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A shocking news from the Carolina Panthers they have fired general manager. David cattlemen's an announcement coming this afternoon government had been GM of the Panthers since 2013. Season. Carolina's six in ten last year coming up here in which they won the NFC championship. Before joining Carolina government spent nearly thirty years scouting in the NFL including a couple of for the years with the Buffalo Bills did government. Relieved of his duties by the Carolina Panthers cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott under investigation by the NFL he was apparently involved in the late night. Incident a bar fight in Dallas. The NFL says we are aware of the matter looking into it to understand the facts. Elliott. Is involved in the multiple incidents now over the last couple weeks. With the Dallas cowboy the deadline is 4 o'clock. For franchise tag players to sign long term deals Washington quarterback Kirk cousins not expected to agree to terms that along to deal with he says he's open. They're doing to deal with the team after the season. Washington still has a couple of hours to make something happen there. Also lay beyond bell and rams quarterback remained Johnson to other franchise players who are yet to agree to long term contracts neither one of them. Expect to beat you get a deal done before. 4 o'clock this afternoon. From the world of hockey. Brian Campbell former Buffalo Sabres traffic is retiring at age 3817. NHL season. Campbell came into the league with the sabres in the sixth round in 1997. They drafted him out of stressed right Ontario. He appeared in four All Star Games in his seventeen per year NHL career. Including the Stanley Cup season with a Chicago Blackhawks in 2010. The placards saying he will join their. Business operations department Brian Campbell. Electing to retire at the buffalo buys and start a road trip tonight at Columbus there heard shut out yesterday by deducting. Chris rally on the mound for the Ernie is one and two fights and struggling they've lost 33. He of their last forty games. It is John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts John Murphy Donald Jones from one bills drive here until 3 o'clock this afternoon sixteen conversation today about. Some of the all time performances in bills history the topic of the TV show coming up tonight 9 o'clock on MSG. Those top ten moments and I did during the break every chance to look up some idea. I gain some of the performances folks phoned in about Sam cowards to what I have sacks against Tampa Bay. 2000 season he was cut down by frank Middleton. Guard affirm the bucks in that game. When raided his knee cut him down severe ankle injury ended his season after twelve games. Next year in this is a heartbreaking part for me 2001 season season opener a coward who struggled so bad to get back in the lineup are really good linebacker. And you can see it he just tore his Achilles early in the game. I'm terrible and yet it was a terrible way. When on the plane load of it with the jets in Minnesota after that. As players we all understand what is. What you're signing up for when you decide that you wanna play in this league you when you decide you wanna play football anyway period you know from pop Warner but once you get here and you work so hard to get to this point and then for something like that to happen for guys to rarity in with injury you have with -- you know sickness or whatever it is this is really tough to see you know because. It's like dream says he's you dream about playing at this level for so long if we're to be cut short as a town like my guy Marcus Easley I don't know if he'll play again. Or not and he feels good now but you know it is career could be over to his injury. The other caller talked about Andre reed beat David looked at a 1994. Week fourteen the bills in Green Bay I agree with fifteen catches 191 yards two touchdowns in the game the caller was right the same day. Jerry Rice against the rams at sixteen catches and three touched soccer is big gains Wednesday at the time was the existing residences in protest oh that's why you don't remember that as you probably holders are going to look like whoa mr. Robertson. Guess I'd add Victor writes it's very yeah. So good good mentions for the top ten performances. In franchise history George colleague from buffalo I George weaponry near. Oh yeah. I like you want. You do with the opinion every week that we aren't secure its but he tired and flew I don't know what your do you think it was. And then the shrinkage could conclude this quarter there yet now you look at it that is the top. Individual performance in averaging what they want our picture what he didn't think it'll work out here. And now. Well obviously pretty impressive no question about that I think when we look at that. You know we look at the top individual performances I think we're kind of focused in on gains more than our parity that's okay night I looked up 1964. Opinion. Fourteen games 42 catches averaged 27 point one yards