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It's Mike show name any word in less than a second I will tell you how many letters are but I cannot. I'm not anything mechanically I don't even ought to put a team together for three year old spend a Bulldog. Fool me once. Shame on. Shame on you. People we can't get fooled again on WG. Sports break. Bryant sent this video link to a story about. President Bush Soledad president W. And I eatery I got out of it yet bemused. Did I did favorites OK I think it favors I'll leave about violence entity you guys so it's solid editing any deep diving into this so you Ryan tweeted us an article that none of the three doses actually looked at it. And let's put it won't work that's the way this show works. Stephen why don't you may have hung up after that could happen is on the line talking about the NHL big week. Steve we thought maybe you last week would be a bigger week Bennett was were you surprised at all that there weren't more trades. A little. Only because there's so much chatter going on. But and and the and ample GM colonel he cannot figure out I there wasn't more that everybody was so nervous. About trading a player and then leaving another player and a lot of them disfigured let let let's just sit back waiting she let. And that start making Auburn and you figured. Mark this tree creek lifts and Jordan via extort the future. Routine that Thursday morning at 8 o'clock you're gonna circuit you a lot of movement on the signing and trading. So the the freeze list then and but the draft will have been completed by that right so team full of lost guys won't be their motivation then to still trade guys away that they were worried about losing. Or is there something. And something out there especially player trade that Matt Cain in Colorado. Has has garnered a lot of interest or Beverly. From Edmonton it upload their looked looted and McCain I think all of those kinds of trade are far more likely to happen. Right the board at the trap and they were a last week that he was or where we're looking at certain Fergie expansion protection letter to Jonathan Koran trade. Nick in billiards it's that the buffalo says it could get rid of got you. You might not be able to protect. Now it's the real big names and and the big trade that will see what the street let. Stephen why don't from the AP joining us the expansion draft gets announced Wednesday night at the awards. So tomorrow Steven is when George McPhee said he's gonna pick their team. So I wonder what tomorrow might be like what do you think of like the lists as you looked around on Saturday at what teams dig it more who they left unprotected. What were a couple long ones if there were any that surprised you. There. So it stuck out natural a little bit and and a few of the teams that they've been may have some side deal worked out but the metal while. Are going to lose they're they're going to advocate player whether Matt. Whether Marcos scanned ballots to very good defenseman are even a direct air stall last. Expos who had potential being captain sort of figure if he goes it's as they get a comfort and it may lead and kind of guy in Montreal. Outlined figure him would have a deal worked out to keep. Directly feel lakers any gotten away from Josh Manson but maybe that the predators captain of the democratic gains nearly eight. And I'm twinkle score. At this stage in his career one year left on contract. One when they get to smoking or or some high profile scoring. And I am talent and sport that's going to be pretty rare to find an and we go over the split. There are some good defense and available there's a lot of strong goaltenders and noble which violated that to be able to word design. We're exposed to give Vegas good goaltending neck. What are Marc-Andre Larry and somebody else or whatever retreated back to Q. At that position. But it's going to be a competitive team getting from a less and that sort pixie add a lot of options when it comes. Working GMT against each other for trade and also putting seem only execute going to be the most competitive expansion team and it's. And you think that is something they are striving for to be the most competitive expansion team what what does that mean when they still finished probably close the last even if they are more competitive and say Ottawa is back in the day. Well they are playing in the candidate at the Vancouver Knox are not gonna gonna and I'm Baghdad there's going to be even get stuck I am in. Betty it is going to be a better team and people expects. That it did not predict you know won ten games I got within. You're I don't know amok and gonna limiting the gold it going to be up in tension that would be silly. Based on the amount Alpert and bring in but the goaltending is going to be good enough that this is going to be cheap not EP. In Colorado Avalanche. Territory. In in terms of quite understanding that you're going to be eighteen it's going to be part to play on a lot of nights just because at that could Google earnings would eat. But Marc-Andre Larry and I get