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Sports talk Saturday. I believe that and Paul Wolfe who's going to be so everybody knows how to professionally as he's been the man of the year I didn't seem right now that really is in desperate need. Wide receivers is the Buffalo Bills and if I could find there appeared record identical ball that yet though. I've got to acknowledge these days Obama he's got great joys as a rookie we've seen worse Sammy Watkins who thought we stay healthy. A very old come from Oakland I just think could be a great sign it bought. Welcome back sports talk Saturday hour three coming your way here that was nfl.com NFL network's Brian molding her. I think an atomic avenues. Speaking about Anquan Boldin freed a wide receiver in he thinks is best in most appropriate fit is in buffalo and I think I tend to agree with. I would enjoy T I think. He'd be the perfect type a receiver for this off. It humbled and yes I got you know I wouldn't. We we talked about it what Jeremy Maclin and went Eric Decker even became full read. I'll momentarily when. He was a free agent for but. You know adding just that that extra depth and you can crumbled in what he's done throughout his career. He's gonna be. I think with the offense that are going to be riding where he he's not a guy that's going to get huge separation. Necessarily but he knows how to work the body. Get into position to make plays on the balls and be able to put himself in a position where. If the ball is in the proper area on the timing is right he is gonna provide you with a I think rarely does it. Production and that if there is if CME Watkins gets injured again or exceed Jones knee is it. 100%. Lower even if Andre homes goes down for whatever reason. There's more of the doubt there are you have a proven guy instead of relying on. A bunch of these guys to. Underneath. It's a Jones who is a proven. Andre Holmes who had one good season and Sammy Watkins who had a good rookie year but has struggled stay healthy. You got rod Streeter had a good year with the Oakland Raiders back like 56 years ago and beyond that it's it's just I missed a show of and guys who have kind of bounced around the league a little bit so would be nice to get a little more stability there and I think you would be a guide he could bring in. And with Rosie Jones who is being kind of come hired to a lot of ways of going easy I know there's audio like I don't wanna just Rosie Jones or number two receiver 'cause he's all you have to be number two I'd like to bring him along slowly McCain and yeah you don't lie just toss and into the fall right in my lightly at all it's like album and if you are looking at. The way that Anquan Boldin is running his routes now it's probably easy Jones could learn a lot from that guy because he's not necessarily I would be explosives great point. He's a guy that's going to that I don't win a line of scrimmage jabbed great route running and positioning Sophia I'm learning from a guy like Anquan Boldin who is a great route runner and great at positioning it could benefit him for years going into this. Very much I can appreciate that point had very much agree with that point and my thought process behind this was the type of receiver that yes as you mentioned a great route runner but. What he brings to this offense would be larger Horry wide tax radius. A guy that can go whopping get the ball especially in the red zone on a competitive position you're not super deep bats if you to bring dialect bold and in who can box people out. Who can go whopping get the ball. With Tyrod Taylor somewhat in accuracy inaccurate idea unity that's isu record court that he does kind of have hood is balls all the. There's a range Iraq range and there and that's part of the reason why I think Susie Jones was a target because he's the type of receiver that is reaching out to make catches. Instead of you know tackle right near his body so that's his hands guys so you get you get another hands guy like that is going to do a perfect mentor it's hard to benefit Zeta-Jones and it's going to benefit Tyrod Taylor who will look better if you got guys who have that large touch radius who can bring in you know some of some of those errant passes that we've we've seen in the past. Are so. Obviously talk about that sound there from Brian balding or who suggest the bills should be landing spot for him humbled and not totally gets that but what I wanted to talk about now are at least. Tell people about I'm sure they've already heard about before but the duster challenge. Is coming back to fox valley club this. Coming week July 21 in registration is still open so are optional in the morning tee to green Kevin Sylvester Jeff metres in rankles in front of the program. Are running this event it's for charity it's an awesome event. And there's going to be a lot of great stuff obviously there's kids tournament before hand and then obviously afterwards is the adult. Tournament where you're gonna find out is do the best part Russian York it's. And they've got a ton of great stuff there's Bure included. There's a spectator past you don't have to just go and play if you wanna play or watching it'll be fun. Under golfer Apple's things like that. If you go to duster challenge. Dot com backlash registration. I'm you can go there and register if you wanna just tackle the web said to be Debbie Debbie got duster challenge dot com to find a little more information about it anything like that