per catch. As long was harmony through your he would ten touchdowns in 1964. When the bills championship years. Yeah it in averaging 27 yards per catch he would take up 42. That's a lot and golden wheels have been. That was his neck pain he could. Great guy as there was a longtime scout in the league for the bills and then and a I believe. I think he's still alive and her rumored to bottom while as well. Once and for. In 1960 finally gets its 42. Different era art. Well there were 27 and 42 bits at a different era. FO as wide open. The built in throw a lot obviously today and it was a big target project yeah. Seven yard average per screen. And receive read it. Average and seminars on doing something that we get what 1517. Now that's yeah once didn't throw as much. That's pretty amazing Bobbitt west Seneca about weapon here and here. That and what are you doing guys they look real quick. I'm pretty sure what my feelings that you did the year of the bills went the why outside 93. In the final game of championship game was against the dolphins. So it's and I'm gonna tell you what it gave I can remember right get a couple sacks abetted down ball I think here and we get an interception. I'm not sure people lay in bed in for a touchdown but he was a regular reckon machine out there I think it was a major catalyst in making we just. One heck of a football game for a defensive and don't let the guys that civil we always namely nicknamed himself. Stay at home it's in because he was always there you can always dependent you know so thanks for taking the collar guys and feel it. And it's really good memory you know I wonder and we've had Phil Hanson on the show he's a great guy had a tremendous career his name is is up on the wall of fame. Palm you wonder how much Bruce Smith on the other side and into the film would be the first to infect I interviewed Phil a year ago at the Jim Kelly. Golf tournament about we're doing if a piece on Bruce having his number retired in the first thought to be the first one to tell you that he. Could only do half of what he did because he'll answer our because of Christmas on the other side. Now with remains the same way was he benefited from him but still I mean never obviously the blocking schemes were. As they should have been were shifted towards them prisoners there. I would say I mean. When you have a guy who was sold dominate it does help everybody else two passes yeah waiters especially at defense have been that is. A sack machine and view is that Dominick you can do that you have to shift your line towards Bruce which will help everybody else woman outside. I'm trying to find the exact stat line and now Phil Hanson in that game dumpster was. It was in I remember him having a great game. AFC championship game. Phil Hanson with a huge game McCullough right it was one of the great performances I think in franchise history. If you're interested in any of us you should watch the show tonight see what comes up. On the top ten performances. In buffalo bills' history it's an MSG at 9 o'clock. And you can see whether through is done is they complete their series of the pills top ten speaking of series as a brand new series that is up right now on Amazon prime and NFL films Amazon original series. All or nothing the season with the Los Angeles rams. They were embedded with the rams last year 2016 arrange for here in Los Angeles joining us on the subway fresh stick outline the NFL films. Coordinating producer and the show runner for this series ever to have Keith pass from Lima this case John Murphy and Donald Jones thanks for joining us today we preaching. Or I don't know. Someone anyone battle that I first came to this and said yeah. And why they chose the rams last year what was it about the rams that got the attention of NFL films in the Amazon prime producers. There are a few people have asked that question. As it turns out. You know we. As you probably know we did hard not to the rams last summer and and it went well. From a production standpoint and relationships standpoint. Our crew got along with coach Fisher and her entire staff the players very well. And we were in talks with a few teams. About doing all or nothing. At the same time you know all of us from the league perspective. Were. Pitchers did and knew we needed to document that first season back in Los Angeles and some kind of way. Because it was a historic return you know unified about a relocation and quite awhile and while that's not necessarily something to celebrate. The team returning to its original home in Los Angeles where it's spent sixteen years this is something significant. So we knew about halfway through hard not to things had gone Wallace's team owners. There are some interesting. Story to tell. Men you know we we we start talking about it and and we came to an agreement records for the season started and you know when things started there were three and one and we grew we voted no because lightning in the bottle for the second straight year and are not going after the cardinal Shalit or fifteen. Cartoon show was