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It's like she and pulled off. I gotta get out here I think I'm gonna lose it. Sounds like somebody's got a case of the moon series it's Mike show floor tell some days. Wednesday's season in New York. Yeah. It's okay did you get a little something more to drink a nasal and number one some PT shooters from problems are extremely neatest. This copy okay so Ledezma Mondays. And a Bulldog. Me ask you something. When you coming on Monday and you're not feeling real well as anyone ever see you sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays. No motive. No man I believe you get curious kicks in so look at those. Don WGR. Sports Radio 550. But just on something very rare for me and but I sure it's good just unusual physical labor. No. Head I've been calling you from my house. And I I said I've just been doing something very rare. That would be a good guess you know just Jos really is tipped to have this ruling melting. Physical and we could possibly do here. No well you do push ups during commercial right image we could there's some stuff we could lift. Sometimes I walk aroma halls. During the breaks to moderate its moderately physical that's just it's more than sitting at it let's flip it to them. So I am I am just incredulous about this day and boats draft. I cannot even breathe it's in my short address. Who in the audience appraiser in you know redo her four and to this day and problems to it then bounced rafter. It is all there with Jim Nance and is toast I don't know what they're doing at CBS but this is just weird and terrible. Cool idea. Monday Morning Quarterback had a thing where they had twelve football experts. Draft all time teams. If you can exist before going further something else on in here really a feeling of just sort of in the keep the winds of my headphones I don't know if they're noticing that are on the Macy's blasting his own. And has yet okay what does that might be opponents are. So twelve expert drafted all time NFL teams and Peter King was one of them Brett Dan Phelps is one of his that's his words. Bill Polian was on the isn't a panel. Joseph organ from a hall of famers on this panel I don't think there's anybody under sixty on this panel but Soviet. We're going to drafts. 45 man NFL teams starting lineups and eleven offensive players. Has to be to running backs two receivers one tight end quarterback in the line. And eleven defense of players in golf for three or 342. Quarterbacks do safeties. A punter and kicker if you draft all puncher who also was a kicker somebody who did bomb like. Who. The organizer to both. June. Steve Cox colonel and came to our current exam cooler recent example myself. So the guided both innuendo or Dexter position a wildcard present our every want with okay at a special teams player Steve tasker was drafted in this this. Exercise. And what I what I just I didn't I didn't say Adam I've backing up in the story the thing that I. Consider very rare for me. Is hold off on its week I've been tweeting about this like old days and said no it's and I can't believe it I can't believe. I talk tough time believing Phil Simms was like. Anybody's good idea for broadcaster. And now a democratic and CBS. And I just am questioning everything I've ever thought about them faults. We kinda like Limbaugh on the broadcast as far as these jobs go he's one of the more palatable tolerable guys right thank you. Yes when we sit in here and the bills game comes on and felt shows up I'm. Actually even happy about it because or sorry guys it may be crazy and and I know he won't do that. You know he might not teach me everything like nobody goes there anymore but at least I'm not gonna be met Jack. And I liked them among them a football Dennis Miller liked that thing it's a good place to start now being met. I still I'm not going to be medical I I like that when. The gain times to make me mad Tony the announcers to make him mad they often do. They say stuff that is prove me wrong and just goes you know right breakthrough when they're there every year. So yep folks thank you for saying that because I want people to know that I kind of like him mean. But it's probably over for that is does this this draft is shattered that for you. So we do are we do our draft we have one on Friday. We have some experience drafting. Ideas like this imaginary leagues you're gonna play games here it is even have a roster and people look at it and comment. The number one overall pick. In the NFL we called it super draft wants I don't know if that's a phrase that you know but so overdraft all players in history. Who is. DC. I did not adapt outs is. Thoughts is. Selections are open what is more explanation but I do not see who went number one overall who might you take. That is the air conditioning yes Tom Tom Brady maybe I might imitate Tom Brady. Well the end of the first round okay. Yeah Peter King to selected poverty Lawrence Taylor might be a good good idea Laurence Taylor was the choice okay. Some water very good Laurence Taylor was the first overall pick. In the draft day and buyouts was fourth who was second Joseph Greene. Yeah second overall pick. Ron Wolf maybe was the selector on auto who went third because they red foxes explanation. And for why he did what he'd hit it for which I have a feeling it's crescendo of this. Conversation. United's 13 right Johnny Unitas went third day. And then Dan Phelps took ray guy. Punter a punter fourth overall in adrift of all players who ever played in the national football right. K Jim Brown. Would be eligible sure there you. Dan Marino. Would be