but I. You don't I don't I'll be there right to be you're stuck in the Stabile most likely to open and I was gonna try to make it and make his way out there. So they'll be some people out there if Michael by C hide. I'll be out there putting likely not doing well because that's the weakest part of a lot of great putters there are a lot of good sport personnel to beat yourself up if you get a chance in your interest didn't take a look go to want to be WW dot duster challenge dot com. And I eagle there register rate. So I also wanted to to bring up a point because Frankel is attached to me during her last segment when you were talking smack about the game of golf. Saying it didn't really take any athletic ability okay. When I think of athletic ability and I'm comparing it to rustling. Yeah you don't have to be the fittest guy in the world to play eighteen holes of golf as well I'm getting. You don't know he fit but don't tell us how one and out. Four straight days of walking eighteen holes OK well yet on the weekend after weekend after weekend yet you're you're gonna have you know pretty. Pretty solve lax your caps they're gonna be sculpted out its latest from experience I have played back to back eighteen hole eighteen holes on a Saturday Sunday. By the time I was on hole like fifteen on Sunday. Could barely move my hands. Like it could barely grip the club my back hurt my legs hurt and I visited I was a golf cart. Okay like. It's not just the walking eighteen when you're looking at some of these golf courses you're look at your talking about some serious like dramatic. Tips in in hills in these golf course is man like there's a lot of change in elevation these golf courses for these. Tiger Woods like tore his ACL okay. And continued playing ace Cooper tough golf course and walked in entire weekend on a torn ACL in one that your. Yet but is that Athlon assist them or insanity. It's our big difference between yes yeah. There is a big difference. You don't have to be insane to be great athlete playing knee playing golf a game where your twisting your ass on your knee. Constantly employing that warning UCL is in fact insanity in my opinion. But. I'm probably importing more of the Al liars Diana on the track and which I would look at most golfers a look at you know Jordan speed the Rory McIlroy. The younger golfers Rickie Fowler tiger is prime time. And I'm like OK these guys. Card act really fit the current shape of the guys you know. Like John Daly and Phil Mickelson and Juan Miguel Jimenez is like you know what these guys are super clean athletes. But the way I'm describing an athlete is you you put time. On the football field or basketball scorer or on the hockey league you know something with a little more. I guess tiger temple hired Tom Barr option yet. A higher tempo and Maurer. I guess the peaks higher intensity. Quality of an athlete so that's like sales marketing yet you know I couldn't walk personally. I got to date date for a I'm doing eighteen holes back to back to back to back that's tough man you know what I'm doing. I'm not golf and finally eighteen holes and given out. Drink a lot of beer probably it for the finally compound given up I am sick and in the carton people are going to be just pulling me because my back will probably be weekend. My legs will probably be eight and my arms will probably be taken in our will probably be a game could pretty much my whole entire body would be picking up points a lot of heat and golfers it's just I guess money my definition of death atlantis' needed to be. Clear phi OK okay your your angle it I can at least I can respect it. I just suck it all away so I'm not really the guide ago to about. Lots of golf stuff. Well thank you for that the way they aren't right for your great the last time I played golf was. The summer before last. At Delaware park and that was the only time I played that summer and the players don't park yeah. And before that I played a lot. That summer I spent my house living in north Collins still also there's a lot of open fields to hit golf balls a lot of open fields they call balls and he got even valley which was right around the corner from my house yet darker crust which was a you know. Time twelve drive twelve minute drive away walking him. I'll pretty much. 34 times a week baca a few Summers ago I moved out of the city a start working afternoons and that that was that it pretty much a shot after. I try to gulf as much as I can. And I've been having some back issues I've had little golf past few weeks. I love again a golf I think it's. As we are talking last hour with Matthew for Everett last hour last segment. About how most people kind of get away from the everyday grind I don't deal. I imagine the hours that Brandon being in Sean McDermott spend. Working. They certainly burned their salary I would assume. I work a normal you know eight to five airy to four job. And I have this jobs altogether during bill's season I work. 65 to seventy hours a week which isn't it it's not awesome but it's not crazy. And. They can't just say 65 to seventy hours a week debt I think that is pretty crazy even got crazy yeah that's. The guy I'm probably around fifty hours. Some weeks now between radio always and if I am working at 716 bills' season comes around. I might be encroaching on sixty. And I am a miserable PO box and is scared sixty hours a week are you kidding me no way terrible. That's that's like twelve hour days if you're working a five day work