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Oh yeah and pulled off. Is going to happen I'm going to have to fix you manage you team on a more personal. Scale. And more micro four. We'll check on clay court to. All yes it's my show what is your name sir I'm Bill Buckley and a Bulldog. Really accurately and here. But it would build this country by the way it's my shoulder. Three words I would describe US is aggressiveness. Lots sold and definitely typical and a Bulldog. Violence on your voice on W. Voice Joseph just sent a lot for me. I really like a Joseph weaved in the sports. There really wasn't as much action as we thought there might be and I mean does that not happen. You know like. Here comes all of the everybody's with this is gonna be amazing. Maybe it'll still be amazing in the next couple days but many army. I thought center Friday or Saturday or both. We're going to be great. What worst Minnesota. Where's the Anaheim trade where or any of these things the sabres got a guy. So we have that. But there was just not exactly a. Flurry of moves. On Saturday and all of the does some. Not looking so far what the busiest time in the history of the 100 year league. But it's no. Bullet down the kind of cut to her so little down you know you never want to give up hope although in one respect I'll say this much now that the sabres did make a move for eight defensemen and it was not a defenseman who's. Name we ever discussed in here but they picked up boy you from Montreal. On Saturday. And now that they've done that. If the Anaheim guys and looks like Anaheim's got to deal with Vegas so they're exposing. Guys that they don't wanna lose but won't lose them is gonna pay a price to make that happen that's been widely reported now in the last few days. If none of those guys gets moved and it may be the Minnesota guys don't get moved. I'll feel a Philly Jason bottles on a good job. If he got the defenseman. And very few defenseman and a big move but it ever won was wrong about all this avalanche of movement. And indeed the expansion draft comes and goes and teams find a way to hang onto their guys. That had a surplus of defenseman and I still got one. Then they'll have to. Really really. Dawn is have to play out and see what that is because. When they made this trade. Saturday. I thought it was pretty cool they didn't give up anything. Important bright so even if the guy. You know was a fringe player and he's probably better than that. I guess maybe that's the word for what he was with Montreal but these small little bit about that too. You just the 68 pick in the draft. I just look at the last. We're back to 1990 look at the sixtieth every drill program way. It was the 68 pick of his draft nice career New York roots who was the 68 pick of his draft. The sabres threat to the guy not that long ago named to look duke. And who was the 68 pick of his draft and I'd not heard of a single other one since 1990. But you're not looking like you're not trading away a pick it should be an NHL player at all alone a good one. So bright from there doesn't cost very much. If you that you have another pick in the third round if you care I really don't they wanna trade older pics from the third round on you know go ahead. Now big big mic that trade and like you said or what about the bigger names. It really still remains to be seen what happens there. Does. Biggest debt. A first round pick. From teams. So that the not pick those good defenseman what do they get if it's a first round pick. From Anaheim hypothetically. For them to pick somebody unimportant and not botany in horror Manson Josh fans as you know. Then none you know that there it's arguably have a good deal for I guess not necessarily about argue. We and I and I speak to understand from Anaheim perspective a game they might feel like a first round pick. They're hoping for defenseman as good as spot in her Manson McCarty got to a home so I can I can feed you a first round pick to keep you off of those guys. We are all set and off the gas at whether I'm gonna get a guy that could have already got these guys in there about the astronauts superstars. And they're good. So old but I'm willing to pay to keep you welcome. I've developed a mighty I chose them we got lucky there pretty good we were put them. Why don't wanna just give them up I'd rather give up my first round pick and have you walk a guy that's. Ready made I'm gonna keep him probably even depends on where your picking fail and it depends on the contracts. In some cases but sure so let's see what happens like if if those boy if if what is traded to Toronto. Don't give and that's hurl them and might be sitting here going McGwire and. I have to jump on them and boy you want to do that mean a service like that this guy. Is it mean bake that you know they're still could be other trades they you know maybe you'll find something that they light. That that presents itself after Vegas is don't base Zuma do in the for the entry draft or sometime before free agency. So I don't know assume that they're done shopping for depends from the GAAP as of right now. I I I I'm leaning towards good job you gotta defenseman and none of the big guys got moved. If those guys are getting moved in the places. Aren't. You know aren't much more than what I paid for boy you that I'm gonna wonder like a you know well I want was in the amount that while I was in the in on Baja under eminent. Or you know whoever. I think this Canadians player now sabres player Beaulieu is very interest thing. There was a guy who's good admitted there was a guy on Montreal in the middle of the season and somebody I'd like. Said something really flattering about him but I cannot say for sure it was this player. But it might event and I can't either figure out. What other player would have then if there wasn't this player bowyer so. May eat the sabres just just but that's the first thing I thought of on Saturday is that I think I heard so and so Paul pop liken march something like that. You know his numbers even some of our. Basic possession numbers are not great. Buy it you can like this I mean is. A first round former first round pick 62205. 