a clue about our Michael Meyer or not he brought that. Those kind of players. That those expansion into Internet at the national climate and so those sort of play it didn't have back article and that he had to pick from the scrap and now. With every team only be able to expose one goaltender it opened up a lot of pop birdies around the league and that's why they. Could be better than than any of the scheme in history. Steve want to from the Associated Press our guest by the AT&T hotline Mike show and the Bulldog here on WGR. Well the expansion draft and he's protected lists Stephen has never been like the biggest deal in buffalo because there really wasn't that much drama to it. There they were not a position quite the contrary they were not in a position like these teams like the docs. Who had to figure something out by Saturday or that having played been played out now you've got the goal was in here will carry day is a guy at a forward that. People like this might have some value. All marked the goal lead. Is you see the sabres in what's available to Vegas do you think there's something here in Vegas should do. Here carrier probably be much beating are picking out sort Urquhart eat at perspective because. A lot of these guys that that egg in the anchor going to be younger players eat potential and green had a guy who's played more than half a financial eaten. Don't quite two years old he is intriguing prospects for them. Our market the other it would be the of the option that you're you're thinking OK how many goalies. You wanna take the only difference there would be in its hallmark aligned entry level contract. And we're still able to be sent to the minors next year I would think he beat you need to go on now that he acted after labor's moving forward it's going to be a little bit tougher because you're not. He can't get a panic that grew up all the clearly claimed Ambac. Or someone else that would claim them on what we see the other young goalie at. I'm not worried that they are. But it if you wanted to keep that job sorted you wanna keep it back to go to not the goat is an old guy by any means but that's a big ticket on a contract. And while they get their need to take some money I think that the sabres Procter perfect for wind to pick a younger player. Who hit a eight developmental goal mauled a locker future. Does it make sense that they would have exposed Kerry aide to keep Vegas away from all marker are you suggesting that all mark. Wouldn't be the pick because we just set about a contract status. I think the contract at that more to do it that just because if it. If you're able to keep it developmental goaltender who can pat labored and put him in the minors he would be the perfect example for that. I don't know that they were intentionally tried here sort Wafer from Omar. They have the option that it protect market eager chancellor Robin Lehner I don't think they are. Whatsoever. If that would that is they wanted to make Gilead if it's a numbers game and you don't protect so many guys even came out of them are out in a few years. And is now like Kerry actually is an essential part of that team future. That if you lose in the you're you're you're you're crying in here now. You're you're saying OK he's a strong player and it is gay bar wants to make a move that they take someone out on on prop up an app that. But what has unable to do that I don't know that that compared to some of the teams and and it's out that they're on the board about the art. Steve what do you think of the sabres overall here in new coach new GM all this with the expansion draft may not affect them really much at all. You you brought Cano I think you're on the station last week talking or morning guys about him and that letter is part of this question too because. I'm sensing from your last comment that you know may be Lennar is in somebody and I guess and some Anglican putting words your router your. By the way I'm praising this bit letter isn't somebody the sabres should trusts. For the long term I don't know if you feel that way what do you think about what they look like in total. They're they're not they're one of the bigger mystery in the league right now in terms of what the direction it out just because. We knew what Tim Murray like Emery gave up the first round Robin minor. He'd he'd he'd treated her and McCain we beat added it's stamps and his fingerprints all over the Procter. And now I packets are coming in the very heart of new coach and I do love that higher. I stopped for and that DNC and coached in the NHL back when he was coaching a school in Minnesota. Oregon and opt in I think he's an expert hired there. Robert Lehner is it a question mark because we don't know beat UA EQ. As a full time starting goaltender still in the week. At his age. And that that the state yeah. Maybe Egypt a year to prove that and and borrow goes on the market shopping for goaltender next year because it's not that they're that the result has. On backward but it's not changed direction because you've got somebody new in charge. And is it