week. I'm working a seven day work week typically and that's I can't math so it's whatever it is. Right I mean once once the season starts I'm working seven days of work in 6 AM to 9 PM on Sunday is. In a market or six and a 6 AM and 9 PM but that's the definition of work for me is a little bit different because I like coming here and professional eating out Seles. It's really important not doing any heavy lifting here and I guess you know. It's interesting though when when I tried you know so I can't play golf as much when I'm working her bosses just kind of way it goes yeah. But. The cool thing about the game that you know and Bryant probably all have a back on this is. It's sort of keeps you it keeps you fresh. And what I mean by that it it's a challenging game. And it really requires you did not think about other things when you're playing like. It requires that you invest yes yes and so it's a great way to sort of get away from your seven hour work week. If your meal or hear you know it in. Here's the thing too is. In this profession in this profession and playing in being a bills general manager or being a bills head coach all anybody wants to talk to you about. Is the bill's gonna aren't worth buffalo if you work around the bill's work for the bills. When your in public. And you go are your hang out of the people that are your like immediate group of friends everybody wants to ask you questions about. Football so it's difficult even when you're just trying to get away. To get away full. So like that's the cool thing about golf fishing or something where you have to be sort of hold the weight from it all in it gives you an opportunity and I guess that with the game of golf. But you have to be. Mentally they're like you can't be in their place. It's C I find and some took so my best golf that I've ever played is one I'm not thinking at all. It's just when I'm Mike decides not to come up to the ball and I'm like you know what. Paula because at this point I'm already. Pretty pissed off of already tanked at that point yeah yeah couple Beers and yeah I'm all I'm already you know few Beers and I'm already pretty upset with myself. At the the state in my game so I just start walking out I don't do any of the practice swings I just walk up to the ball and hit. And I tend to do about it when I'm doing that and it doesn't register like that. So I was like OK just do that all the time because my brain doesn't work that way it's I know he got you got stops here you gotta follow your stuff to got to make sure that you're doing the right things. But when I am trying to make sure I do the right things and like all right there's a checklist I'm doing this doing this and do in this. And I miss one and I continue to think about Babylon and I'm neglecting something else so it's just like an analyst and endless cycle here. And I agreed that 80305518885222550. The numbers to call if your we've got to add a bevy of opinions today a bevy of topics. You know we're right before training camp. I can we Eugene Bobby you. There's actually Eugene lobby he's you know that from American art. Current event. Analyze that finds more pure glass. I moss two. But. Show derailed seriously show shorter up. Nobody you know we've we've spoken about a lot of things today. I feel like it's important at least for us. To not be. Talking about built training camp this week. Why do you agree with me all that it's important not to it because think about for the next. Twelve. Pointing bottom for weeks we're gonna be talking about the bills. So that's why we're in the at that stage right now it's that downtime. This week especially when it's the all star break in baseball not that we you know. Talk talk beast here and ways. And you know nothing's really gone in the MBA. Some some major contracts and back and stuff. Nothing's really go and the NHL. You got yeah meanwhile are McGregor we talk about a week. We sure can definitely ending August 26. It's so far away and yet they're so. Fired up yeah in an in my face already like I what was weird is that and spread out the press conferences which I feel take relative. Buildup hype because it meant that heat over the last week to day after day and I singled to right and I'm sick of them saying ridiculous things to each other throwing its. Yell at the office and visit W elite portion of yes it is that's that's that's. I'll see you this is what I have in the back in my mind if I'm kind of McGregor you know what I'm trying to do obviously make 100 plus million in this fight. Invest it wisely don't call the WW EB like do you need someone just to work them like constantly like I don't actually want Russell. But I want where he hollowed out yeah I just wanna be someone's manager and work them like constantly on this work them like for you week in week out and make a pretty nice payday and you're bringing in. Fringe fans are probably like. You know WWE Sox it's not real you start bringing its of those UFC fans. Maybe some these boxing fans a good. Provide a little more interest. Have you had an opportunity to teach. Show us. Adding. Feel for this fight. Had you guys. On the after the show I had an opportunity to really I don't either feels about those and one hell yeah I don't even know the the care at all really. We think even care arm what I. I only pray that she WS you have seen though like I have a very casual you have C fan yet I also really up against boxing at this point. I think it's rate I don't think it's