eligible where. Jerry Rice EU are so when you could say yes Tom Brady Peyton Manning and Barry Sanders. EJ Manuel. EJ Manuel who would be a better pick up the fourth overall the super draft ray guy or EJ Manuel. It might be a great guy because you can't draft another quarterback right you'll probably lose kind of move would not be good no view edit the pitch from all of quarterbacks in history. Annually came home DJ Emanuel Judy. Well someone in buffalo might be doing a show about you. You're in trouble this could hurt you heard you do not you do not flex your play awareness and understanding of the league and how the game works by drafting EJ Manuel. More did you do that by selecting rated right isn't it you who've demonstrated what have you done on trends I wanna add that I think might be a legitimate conversation. A and is making fun of a guy who probably didn't take it too seriously. In this thing that no one cared about. What what can you do what can't you take away from us. That day and bouts. Who played forever in the has been announcing forever this is old professional life has been football now. Fifty years college and pro fifty years Plame and watching covering football. That he decided that the best choice. Of all the players in history. For imaginary team for his team is ray guy. All the players districts or for three Lawrence Taylor Joseph Greene and Johnny Unitas and darn Milwaukee you know. United would have been his pick and he went right out of him so he rim take you punter. I I I don't. I don't know hole. This this I think has the potential hole. To be mean humble how much does anything lately is there ever matter right I mean all my gosh it's right it's. What it soul. Absurd it. That I feel like it matters yes one could really get it crosses. What ever threshold there is but coming around the league start out like. Like others the cool thing okay nobody probably really cares about this and like whatever we should take it too seriously like god. I'm I'm gone from my hand is going with the clock okay. Only god so what did something so stupid that everybody's going to be talking about it and and I think. Everybody but you don't it's July and did folks took up. He's incredible brought terrorist wants a relative it's of right. He teed off he's he is our MTV. On Sunday is telling you about the games. And he told her for war. All. Over all clears history it was a good if you like. You know we've talked O'Brien Mormon one Friday a couple of months ago and you know I've I was pretty hard on morbid. Great guy port over all players in the league to. No fault of Brian mormons don't know right. Just just so happens you know he's a punter and when you're seeing he's the diss the board the best bill that well I I think you're you're you're trying to be a jerk. Wait I used their focus is are joking here that we just don't know all bottle. Is ray guy may the god father of his children and resolving these are selling this thing that we don't know of our rope we have not uncovered a. Is another question I have is is there a catch is there are some other thing that ray guy is amazing that there was somehow held the football team because. That we don't know about. I am incredulous I cannot believe. But this whatever happened I don't use at all isn't it there's almost nothing that could happen in this draft that would matter. Why there's almost nothing that could happen a group of twelve guys that day MM QB or it Ingram Micro. Sit down and draft an all time NFL roster. What is going to be interesting about it like if you're rated its interest thing but when someone else does and why would anybody care what would happen. And you know I'm not gonna. Take it too seriously you must you think of already gone more serious it is well way that is called for but I just cannot believe. Anybody. Like this would ever elevate the importance of a partner to that extent further. You door he ranks all time in yards per punt. 69. Like it's not only that you're on a dead ball or puck. It's that mean it's just incredible. It's not only that you thought. Ponting was so crucial. That you have to have him over every quarterback in history except unitas. Every running back and every offensive player in NFL history except John unitas ray guy. He he is as times change and athletes get better and better all the time he's not even close to the last. You played against him you probably know him. Is that we're doing here every just he's rapidly seven of his teammates and his coach this might have been his teammate you Alice for years yeah I mean that's maybe that's why I like them you know. They play the same dame rig I was in his division. I don't know. I I don't know like these. I just I just hate no I hate I don't hate because I like this is it. I like having this outlet if I didn't have this outlast that I would just not know what to do but. I can't Koppel leave anybody in that with that kind of stature in the sport would ever think of that. And right and I still talking I feel like this is column. I feel like this is a dumb thing we care about and so we notion take like two minutes. All over. It is a dumb thing to care about what it is trumped. By a how dumb it is to take read guy fourth overall. That that's the point. But that's good that's what I'm trying to express by saying well you you start out and you're you know you're you're you're you're thinking about this thing in late pop how seriously to take it. And you you'd probably like. I saw that they were doing this I didn't know what bouts of dawn until like an hour so after I got up the first things I saw it's often like