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I. Sports talk Saturday gets ready to get it on. WG Oscar. Sports Radio five feet. Good morning. To be jar 515 they Kyrie grind gates here with me this morning Joseph BDB Osce. Sit on the board we've got to. That the past yes team. I know you like to think that it's you it's about you you've got the producer and house combo votes. Announces the team. I would say it's deputy team. And you know it's it is what it is you know we we've got a nice little. Shall put together here for this morning. In this afternoon because we are here eleven to two. And I'll have Jill got on here hopefully the next admitted herself. He is he's in Canada so I don't know how great his perception is I know the high school guys trying to have my on this morning so I was little in and out but we'll have Joseph the new list. Time in football coach and athletic director as well so will will get him on here shortly to discuss some of his plans. And and you know can I go through. What processes them like four because it's a big move. For a program that has banned struggling a little bit in terms of their success I mean this is a program that was victory successful. Especially in lacrosse for the past I mean since really I left high school until. Pre recently is low low cross in football program that was always pretty successful. On May and November losing their head coach and now they're athletic director this year and sort of cleaning house and starting a new I think it's a great spot. I'm not only for Joseph but for for time in two to really go in the direction that they chose to go here bringing a local guy in. Who can potentially kind of rejuvenate that program especially the football program we'll. Obviously it was a little bit ugly last year I know we talked about on this program during that down brawl between its timing in saint Joe's. Where Chad Kelly. Was on the field and there was a lot of backlash about that. So it's it's good I think it's kind of the perfect fit on in terms of you know. Local sports icon and gives the that the program a little Jews pass it on nice. That's a punch in the gut but you know sort of just some some juice it think it's a good to go to scrap of eighteen to outline because now joining me. Cilic got the newest time in head football coach and athletic director Joseph congratulations first and foremost. Glad to have you on I know we've been trying to do this for a little while I figured this is probably the perfect opportunity for you so. Congratulations that talk a little bit about the whole this whole decision how it played out it is kind of quick happened last night all the sudden I'm on Twitter. And the Twitter charade sort of happened wherever it was tweet about it so again congrats and not tell us little bit about dole went in the decision and you know while wire excited it's started. Optimal spectrum and thanks for the congratulations on its stay out as best opportunity I mean I got a phone call last week and from. A record yet in our editors at an Indiana coach taking over a program and dumb. In my and all those kind of and influences many actual they're record. So is it that. Upton is presented annually great opportunity such now I'm in court. Talked about leadership talked about the direction school and I really liked what I heard so how solid I am Alan. Yet though let's get to hear join and I mean we were talking about it briefly when they when the show started to lay. I think it's a program that could use some some real leadership been in in a direction in the fun thing I think about coaching high school football as. Being around a group of guys who are kind of at that age. Where they're still very you know that they're still mobile you know and oh at at that age being a coach of players at that age really kind of ready to take that next step. On its really rewarding kind of seeing the fruits of all the hard work. So I think it's a great opportunity for Ito and and I mean I know you were doing on your training on the side your quarterback training so are you still to be doing anything like that the off season or is it really gonna be now focused on time in NN and really focusing on your team to they know there's going to be some at least in the day in the intermediate here. There I don't you guys had some some downed numbers this year so I think the first order biz is probably. You know rejuvenate their program get some more guys in on so what's you know ha I hate to be cliche but. How do you make time in great again because this was eight this was a program that you know over the past decade or so was one of the top local cross programs in the area. And always the competitor in football and basketball so how do you as now the athletic director. Put something in place here immediately to really start to get the ball rolling downhill. Well you know it's it's not count but you know I think I think it's such a great area. South buffalo its rightful. Community. They're they are back I'm and then in the support that I've already. I'm just that and the last twelve hours then. Unbelievable shot and we at the start up buffalo man. You know try to make some guys in different areas of the region and and get to hit enter school and so what we're all about. We had a great principal amendments Emmons she's done she's got probably eat that. Leadership background of any principle in New York State right now so what her leadership. My vision and and a credit I think the sports. They're running