the product I think it's por there is no one really up of consequence anymore is boxing they're not. Going to be fighters if you're gonna be a fighter now you're one of the Aussie. Oh yeah Nellie ball that they USC like the UFC I'm definitely. A casual UFC fan I'd. Couldn't even tell you who was on the car last weekend at UFC 113 I couldn't tell you any of that I enjoy watching the flights and I'm. Out with friends. Yes definitely going that way and I think what the big thing is is there's no heavyweights there's no heavyweights in the United States all the heavyweights are broad and and they're all really old. Well play and not Bob there's there's a up and comers now because your feel like the Klitschko Brothers and variety of Joshua Allen who is. Any Josh anti Joshua. And I watched his fight against Klitschko and it was an awesome flight like rim all over the you'll like patty baker got apple knock each other down multiple times so that's what I think boxing in the United States is missing is because all these the only big athletes who are going to be big enough to be heavyweight fighters and up getting into football or basketball or different sports because. They've think. They can make more money that way they're much more popular now injured are getting punched in the face repeatedly. So I think that's what it takes away from boxing in the United States is the lack of true heavyweights. That are being produced in a look at a guy like FB Josh you want them I'm. I don't know what is next flight is but if I find out about it I'm auto auction track it down because he was awesome to watch well. The thing that I think I find myself most intrigued about this fight is obviously the idea that nobody thinks McGregor has it a shot and held a win. And I'm just not in that camp. I'm really not and I understand that we're talking about essentially different sports via I do understand that concept and and I think that I I need to say yet. Before I ate you know put the confidence that I haven't kind of McGregor but. I look at a forty year old fighter. In Floyd Mayweather turning 41. I look at a fighter who he he can take a hit by it and maybe get a given enough credit for being able to absorb a hit. But I don't think what I watched kind of a bigger fight you have seat I watched him throw some of the hardest punches. In the octagon I price some of the most effective punches in the octagon I think you don't seal lot of congress ground game and you do he's good on the ground. But he'll turn it into a boxing match with Hewitt he will win in the acting. And he's done that I think he did that would be it's turning into a into a hand game I had to hand combat. And you're just not going to be kind of Gregor in in the octagon and hitting and comment you're not going to so I think that portion of his game has to translate a little bit now understand. The weight of his gloves are going to play a factor. They are certainly you're you're it's what is 78 ounces heavier the glove and by going from four ounce counts for ups and downs. That's a significant. Difference and when you watch some of their height videos we watched the Mayweather video you saw the seen Mayweather super quake. Super effective you can't really. And that is some Macgregor he seemed a little bit more slow methodical. And I think when people originally saw that there are like oh my god McGregor is gonna get freaking kill but there's no chance and how he has any chance in hell. While I don't think it was McGregor is going to get killed I think it's more so. All we're gonna again it's a Mayweather fight where many others is because it's gonna walk around and not get ahead and McGregor is really gonna try to head home in May be tiger himself follow. And we're just gonna have this fight where there's really no action I think that's the biggest fear. I think it has to be the biggest fear but I'd I'd like your point that he's. Listen when I watch though the last Mayweather fight. Quote he faced off with Andre Furtado Brcko but it was the Pacquiao flight yeah so all built up. And although I thought it did at times turn out to be a pretty decent fight. I just I saw all week too much of Floyd just dancing and dancing around just dancing and trying not to at least what you can say about USC. If you don't get that any USC match you know you do not forget there's bloodshed in every match and I still think that there's no way that Mayweather decides he's gonna change the way he boxes at this point is he understands that there's no way. He can do it into a boxing match with. With kind of regret. That the reason I can't get in to office fighting what you're making makes a lot of sense and like I prayed to god that is exactly what happens but. I've this dance has been done with Mayweather before where he's faced these guys with extreme power like yeah Alvarez who is a knockout artist. And was is like 49 and one. He goes in the face Mayweather and you just can't touch him right so it's like I agree with every moment if people think McGregor if he catches Mayweather. I like it's probably going to be a pretty good fight that's insane need right Mayweather is lost the set at forty I'm watching these. The fight at the same guy's hand speed books there and so. I just can't I can't ever accept the somebody's gonna catch him especially guy as a boxer when you watch Mayweather and you'll see you're right. Boxing match can beat anybody new OC yet but. It's different and you have your hands are