this on Mondays Peter King. Often post this MM QB and his Monday column. In the middle of the month but I'll get up at 4:4 in the morning you scroll through Twitter and like. Very it's so it's one of the first things I usually see our bodies are they were doing well okay great bunch of guys are gonna take what you guys what do whatever. And very is probably no chance we are talking about it at all. It's important this race and I think it's the only thing that could've possibly elevated this beyond. Rope curiosity and all while Bill Polian did a wonder how many bills he took I don't unit at it and look at it even care but god. I probably wouldn't even have overlooked. I mean I don't follow any two people who tweeted it when I saw a reference to it a reference to ray guy that's when I got that's what I got my interest. First thing I saw. I did see that you Peter King tweet like yours here it is we drafted okay great. Few hours later I saw your shots are our. And fueling legitimately silly seriously I think this is grounds for CBS to fire him yeah basically it was severely bear with me. I really think that this is grounds for his dismissal. I don't receive it's like okay well. The little old paragraph here a boat his draft. I'd I'd read the first couple of sentences but this damp out his explanation. Of his choice. Whose choices I want a roster that number one could win in number two could entertain we are in the entertainment business right. Ray guy at four I didn't want to be stuck at the end of the draft without a cloture because there are so few of them that are great. Unbelievable and in people remotely ready is the us. How do you how do you say so this is an all claim. After thirty years after he was retired he wasn't in the all Ramon that he got and even though he's tied for 69. In NFL history in point distance. 69. Mean nice but. A bit is he's the only good one. Really. Oh look guys this big ticket for the raiders since ray guy or tired is still growing at Lechler right. Almost sort of Lechler has been he's number one all time several yards per punt more for a long career than ray guy but was ray guy he was all. No problem we are an entertainment business right it hurts so many problems. But the punter. Would entertain you. He's the guy describing gains won't describing gains on Sundays. He's one of the ones right. Right so so in the second round. As for he picked. He picked ray niche key in the second the third round and there was somebody else in there that didn't make me crazy and in the fourth round pick stutter route. Another rival. Kicker from his division. John's general who ranks what might you guess all time in field goal percentage all think kicker are the only open writer cell when he's the only two off integrity honor. I believe that's right so I mean only kicker on our quality air that he kicked in what is where is he rate now all I'm gonna say he rates eighty. 100 no good. Good yes sure thinks garden nine V nine kickers. Who made more of their field goals than this guy. He was good for his date but what are we doing here. You try to make a good right that's what you would be doing received a crack anybody listen as the show goes I or we take drafts. More seriously than normal people. We like we just sit Cabrera on Friday don't know questioned and so quick. You know you got to respect the game. He got to respect the game if you're gonna drafts a cubs that's what you're gonna do as the use of your time. Is draft TV shows or meet or candy Paula why do while they're gonna do that you've got to give an honest effort might well sure the poker player bulldogs. Who you know your play and hold them Texas hold on for five blocks and you don't care if you win everything you can go all waiting with ten to. Because why why not to notice to be an idiot out there but if if votes is playing that game of poker in this draft should have been he should have been removed. Bishop replaced them if he's gonna if you're gonna just make a joke out of it I don't think yes right he makes that pick would do it doesn't get an email from Peter King Blake saying relate to come. Can we think. Get richer game and on the line for next X gets Yeltsin here please could you make a real pack but why do you why do you pick. If you're having it we did so draft Friday that he said. Sometimes you draft you do you take something sooner. Then you might want to because you were afraid that someone else is going to do curb near the earlier enthusiasm you took third overall. It was going to be you know it a chain of picks before you get another one. And it was certainly possible that Curb Your Enthusiasm would be gone by the time the draft got back to you. So it's a respectable enough choice. So you wanna get it. Is that the sun ray guy like you wanna be sitting there would already of course you pick re god it. And it now I would really wanted ray guy. My team is ruined now have to pick a partner with the we'd better Corey cook if if the pick. Brian morbid so we met in the fifth round pick Terry Bradshaw mountain. And the thing that I wrote were right shoulder discretion it wasn't the thing that I was doing is rare wasn't lifting heavy things although that would be rare it was. Showing discretion discretion about a week. I'm the guy who tweets too much and then delete solemn because I feel like it was regrettable moment this. Even if it's like really almost no chance of any trouble running things like I want to rescue a fuel but bad about saying in this. Often this is like on a Sunday morning I'll wake of really wish I hadn't said that on Saturday night when I was up drinking