up not. Joseph with you just being 24 years old and coming and this position. You got athletic director you've got varsity football coach and I feel all going into that one of the the things they. Maybe you're gonna find most challenging is being able to balance all of those positions especially when you're gonna have your football season coming up right upon you here and you're also the athletic director for the first time so. Expecting that challenge how do you expect to attack that knowing that you're gonna have to find that positive balance we're gonna be I had football coach ball. Simultaneously. Overlooking the entire athletic program. Well it's at the Emmys and it's not going to be easy it's going to be an adjustment period. But the good news is I have accessed export system from the people at the school I guess Atlantis and the great. Fantastic leader. Andy aboard there is it's fantastic and most importantly. I might add I have my Bob. And my dad has been through this exact same course. You approach it like 26 years old that they overturn a Carol it yet but director at bat off a self. Ahmad I've got someone in my corner multiple people in my corner who who have been there and are willing to help me that's what I think it's gonna take. My whole family. The support the school and the sport people got buffalo and it cropped up a lot of going to be it every community effort here. Jo Khat. New athletic director and had varsity football coach at bishop time in having that support system there and really. You know having your your father being guy that has already gone through this process he's clearly going to be an extremely useful resource to you saw how often end. Did you expect kind of bounce ideas off him are you gonna be talking with him constantly knowing that he's already gone through this adjustment period and you can get all of those those tips and kind of inside information from them. Are absolutely. He's in the bat but he needed is actual prints are now he's been involved athletics the last. Now fifty years so having a guy like. That show me the ropes in show me what to do is on the ballot. Till one less thing here before formula to go I I I look back at. Up playing career as especially when your coaching you know. When I stop playing I coached the Little League level for a couple of years in. I remember thinking you know it's one of those things when he after you're done playing it's one of those things as a as an athlete or as a as a person who's been a leader. Your first instinct is to coach it's it's to kind of show people and ensure these younger guys what you've learned over the course of your career. To try to help them maybe not make the same mistakes or or to learn for some of the mistakes that you made but. I think in terms of what were looking at here man I I think it's that it's a great opportunity for you. I know we're all really you know point four and we we do expect to see some big things for amana the pressure's not okay. So we do expect big things and die no right and I am in just about probably everybody else who's who's been interested in banned. On the Twitter bot for the past 24 hours Washington and kind of seen this thing unfold. Are all pulled for Emanuel you certainly a great person for that community as you mentioned that south buffalo community I know. Firsthand how kind of close knit that community is in and how important time in football is in that community. Amen I don't think they probably could got a better guy in in you to do this so lobbed congratulations again man thanks for coming out with us this morning. And we hope to be here mixing cement. I appreciate it no problem Joseph look out of there on the eighteenth tee how I joining us. The newest time in head football coach and athletic director so congrats to Joseph. There are so wanted to get that you know here early just kind of directly Joseph you know obviously. Playing you be in. At these he's a familiar name in any young familiar name in and I think it's it's important for I think young adults especially. It's so difficult and an exit Pete put in that situation where. I think your question really kind of hit it on the head about. Howell. You're gonna be balancing the entire athletic department while also being a head coach at the age 24 I mean that's that's a lot but I think it also can be a really. A great buildings don't for his career I mean. These are the types of opportunities that you get that. You have to be young and you can't because I think you know apply for jobs nowadays yep Geoff Fieger X five years of experience. End I was just recently telling my cousin that sits. It's not but it's not really about what you know anymore it's about who you know I'll have and and he's all built right in and he's really built himself a nice brand. I'm training young athletes kind of across Sierra specific quarterbacks in and I think it was probably one of the main reasons he was you know sort of willing to be the the faces broker. Well I think it's that and you know for for time and you've got a guy who. You know Ali he's had the experience of being a division one athlete and try now for NFL teams and even sticking with one for a little while. And he can beat. It's a recognizable face in the community it's a guy that if you're trying to. Recruit players. He's he's a guy that definitely will have some cloud to say you know what I know what it takes to be successful high school and then take it to the next level go to division one college not all