almost always down communities enacted after having his hand that's true and punching -- the hat and glove he's going to be parts from different angles and he is you'll see I agree that I like I'm not completely on the fence like. Which Max Kellerman if it does he went one punch. But I think you'll like change I think that's part insanity I also think it's part insanity to think McGregor and. I I agree with that here's my thing here's my two cents on this. I think there's a good opportunity for McGregor to be patient body puncher in this fight and landed body shots. In the one thing you can say about kind of McGregor is he has one hell of an upper cut. And I like Ed this is something that I don't I'm not again not a huge boxer I'm not a big in a boxing. I'd be interested to know the statistics of Floyd Mayweather is buy outs against self boss and how successful he's been about to consult boss opposed to normal traditional right hand boxers. I don't have stats for you but I can tell you despite I've seen all his fights he absolutely has the most problems how much is the fight. He was 45 years ago the Fargas Marcus might Donna who's not even like a superstar fighter Brett he was a south bought any as the brawler. And that was the fight I'd never seen me when I have more problems and he lost like three the first four rounds and you only one on majority decision one judge gave the fight my Donna so. That's kind of the the blueprint is out there itself. It all off and it's a brawler. Here's the thing anyway to do it's gonna be whether or not and this is how her records going to land punches is whether or not he can get may weather up against the ropes or in the corner. It that has been the biggest issue for fighters who are trying to beat. Floyd Mayweather is big bet on able to get him to the book to go out to the to the to the corner to the ropes and and that's been their biggest issue why they can't let budgets is to be got a tour of the middle ring you're not touch and play mailer. He's just gonna move around yet. But if you couldn't give it a brawler mentality where you're. Door pushing in me into the corner and you're getting body shots on him his hands are going to drop when he gets into the corner and he's got to protect his body. That's when Mayweather could potentially ansari McGregor could potentially land one of those upper cuts and I think you're right in the idea that. It's a little ridiculous to think that McGregor is not gonna land a punch. But I also think that there's two scenarios that's gonna play out here. Someone can get back doubt in its not gonna be kind of a writer. No I don't think the growth in our youth that maybe it doesn't happen if they post decision. There is in 99.9. Percent chance that that Floyd Mayweather when that flight. If it goes to knock out. If someone gets knocked out I think we know it's not gonna be kind of McGregor so. The only way out of order when this fight as he knocks off one another and that's never happened and that's asking a lot but I think. The underlying thing I'm trying to convey here is there's a chance and nobody gave Buster Douglas chance. True but his odds also weren't quite the same thing Buster Douglas is like plus 180 the Colin Cowherd went through this yesterday odds of McGregor Keating Mayweather at the same as a sixteen seed. Beating a one seed in the NCAA tournament or. It was not a football is Kent State beating Alabama. So it would be like Kent State going to Tuscaloosa. And trash talking Alabama for a month. And then and then expecting to beat them I mean it could happen it's not out of the realm upon however. I would buzz this I would say it is it's like if Penn State went to go play Alabama with a true freshman quarterback who's never played a game. Yup the reason being that's fair is because Mayweather is forty. And I think that if you're gonna make that comparison you have to say listen is much is slightly but Mayweather is maybe one of the best boxing. The best boxers of all time his record will prove that this is for that he supported on an all right yes. This would be I guess it would make of it you know it is an exhibition but still. This fight could sit met him in to being the best player of all time now if he loses. What does that you. Always legacies is likely destroyed that you lost to a USC. Pointer but that also cut crackers days. And what his what his ego is now right to if he knocked out. REB Abbas boxer of all time like. What is next up even you don't it it's sensing. I don't I hope it it's listen it's gonna be more and the reason this fight is happening is because of the compelling storyline that follows him and money in the month course in the money but. It is a good story line nonetheless are. Let's go to break when we come back we're gonna have an interview what Joseph what's what are we have is a drinker. Smells that yes. Sort though Casey mills that. When we come back we got into the were gonna play for him. So when we come back to hear Casey middle stat. Then will allow wrap things up for the for the afternoon here on sports talk said he listened to be GR Sports Radio fight to keep. Are welcome back to sports talk Saturday make your ranking it's Jodie BSE here let's play you a piece from us sabres first round pick Katie Casey middle set. Come about you right here. Are you don't have anybody arena you back home are you still in buffalo. And gone back home now also. This relax and third period. Also their schools so. The silver