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It's Mike show name any word in less than a second I will tell you how many letters or an but I cannot. I'm not anything mechanically I don't even know ought to put a team together for three year old spend a Bulldog. Fool me once. Shame on. Shame on you. People we can't get fooled again on WGR. Sport's great. Bryant service say you know link to a story about. President Bush I saw that president W. And I didn't read I got out of it yet new immune. Did I did favorites OK I think it favors I only read the headlines sent to you guys so it's smelly guiding aid deep diving into this so you Ryan tweeted us an article that none of the three viruses actually looked at it. And that's what it won't work that's the way this show works. Stephen why don't you may have hung up after that app is on the line talking about the NHL big week. Steve we thought maybe last week would be a bigger week then it was were you surprised at all that there were more trades. A little. Only because there's so much chatter going on. But and and the and ample GM colonel leak that figure out I they're what is more that regardless of nervous. About trading a player and then leaving another player and a lot of them disfigured let let let's just sit back waiting she let. And then start making Auburn and you got it figured. But mark this trade create lists and Jordan via extort the future epic. Routine that Thursday morning at 8 o'clock you're circuit you a lot of movement on the signing and trading. So the the freeze list then and but the draft will have been completed by that right so team full of lost guys won't be their motivation then to still trade guys away that they were worried about losing. Or is there something. And something out there especially player trade that practicing in Colorado. Has has garnered a lot of interest or Beverly. From Edmonton if upload though it looked looted and McCain I think all of those kinds of trade are far more likely to happen. Right the board at the trap and they weren't last week. It's he was or where we're looking at hurts her deep expansion protection whether it Jonathan Koran tray. Nick in billiards it's that the buffalo says it could get rid of guy you might not be able to protect. Now it's the real big names and and a big trade that we'll see what the street let. Stephen why don't from the AP joining us the expansion draft it's announced Wednesday night at the awards. So tomorrow Stephen is when George McPhee said he's gonna pick their team. So I wonder what tomorrow might be like what do you think of like the lists as you looked around on Saturday at what teams dig it more who they left unprotected. What were a couple of ones if there were any that surprised you. Let's go to stuck out a natural a little bit and and a few of the teams that they've been may have some side deal worked out that the Minnesota Wild. Are going to lose are there they're going to advocate player at letter that some what are Marcos scanned ballots to very good defensemen are even a direct Eric Staal last. Expos who have potential being captain sort of figure it egos it's that they get comma for Kashmiris and kind of god in Montreal. I'm figuring him would have a deal worked out to keep. Articulate any gotten away from Josh Manson but maybe that the creditor after the democratic gains the only G. And I'm twenty Eagles quarter at this stage of the career one year left on contract. One when they get to looking or force them. High profile scoring. And I am talent and forward at going to be pretty rare to find an and we go over the split. There are some good defense and noble there's a lot of strong goaltenders and noble which by the way that that could be ruled a word design. We're supposed to give Vegas good goaltending and neck sweater Marc-Andre Larry and somebody else or whatever retreated back to Q. At deposition. But it's gonna be a competitive team getting from the lists. And that short pixie add a lot of options and I'm. Working GMT against each other for trade and also putting Simoni executed quantity to a competitive expansion team and that's. And you think that is something they are striving for to be the most competitive expansion team what what does that mean when they still finished probably close the last even if they are more competitive and say Ottawa was back in the day. Well they are kind of candidate had been copper oxide up and a kind of an app. I am Baghdad there's going to be even if stuff I am. Debate it is going to be a better team and people expect. That it did not could be you know won ten games I got within. You're I don't know. I'm not gonna limiting the Beagle like to contribute up intention that would be silly. Based on May not competent to bring in but the goaltending is going to be good enough that it is going to be cheap knock when EP. In Colorado Avalanche. Territory. In terms of not quite understanding it they're gonna be a team that going to beat. Part to play on a lot of lights just because at that good that both earnings would be. But Marc-Andre Larry and they have no clue about our Michael Meyer or not he caught that those kind of players. That bill to expand entity in an attack the national climate and so those sort of played it. Didn't have that comical and that he had to pick from the scrap. And now. With every team only be able to expose one goaltender. It opened up a lot of pop birdies around the league and that's why they could be better than than any entertainment industry. So even want to from the Associated Press our guest by the AT&T hotline Mike show and the Bulldog here on WGR. Well the expansion draft and he's protected lists Stephen has never been like the biggest deal in buffalo because there really wasn't that much drama to it. There they were not a position quite the contrary they were not in a position like these teams like the docs who had to figure something out by Saturday right. That having played been played out now you've got a goal was in here will carry day as a guy a forward that people like this might have some value. All marked the goal lead. Is you see the sabres and what's available to Vegas do you think there's something here Vegas should do. Yet carrier probably be much beating are picking sort Gartner eat at perspective because. A lot of these guys that I think it's gonna take are going to be