24. Right moves well mood skater oh that's you know and you have a coach now that you want to have. Represent. That defenseman on your team at least are going to improve from him that's what the point was right. Not that he played for the sabres and one was yes that look how good nationalist. Guys Ben in the game a long time great player coached even at the amateur level and now. Given national predators blue line it's amazing so what can that mean for re we asked him about mostly about that the other day. You know that the coach you mentioned the penguins there was a great. Answer talking about how. A couple of their players in in the playoffs in the finals. Would not be called great offensive players but they. Did do a good job he knew their role they were good at it. So that's what were hoping for here. And so if it's Beaulieu or offense. Goes in for whoever might be my on this team. I wanna think it's possible that there'll be improvement. And so again they paid so little for this player that it's it's definitely not a bad move. And they need. Bright new defenseman it's almost certainly not a bad who did the patent in order to wait and see just how significant movement is where does he slot in. And you know what what does this new coach managed to get out of them so. I don't wanna I don't wanna be guilty of overstating the significance of this guy's been in all of a sixth or fifth or sixth defenseman not a pretty good team most of this year played 74 of 82 games in the regular season. Played in the playoffs was benched their final playoff game Montreal's first round loss to the Rangers. That's his that's his background. Prior to this year he played not all the games that he's he's never been Micah staple regular. I don't go back and look bad injury related urges scratch related you know just performance. But. Listen up it's another body to try to. You know improve an area of great weakness for the team. So these are my team and somehow Bogosian it's taken away in the expansion draft or he's on my team a drops gorgeous gets bought out. To meet that's that's better for me certainly in the case of Georgia is the guy might be like you don't achieve a Bogosian for. I think the best thing. About Bogosian and being picked by Vegas if it happens would be the years the sabres. Don't any longer wouldn't any longer have to pay him then it's the future for me I'm still. Thinking where was the other week which is if but as mentioned him before right if he's still on the team may be. With a certain role or certain focus some sort of change in approach or. Whatever from the new coach that maybe he can not the. A liability. But if you're gonna take him away was that four more years to reform or neighbors or more years that five point somethings it's got big big money for enough years that you know. I I would it's a bit of a balancing act it is possible if he does have some some gifts he has he is big and dogs moves well for a man his size and that's not something that I normally would just sort of blow off. But given the money in the years. I would favor getting the cap space and the relief. Against hoping. The turns into a maybe average player for. Your immediate I think that's that's a win for me if I get the years in the money freed up the cap space that's that's. That's more wind and hoping he can be better than he spent. I think although it's it is possible peace here that he can be better with this coach but I'd rather get the cast. So how would you handicap if you can is it possible to do this how would you handicap what happens from the sabres unprotected list. Is there any way to do that without. Being in the Vegas Roman knowing what else they're planning on. You're masking it doesn't have to be. Perrier or does it have to be Omar doesn't have to be goes in that have to be anybody is it is it better than 5050 that it's any one person I don't know that it's. I don't but. For me sit here. I wouldn't. Venture that is better than 5050 it's any one person. And I don't know all I don't know that I wanna get any better than 5050 that it's nobody. But nobody is a possibility. He you don't like the beat. Who is William Perry did exactly like what what he bit the the thing making the rounds when the list came well. Seem to be. Kerry is exposed. So would that Vegas can have him and not take all mark but that's the deal and I have not seen that like. Reported as anyone knows it it's just sort of trying to you don't do what we're doing right now except doing it on Twitter or lower or writing it which is just desperate bong yes. And the minute that's possible but I understand the appeal of carry a he's young and cheap and fast. President I mean I don't know Arthur probable lead. Twenty or thirty guys on this list on screen from various teams 400 it would hurt. I mean I don't know. Now you can't take as many guys as you want so you know depends on who's available from what team and what's your take a guy you're done with them and that kind of thing soul was so. So guess forming