outstanding team that I have seen that in and that was the show I mean that was a season that wound up in the NFC championship game and you don't when you were were around the bills all the time Keith obviously Donald night. It seems to me that no matter what NFL team you choose. No matter which one of the 32 teams you choose. There's enough drama and I mean this is a good way either enough twists in terms and and story lines to keep it interesting don't you find it to be the case over all the years you've been an NFL films. Absolutely and I think that's the lesson of the first this year that this series is that. You couldn't exactly what you just you could do this at 32 different teams. And you would find 32 compelling story and I fellas. This such an interesting and complex world. And it's such a razors edge. You know this rams team that felt like they were getting endorse bought every week for processing and at the end of the sea and it got pretty ugly. But if you go back and look at the first 1012 games. They were mostly just cardinals' final they could confide in two or six and one very easily add another Kylie. And you know anybody it's indeed has apparently eager doll play DeLeon and you know you notice the difference between winning and losing it. It off and one play. And it's not dead he's been all 32 teams go have talent they don't have great coaches that don't do not work in their. Their tails off every day and every night. It just doesn't work out for ourselves and and every year's generated these two they're gonna fire their coach and his entire staff. And to have a chance to tell that story. Which in 55 years we had never told before. What it was something that was a unique opportunity and so that we took. Very seriously you know we've we've we wanted to get this right. Keith you've been and if so assumes what twenty years now. You've been around a lot of different things I'm sure you've seen a lot of different crazy things initially when you're following a team this closely for an entire season. Are there things that still Shockey like things that players or coaches do or whomever they still sacks. That's the question. I'm not sure you see anything. That shot Q. In a moment you know what you're looking you know we shut I think 12100 hours of footage assists came and it's not like to go through footage every day at a chart here I think. When you see. The emotion. Of the day that coach Fisher was fired. That was something. That none of us whatever but it seemed before you know and we've been doing this for 55 years. Going back to bed and disabled. You know started all this in 1962. Self films and. To just see the impact of that moment. On every one of that organization. All the players to coaches this. It's a shocking. Experience for all of them and I think an important one. For all of us just stands to get a chance to see. Because. You know we watch these games and we. Which call for coaches to get fired. Flip Italy on Monday morning or Sunday night after a bad performance. But to see it actually happened and see the impact it has on and so many people. And how many lives and affects. I don't see it changes your perspective on things a little bit. What can you tell us about that scene may be the most famous scene in the all or nothing documentary series that is up right now Keith. You can get that you weren't in the office when he got word that he was fired but certainly the coach's meeting. Pretty dramatic and even the players' reaction afterward was pretty dramatic 21 Jeff Fisher got fired. Right and then they'll you don't see the moment where he's told he's fired and you know some people ask questions about that you know immigrants scheme had never really even occurred to us that anybody would you know because hole. The Delhi be it I think that the people would wonder about I guess people. Have gotten so used to seeing players get kinda hard knocks them right that's Nationalists say. Why don't get here this Fisher bit. I don't think it matters because what what and is that he did did chilly eighteen minutes or forty minutes sequence. Where you see everything that happens for that entire day you know he informed the coaching staff informed the players. Both really emotional meetings and then he walks out and Andy Dalton you know. One of those suggesting moment is to silence in that room after Italy's. And all of them are left to just. Pick up the pieces and the speeches after injuries and the emotion after you is zero. Or powerful as anything we've captured in many years here and I except. That facility which are which you know we know a lot of people we're gonna have interest in whether they watch the rest of the series or not. So we decided in such a way that. They even if you don't. One extended hours at the rams switched you know I imagine not everybody will open at. But I do think it's more rewarding if you do invest the time and watched the whole series if he'd just watched that episode. I think you're gonna you're gonna see. One of the most significant hours of television we've ever produced