days tomorrow doesn't believe that Robin winners to die if it a strong market deal to try to find the goaltender. That it's Oprah Bauer might be available in the expansion get to Vegas and you might you wouldn't get someone like that or not he brought. Or or can't all of their erotic sperm from Detroit if you believe and about one of these goaltenders but is it going to be interest in each. It keeps Mubarak sixty approach of moving the lobby at the temerity at acquired that younger players to try it. Speed up the crop that's where it comes in and mark extended rebuilding process. And he try to find you're you're kind of people in your current players to sit in cute how how we just announced that a pull him out. I mean it stands to reason that this. Can happen but. The names were talking about. Lennar in this case skiing carry a book goes in or all players that Marie traded for. And he wasn't really here that long and nursery gear was here before me was your forever so you've got a few guys here to your one point their Stephen that were Marie. Buys. And who knows like what that's right hook. There's there's like you said first there there's it's really hard to know what Jason bottle walled think of those players are what his plans might be. Right and we can take any hints it's got to be from what gay and Barbara all and and four and later. Our Jim Rutherford or British hero what they've done an expert what they've done in in Carolina and New Jersey look at those teams and how did you know players. And what their plans are and its it to try to determine what went. And reassured doing a little bit and Allen and very slowly in nature are. Getting guys grown at the H a level mean repugnant in the NHL I was seen in Pittsburgh in recent years Connor Sherri cheek and cart around. So sort players. Jason Barra will try to find those kind of guy to complement the talent that there you've got to check cycle. At the start center he's in in this example you're you're IndyCar. For forgive that it's not a perfect cup compared. But futures Sidney Crosby and you see an EU public samurai are to come here anymore. Find somebody to eat that other star and and youth soccer players around. The Pittsburgh model amber mean did you hear about that at winning the lottery it's not back. You can build a team around a couple pop star and players around it and it'll be intriguing to see how much he embarked follow. That model that British hero. Did it and clean out some of the guys he doesn't agree with you entertained or have more trade value now open and he did a year ago even when buffalo got him from Winnipeg. Efficacy he had last year. And what account also with the mammal center and those kind of players trying to get Billick guys around your core. And and see your appetite we're going to be. Cool and in their prime to three year Q now when you went in and and which guys are are going to be on the downside or you don't eat in a party UT at that point. A lot of the focus of Evander Kane's. Trade ability. I mean there's a few things that work is his contract status is obviously one. The core group that the sabres will have to eventually pay Michael Reinhart the players are already paying. Well Michael Paulson who you mention and Ryan O'Reilly in restaurants are flying him. And what you have room to pay someone McCain a big whale of a contract then there's also the idea that trading him for a defenseman. Was a really good idea now the sabres to make a trade and it wasn't for Cam Fowler nor Sammy botany and or one of the the Minnesota guys. But did they did give boy you from Montreal. So I'm wondering if the urgency to move cane for a defenseman. As maybe dissipated so. It might anticipate a little bit need to veolia is it is nice complementary defensemen who doesn't cost. A whole lot and it is a top order a term that's OK but which you pert what you want ideally it is yet Kirk. Playing and the neighborhood of 1517 minutes a game that you can't I don't know occurred and that an incredible urgency to treat at Drake it'd trader at Hendrick right now. But if his guy he was there and you can get a legitimate top order and or and for the long term. That's where might make a lot. And and Vancouver had any about the possibility. Client interchange at popping not going to happen given where the truck turner diaries opened up that. But it's not they're willing to give me that kind of aspects or it might be easier to find it scoring Winger in the next several years. I gotta keep Yoshi coming on and on a free agent market. Don't sort of players are easier to get in those elite cop and an. But then you opt out but I don't get on the actor willing to it that C. I'd been working at a polarizing. Around hockey it is what happened in Winnipeg. Is it personality and in general. Bet you that uninjured from actors and we're willing to get up and act XP think he's going to be complementary person art scene. It is I don't know that he's going to beat Pete had her core long term in buffalo. And what the value of having him as a complementary piece air for what