of these athletes are gonna end up going be one but as a guy who has that experience and you can even transfer that to the the so you you get a guy like that who has been training kids already he's already got that experience and now he's going to. Broad and that experience to where he is affecting more than just football players he's affecting multiple athletes across sports multi sport athletes. And I just as a really cool opportunity forums to be that young and have this kind of you know I mean this this opportunity laying improbable is it seems like he's gonna have some real big things coming at fees due. 24 years old. Athletic director I had had varsity football coach at that much are these super impressive absolutely so aggressive Joseph. Let's behind its use something that I came across on Twitter the other day it was earlier in the week except myself in a direct message they can. Gonna wanna talk about the someone a look at it and I just put it out of my Twitter re tweeted it from the WGA Twitter site it is eight list. Of the Atlanta Falcons so it if you're not familiar with what's going on at Atlanta Atlanta is opening up their new. Quad died billion dollar stadium dumber than Mercedes-Benz. I mean it is. Unbelievable. If you haven't taken a look yet. It looks like. If you look at the Minnesota Vikings new stadium and I care I think as Capital One stadium or century link field or it doesn't. That city was unbelievable what ever watching the first Monday Night Football broadcast last year watching that stadium in just kind of taking in some of that off factors that state interest that. That the glass enclosure is and it's there was it's a fantasy football that they had unbelievable. And the odds in now at Mercedes back stadium. On this new quads I is that mention billion dollar stadium that's really kind of then look at it is is really cool it's probably the the most unique looking sports stadium I've ever seen. They just came out with B list of pricing. For their concessions. And when I look at it it's at the top says fan first menu pricing so this a team. I don't exactly know the I specifics about how obvious stadium responded I'm not sure if it was funded by taxpayers. Or if it was mostly DD. Owner Arthur Blank in. I would assume that some of the stadium at least some of it was paid for by taxpayers. It looks like both you guys are looking that up now so I won't will knoller tomorrow that the second but. Even if it's not. How much was at the stadium. It's 850 million. Was the all the crap I just rip this microphone right off its thing. 13. On the. I I yeah its gonna turn this off Wikipedia says total cost will come in an estimated one point six billion. It's too expensive. So I did but it doesn't say how much was taxpayer funded those. In do all right well either way I mean a new stadium. If it is tax Payer funded I know when you look at new air field it's not the same I mean we're not mean we are in serious taxpayers paying for renovations for the stadium. But I guess my point is when I started looking at this and answered sings in the pricing. Two dollars for a fill global Coca-Cola cup. Two dollars for bottled water two dollar pretzel. Two dollar hot to two dollar popcorn. Three dollar chips in not just with. She's. Got to treat. You're getting now there's a chance for three dollars you pay extra strategies now. What we're seeing here is close to 600 million is taxpayer funded public. While. Southern and I think they can you know get on the two Arco and second don't let. When I look at this though and and I think about. Concessions just in terms of really go to concert I mean. Darian lake when you go when you go see it showed Garry lake what you pay for one of those Beers. Those what are they that we for a spears yet the 24 answers you probably eighteen dollars is gonna say the last time I've done to daring like they were like twelve dollars and I was seventeen I think it was I I think the last and I went there it was something like maybe even like fifteen to twenty dollars for 24 out spear. And the messed up part about that is I was just at a gas station last night. And in the gas station they had a a tub full of shoot much lights which is the knock off Hersh much wiser. And the light beer anyways and the 24 ounces were two for four dollars. That's really what I think in my opinion sparked this whole thing is the heat. Brian's having some. Difficulties with his it was my phone this morning. He broke it so we can now. We can blame him well. So it. We're talking here about these concessions and it as I mentioned yesterday being at the gas station I saw that one of the the 24 ounce. But lights were won its much Porsche mudslides were two for four dollars and that really frustrated me. Because I know how much I pay for 24 ounce beer at Geary lake and off much money I pay for twenty fronts beer at the stadium and. I look at that I'm like man. It is just of course it's a sporty little profit of course right. I think that that maybe has gotten carried away well it. Well again be the concession prices. Are now they they vary from place to place and I haven't been to a bills game as a fan and a very and a lot Ina. So all when I think about deaths the the last time I want the bills game as a fan I think it was then I mean fifty I want to save for like the paper cup of beer that you get drier here. And yeah that's I a very high price but I think fair's. Partially the reason why a beer at new pair of Seattle's is an elevated price