or just give up say it's not worth what you've got there is any meat. Cool cop is somebody too because they can't they can't pick a UFA. Com. Arthur B anybody else the most interesting thing about the list is on us that the sabres count on us. And I also wanna talk about why they did that a what what is their thinking there is probably. Suggests. That they think they have a chance. Getting value for him making him into the player used to be whatever something like that there's no redeeming value. In NS even at a pretty high pricing. Molson being on protect it is no surprise. Bogosian is no surprise once they make the trade for W then goes Ian almost had to be. Available bright but before that trade I thought they would protect him president was to be third you know. On the list so what do you think what's up with the right way to predict try to predict what happens. I I might I might want odds but I I'm white I'm in my favor betting on and they don't take anybody for our team and do what was I mean they take somebody right. I don't think they have the don't think have to take they have to pick someone for Martina bet take 11 player on every team okay. I thought about there was a possibility you could just pass on the team if you didn't like anything from journalist just as there is that you face of like cool cop gets taken he counts the player that it's taken so off they were assigned cool com okay what they technically be what because they can't. Take that doesn't mean they have to sign him. They could pick him and then just one goal of free agency in the Mets shirt yup that I might I might bet on that. Well like really I don't think our our list is that appealing the good and even you would take. If you if you're just gonna let cool look off walk to get picking from buffalo over west then you take carrier. I suppose. Oral mark. But that then you just you take a guy where you have some chance he bails out your roster and is there's some talent the strip bawling about Kerry being there instead of NS so that Omar doesn't get picked does make cents. But I like it it would make sense if the the sabres. Were eager. To get meek feed would agree to something. To not take the goal now that'll market some super hot prospect. But they are just lacking for depth detail Peterson situation. Has really left them short. In goal if they if they don't give Peterson signed. Their depth is is. I don't see nonexistent in our guys there but there's there's just nothing calming it if Omar courted disappear and Peterson disappear. Then Europe this guy did you sign from Sweden who's a I think a couple of years away from even ever think about the NHL. But where Emma you know we got I'm shopping for back up now and then I've got Lennar and like that's it organizational like I'm I mean talk so it would make sense to me. If they did. Talk with Vegas and like you want that we can leave for you. That you'll pay if if you don't take home. And this is also something that remains to be seen. But I wonder if we'll get an a real answer to that at any point you know. Of course if they take all mark Vegas than that and it. Internet yeah I if they don't eat was there are some understanding. That they would not do that and you have lighter and it's been. Reported that. The sabres would trade Leonard there and Gregor said that on WGR and last week that the sabres would trade them if they want to treat Cain and they would trade letter. I wonder if they even came close if they like oh mark for their future to letting Lennar beyond that lists to bring him on that list. And then what is Vegas to a fee is we think every seems to think Vegas taking mar country flurry. Perhaps to keep them seems like when all of a background on that that's probable I would say that he dosed to rest for them Detroit. Whereas the current Detroit let morass that on that list and protected Jimmy Howard which for me is upside down. There was a report that they don't like Mariah has X attitude. So he's been injured in the past but like that's the better player of the two was my Resnick then. Does Vegas do that may be they do that I don't Travis was a purple or this idea Travis Yost. Pick admiral Resnick and flipped him right. And you end up that I don't know group Bauer from Washington or old mark or somebody like that Malcolm Superman. As second and third goalies for your team how many games would you want and they're probably gonna be bad so many games would you want Marc-Andre Fleury for. If you. Picked him and he's your number one goalie like. You do need a sixty something like that probably but I'd be very interested in they are young goalie like hallmark and welcome to band. Would make a lot of sense. For them to have played but that's not so you shouldn't take a guy with the experience to be being you can trade him for something like Razzaq or maybe anti rocked even. Fits this from New Yorkers go down a number 1 or evening breeze these you know he's experienced so maybe. Rather than have an experienced any job backup. I think you'd be. Crazy if you Las Vegas to not take a 22 were 23 year old age jolt borderline NHL guy. And having your back up and just sit around and see if he can play. You don't play him twenty games and see what happens is just never know meet a guy a guy might. Might take the step necessary to become a proven goalie and you've got a young guy year old sat. After floor used on our you know all along that last. So be appealed to get and all mark you know he's not mean Omar is not some super hot prospect but. He's you know he's got a chance to play in the league. And