the Daschle solves. Well I'm Vicky Castro coordinating producer for all or nothing this season with the Los Angeles rams that episode I've read about this haven't seen it. But it features the putter of all people really reacting emotionally where you surprised that. The players could actually cry when their coach got fired he. Yeah. You know. Yeah it's just something that you never thought I doubt. You know us so I would I would recommend everybody did take some time and watches everyone who lost the NFL and follows it closely. Because like you said Johnny hackers someone in the know the punter. Who's an all pro player at one of the best punters in football and actually one of the rams team captains. But really Smart. Tell that guy. As a team later. Stood up and and makes an emotional speech well you know one of several. And it's really powerful and and and yet one I think he is the players really. Being hard on themselves. And and I think one of the fascinating things. About this team is that. Meant everything went out form everything went wrong. And it's been a crucial part that never turned their guns on each other and never punishing years. They stuck together through at all and they struck with the coaching staff. There was a lot of second guessing happening to a nice I think in the media. These guys really cared about each other they'd been through a lot with that move stated move three times in seven months. It was a really unique scenario than they traveled more than any team in the NFL in London. So it is added up to quite a lot isolated down hard knocks. So that had the spotlight on in the summer. And yet to see at all. Get to that moment and climax with a moment. Which is the opposite of what self films show usually climax. In I like to say this is. This series is like NFL films turned inside out upside down usually work. Giving you goosebumps and you know he's the team wins the game at the end of men and we cute to big music and then you get goosebumps and this this shows very different emotionally and it challenges the audience in ways that. That I think are unexpected. And and it it's it it's just a different experience so I think it's really worse. Check in now. For a lot of reasons starting list that moment was when coach Fisher's fired. But if you're extending way beyond that. Keep what was it like when the team started out you know three and one of four when I don't remember was I remember we went out to later that smarter then they were three down in. You know was. In the bills ended up beating them out there pretty heavily armed that night that and then they went on to lose a bunch of role of foreign row right. Eleven of their last fall after starting with that buffalo game and it's really interest things. At the start of that week there's history and why and and they had just beaten the cardinals in Arizona. There's Syrian Wanda comeback that got off to a common enemy and as you guys on the bills are playing pretty good football. But Fisher starts the week in a coach's meeting in Tulsa is coaching staff. If we don't start playing better or are gonna win another passing game addresses is the and I meaning an incredibly push attic comment and that buffalo game was one of those games that. They could have easily won I think buffalo with a little better. But he came down to the end and the rams attempted. Than usual fist pump up their own territory in the fourth quarter. And case here and had a couple interceptions. That hurt them badly that you know it it was a typical NFL game work comes down to three or four plays. And it could've gone either way. And sometimes a team and it's a run where it just. Goes wrong every week. And overseas in falls apart and there are and there are consequences for that and and that's why this series has this time all or nothing it. Yes you know there's only one team that's gonna walk out of here happy and a 32. And there are toward me. That to his scenes are going to be considered outrage failures every single year in the NFL. Coaches and they just are going to be losses over. I live we keep Castro is the coordinating producer of all or nothing is season with the Los Angeles rams Keith how much of the rams. Story last year is Saturday and Jerryd off and the fact that case scheme started for you know the first half of the season and entered golf that valley got a chance of Plavix. Is he like one of the principal figures the number one overall pick him in the story that point sixteen aren't. Absolutely really both quarterbacks are and that because like you know we do from beginning this year it was going to be awhile before Jerryd. Started you know that was clear after the summer. That he wasn't quite ready to take the reins he he had a lot to learn about you know taken snaps from under senator about running half cents. Calling plays everything he just had a lot to learn to use he's really on. And with the case you don't want uninteresting character in me is he's. You know it's of some people call the journeyman buddy you know this was going to be his chance to do