they're gonna clocked at the payment cocker. They Stevens couple minutes here. Left how about this format. Do you I would have you been covering the league long enough. Two may have covered up other expansion drafts or at least may be reported on it. I just feel like what we've had with Vegas has been really fun to talk about. And I wonder if you have a take on whether it's also been fair or well received by the team's. He don't like it didn't fund firm from 8800. Roster construction standpoint. And it isn't it speak with the GM to die on the court Doug Maclean. I dated oil back to de expansion draft back where there is salary cap and we're not outlook available. They're almost jealous of Jordan's king and the counting double for the team because level it's been great for a but but they understand it because when you bet incoming and I bet that an armed Bill Polian and Ebert and our mind are you can't early. Everybody understands why do it in the league best interest for backing a deacon at that doesn't help fans that doesn't help the general managers state. Better and unite no knowing they're gonna lose. A talented player to the heat but when you have a salary cap dependent on how much money though he may. And Europe he now having another team come in and splitting those revenues all around you need get seem to make money you want that team to beat good. And any needed GM and that division and Western Conference don't want that kind competition. But you've got to recognize this for the good of the sport and are gonna delete. To lose one player. It that's fine. You're getting at that point potentially another rear ore mine aren't on the salary cap it you'll be able to spend next year it revenues. And an attempt to beat the picture on that because if you Wear a black hawks. And you really don't want to lose Trevor and respect Marcus Kruger yet a stink about but that. Not a great thing here I understand you don't wanna eat and eat it very good player out there he entered going to lose. Let them build it in more so than in previous expansion the NHL it impacts it. Really infected and it financial way. In that it being successful especially given how much of that IE eight calculator respect it in a rental market at a national sports he. How receptive do you think Vegas is to that. Like I they are they gonna go into this trying to put the best teammates together they can for 2000. 1718. Or are they thinking about lottery picks and being good in five years. That that the typical bounce for George McPhee and that scene it's. And it's lacking Marc-Andre ware is going to beat her act in theory of the expansion draft. Andy and walk out of the date Ellicott but it can't be marketable figure that team. And beat at that people recognize and know on championships. At at any reason to come and that not just a wee hockey team. Which I think is going to be dropped a couple of seasons I think that he needs to beat Oakland who even not not the next two either but the third the year of the ranch. Because we saw it when it angle that where they're and there is that there. Overjoyed at the team coming through the area are coming back to the city. And then it's the okay now we want a windy and the patient and I mean who wears off debts for George McPhee it's. Pick up a mini epic now Eric and potentially going to help Q school years from now where that in the next two eaten if you cook it. And are cleaning he won the end it's not terrible acceptable. And then two years from now in Turkey is if you can win if you can be a playoff team under third year PA legitimate contender but it's 67 year. But that's where he opted to move from. This is a novelty factor parking lot and it actually being a winning team and building up a fan base over the first decade. Stephen why don't from the APC we learned a lot thanks for all your time today. Very good. I think they're going to be terrible blow. I think this. Yeah and I think Vegas open I think they wannabe. That there at the point he makes there about believed we could just wonder how how much of a squeeze if at all. The league is putting them 22. With a avail themselves old credible high salaried players. And say like look you you your passing up an opportunity to put the best team you can on the ice right now. Mean I think about if I were a fan. Of hockey and we're getting a new team. And had been following the league and how all it seems as a successful team is built. I would not want to do that I would not want to pick Marc-Andre Fleury I would not want to pick Zach Bogosian. I would not want high salaried veteran players to make me tenth. You can only get that there will be no value and that for me. But I just I wonder if I would roll log I get it seems sensible to think that dole bill take their time and bill because there are new. But I feel like Stephen was the first person who alluded to like the league's skin in this game. Whereas we talk way. Stephen carpet. From Vegas while hockey writer out there who will be on later good he he said late but tickets are sold or what they're good