it didn't say about Malcolm Sudan. It's a little more notoriety because of his famous brother but I would better prospect he's thought to be the hallmark but either one of those guys I would wanna have on my team this year and it is. In just playing morning games and just see where I've got there or forty or fifty now we're sure. Like that's what's word about Hillary if now they do end up keeping him and they're talking which I think is how they should be talking. About draft picks they're trying to beat the browns here it sounds like Vegas and that's exactly the right approach for this team there's not that much. Real talent on these lists so what are you hoping to do. Meet all those deals that feel like Vegas has it right if Marc-Andre flurries are goalie for fifty games that is and having it right. That is just it's that sideways from this other plan which would be young kids and you all over the place a couple of veterans may be even token veterans. Tell you. Recent salary for perhaps whatever that is. Well it's all still laden get to play out here and it's a real drama the biggest GM said he's picking his team tomorrow. So last call. On teams like the sabres for making whatever deals they want to make. The biggest hasn't of the cool spot I think in a couple of days it will no longer be anything cool. Vacancies that but at what really like this is peak Vegas right now and Pete biggest gold knights right now hey everybody. I'm here. I want to work with you I will listen to your plea. To have indeed avoid that player you want. But you know Dodgers last chance you got to get in now or else I'm go to the window and then tomorrow to go to the window. In Vegas parlance. Yeah they but that is Vegas makes it I think a little cooler to insert some so so anyway because you don't you'd just you'd be talking about the gambling capital world. At least North America anyway and that dispute. This is deals reveal spray yes or go to the wind I would like some trade today for selfish reasons so we know what. These trees are going to look like. It's been reported that. Vegas already has columbus' first round pick to avoid one or more of their guys are Josh Anderson as one who's. Unprotected it's been reported that give us Anaheim deals was like the first one that was out there. They weren't gonna take botany and or follower so Woolsey the islanders the islanders had the strangest list. The honest productive five defenseman and none of them was that the hunt for its what do you do what. And I think Florida did a terrible job with its list you have two good players Marcel was one quick thirty goals that they left out there. So he's somebody that Vegas. Could take he was not a big prospect but he had a big goals warrior. That's somebody that might appeal to Vegas welcomes the sabres you know your kind of saying maybe nothing important happens about it. Mean if if William Carey gets picked but I've I like I you know meet speed skating what I want speed skating. But so what but you don't. Is he you know. What is he doing here I mean he showed promise because of his speed and his skating but there was no finish and IE you know I'd just gonna find it hard to get. Really up in arms if you will carrier a is the cost of protecting we missile. Or just. Just pick no matter what but there's no deal at all make you just look at the list and go well the thing that makes the most sense for us is the young passed cheap I think what that would be is if we find out that it's true than Soviet that old mark was what that was about if not then it's about us. That's about right what are you doing here that's a lot of cap room or maybe Vegas doesn't take him so maybe it's move would probably never know that. But this this list looks like. It's. A nod toward NS I think right well that that it's either that right it's either we really like Tyler and us which is possible. But I think it's more likely that Vegas said. We don't quit if you put tolerance on your list we're taking in his home. You've got to do something you know you meet somebody your that fits for us to get me off of your goal and that that's why carries there and that's. Because it did to me there's no way they would be taking. OK well. Maybe. I don't know we're all mark would rank in their minds like it's it's possible. That they would want him but they've got plenty of options there are so Lucille Ball look we talked about you you laid out a few minutes ago he above Boston's guys he above Washington's guy were younger they wanna be. Is Florie one spot. Like that's all stole yet to be known. All right so not a lot of movement Saturday but still a lot of drama here today. -- 30550. For your reaction to this and anything we've been talking about so far got a guest on this at 4 o'clock today we'll have Paul Hamels and I'm leader to. Which opened the bulldogs this is WGR. That was the bigger surprise. Yesterday because we were you expecting this mass free distribution. Players that really didn't. Which we really have what it doses. Some of the things we would vote with whom clauses. In that sort of thing didn't happen. And I think the harvest those assets that we are going. Will be. What we hope. Death so. George McPhee Vegas gold knights GM is saying there. A lot of speculation was that teams would trade guys with each other through the other teams would trade him with a each other. To help them both. In their thing against us with that list and theirs was almost none of that. May be when he knows it isn't saying here is that he be talked to everybody and got everything comforted me better offers then they