hole. Seoul would just say you're going back to school. You know remove I was on the solidarity I think it was. Your parents so we work out there in the air is summer classes in things like that so. I mean purity ahead of the game all right well I mean. Don't focus too much on school we need to you know we needed to work and hockey's not do you know likely don't put too much emphasis on school over there. Questions why are you watching any of the Connor McGregor slash Floyd Mayweather hype. PIX seven blocked. I mean for me I don't. Our great our I would like to see McGregor went through that reflect all of the aisle but I think we'll idol or not but my guess that it McGregor organize. I'd be chaired our. Yemeni you know ever trash talk guys in the game like like these guys have patty colliding here and we have Matty Alison Patti on the ice for the of their conditioning camp but paddy. Maybe one of those. Does the meanest trash talkers in the history of hockey. I I'll fire I'm a much higher as China's daily credits earned not a cigarette through much but I think some guys doesn't Korean church that some aren't then. On army out of a long while it's on the back but not much. So these two guys had you Matty Ellis patty Cohen Andrew Peters here we're joined with Casey metals that savers first round. Heck. Going to Minnesota university next year play for the golden gophers. Question is I guess how you feel in about development camp you know he got a lot of hype coming out of there. What are you taking away from everything that you learn from whether it's. Cook teeing camaraderie. We're learning how to work as a pro I mean what stood out to you the most. I think the main thinker young guys is it an iron. I had a comfortable all the guys are is that they've all been there for all our money on so. On the L knowledge of that for you also barely get America meet meet guys echoed throughout sort sinister in the major address in the past I think it's. This color vest part because obviously it's. On that something has that you know I'm not playing together so. I think that's that's our premier it's the end that you're gonna sit uncle played a folder everything they have put. I'll my guess that I and the best part is yourself targets and also millionaire's club owner. Casey Matt Ellis here have the opportunity. To be with you for practices and run you through. Skate on Sunday. My big thing was there anything that the jump go to dev camp that that surprised you a vote maybe the troll lifestyle the NHL lifestyle. And obviously this structure is a little bit different in it was all ball learning. And being able to take some then take bits and pieces that I could do to help you Grohl. And grow as a player but we were there any surprises us that. Know whether it was through anything from the on base whether it's from the city of buffalo. In welcoming you for over the past in the past weaker. You know just anything that says that jumps so that maybe you didn't expect it that you're you're able to take away. Her arm I. That's the tough part I think that there's probably guard one on exact date and Alex right now that your are a lot of little things obviously. All your plan your page play against embattled earnings Soviet notes because battle there. Boogaard played pro offered a clear that it does the president think communities and see how they how they. And of themselves and think it 00 they're from the guys I think it is the best thing tree or ethnic it. Armed that's I think that's probably an amazing must sit out I don't think there's like one huge thing but I guess say it's a lot of little things that are similarly take away. I cannot work on any go back home. What what about the that the speed of the players you're playing with in the skill level one of the things that I remember. When I went to my first conditioning camp bees to call them back then. You know I'm sure Matty and patty same thing it was a while ago but what was how good everybody else on the ice was a mean. I was a second round pick and your first round pick and I didn't ever think I was gonna go there be the best player on the ice but. A lot of times you're used to being one of the better players on the ice and how you get to a group of players. That are all you don't like Casey let's be honest they're they're all within like one little intangible difference of being just as good as the next guy. Yeah I think that's definitely something that I haven't real I ever have. Ability to myself. Offer me going out there I think especially it's settling this thing but at same time I think. He's the player the better players he's you know played better 'cause because there aren't the only play is that normally maybe some legislators also. Offer I think there's definitely guys in the Nancy for the best. You learn to use those guys who live more than so it's a fact he'll march so. Offer me I think that's the main thing he's in the guys are in better better off from there. Casey metal stud joining us on the investigators here we appreciate your time. Patty yeah inning for the candidate how awkward as this case seeming to guys or coaching in one of the practices are here on the show lasting quite how bad was Matty Ellis is a coast let's talk about that. All that's not too bad I mean I think we all underrated answered all our cities are built for all of us so return it at a brief. All of tackle out here just quick question about. You know the fan base and the passion. You're