they're only going to worry about marketing team out here. It's gonna be fine. The mat that sort of made me feel like you know they're gonna draft the bonds will carries and just hang out until they draft their Jack likely. Yeah and Gary lawless was like that I mean yeah of course. The league who knows what the league is actually telling them I just can't believe whatever matter they can't believe that. There's an argument there that you should want to be sure wanna win thirty games that are winning warning games like no. Fans are more sophisticated now and Vegas like every other team should understand that spans rule understand that. So I don't. This this particular point is that there be pressure on them Woolsey the the argument here that put another way is disposal rather have Zach Bogosian on your team. Then some equivalent. Whose. Baking 900000 dollars that you'd ever heard of before but. The argument should be when we really look at it sophisticated fans we'll go that is having the gorge and is it better for my performance for my team's chances. And that's all Vegas should ever have to say that. 8030550. If you wanna comment on what happened over the weekend time a run is protected carrying not a gold you not know it. List from Saturday. Trees and the rest. Lines are open for you we will have Paul Hamilton and Steve carp. I'm Vegas later on today. Much over the Bulldog here on WGR. Experience today there was lose some intensity to the last two or three days because we've kind of keeping them all we have a close and it. Certainly changed today is sort of different things we have some control over what's happening now. But no room clock we. Have looked at the listen there were no surprise. There have been really well prepared. Those mock drafts we didn't have served us well. So we are now going through the process. I'm trying to put the team together we are still talking clubs and we are open to doing deals with clubs if they wanna protect the obstacles. So that's where we are this morning. Realize what transpired. With a list this morning in the wasn't bullet can analyze and we know. The guys sounds very hockey but he doesn't sound very Vegas. At. He doesn't sound very excite it is barely awake over there. Well no it's you know it's a jobs. Maybe that's because he actually did not get any sleep because he was busy talking it teams such as well he said I saw a quote from Minnesota he slept great last night. We'll see about the next couple months. Well to reduce risk they're taught as rowdy at Georgia arrested tortured feeders were arrested Jorge and at least if you believe in. Life motorist. Yes there were no surprises and all we did many mock drafts and that paid off no surprises. One. In the were very. Very few surprises I cannot believe Detroit protected Jim Howard thought it wise and everything else OK and one islanders thing but everything else up. Was exactly what we've. All right wait a minute ago back in Detroit the islanders one thing that Carolina did but. Most things no surprises not one. They knew everything that was going to happen on Saturday the Bruins sports. He did save it and you're in that clip that he would continue he alluded to talking to teams. And continuing to do that until. The at some point stopping him at that point is 9 o'clock tonight he did not see that in that comment but I read that elsewhere. And I think he did say that all's well that they're stopping me he has set. Their own deadline for as he put it protecting via their rosters of other teams want to protect their rosters will continue talking anything that ends tonight. Many said they're gonna pick thirteen tomorrow. Yes. Hopefully it's probably name 12 and 4 Pacific that probably they leak out at all. Before. Well I wonder about shouldn't mean that in their parts who like. When duke players find out and then agents find out and then there are Gregor fronts both he and and we Fido. Coverage of both the NHL expansion draft and NHL draft on WG are presented by losing to NG. Workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys working hard for hard working western New Yorkers and brought you by I'll let liquor stop in and stock up at New York's only. I'll let liquor Thursday expansion draft there's the entry draft bears the east the Jersey. Unveiling the sabres are going to have some change. To their jerseys that's tomorrow. Right indeed this is taking over and there were I think eleven teams twelve teams. One of those two numbers that we're getting some impact will change with the switch over to deed is there's been like a leak will last week there was system. But it puts it close Opel below goal and anyone worrying or thinking about a color change to the blue. Was probably let down because at least that screen grab that they put out was the same blue but they've had for the last many years have been very very dark. There are sale unpopular blue. Dummies not even a caller. Well with the Kohler it's something it's just not even a color me insist. It's terrible. I was really I was disappoint I'm one of those people