were getting around in legal whatever that might be. Man. What what they're raised to know about the last. Month. In preparing for this for them would just speed. Incredible would be so much information. All these conversations with teams. Who who rule. Would you want us to not take. And then you compare your options everything. Is multi dimensional everything is okay well we might like to the sabres we might like will Kerry aide. We might also. Like exactly goes in but not as much we might like cool look off but not as much. Let's say for the moment that we can have all market let's say we like him too who's so the what do you do mean goalies are goalies. And you lined him up. And this contract and his legion everything else with other options and there are thirty you're fit for your options right and then with a winner like Perrier. How interchangeable and see how low important is C. If we can't get him to Wear how do you build it do you start with defenseman do you start with the big contracts. Do you do it another way out even now. I mean you have to have. But there's so much to know. I'm one end. You know we were talking at the end of last segment and I felt like I about wanted to squeeze this point in but I had enough time. The does the whole market necessarily outweigh Boston's guys are watching these dire anybody. And all I mean certainly the guy who runs the the the golden knights would maybe have a preference maybe he doesn't mean he views them all. There's pretty much been at the same level unproven you on the big athletic whatever. Certainly there and are not all the same god are going to be different attributes for different guys. But. Part of the trick I think you doing this would be convincing buffalo that you do like their guy. If you like if you recognize going to be a little like a mob here like that. They how's business is everything okay and did you wanna make sure everything stays OK I don't like that tunneling that because. You're talking to the sabres and you would Knoll they've got a situation with Kayla Pedersen they've got Robin Lehner. Their backup this year's a journeyman free agent. And all markets like the next guy up. And that's a plus two point. For the sabres organization so whether or not you like him better than any the other guys I think you wanna convince the sabres that you do. Because what are you trying to eager to your try to manage assets you're trying to compile it and do the best you can for Las Vegas so. You're sitting there if you're Georgia three I think you want the sabres to believe you're taking Omar. And you want them to do something for you to prevent. So is that Kerry gave mean I don't or maybe. Pick it could be something else you could call her bluff. You couldn't you could if you had more in depth I think you might be it I think if Kayla Pedersen is signed. I think you're absolutely cult. And AB gut tell Peterson ready to be Rochester goalie. Next year then he replaces I think he was already organizational unit hasn't played any pro hockey I think he was out ranking. All mark. On the on the organizational depth slash hope chart you know it who's our number one of the future I think Peterson ranks hallmark but you don't have them if you add him. Then I think you leave all market out there you don't make any deal at all and if you lose hallmark like OK then you go sign Chad Johnson or somebody. To be your backup this year you keep liner and you wait for Peterson to arrive. But without him. It's a big piece whose hallmark is it all mark is your other pro goalie right now they're bringing your hands it over from Sweden. But that's bit but that's all marked two years ago. So that's the timeline and I song. Peterson I think is a key factor in in them feeling if they do feel like they need to protect all mark even though he's available. If they needed deal I would understand why. We haven't really talked that much about these Lennar. Reports. That the sabres would trade him. What does that what does that sound like. How does Daren drag her comments and know that the sabres would trade Robin Lehner. Is that from Lennar is agent. Possibly like that's were a lot of that stuff comes from I think that maybe they've heard something like that. But it could be from the team I think a lot of those times the team once you do once that out that's how. Those guys get in position to find out that stop speaking about all these other deals in the way Vegas is gonna talk all the action. That's also in the reporters game and so. The the reporter dogs that for the team its suit the report to. Oh so I hear buffalo we're trade Robin Lehner has not I'm not asking this circuit ethically and all who wants Robin Lehner. What team is out there trying to trade for him you see. Now in a good year he sees someone that you would think. The sabres would get offers on. As an are afraid he might be looking at four million dollars. Coming up now is probably worth about that now not forever but aren't we years at least maybe three for twelve fight to predict. What his next contract is it's close to that may be if it's here it's two years depending on what else they have you know so who. Would want to trade for Robin letter wearers where is that story what is that story really telling its. I think that story and it usually I get stories telling you the sabres. Power. Uncomfortable. With the asked that might already be known from Weiner and his agent. Or uncomfortable with what the result of an arbitration. Hearing might be given the kind of year Lennar had. And that they're not. Confident that he's gonna