because. It's. No I get that but I think if you Woertz to serve five dollar bubbly draught Beers and caught people off that having two Beers per time you go up. I mean there's there's this outer. I just can't I can't and we think we had this articulate it last night via is. I still think that you should be able to serve you or fans and affordable. Couple of draft beer and as a team as a concession stand. Be able to decide whether or not someone is to tanks to buy two more Beers and I understand that there's a lot of elements going out and allowed people are volunteering for this. There's a lot of people who are working with me you know other look at team that are in their fund raising in and do except. But the same time. When you look at a fan. And it's the middle the second quarter and accompanied by two Beers for five dollars. They're still likely go by those two Beers after nine dollars. Right I agree with that I just as likely it but. IQ what you're saying I do think there is at at some point there is a a costs prohibition that some fans. Won't take and when it comes of the concession workers we look at the bills game you see fans approaching especially when it's that halftime rush. You're not you're not questioning anything you're just trying to get to outline move you and you don't want. The a concessions worker I spent one season as an usher at new airfield back then it was Ralph stadium and appeared a bit but it's. That has been what sees as an usher there and I will say problem. Times that I remember when I was probably about a decade or so ago the fear and conduct as thorough we improved inside of the stadium I think so. The key fair conduct inside of the stadium. Us fights I think they're just not that that atmosphere because I'll tell you when I was growing up. My daddy statement games but he would never to I mean it was till I was in my teens toll took into my first Miami Dolphins game. Because he always told them I'm adult games were the most rowdy in there was the most fights and I can say. Ice I was a season ticket holder for six years before last year I was even last year but I just and a son of Alka-Seltzer stations it was the first surely couldn't utilize my season tickets. And looking back two years ago when I was at every game. I didn't eat the feeling that in my section I felt like. At any time. There were just can be fights popping off about the front section and 300 level is notorious for fights for belligerent per do people sliding on rails right. Exactly so. For me I think bigger and I think the fan experience in terms of how other fans act inside of the stadium I think is greatly improved. I don't still think it's necessarily a family atmosphere are now likely. I still think though that. At the end of the day what it comes down to is how tank fans get before they get the stadium right and that's always been a concern it is difficult for the team. For Orchard Park police to patrol and end. Take care of people who are belligerent who are. Harding and private lots and that's always an issue but I also think it's one of the great things. About the bills is that they do have private lot and that you can go party with a group of your friends and. Throw tables trust me I'll. I do love that kind of atmosphere the Boston threw tables. You know I look at my age I don't. I don't know how I do love a good table and I have been known to leave. That for all people through tables rightly. Bought it's it's. I don't know I just I just think of it from the bills' perspective. Where where they consider it it it's certainly. Profit profit is their profit is like oh we via a ten dollar beer and people buy it anyways. But I do think that you do have a section of fans especially ones that our vote. Super hard party types maybe a little bit younger in just turned 21 GO. He days those types. They look at a ten dollar beer in their like no way marketed by ten dollar Beers sold people who are truly. Looking at a cost effective way of having a good time at the stadium through consumption of averages. Vogue look at that and be like I will just drank more outside. And then go to the game and not buy anything right the end of the game beat decently sober. So yeah you have five dollar Beers and stab at. Five dollar beer that's to see Mary you're paying at a bar for them. So may be that cuts down some of that at an and I think that's the issue and I think may be in Birtley one clobbered. Media solution. Because when you're talking about one what is that the biggest issue for the bills in four or to park police. It is the. Atmosphere in those slots before the games now they can control in those goals lots what they can't do was as a mention they can't control those private lots so in theory. If the bills fan thinks he can get a five dollar beer in the seat that he might be less likely to shotgun to more Beers before he walks in because yes the worry about the law Italian rock he's got right exactly. But there I've spent a person is double fisted walking into the stadium knowing that I'm not gonna spend sixty dollars on five Beers when I go into the statements that. Abbott a shotgun three Beers before walking it because it's more it's more effective. And it gets the job done. So maybe only by taking more affordable beer cost you can cut down on people's view of my aggressive mindset that people think I gotta get. To a certain level before Lockett these doors knowing. That when I get and I can't afford to buy beer 8030551. Tripoli five. And about being experienced