coming in the development camp not used to may be something like this. You show for three and three tournament have a couple thousand people there watching you. Thousands of people hundreds of people signing. Ready for autographs after. After the skate what do you think about the fan base and and the support they gave you during. I mean development camp. Yeah I mean hours and a time come on I receive. Well yes but you are they good bye when he looked up and killed and they're chilled that it's pretty special place for players. Armed for what I can ever radical side much but there is thought. C five and sort itself. Our own knock and a third easier and so there and it was definitely or special or are pretty close see something like that I think especially. This promise saudis you know at some places and apparently are expected earlier and it's above or bounces up. Somehow or congress some medals or inaccurate and that doesn't that's personal through. More from sabres first round pick Casey middle stat when we come back you're listening WGR Sports Radio fight fifty. Welcome back to sports talk Saturday our second portion of the Casey metals that interview coming your way right now. How unreal was it when you went short side in the three on three and everybody goes not. He can't tell me that you weren't like I was pretty sick I gotta admit. I guess. For charter article where it all right this election charities are extinction. Well my guess also why did you get an eye on and they go and I've probably met that mark our armed the other foot. Although they fell on the update on domestic. Way too humble hear what you're in all your your way to you gotta get cocky or ma'am we need a little more McGregor we need a little more Mayweather. Some swagger. Let me ask you this soul. First round pick your scheduled to go to Minnesota. I don't know if you're going to be training camp or not and I don't I don't know what you're going to be doing there what the team does. What's your timeline. To. Maybe project yourself into the NHL because. Doesn't matter if your first rounder or a sixth or seventh rounder I think everybody has a realistic expectation of when the maybe could debut in the NHL to have you thought about yours. All my. I mean I think there are reliant. A lot of I really don't know much time and I think. It really depends on our play this year and I'm I'm confident daughter here and I think you're very good year but. Following. Or they think he got revealed that you're so I mean you are going mature this year. Or reassess after neck here and honors its barriers barriers such please fire yet think. There's certainly think they need to work on things and you developed so. It's wolf clearly the point here in little recessed. My last question and right I don't know if these guys have another one but it's about the calm mind and soul I. Take it for me I think to come by to Joseph Douglas is me you don't have to comment on that. But I'll I'll say that. What was bothering her did anything while you after the Columbine and all there was always the talk about the only you didn't do pull up or whatever does that. Did that bother you does it bother you you know does it matter to you three of us understand. You know how certain players develop physically but I mean how much of that I guess. You know got you if any at all I mean how to feel about ordinary over that crap for what. Yeah. For me it doesn't bother me much I think. I know back in the army accident are things that need to work about your city. Probably the only thing that bug you motto is. This book you say they have no work ethic things like satellite at itemize your religious. Whereas now without any work ethic I think are probably the only thing that's argued. For me I know what I inaugurate and are things that need to work cut out here but. Obama are accessible or they'll think of all this it reveals that he's the cavaliers or low blow that entire that would help you do little things are in the foreigners and I'm just get over all star herself from the air and Arctic and in short term but only etc. it's gonna take you to what are there Iraqi turn on the water and other. Now Casey that's what we're gonna tell you is that three of us the least of all my years of playing hockey and no we the other co host your Kregg are very played 900 semi games. And we were trying to figure out the last time they actually pulled out of China are in the middle of the game and asked us to start doing tenants I mean yeah. Some of the best players NC. He hasn't done applaud cents a you don't have to do a whole lot easier be it TV host okay if if if that. Yeah. Here's here's here's your response here's the best Matty Ellis response for human services couldn't even do Paula he Seattle puck in the corner. Since its. See who gets it first Casey mills that we look forward to watching you grow and progress is a sabres prospect and watching at the university of Minnesota my friend you you've drawn a lot of hype here in buffalo and you very well deserved we look forward avenue on against soon. Got regular watcher having guys. That was sabres first round pick Casey middle step appreciate our guest this morning of Joseph McConnell. And Matthew fair verdict. Even listen to sports talk Saturday if you missed any of our show you can go to WGR fight to dot com in the out of an audio section and listen let's their for Lake Erie. Right gates Jody BSE thanks for listening. WGR Sports Radio fight fifty.