younger players potential and green had a guy who's played more than half of an NHL eaten. Don't quite two years old he is intriguing prospect. For them. Our market the other it would be the the option of yours you're thinking OK how many goalies. You wanna take the only difference there will be an is a mark on the entry level contract. And we're still able to be sent to the minors next year I would think he beat you need to go on now that he acted after labor's moving forward it's gonna be a little bit tougher because you're not. He can't get a panic that the real. Quote clearly claimed him back. Or someone else that would claim them on what we've seen the other young goalie at. I'm not worried that they are respected if you wanted to keep a job or did you wanna keep that code is not the goat is an old guy. By any means but it's a big ticket on a contract. And while they get their needed extra money I think that the sabres Procter Arctic wind to pick a younger player. Who looked at say eight developmental goal mulled a locker future. Does it make sense that they would have exposed carry eight to keep Vegas away from all marker are you suggesting that all mark. Wouldn't be the pick because we just set about a contract status. I think the contract at that more to do it that just because if it. If you're able to keep it development a goaltender who couldn't have labored and put him in the minors he would be the perfect example for that. I don't know of the sabres intentionally tried to hear sort of wait for from Omar. They have the option that the project marketing the chancellor Robert miner I don't think that it would. Whatsoever. If that was the issue wanted to make Gilead it it's a numbers game and you don't protect so many guys even achieve that haven't been out in a few years. And it's not like Kerry OJ is an essential part of that team's future that if you lose in the you're you you're you're crying in here now. Your your view saying OK he's a strong player and it it gate to borrow want to make a move that they take someone out on on prop up aspect. But what has unable to do that but I don't know that at that compared to some other teams and and it's out there that on the board without being. Steve what do you think of the sabres overall here in new coach new GM all of this with the expansion draft may not affect them really much at all. You you brought Cano I think you're on the station last week talking or morning guys about him and and letters part of this question too because. I'm sensing from your last comment that you know may be Lennar is in somebody and I'm I guess and summing like I'm putting words your router your. By the way I'm praising this that letter is in somebody the sabres should trusts. For the long term I don't know if you feel that way what do you think about what they look like in total. They're they're not they're one of the bigger mystery the league right now in terms of what the direction it out just because. We knew what Tim Murray like hammer gave up the first rocket Robin minor. The heat he treated her banner can't we be patted its stance and his fingerprints all over the Procter. And now I packets are coming in regarding target new coach and I do love that higher. I stump for and that is being upset and coached in Munich jump back in coaching are exposed in Minnesota for a governor off and I think he's an expert hired there. Robert Lehner is it a question mark because we don't know because they help the what he can do as a full time starting goaltender still generally. At his age and adapt it to say yeah maybe Egypt a year to prove that and and borrow goes on the market shopping for goaltender next year. Because it's not that they're that the result has. On backward but it now changed direction because you've got somebody new in charge. And if they do it tomorrow doesn't believe that Robin Lehner the guy. It'd be strong market he'll try to find the goaltender. That it felt about our might be available in expansion get to Vegas. And you might you ought to get someone like that or not he brought. Or or a couple of players Peter Marat sperm from Detroit if you believe in about one of these goaltenders but is it going to be interest in each. It gate and Barbara take the approach of moving a lot active and Ernie has acquired that younger players to try it. Speed up the crop that. Where he comes in and the more extended rebuilding process and you try to find your you were kind of people in your car players. To sit in cute how how pleased to announce that apple and out. I mean it stands to reason that this. Can happen but the names were talking about. Lennar in this case teen carrying a book goes in or all players that Marie traded for. And he wasn't really here that long incarcerate here with your before me was your forever so you've got a few guys here to your one point their Stephen that were Marie. Buys. And who knows like what that's right hook. There's there's like you said first there there's this really hard to know what Jason bottled walled think of those players are what his plans might be. Bright and we can take any hands. It's got to be from what gay daughter all and and before and better. Arthur Rutherford or British hero what they've done an expert what they've done in in Carolina and New Jersey look at those teams and how did to help players. And what their plans are connected to try to determine a winner. And reassure doing a little bit and Allen and very slowly and you turkeys are. Getting guys grown at the age a level mean repugnant in the NHL we've seen in Pittsburgh area near Connor Sherri cheek and cart around. So sort of players that Jason Barra will try to Feingold kind of guy to complement the talent that there you've got to check cycle. At the start center he's in in this example you're you're IndyCar. For forgive that it's not aid Urquhart I'm prepared for the future Sidney Crosby and you see any hope that samurai are to come here anymore. Find somebody to eat that other star and and you poker players around. The Pittsburgh model and Feinberg may did you hear about that at winning the lottery it's not back. You can build a team around a couple top stars and players around and it'll be intriguing to see how much you can borrow follow that. Model that British Euro. And clean out some of the guys he doesn't agree with you entered into a tad more