as a mentioned re tweeted. A picture from day or revolt ESPN. Of the falcons beat the Atlanta Falcons new concession prices which are quote fan friendly and I want to know from you guys what do you think what would you like to see the bills do this year to make a morphine and friendly. Atmosphere there adware field so we'd like to hear from you 80305518885222550. Those numbers to call. Does and is sports talk setting right here on WG. Welcome back sports talk seven make you re right gates in Joseph DVR see here. Children Fiat on this Saturday morning as gloomy Saturday probably headed out to maybe do some shopping today. Tune in in maybe your car at home. Can't mow the lawn today. Even if you trial that you cable launch day. What Hillary months. As it rained out where you hear the other day. Long and work your Monday through Friday. So did you see the rain storm again on Thursday all the flooding yes the fight I feel like there's probably some residual effects from that. I mean I don't mow lawns for the most part and Adam and Lyle you arrive it's nice living in an apartment building where I don't have to worry about that. Yes oh. I guess my my mowing. A sensible rusty can. That's fair minus two that's violent and apparently don't wanna moloch. Let's go to the phones because he's got. I'm Rick in south buffalo is joining us here and talking a little about the inexperience which is what we've been talking about this morning Rick welcome to sports stocks Saturday thanks for call. Yeah I think self absorbed he. I've been dismissed in a little bit here. I don't have the wholesale Edberg but when they get shorter than seven inside here otherwise and that's. A bit about Beltran that we should say they hurt me it felt OK and down. I want the I want to say good bad actor and who red cards are scared then. There and we're not. Gonna go to agreements or opinions on this radiologists say they pray about it. It and that was sort championship game I remember that championship game when they asked the Buffalo Bills one and that's maybe perhaps SL a championship when they beat San Diego Chargers. I am pleased to bring I don't six actually is our says that everything works out. Believe what he we didn't have any security check that he had every day at the abs and since. It was at best and that there has said that around. Then maybe absorb it enjoy the game into our friends and and that. It was a portable. Nowadays I think. The Buffalo Bills were dead they have you have to be happy I led a two game because there's days. The built in nearly every time the very beginning of the year comes around. Station and you guys can go to video and are the type of those like they're going to resume. And I think Agassi fans hated Olympic volleyball and say this doesn't happen at Hiram. But what I'm real football game guys and apparently didn't want nightclub followed a broken home. Yeah it the whole think stinks right now in the NFL with a big money making enterprise. And that's all we care about is money they don't care about energy needs and they think about him taking bold and hard you gotta be kidding me. I'm from Rick bring I have to ask you so it that when used first for start talking so. You guys were at the rock pile then what about right the the original stadium. I grew up nice so. You really got to just bring your own six pack right to the game that was that was cool back then. Problem no problem at all Tom. I rarely talk is no end game that probably maybe you heard about that championship game one point seven hours San Diego. Later that I stuck in the book to understand their value this course today at quarterback and pills. And I ask you guys do what they do a good hit good god. My strategy and I'm actually going to do that day he should I know I was working yeah baby. The fifth. Outgoing. Heads our but there are doing good though that it could really couldn't say no and also the players. Enhanced security guards riding in this stadium Ricky went and checked. There was nothing like daddy is just. That adds and that change like a 100% that is not even the same league anymore. Then dad did that they didn't want it out now it's just him and it may get Democrats I don't know like what are doing commercials. I mean you get at. Sort of beat us. Rick we appreciate you calling man I appreciate your your point of view too and I appreciate your stories and thanks for Conan Sharon has meant. That candidate Rick yeah. I'll say it Rick had a lot there and I don't know they was wrong in any of it I. It's crazy because it. His points bring me back to. And maybe this is weird that bring you back to this sort of brought me back to the idea of like Woodstock. And how Woodstock was the largest gathering. Of people upper fifties hit it just a bunch of hippies. There is no I just remember the story was or is just there was no fights there was no huge police presence. Police were like hey get out with people. Welcome I'm not gonna sit here and believe that you're bringing your own six pack into the Rock Island is not points. People were throwing full beer zap players on the field back yes. Some. Make it sound like you know about the rock pile was this Mecca of great fan activities because that wasn't what. I think what his point was it out why did like about. His point is talking about how the game has changed in and really the goals of the league had changed its. I think part of it is our fault as fans want is we continued to pay top dollar for their product. Even though we feel