continue. To be a 920 save percentage goal. Because of something that they see in his fundamentals in his work ethic or or just some something. That they see as a potential problem and then I think if you look we're really study him. There is that there is some cause for concern about his fundamentals I think he's he's just kind of all over the place often. Now he did it need to leave it's about make it saves he made saves. But I think if you dig in a little deeper you might. Question whether or not that is gonna be easily duplicated or whether he was just fortunate it's one year and you say all the timely big always can be very up and down. What what I I I'll be comfortable payroll week three years twelve million dollars if I'm sold on he's. I think the more confident you are a gold's fundamentals the more likely he's going to be elbow duplicated past performance does that position is very technical way. And if you're fundamentally sound your chances of being in position are going to be better more often than not and that therefore your concerts. So. Today. Being the third spot with him that they don't wanna commit. I would understand that mean I I thought all along but to hear a bridge deal makes sense for him. But if the number rises much above four million and if they feel like they can't get a two year deal with them that I don't know what you do. That's where did you start thinking about trading him and looking for a different option. And who trades for him no I mean without necessarily going through the whole league team by team by team. Is there a market. There there could be. Like we're just on with harassing me there could be. Good goalies you could put Lennar I defended them all year but you could form letter with anti rant on you could put him with. A number of NHL backups you would have to be consistently above those guys so you might have. Ten or fifteen guys in the league that he's in a group. And they could all be pretty much the same an FIA. Have this player who thinks he's at four million dollars a year I think teams as they get smarter and more sophisticated through numbers would want to avoid that. Well if there's markets lower than its Laurie still plays in the league you don't you're still earn a spot in the league. Even if it's just as a back up a that would be a pretty big fall. For a guy that put that season up just. I've never really go on the work on this trying to figure out what would be going on there. If the sabres feel that he's not a good bat okay. But I can I couldn't believe that. But how are they go numb morally or do about it right whether they're fit I'm goaltending already that's just dead what are they gonna do about it. It the blue blue. This is not to doubt. The reporting on it bought it has never really added up to me. You know they just they they do not have. A guy that to me is sitting there ready. You know if all mark or to play here. This deal if you could just skip a year here and right now is next year and Lennar is it you know and everything else the same but all Marcus played 25 or thirty games here. And posted respectable numbers and you feel like he's my goalie in waiting is ready. Well then fine. Then you try to find your way out from paying Lennar but the timing just as we lining up to move him because you're gonna need to go out then and get a goal. And whether you think you can trade with Vegas for one of the experienced guys that you just mentioned that they pick up extra. OK. You can do that. You know we could trade with and I don't think you'll like him but you know you can tree with through Dallas. Oh boy yeah. And bishop. I know they have they also have let men and Niemi were all under contract. And then maybe you get something else. They get younger they get a guy that while there was still probably pay him like they would walk away from him right right. I'm Anita back up here it's probably not gonna be somebody high priced like that no we're going so I'm not telling you that they should do this I'm just trying to figure row how could it work where would this trade beat and I don't know. I mean what look at what Calgary just dead. That's horrible what Calgary Tuesday it is really bad Mike Smith and that is really bad 35. What are you doing we are gonna be options in the league or is that the point here well if if Robin Lehner really were available. I don't know you don't trade for him of the trade for Mike Smith well what went to give up now what do reported Calgary give up. Chad Johnson went errors on. Right it probably more it. I don't know I shouldn't just that but I think more ward of a Smith was the reason for that trait that they wanted to yeah tore up Goldman. Brian Elliott is on this right lists in front of Vegas to. Right bomb. This year we just rhyming mom is here and we'll check you're grinding with from some opinions I've heard. Opinions from you. No not yet I'm trying to find this Mike's mister another is like a second round pick involved in there there was a few things going on its Mike Smith to Calgary for a third round conditional pick which in turn into a second. Defenseman Brandon Hickey and Chad Johnson who was not a contract so right. Good. And in Arizona protect Chad Johnson they have to do that they had to do that because they did not have another goalie to yourselves holes a goalie that was under contract does that but yes rules threaten now so he's an RFI. He is you. But he still he still can be protected. Yes. Good protect. And restrict free agents if you wanted to have their negotiating rights until backers demand is just don't let him go week