Martinis and if so this time. Completely sober. You caught me at a moment ground early was over about that I am just like ever and just blasted away files from this draft and he got branch office. And Bradshaw I think is probably the most overrated player in the history of football. Bradshaw what is an okay quarterback on a team with the amazing players problem. And I do watch old games too it's not just numbers like I watch old games to. And you you can't believe how bad it's like watching goalies from the in the seventies and it's like not even their faults. So I don't know Bradshaw was just even this way better than all the other quarterbacks and sevens including Dan bounces and happens. I don't know but. You know what people are with wins in sports of wins in football. And so he's got to be great with right in the hall of fame because Steen won four Super Bowls and until Montana. Know when a dog that. So the thing I had written was Tyrod Taylor is a better quarterback and Terry Bradshaw. And I I rolled it out. And I stared at it and I were to football reference. And I looked around Rome. And I erased it. And I thought about it some more amstel storing and stuff like I can't believe this folks at wrote it and again I didn't even control a control acts like type it all back and Tyrod Taylor is a better quarterback than Terry Bradshaw was. And I stared at it again. And I started again like you know what I'm just gonna say it because on Twitter it's these there where he and then I deleted if we talked about it and it's something like you delete that right. But like is there any way that that's right. Is is most Terry Bradshaw. Have been a better quarterback than Tyrod what must he have been in the way. I don't know what's just what's your answer. He doesn't have to have been a better quarterback in Tyrod Taylor put. Probably. He probably probably Waltz. I don't know it's hard for me to conceive of someone. Who many in the arrows are just so what's different report is expected to yup you are wise production wise from that position when he played for is what. What is what qualifies as really good now is different. All of its just Q I mean as a gets different so it's hot really hearted but. I I would wanna put my name on Tyrod Taylor is a better quarterback entered right Joe Oliver overrated he is in his three I just. I wouldn't I wouldn't. Taylor might be a starter for one more year Terry Bradshaw is in the whole thing. Just you know. You know what up about threats. Taylor's way better quarterback and that way better I think so that means Bradshaw is definitely better than threats to us. We'd better maybe don't want to better reason Taylor better than it's. More or brings up one more time looking at some point on a retro aren't like whether he's better than Tyrod Taylor another kind of funny but it's I think maybe he wasn't. But just. All the winning right then one also anybody care about until we started the no stuff. Eagle 30550 is the number. Cell coming up today cell is back on our own list of available surprise that he was still in for Mercury like two full weeks ago we couldn't bothers elderly. Mr. Khaled re acclimate itself album will do that that'll be next hour. Lines are open for you. Bills camp in a week and a half Jack cycle and money coming up may be in the coming days we'll get to our local stuff here as well. And and feel free to tell us what you think of picking up on her fourth overall an all time draft. Is that something that would make you crazy because it has made me crazy. Which over the Bulldog here will be back after this on WGR. They'll bring it was a tremendous. Eight to me earlier because. He'd been here so long institutional knowledge that he had it today how the Irish did what happened in the past but why did you know obviously who's. So little depth to real well. And some different ideas or concepts he approached him he just kept growth. Interesting news from the Carolina Panthers today firing their GM. Steve Gelman that's whose voice you just thirty was on John Murphy show back in May. And of course is. Understudy if you will and Carolina Brandon being is now the bills GM. So I don't know what that's about. Lot of speculation that the owner never got over the leave that gavel manhandled Josh Norman and maybe to a lesser extent Steve Smith. Very popular former Panthers players. It. Did have a bad year last year but still while I mean I just. Reared July it's camp opens a week. Odd maybe there was a thing that pushed this over the job you have to bring something something personal works. To be stewing on it for this long and then waited until now to syndrome which. One name emerging in the early discussion. Carolina Panthers vacancy is damned file its name. The owner said to be really impressed with his team is straight guy fourth overall in a draft of all players who ever played football. Premium up well I would have respected and a lot more of the world like before Lechler. Because at least like he was. May be the best sponsor. But. I'll probably get over it. It's say he. Thought imaginary draft much like the ones we do. That dumb does not affect me relate the reason I'm finding useful interest thing is this is having this conversation. Now a former. Colleague of ours. Wrote me. Today at length about the sitcom draft old relate. And he offered his review of the case we wanted it okay doing we want it. It's from dance on things that day vol we do right now insurer. Artery gulf like this is dense not remembered as sontag who were members and Sonntag a Longo was that. Ten years or more until wives awhile back yeah -- court