disenfranchised pulled it from them. We feel like sometimes we want something let perfect example and this is in the NFL but professional sports. What the sabres fans really want this offseason. He wanted a free skin color change auditors it's the thought they wanted to color change that was like their big thing. You know an. Not even acknowledgment of hey we know everybody wants this but here's why we're not there wasn't even really get knowledge it is this is this what I. I personally think about the whole royal blue Jersey thing. There's a very loud force of fans that are doing it in the field the majority of fans. Don't care because as a Jersey and grown ass man totally aura of women who we are worried about the color of the Jersey. I get it was and it wasn't necessary wasn't the color of the Jersey I. I think what it was it was the principle it is that's something that they wanted I Philippines wanted. The organization they want the public they wanted to be felt like it or heard that was something that they wanted to happen if they lobbied pretty significantly for it. If there was nothing there was no acknowledgment of that like there wasn't hey we know everybody wants this Jersey yet. I guess to me what I've met up from the original point is I just feel a little bit like. The fans are all little bit for this the fans are at fault for paying. Top dollar in continuing to give the NFL some of the best ratings in any live sporting about an like television event. And they continue to go back we continue going back we continue paying. And we had this conversation a month or so ago I Nicholas where we talk a little bit about how. It's just so expensive in how can family. A family of four afford to go to one of these games yet they do both spent a quarter of their paycheck to bring their family to a sabres or bills game. I guess. What a lot fans griping is is when you look at Atlanta a new stadium. They are funding a pretty good portion of that stadium. They feel as though giving people reasonable price concessions is a way of saying thank you. Yeah resource link to chip it but I think that there should be a conscious effort across the league to offer fans. Better price concessions that are priced at getting better game day experiences. Just stop that gonna make a fan think I didn't just waste 200 dollars on a Sunday afternoon bringing Mikey do we gain that he doesn't care. You don't meet its. I remember going to games. For me he was a bonding experience with my father and what we would go to games in we'd be there in Georgia game talking about the game talk about the bill just. When your at a bills game or your idols tailgate area to sabres game you're come at that. Two hour that 34 hour segment of your life depending an hourly get up to tailgate. It's completely consumed. By the bills you are talking bills you are listening to the pre. Every pregame show you're listening to you got some people at the nuggets have their TV so they can watch the nationals CBS and ESPN broadcast. Of those of the pregame show. And while the way I think. You're describing it right now is not. Anything to do with the NFL though the reason why people keep coming back in that capacity is because of the community feel a bit and in the fact that. They feel it's a mutual experience between friends family and in their community has nothing to do with the NFL supporting their product. They're going to have a good time with people in the community and people they like any outlet that it has nothing to do with the NFL now are we fall for continuing to support the NFL even if we don't agree with their. Politics or what what ever you wanna say about them. Sure I got the bad you're gonna have to make that stand and be willing did not. All hang out with your friends and your family and not talk about the bills because you're gonna have to boycott it. I don't I don't view it as the the only way that things global change with the NFL is your right with what. Ratings falling and I think more and more people are starting to be like you know what. I don't need to spend twelve hours of my Sunday watching football I think more and more people are coming around be like you know what I don't need to spend twelve hours a day. Watching football I can go do other things. It think about this to it and I think it's a little bit. Obviously as Rick was talking about how different people are how different the dynamic is and I think when you look back at. The family dynamic is Sunday's. For the good portion of the Sunday that transpired there I don't know. It's quite loud. But. I guess my point was is the family dynamic has sort of changed people. Would come together as a family of 20/20 five people for Sunday football. Everybody would bring food I mean that's what I was number that's what would happen. Now. If you're not going to the game a lot of people just don't watch football on Sundays that an. I think we talked about his estate are right and I went on the rock our report podcast. And we were talking a little bit about this before hand about how old you know these teams like. I just think that game day experience. That. Camaraderie is starting to change I I we I think that the NFL game in itself has peaked. I think the popularity has gotten to a point where it can't rise any further so obviously we're talking about grass you're talking economics. And you peak eventually you're gonna start to see. The downfall. And I don't necessarily think that that popularity of the NFL is in trouble now but