is starting quarterback commands saw you think about. That you know that there are 32 of those jobs in the world and then there's there are. Many better jobs in the world than to be starting quarterback in the NFL or harder jobs. And they had one problem. And he had a chance to succeed. And it started out great and and and tastings are really good guy and he let us do that ascend is a world and his wife did. Say you really get a chance to see what big goes through and what they and there are knowing that there's just number one pick. Waiting in the wings so it's sort of and excruciating. Process for him you know he starts out so well on it kind of gradually fall apart. And then in the second half of the series to series is eight episodes. Chaired got takes over in the fifth episode in and it really follows them closely for the rest of the season and you really see him go through his ups and downs and gradually realize too he needs to be for this team to succeed in the future. It ET thumb there are some current Buffalo Bills coaches who were prominent members of the staff I know Mike waffled became a and almost a national figure when his performance on that hard knocks but how much of those guys waffle rob or assumption they figure into the all or nothing here. Patricia saint lawful. Like you said it was a it was terrific hit and hard knocks them and then it was a lot of fun to watch him coaching didn't end up playing a big role as an all or nothing but. Rob tourists did. It was first year offensive coordinator. Who was under tremendous pressure and scrutiny. And and you know in this story that all or nothing tells. That's something that. Debt rises to the four very quickly because you're in a year in the season and and then you're listed as an audience and and we are storytellers. In the people. You have the most at stake you know and and does that play caller but the rookie quarterback being in this job for the first time. What an incredible amount of pressure on force hatton and some of the most. I think intimate and emotional moments of the series. They occur in the coaches territories calling plays there's one moment at the end of the game in Detroit that's just. It's stays with you now it. And see what he goes through it and how hard he worked is to try to make it work. And the class he handled it with after Fisher's fired and he knows his job is probably gonna hand it. But he still tell injured gosh all the right things about the kind of player in the kind of leader Jerry gains could be. You know in the future no matter who is coaches are and it you know it just things I think we did in this series that we didn't do last year. The eight episode actually continue as long pass to see in the hands. It goes all the way we shot all the way through the NFL draft two point seventeen. So you you're introduced to their new head coach Sean McVeigh. You go through the process that you don't get me another team. You know defendant in the draft of less need. But but but the other thing the last episode does is what we followed a lot of the departed grams guys who were who were let go. Players and coaches. So we actually went to buffalo. And caught up with throughout Boris. At one it's 6 AM on a weekday morning in. March or April. And he's living in a little apartment. Near listed near that the bow of the bills' facility and drove into work at them in the dark in. And you really get an interest in look at life in hand so I Obama. And you guys are here and O'Donnell wasn't here is six CME's no word. I think a hey you won an Emmy right your group did with the Arizona Cardinals all or nothing last year we did it sounds like you've got the raw material for another Emmy I would think this this year. Well well we helped you you know does those things are nice but below what we really hope is that people. You know just get a chance to see something they've never seen before. And hopefully engage in and enjoy the story and story telling him. And I appreciate the access to the rams came because any time a team. Opened their doors in this way. And give us a peek behind the curtain and I I think all of us who love the NFL and follow it. All of us. Can get a little bit of a better understanding so I think. No matter who you root for. No matter how many games the team Juan. I think this is always I think what we learned is that this is going to be aware of the enterprise for as long as we do it. No matter we do it and I I think this series is certainly no exceptions. Now keep in you medicine we guys covering this year. Who are watching next here. Well that is. Certainly the big question where were hopeful that there is this season jury we think there will be we're talking to several teams now. And hopefully we lock it and I would like. Which all or nothing you know we've had a great force in these past two years of it being kept quiet. For the entire season nobody knew what we were doing here. Who we were doing away and that was by design I don't know outfit. If will be able to pull that off again you know that there's there's more