character I think maybe he was my producer and I were long before you chemo was easier when you came over I think that's right because Greg was with me in the mornings before I came to work in the afternoons and then we eventually regretted the afternoons. Dan was much like Greg bow Oka and Ryan and the one of these guys that I just think is invaluable. He has v.s strongest. Here I am telling you about this imaginary draft. And how it's got me riled up he had that for every subject Oreo. And knowing you are talking about it he would be furious at something it was a fiercely strong opinions about things that matter a lot like. Condiments. Just just four games you need you name it most of it is the worst. With this you know I expect that I often mean you know I work again for a fair amount of time. It's not. That rare occurrence where I'm putting bolstered on a hot dog and thinking of him. How would you do it I couldn't really I mean mustard mustard all eggs mustard. I did this very thing yes I think it. Would mustard on our dog got 26. Hours ago. They were you speaking of so I know when you didn't know. No I wasn't asked. OK so. Dan sontag review of the sitcom draft which anybody who knows standard alumnus and hopefully real those two. Okay it's 1015 Sunday night I just finished the draft I'm waiting until Monday to send because I don't know holy Europe what a disaster. Mary Ellis holy hell. The only people who like her team are 65 year old menopausal women who knit Afghans while watching TV and mr. murder she wrote as their all time favorite show. It was like watching a GM from the fifties drafted team in modern times completely unaware that analytics exist. And you want a disappointment. He riches to make. Such high hopes after picking curbed number one and you just set the rest of your draft on fire. With the exception of the family ties pick which was clearly a case of too little too late. I'm glad he didn't Sully the good name of lieutenant frank drought and and the rest of police squad with a peck. Brian is trying too hard to be the cool guy at the party that he ends up a bit of a too cool for school lineup. I didn't like Ryan's much when listening but is better than I thought upon review married with children was a very savvy tech and the office is great. But it's sunny and archer yikes trying way too hard. That is also evident by his other picks being shows that were very popular but maybe not great. Perhaps he has some self esteem issues and try to make up for that in the stressed its. Kind is not here today to defend himself. Finally I'd have to say Chris is a winner with home runs like sign fell parks recreation and Family Guy. Luckily those are so strong they offset the Barney Miller is a new arts that litter his lineup back. No wonder years is a disgrace. Currently the Goldberg are great. You pick 100 HBO shows and leave off flight of the Concord super. I would also campaign for the Muppet Show. If Mary Alice takes the Love Boat you can put the Muppets and I'm surprised at how surprised item that it turned out this way I think I want to fight all of you. Course he has however millions of men want to find a. A. Joseph Joseph is here in Ryan's place today and Joseph did write up of the sitcom draft on Friday that I thought was very good. And the polls for each show right right those were good the younger the show was the better the grades were. Except Louie I don't understand what happened with Louie Louie got a and it got clobbered pretty sure that was the only show like post 2000 Indian. That was really weird I mean it's a quirky showed might not be for everyone maybe. People even aren't that familiar with it I mean I don't know we deserve a little bit eyebrow he may be we debated whether it was it was even a sitcom. You know I mean it's it's on FX it's 10 o'clock at night and is not a traditional sitcom. You know slot nor relief network although I don't know that's all just so different now. I was really that was the one I didn't pick it because I thought it would do well. But I picked it assuming it would give. Approval you know I wanted it you want so yes you want a good pick and you also want to go to great I mean I understand with. You know without our audience getting. In are expected to get sort of now lamb based in but I expected to get a lot of Barney Miller. Especially in the holding on polls in our got a lot of positive feedback on Twitter but Barney Miller tax the you are about the Bob Hartley old shoulders but I watch when I was a teenager. No it's forty years ago sure I expected you know some some old great blue he blew surprised. Didn't work out for now I did I got to review and a very. Wasn't texted. To me by a former coworker bought a complete stranger in wegmans in Niagara Falls on Saturday morning. Gave me a quick review. Oh via a sitcom draft pick to ask for one no I just happened to be walking through the aisles grabbing some some things and he recognized me with a big government knowing nobly table and as I passed recent. Nice sitcom for. Not as good as lines. Are skeptical and her. I'll take your credit you for that. Shooters who you feel free to comment nobody calls anymore but I look talk to you with a groceries and quite. Current youngest son Leo was with me and he's still. Doesn't happen as often only news around his older Brothers around be around sports more so there is a lot. He experiences people recognizing you a lot more often than Leo does so we'll still committed to kick he's he's want to be Abbie Dorn. It's kind of cool. Thank you guide the guys talk to you about crucial word here and wegmans you know