I certainly think that there are less kids playing that's a fact the numbers suggest there are less children. Playing the game of football at the age of 789 and ten. Then ever before. When it comes to that to its. That should scare the NFL I had to scare the NFL but I always think that when there's going to be enough people like short. But now all those same kids that are playing football. Are growing up a household where the failing meets every Sunday to watch twelve hours a football I'm not sure that it's necessarily true. It's a but but it I mean I'm the scale that one personally I was a family that had my ho. You know little cousins almost all of second cousins got. One person in that whole family play football. One person played football for three years while they are in high school. All we did every Sunday it got together and watch football and I don't think that point for apple has any basis sheriff's auction for. Well I I agree with that but I think what I'm saying I think it's that combination I was more. Basically talking about the combination of not only are these younger kids not playing but they're not subject to bet that I've gone all out there. Iraq and all the odds are greater salt and it good pitcher crane LLL or there's no there's no radio. Stations immediately next to it. Well let's go to break when we come back now to continue the conversation and I'd like to hear from you 8030551888550. To fight if you could also Texas at. 55550. You can Dow tweet either Ryanair I add tiny Kyrie WGR or Ryan underscored gates. Ryan underscored W whatever she are insane thing at DVR CW GR. All of us tweet it all of us around so. As image you wouldn't get the numbers in homer time Ada thrilled by 51885 to 22550 sports stocks said. Rolled off all morning here on the beach here. All right welcome back to our final segment here of Oliver one of sports talk Saturday Nicky Reid Ryan gates in Jody DeOssie. Go through some of the tax lions. Getting Sammy your reaction about the topic this morning. As we talk about fan game day experience says I was referenced saying. He tweet from ESPN's Daryn rebel talking about some of the pricing. For the Atlanta Falcons concessions specifically how low they were. Five dollar Beers two dollar dogs five dollar hamburger cheeseburgers. Three dollar cheesy nachos. So. Certainly. Cigna I would call it maybe as significant difference from what you see on game day when you go. To Wear field or if you go anywhere else usually the concessions as we are taught what concerts it's just seems to have gotten pretty ridiculous compound are not shows. With just a cup cheese. Heads again save my feeling is I don't live box illegally and does well I I would think that would be more. But maybe like seven maybe that's only when you get the July happens. All right you gotta do what you do you get out and are hoping. I mean I feel like they ask you if you wanted to lap and thousands of because not everyone likes likes spicy things. They like just the cheese aspect of the nacho cheese. They don't like the fact that el Gamal points and and that. I will know I. I don't love sounding like I'm just being negative and that I don't think they're doing a good job. I thought over the past couple years the bill's decision to try and bring different aspects into their concessions different types of food choices. I still think obviously what buffalo is known for is their food. Yes and I think the bills have done a good are a better job as of late. Kind of making that experience of went downtown fan comes circus we do get a lot of Canadians we get a lot of out of towners coming from other teams. I think it's good to kind of have that buffalo field where you're gonna get food that you don't normally get. Anywhere outside of buffalo because I'm absolutely nobody there. They have it's not the same pizza but it's still better pizza then what they were serving before. And you know with the ethic that anchor Byron there with wings and then you can get the pizza logging get buffalo crowd traps. So having stuff that you need to buffalo I think two is. It's something that they've tried to incorporate and and I can appreciate that I want. I think that's one of my favorite thing that's more level or pride fools talking points while Buffalo's how good our food is if you follow me on Twitter you probably figure that out. Yeah I'll think of I want to be the trial blue jays last week giants against the Astros last Sunday. Ands the concessions. There. Wares from. Did all this isn't Rogers yeah Roger so you're telling us about jerk jerk chicken who team. Chicken hootie and you can just walk around all the concessions parents. You know if there is a new stadium. That's gonna be built I would expect concessions to really. Take a huge increase in quality. Because now you go round especially baseball baseball has made it. The ballpark food is something to go to a baseball game well and you also have to realize that baseball has a difficult time keeping fans engage for nine innings yeah right eighteen happenings like that's difficult for a lot of fans so when you have these amazing food choices like. Derek Bell's always been about these these crazy yelling 24 hour. Between four dollar foot long hot dogs wrapped in bacon and Robert and all sorts of toppings. Or does culture world is like as long as my arm. Like they had that the approaching that I got as the jerk chicken protein very. I think fairly priced in this was Canadian dollars to actually tape and it's hot and