people become aware of the show. But you know wolf but I think that that that's been at a good thing for everybody involved so if we do this show. I think we may we may try to go that or else if we succeed. You can catch it people interest in on Amazon prime right Amazon.com and I see they actually. Episode one is up their for free if anybody wants to be introduced to the series. Yes third check it out right now oil that it just shows you guys first. First listen to John and dolphins show that then go watch a lot in this yet Amazon prime prime go ahead intentional thing I think it's. It's time well spent these last two weeks of this summer before we finally get her. RC and started. It's great quirky congratulations and I keep up the good work thanks for being with us here today. Thanks so much for having me good luck this season guys. Thank you Keith costs grow coordinating producer for all or nothing season with the LA rams again available at Amazon.com on Amazon prime. Is he says they like to keep it secret you know think. We know right if they were they were here via a thing we know we. The you know we've been wrong about a lot of things up up up and do a great to have a few minutes in the dark you might not know what I don't know a lot. You know Pickering thing is when you watch a show like this you get to see. The emotion. That people. Coulter and I NC coach is that NC players the motion that people go through. Through the ups and downs number one of the season and then once I start to lose their jobs you know you put so much work into each season each day of the season you put so much work into it. And for a team end up going you know for a twelve and throughout the season everybody's saying he should be fired remember everybody NASA Lee was saying definition is of those whose job it is to lose his job. And then he gets fired and you can see the emotion because now he has to. Move assembly to wherever wherever you know he lives in the rest of these guys on the coaching staff. They don't have jobs you know because usually the entire coaching staff this fire you know also you get to see all of this stuff in the series like this. Plus some and you'll you we get so locked into the bill Singh here this is probably my fault that. That you don't think sometimes about what your games against other teams mean to those T mean you write for instance is Keith pointed out there rams game the reign supreme on the bills have won a couple in a row and went out west members minutes ago right here last October's. Spent on the whole we talking about air Donald in all the game's going to be under a bear for the bills in the bills went out handled them pretty well the co wrote we call them with the big day that day. And it turned the fortunes of the rams not necessarily the bills but also ran it on a tailspin after that loss to buffalo right or is probably the pivotal point of their season. You and I only when you do it only when you do a series like this or watch a series like this. And you kind of get away from it week to week stuff and divorced from the data day of baloney that goes on. Can you I think you get really get sent to perspective what does he look like when you write what amenities. As fans as players you know we we're so competitive. Says there's players as fans you want your team the wind has really care about elements in the went element team to win. And Alomar players do well fantasy. But you don't really think about how it is affecting those other teams as players and those coaches eons and you won't get that into the into the season once is like. Then you or sometime might right now when you look back on mass seasonally and that. They're season really big gonna tells him after the bills when out there so yeah. All or nothing that's season with the Los Angeles rams eight part documentary up on Amazon.com right now Amazon prime you can go there and check it out our thanks to keep costs grow the Courtney producer for joining us on the subway proceed outlined talk about it more to talk about including. The all time individual performances by Buffalo Bills and real name is great news is back when we returned John Murphy show. From one bills drive on Buffalo Bills three. Till 3 o'clock today we spent a lot of time today talking about dumb. The all time performances in bills history the show it's 9 o'clock tonight on MSG. The fifth and final installment of the bills' top ten series. What are your your memories as some of the all time performances and in bills history here is Gary in Cheektowaga hello Gary welcome here in the year. I get paid on. Murphy you might remember this one back in 1979. Roland hooks. Yet he was the heir apparent to OJ Simpson at that time. But. In one half against Cincinnati Bengals touched the ball four times score four touchdowns. Well I don't remember. The up four times in one hand. And he scored four touchdowns. Well yes it yet I'm. I would ensure I remember I was that the game I would ensure it was Curtis Brown parole and hooks but I went back and looked it up and found out it was wrong