Sunday because Sunday and Monday. Because that's all we're going to be talking about the entire time. Until Wednesday when the expansion draft is finally here are brought have a good weekend thanks to Joseph thanks to everyone for tuning then. I'm trying gates have been night.