it was 1195. Jerk chicken protein a very good Porsche so all about eight dollars American 89 books and I and I mean that's what you're getting a good portion articulate guy Derrick. It's I was full I felt that crashed because I eat chicken. There were some sort of its law greed be Kurds and Fries and I ain't really but it was tremendous I came across. A forum. A bills form yeah that was talking about concessions this is back from 2015. A beer and hot dog last year sort of in the 2014 season to gather cost 1450. Yeah I mean ought to at probably five dollar in Atlanta beards that million and eight dollars so almost cut in half. What you're paying other bills game between fourteen is what you'll be paying for the same products. It quite honestly say that's. I I agree about all it's dubbed food prices like. Two dollar Coca for the kids to a dollar Coke for for people who are designated drivers right reef noble cup Ford I think it was a four dollar souvenir cup. Refill mobile and two dollar hot dog three dollar slice of pizza three dollar and took all of that stuff. That should just be. The norm because you're like I go to a gas station and you're the you're talking about beer. You go to a gas station you pick a mini pack hot dogs and 99 so I'm sick and those are the ones that their use has not yet using the good ones. Because and my point was I don't they feel like they're making enough money off ticket sales and people listen if you lower your concession prices more people will buy food. So I feel like that would even out now. Pressure about even outs lately. But if you're if you're really truly worried about like fan behavior you give him cheap food that is affordable in non you know big hits over the year that could could help the the phones out Chris and west Seneca you are in sports talk Saturday thanks for dogs. Guys out one aspect too much thought about we talk about a victory but it's here it's very bad spot. That ticket prices are a lot but the average price for aerial do pop. Yeah it up all. And then this year you know literature bail out. Another subject I think they ended up I actually track of the world that I'd say the gains or didn't wait chew over commercialized. And you know a little bit Powell would be. And the only other night it's like you know all of that but I wish it would go to AFC shouldn't they have an. Super low editor there I don't see Chicago retreat here and then maybe fill it. Ever go where no one well super ball verse and let. You know. No I like that yet Chris I am I wanted to ask you decency struck what this commercialized. Nature and now there's somebody commercials I I would call watching the CBS broadcast of the Broncos. And it was the Super Bowl the Broncos beat Carolina right in that game. I remember watching the like Peyton Manning walk out to the field and you know what I thought to myself when I was watching like the pregame of the broadcast. It felt like I was watching a Broadway Show like but it felt like act like Pete Manning was wearing makeup like that's like Howell. Just. Played out it has become for me like watching the Super Bowl I felt like I was watching abroad let us doctors watching Jersey boys on Broadway. But that's really what I felt like watching the game and when you said about this commercialize nation a bit and now you've got so many commercials during the game instead of a three are rocket Richard to the four hour and fifteen minute broadcast because that guy get all these breaks and all these halftime shows and everything like that so. I agree he christened in it's just sort of the unfortunate nature where we gotten in and he. Look at ESP and look at these. App you know what everybody wants her to news but you don't these people keep doing. Bring on new opinions eating European studies college don't write to grow and so it's almost like meat. Right exactly so these teams these organizations these networks are feeding you things that we said we don't want that we still go back for. It sits just doesn't make sense. It's micromanaging negate that it's Abacha itself. You know and one other thing and I got is that. It's issued that isn't that idea that they will now he's you don't watch the first for a while I retaliatory. Hours forty minutes a lot. The the actual football action and all the commercials and all of the stoppages Shia. It's the big game has taken that turned to where. The the actual action on the field is. This all white aerial collapse of the secondary everything else that's going on in Goodell did Todd John just a little bit with you all the the idea of the kick off. Commercial old. You know quarter touchdown commercial kick off commercials Gingrich back itself which is please write home mine we. Chris thanks for up for caught us and we and we appreciate all the opinions as it did some good talking points we appreciate it Chris enjoy the rest of year out you're Saturday afternoon are out there regularly here. I'll look at sports when we come back here from Joseph. Then when we come back we'll continue our conversation 1230 Matthew fair burn from New York upstate gonna join we will get his ideas and his thoughts handles concessions also he wrote a story. That I will re tweet from the WG or Twitter account. About Sean McDermott he made a trip down to North Carolina to speak with Sean McDermott's former. And that May-Treanor. And I thought some of the stuff in your article was actually greats will get to that when we come back he listened to sports stocks edit right here on WG.