trade value now and that he did a year ago even went up what got him from Winnipeg. Effigy he had last year. And went back outpost now with the mammal center and those kind of players trying to get billet guys around your core. And and figure out I got to we're going to be. Good and in their prime to three years from now when you and and and which guys are are going to be on the downside you don't eat in a party your team at that point. A lot of the focus of Evander Kane's. Trade ability. I mean there's a few things that work is his contract status is obviously one. The the core group of the sabres will have to eventually pay Michael Reinhart the players are already paying. Well Michael Paulson who you mention and Ryan O'Reilly in restaurants are flying him. And what you have room to pay someone like Cain a big whale of a contract then there's also the idea that trading him for a defense bin. Was a really good idea now the sabres to make a trade and it wasn't for Cam Fowler nor Sammy botany and or one of the the Minnesota guys. Did they did give boy you from Montreal. So I'm wondering if the urgency to move cane for a defenseman. As maybe dissipated so. It might anticipate a little bit Nathan Elliott is a nice complementary to and meant. Who doesn't cost a whole lot and it Peta top order doesn't that's OK but what you are what you want ideally is yet Kirk airing act. Playing and the neighborhood of 1517 minutes a game at a hooker and that the incredible urgency to treat act straight it'd trader and editor in right now. But if his value was there and you can get a legitimate top order and export and for the long term. That's where it might make a lot. And and Vancouver had any about the possibility. Of acquiring a banner came at poppy not going to happen given where the Kirk Carner very open up that. Better to team up they're willing to give you back on an asset or it might be easier to find it scoring Winger in the next several years. I gotta keep Yoshi coming up on on a free agent market. Don't sort of players are easier to get a note elite top stand and but then you upset that I enter on the actor willing to it Betsy I'd been looking at a polarizing. Around hockey it didn't happen in Winnipeg. Is it personality and in general bet you that uninjured from actors and we're willing to get a fanatic he thinks he's going to be complementary person on our team. It is I don't know that he's going to beat Pete center core long term in buffalo. And what the value of having him as a complementary piece air for what 6 o'clock it's the pain in my pocket dot. They Stephens couple minutes here. Left how about this format. Do you I would have you been covering the league long enough. Two may have covered up other expansion drafts or release may be reported on it I just feel like what we've had with Vegas has been really fun to talk about. And I wonder if you have a take on whether it's also been fair or well received by the team's. AL it didn't fund firm from 88 kind of roster construction and point. And it is it big with the GM to die on the court Doug Maclean. David oil. Impacted on expansion draft back where there has salary cap and we're not outlook available. Normal. Chela of Jordan's king and the counting double for the team because level it's been great for. But but they understand it because when you bet incoming and then that that an armed Bill Polian and Ebert and our nine dollars to get an elite. Everybody understands why go it in the league best interest. The backing deacon added that doesn't help bands that doesn't help the general managers did better and unite you know knowing they're gonna lose. A count a player of the heat but when you have the salary cap dependent on how much money believe me. And Europe he now having another team come in and splitting those revenues all around you need get in to make money you want that team to beat good. And and maybe that GM and Activision. And Western Conference don't want that kind competition. By you they got to recognize that for the good of the sport and they're gonna delete that. To lose one player. It that's fine. You're getting at that point potentially another rear ore mine aren't on the hour cap it you'll be able to spend next year if revenues. And and then Tampa beat it. Picture on that because if you were a Blackhawks and you really don't want to lose ever entering a market Kruger get a stink about but that. Not a great being here around saint you don't wanna eat something you've been very good player out there. You are going to lose. But the bill if more so than in previous expansion the NHL it impacts it. Really in the infected and it financial way in that it being successful. Especially given how much of 88 calculator Rick the bit in oracle market at actual sports he. How receptive do you think Vegas is to that like I they are they gonna go into this trying to put the best teammates together they can for 2000. 1718. Or are they thinking about lottery picks and being good in five years. That that the typical bounce. For George McPhee in at CNET. And that's why I think Marc-Andre query is going to beat her neck area of the expansion draft. Andy and walk out of the state Ellicott but it can't be marketable figure that he would. And either that people recognize and no on championships. As at any reason to come and it's not just a wee hockey team. Which I think is going to be dropped a couple feet I think that he need eagle to win. Who seat and not not the next to either but the thirty year ranch. Because we saw it when it ankle that where they're at and there is that there over to a have a team coming through the area are coming back to. But city. And then it the okay now we want to win the of the patient and I mean who wears off debts for George McPhee it. Pick up at many assets now Eric and potentially what helps you truly years from now where that in the next two eaten if you cook it. Entertaining he won the end it's not terrible acceptable. And then two years from now in Turkey is if you can win if you can be a playoff team by the third year BA legitimate contender but it's 67 year. But that's where he opted to move from. It that they novelty factor parking lot they actually being a winning team and and building up a fan base over the first decade and. Stephen why don't from the APC we learned a lot thanks for all your time today. I did it.