books. I am looking at this game 1979. September 9. Bills and the angles it then rich stadium buffalo roll them 5124. Roland hooks to yard touchdown run. Rowland looks 32 yard touchdown run four yard touchdown on 28 yard touchdown run and you're telling me those are four consecutive touches. Or contracted out hope well it's amazing night that game got by me. Yes and I it. Roland what to guess couple years later he caught a hail Mary pass to do I remind. Patriots there caught for a touchdown in one while in that one. I have a vivid memories of I don't remember that other Roland that's that belongs somewhere. On that list you score four touchdowns and more touches on how short or long word yet. And that's a good one here's Tom calling from Rochester hello Tom welcome here in the year. I wrote down and Donald. Our first our won't mention the fact that all of battled my weight bear trap but. They actually were fortunate that god I and stadium while ago. But we're gonna call that when we're at times. On Iraq. I didn't hear which it went up I that they used to call me that god I hate me. And now. Jim Kelly and speech actually know me very well actually that and I are the regular columnist because of the. Clearly isn't that much first game ever I believe he joined the Sheen like three or four games into the season. It would've been like 850 it should actually guests. 87 when Bennett to appear. Sharing okay 1987 he came in the trade was Saddam. Halloween October 31. Would move but in the Arctic and I think it was redemption Denver Broncos. And I think it was the first time that John L Bailey came to buffalo. Because I think oh it was a look at that point. Three good and we're going to. But I believe the ban that Chad troops acts and two interceptions lagging. And I remembered as you say it was using him especially at them. Outfielder. You know utility popular and them playing all over the place. Am just chill right Denver some fiercely in. Yet he was disruptive no question about that I don't remember the the kind of production you talk about but it was against the you know he went halfway through the season without the plane and then. Part for the deadline came to the bills and that big game and again it was more disruptive than the kind of production you talk about I mean our cola. Elway pointing you know. Yeah block this guy you know kind of identified his coverage is pass protecting rather it is to quit his minutes. And all the good eternal heat you know he had a day or two in the system Bruce was on the notes of a sudden this same outlook is it was pretty impressive. He actually had a a bigger game and maybe your confusing. Completing this game with I believe this season finale against the Eagles that your went cronies just went off. And then finish the season with an amazing performance those missed the playoffs and it was ridiculous Jeff in Jamestown hi Jeff your on here this go ahead. Eight down. 1984. And I very first game once you add that and rich stadium. It was the bills vs the cowboys' first amicably has never played in buffalo. Craig bell ran the first play from scrimmage 85 yards or had any protection around the base today. Beating Jim Brown's record with two or six yards. Two touchdowns to build one to fourteen victory. And the next day in the in the Dallas paper on the front pages said. The pool or eleven and it's and or one of low pressure and said that cowboys lose so lowly Buffalo Bills do that was so you know. Yeah broadcaster came. Those remains. People which now would be just saw it wasn't as well back then because back then it was 80000 people read stadiums so. I believe my father who was or Rupert bill thanks. All right thanks good one yet Greg about with the huge game 85 yard touchdown run to start the game you know what I recall about that came to. Obviously highlight in a very poor bill seasonally won twice that your. But I want to suitable day here at Stanford in Palo Alto and during the long. Television timeouts at super ball that are playing at a call highlights and that play was one of the person they played at that yeah. That was released reveal that kind of lonely miserable. When he talks about. The round coming ray that as we watch the games from the fifty's yeah right so we keep the game go outside side yet. You know I can only imagine what it's like for fancy being liked rusty down in front. Where the plays coming right human hybrids along right and they can literally runs right you'd I think you talked about it once it was like opening yet when her multi racquet my old Annika may read. C'mon somebody. That it's been eight time now for fake news real news that is brought to you by Yates he's fancy New York's. Artisan cheese to play fake news realism if but that was kind of my signature you know we do everything we try to do it all the same ways that specialties for me to do. But that's next time we don't know the next three weeks ago with fake or real battle and I bet over some of these issues Johnny Mann Zell. Yes Johnny man's that diamonds out over the weekend a national fantasy football