doesn't Morgan dollar caller makes a book called Google wallet. I guess. Also the schedule comes out this week. Gathered Jim that in Thursday Thursday between the expansion draft and the awards ceremony. And the actual draft draft which is on Friday. Friday evening and Saturday the rest of the children but some of the schedule BO on Thursday as you can surf and now which teams you don't want to go to. Not. Sorry it was a very negative. Outlook. Yup. Yes it was Jezebel don't wanna go to the game's great idea I like the trade. You almost have to. For how badly they need help on defense and for what they gave up the give up a third round pick. Which it's. Highly unlikely will never be a good NHL player the way that the NHL draft drops off even after round one. Is stark and important to know so why teams would ever want a third round pick what would Montreal I guess said. Was gonna screw you mean that's not a team that makes a lot of good choices I think. The head one too many guys how they treated for Jordy band. Last year maybe at the deadline from Dallas. Ands. Protected him over Beaulieu. So here's an extra guy and they were in a position at the expansion draft where they had to do something. And maybe but the only thing bit. Slows me down some is that Montreal couldn't find a better price for this player anywhere in the league and everybody wants defenseman right. So I don't know what happened there I'd like to know but I'm glad the sabres made them move. And 446 foot two is said to be a good skater. OK numbers for Montreal all like osu to have their Emma I'm excited about that we said in a million times they had to. It's still it's still going they have to. Changed the defense corps this team drastically. If they had five new defenseman opening night I would be okay. I I want three. Or four. Two is not good enough well you have NT been from Russia these unemployed and you have bull Europe he's gonna play. You have coolly he might play he might play bottle has talked a lot about development. In the value of that and this is a year were goalie could go to Rochester. Is but he was good enough last year I mean. Given what was here but I think even just will not withstanding what was here in which he looked like you can play at this level with only three games. But he's got the key attribute and that is he can skate. Mean might be the best skater on the team outside of Michael when he gets here I mean he's that good use of race with skater so I'm excited about him see if he's here there's three right there. And then Bristol line to McCabe are five and that I got but it Bogosian here he certainly is playing at that salary a monopoly on sending him down or something. And you know that I've got depth in fall two and I don't know what else. My leaving somebody out casing Nelson is depth. What so that that's there. And but that's my group and George George's to me is just an odd man out he's a spare part. Leave it comes down to training camp in George's either doesn't get picked in this draft or is bought out. And he's on my team and it comes to. Well he's a veteran in and to a goalie looks like he should be playing here and get sent down to the soldiers can play but that's going to be itself. But some are Marty Marty predicting being in a sour mood about that if if that ends up being a choice. There's a lot that has happened for school he has to demonstrate that he should be playing. And you know our opinions might be all over the place on just how how capable he looks when camp gets here in pre season games are being played by. There's very little risk I think in starting him in Rochester. And then you see if he's too good for them and you'll see if you have injuries or if you just know that that would be an upgrade. And you you take that chance but this is not a team that should. Be thinking like there's that much urgency this year and I almost shouldn't say that he's been so long they've been good. But for the proper. Bill of the sabres this is not a team were you trade for cool look off on a one year deal last year wasn't either by the way. This is not the time for that so we got a nineteen year old Kate if that in in coming out of junior hockey. It's it's okay. If he's in Rochester. Even for a year but you know you know if you hit the 9 AM and your team needs help and he looks. Really good in that league that a guy I don't. Look at is say he should be nineteen or twenty he's gone we're junior hockey he was drafted in the article. So old because he played a little he was here. To start that season Michael's rookie year. And didn't play but he was here and then eventually went back to western hockey teams we've played two more junior league years since his draft year. Soul he's got beat him he's he's got to be going. Speaking of that a little bit noticed that Bennett Sam Bennett and dry settle for a Edmonton were both protected my people need to be protected. Yes that's from their first year like Bennett. Played in the playoffs. For Calgary right. When Reinhart played the nine games to your family and then went back to