Shura probably. Probably. What Chad Johnson has been on a few teams to access the guys moved around a lot. All right 8030550. You have an opinion about the sabres. The golf was pretty good how good was it and it. Where Ria with this with. Now a seventh straight first time winner you don't exactly have tiger and Phil dueling. In these majors is a cool. Mike show global global discuss that Stephen why don't from the AP on biggest expansion draft. That's in about seventeen minutes here on WGR. You know just kind of staying patient not trying to win I felt like that's kind of been the thing lately with me why haven't really played LO have been trying to win so badly. I felt like come under achieve. And you know it the more patient. That I can become a more and more times Opel myself in the situation. That's probably the winner of the on. Brooks kept up pay one thing about all look at what he should know when he loses a bet he pays immediately. You never. Is not a great thing about a person. You should never have to ask someone for the money. But to claim that you should never have to ask it's it should never be your responsibility. To ask you you're about these. Fantasy football league sometimes guys who play principle it's takes forever to get paid. Paul runs the league at the station and and there were guys that didn't pay him all season in the in the season would be over and I would win and he was ceremony. Right because somebody didn't play the point. Never again are you coming near me. With any thing that you wanna do fantasy football allies happen it is in part out of consideration. Bought its bid to break it bothers me to be like. To have something a debt I mean I need to I pay bills on the column. Well it really big bits of the more than two or three days ago and keep walking past and students sitting on my desk and I. X could get checked out to mark their likable voicemail icon on your far right you've got to be aggressive it is clutter. So I need I need the debt to be alleviated immediately. In a weird I'd like golf for years like I was always the guy that was I don't need tiger right I don't need on the tiger watch when I'm gonna watch and watch the majors no matter what. This pick. In fans I'm gonna just admitted. Slanted by the bad. Wherever we have this golf that. And I I had ten guys who turned into two guys basically. By Saturday afternoon it was it was really was two copies and there were so many things that were at eight under for a while Saturday afternoon. That every time I looked up it was some guy never heard of in a pink shirt hitting shot after it was never. It was never Rickie Fowler and it was never moxie I'm on my other I do hope. And so fur I. I don't know walk a couple hours Saturday afternoon I just sat there watching. And I got kind of frustrated there was like who are basically Paul mark uncertain not that far offshore. It's. Seoul and sort of struggling with the your name here. In the running at a major elected to didn't feel you know more the I'm not I'm not a big fan of any of the big names Rory east peace. Dustin Johnson but. There is a familiarity like with those guys and they're Damon like seeing them. Feels right seeing Charleston told us yes OK I don't know what am I doing here. It is seven straight first time major winners. But one of those was Jason Day one of those was to Austin Johnson you've had top players there to even get Jimmy Walker at the PGA. And kept good here with Sergio in between. You know it's not all anonymous message stars yet so right and even walker is a white and kept getting your baby bull rider copper select you don't have. Obscurity. I love the vet the that is so great I keep waiting for this evidence to appear like this is really that good of a gamble but. Ten players vs all the other ones it's now eight wins for the person picking the players and seven. For the others were left with everybody else in the field and just so much fun now you're getting. No you're not getting you're not giving odds of thinking like hell if it for the one picking up to you win double or you pay double what you not a hundred from yesterday right. I'm projecting in marketing odds are still. I think it's really fun and up with the British I'd rather somebody else be up. I mean I guess a good thing Rory McIlroy again because he's he's got right or baccalaureate Gujarat. He missed the cut here right here and if it's there is seen im now at a major like. Win or almost win for awhile but yet you'll probably feeling an idiot skipping him so young Beckham got to pick on my gonna pick. Harmon critics. I'm doing right bigot that Rory McIlroy are gonna pick Harmon so I still I love the bat to weave in all you know I Adam you know might my chances were identically by Saturday morning Saturday afternoon it was two guys and that was it. The debt. And like I don't know handful like history can blaze Saturday it was. You got Hillary we get from Nazi arm of but he was too far behind right yeah because you say it was two it was mostly one. But that's right by you by yesterday and then he still put up what 66 yesterday he was he was in the club as a minus twelve in the leader was at fourteen. And enough bear lake if it goes badly. I could be all right you're like him but you know that's what I am at a poultry foreign of course it in the guide. With the appointment. All right the Vegas golden knights the expansion draft is this week to draft draft is this week to what will happen Wednesday another expert. Opinion talks about with us Steven Y know from the EP after sports. Much over the bulldogs this is WGR.