convention in Dallas he told the the Dallas morning news he's already at a couple of conversations with teams about returning to the league men's Els quote I know the situation I've put myself and I know the year I took off in the mistakes I've made but I am hopeful really hopeful amid some progress Johnny adds they'll return. To the NFL I'm going fake and I certainly hope he does not get a chance before. Allan Kaplan is bleak day period as they look at out of those they've come. I think this Tuesday is well now's as loud as they say they hope he does not do it is the return before count app that would be criminal. It really would be no. I mean no. Man comedy chances design and so you know how good was he to begin we've really Nagin right. You know so he is not you're not gonna say well he's a better quarterback in there and talent happening now. And you have a guy who's been in trouble for how many times off the if you know what's ours would be Abby definitely. Would that be that. Fake or real and maybe I'm ballots in the news today because we're just about an hour away from the deadline for. Franchise tag players to get long term deals does not look like that's gonna happen for Libyan bill. Pittsburgh Steelers that's running back in the NFL stadium bill on. All around running back Ezekiel Elliott also in the news for another. Issue today might be in that conversation. David Johnson. Arizona maybe in that conversation went about LeSean McCoy and a best all around running back in the NFL is that lady on bell fake real. See real weakness yeah I do I do I put him a little bit. Yeah because of the power dimension that he I can't put him a little bit ahead of liquid cooling equipment demon number two. Yeah I would I would have to go real and that was well he has like a perfect combination of power. And inclusiveness you know and patient and it detestable out of the backfield. I can do everything. Four as a running back and he's just like a total all around running back seated as a had that power dimension right as not to CC's not. You know great running back in this league but she's definitely not gonna run you over these knighted and trying to running tease you he's got a lot of downs which is. Is going to probably helps Haiti play in three. Four years in this league you know because he doesn't take those B it's but it made him that I think all around he probably is the best. Leisle fake or real in this game Nate Burleson the former receiver and Allen NFL network's is lettered for net. Will be the NFL rookie of the year thicker realized how much you go first and only feel about this that if and that would be I think he's gonna talk offensive rookie I guess that's how they do announcements of rookie of the year that they've had people are reputed panel that you but at any rate if they do it they'd go I think he's gonna have. The perfect opportunity running back easily accessible you know and they you have a team that. Doesn't even know if Blake portals is the guys have been probably gonna give him the ball on that over. Fake I'll take the field I guess. Coming. It's a Jones deserves some thought and this vigils obviously rookies are for. For receivers nose and testing anyway I think as a running back you gonna do plenty of opportunities it is. The show that you could be Baghdad. Fake news really has brought you by UT's fancy New York's artisan cheese out of the night back aboard a moment. John Murphy show from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills review. What have we learned from that show what we learned presented by advance alarm providing Western New York homes and businesses with the finest in security and home theater. They prefer article Armon home theater provider of the Buffalo Bills what we've learned what we had Joseph Ferguson on the show Fergie joined us today. Part of our discussion about the top individual performances in franchise history. Joseph Ferguson put together a great game in 198330. To 55 passing and four touchdown passes in Miami against the dolphins. And Joseph Ferguson talked about that game beating Dan Marino in Marino's first NFL start. While about him you know and authority and and player in the game and if there it is it's up there in that game and if you did most of his career route. Every time we played Miami plus days. I have about we got a big Miami. Didn't make any difference you realistically there Simon has played twice a year. Just destroy its Daytona from the commercialism it was a big relief to be able to bring him in Miami that was the bit that all of these. Joseph Ferguson and beating Miami is that one of the top ten individual performances in buffalo bills' history tune in tonight. 9 o'clock tonight on TV and MSG. For the rundown battle could be with Keegan thinkers eased me into this again I appreciate them do moments at one thing I want to thank our presenting sponsor NAPA Auto Parts. I do local Napa store or online at Napa online dot com Craig Wilson are Entercom board up production assistants JJ garrido George last. Difficult make Thomas founder.