junior hockey playing in the playoffs count. More than what that counts is a year played mean I don't know that I think age is. If you're over in nine games no matter what it is its regular season and playoffs combines year. Yes you burn that first hire I think that's right from talking about that they want around. Cal all right they beat Vancouver they believe they might have played 1011 player. Okay and out while and it's pretty fast around two yeah he played eleven playoff games for Calgary in this the first year so that takes care of that another great move by Calgary right. Boy years there. And drysdale played the first thirty some games and then eventually sent him back. Junior hockey the first year the first year yeah typical year there to him. Mets maybe that's more for durable you have met David Bear in the meet David gets hurt. They could have thought they would have a chance the playoffs with Rick David being the player he is that was last year though and tries idol played. Some B two games last year that was the year before that David was that he played 37. Seven about three years ago all right Ranariddh are Jerry Wright yeah he what you're right you're that they finished and they won the lottery to get me David he played thirty some points here what do dry settled do. The year when David got hurt. He put up nineteen goals 32 assists 51 points and send two games. And this year was more than that old 29 goals 77 points. While it's it's. That's good faith that I don't everybody says that's pretty good all its axle and rattle Carol Ryan says. 49 goals. Users and honesty and as a good total. Popular Girardi used to you whisper no I don't know I did my best talk over. Ryan emblem with the answers to all expansion draft related questions. You have ever ever have one of those questions or comments eagle 30550. Is the number to call much open the Bulldog lawyer Paul Hamilton next hour. And Steve carp from the Las Vegas review journal following that this is WGR. It. And. Today's deal they've in my buffalo purse is a 600 dollar certificate for a full card do you tell a joke Kennedy's premier auto detailing in buffalo for just 399. Dollars. Joseph Kennedy uses only the finest quality cleaners and polished both inside and outside go to my bubble burst dot com. Another great idea from Sean Mac and who's been on the show a lot. He did every franchise's. All time team to be protected and protected list. So 731 all time. And I just tweeted him to ask him if maybe the sabres with of their eleven protected players seven that they once treated. Would that be the most. Of any team. Is his choice for the sabres are shall Wear. The guilty. And are chock Marten. Mirror OSHA ten. Craig Ramsay and ready Robaire opera. They traded McGill me Andrew chock Martan and Robaire should tea maybe just walked edited just like his counter and then. Years later he scored. Of heartbreaking double overtime goal in a series title upset buffalo with the Boston with the Boston Bruins. And then fill mostly they traded double OT. Yeah I think so I do erase that memory out completely and will. On a life I don't know why that's the one Acura so it's really terrible. It is so it's not Tom Brady beating you 38 to its mirror OSHA ten for Boston in his series where you're at home ice and Hewitt compliance. Home. I never believed the team was that good solid I'm not walking without but it just don't I know we scored a goal in that but I. I really could've said he scored a goal with three minutes ago competitors not. Really remember it. I just never bullet never bought into that team. Whole years in booby. Sort. He didn't upset me is much guess that series for me is Miro. And maybe the game before Mark Recchi running over Tim Kennedy in the corner set up the winning goal. That player be Bergeron I don't know recchi and him candidate anyway so. Oh goodness hopefully Mike Ramsey Bill White and hash it would they also traded at one under when cops. Cup props. Cup. It's only one is not that bad a vehicle eleven guys here the sabres traded seven of them away road. All time savers not including written not including her or protect. I don't believe ever traded bill highly shoulder pero horror. Program the program NC. And that's treasure it and you very edge attend miners will be traded and you let a guy goal like that usually score and respect. Yeah borrow CO2 I do YE. Sound may be like I think they shouldn't have done that I never thought they shouldn't have done that I'm being now sarcastic about it. But I never thought it was a bad move. To let your ocean tango man died early bouncing around illegals I was like he was Boston's best player. When the sabres on the Boston is just like sort of typical for our sports lives that guy did that to us. You know long after he burns dismissed by the sabres. Pretty cool idea though and a quarter for any team is treated as many as as seven of error. Greats like this. Daily care is not on this list he was treated right by the sabres too much over the bulldogs back to the future after we come back from sports hero WGR.