ignited this kind of cool. It was nice and almost all the time where people do that it's about shows like the sitcom draft just like the bills depth chart mr. here's Phil on WG Arlo fell. Earlier. I think I've order expert and law and a great guy or. Are straight back those I mean it was bad but just. All a look at that this exalt hey buddy you're the football pilot error and. He could 42 yards in the year. And guys now are 49. But is is that really looking his statistics or is that just common sense. All while also appear at it and ball bill. Right so if you had your choice of any. Football player for many Errol why would you pick an old one. I talk about ticket bought out there that are okay one arguing that. The urged gulf but it Ayres will now be dude constantly. Right. Oh or it. Yeah I like. Year I'll use it you know all. It every day while oracle or stadiums like the court are the court both. Pop. Analyzed it below you so much deeper. I heard Booker and pop utter about it at all say it. It's very at all with the rules which factories all over the place though all was well Egypt. And what goes out bags checked out and made it where. I mean what they act up at all. I yet reputation as well equipped so we're all they want a out of football game. I'd look at Arkansas are open up all. Look up there is. It's. You record what sport it set me back into a lot of football. Well I wouldn't knock him exactly but it would be crazy not to acknowledge that there is mortal football team in the quarterback. And in the sixties and seventies it was way more true than it is now. So it's not like it's any anybody wants suggests. I mean of you wanna look at record high gas but. I would never start with that I would never make it come down to that because if the same player the Monica or Bradshaw run a different team they would never have been glorified. They were never go to the Super Bowl so. Even Joseph. I've been on book bought back seat to anybody I don't go. I don't know man it's a long it's before my time he had a great record he made it to one super boils I didn't have a suitable for part of his career. Zoellick I don't know but you know like I think the point is obvious and of course worth recognizing. That players are. To a large part remembered because of these circumstances that they have nothing to do with who drafted them. Bradshaw is true. If he wasn't drafted by a team ahead greats all over the place vote Jones maybe worse I got me maybe it maybe worse and he put Bert Jones and Bradshaw spot in Burke Jones is French so it's two different arguments thanks Phil it's two different argument on what your interest thing. One is that point. The other is then vs now and in the case of this draft the MM QB Dade. Then vs now I was completely in place. And you would never pick. Well if you work if you're trying. And not picking your teammates. And whatever if you're trying. You would never pick. Anybody. From the seventies. Over guys today what you want Terry Bradshaw do. Just let's just talk Joseph Foreman what Terry Bradshaw dues Tyrod can do. What is the thing what does the skill. Until we leadership. Mean what does the skilled it Terry Bradshaw ahead. That Tyrod Taylor or for that matter. Most if not all current starting quarterbacks in the NFL probably not all almost all. What is the skill that he possessed. That these guys don't have. Mean that he's immeasurably. Different. These the amount of time and effort the money at stake. All the things that factor ran to how good today's athletes are the science and all of that. Was male it's it's available to today's guy today's guy can't live without it because everybody else around him is spews take advantage. And then another drink of beer on the sidelines. Told you know. Politely what was the thing he could do. That Tyrod Taylor beat deep ball didn't go to. The people I don't think there's a single thing I think there is probably. Him and he's just so it as far as physical skills and tools. I think there are guys that probably don't even played errors tale that is for us now just just because of the week right just because the advancements in. Like you're talking about just the training. Just do that the armed tail on the physical skills. I just think our. Measurably better today. Thanks to stronger than just business better their million all the time you're going to camps in the there's so much more involved. And it was your round yeah. Yeah I think I I really think it physical to its. Pitching J. P. Losman had better physical tools and Terry branch. And he's a wash out. It bigger faster stronger bet big Al even. Yeah. That's what I think so. Someone who's gonna tell me I just subject Lawson is better than turned retro which is not what I'm saying what you almost are it might want to still fight on and and so physical skill. There's just dice today to blow blow those guys from then I would just like it doesn't really goaltending to neighbors goaltending in 1930. It's ridiculous. It's not the old guys fall known animal Steele and also the winners of the. Better players. That's what I mean that's part of what makes the file stress so amazing. It's it's not just like a pawn or it's that potter with the you know of the with modern guys available Peter think it's picked the launch of our current players which I think is his to his credit. But the pondering kicker both active. You know Joseph Thomas and Larry FitzGerald and guys like this are on Peter kings roster that's pretty good. Mean you want guys from the fifties. You know it depends how you do it if if you have a thing where it's about best player this is really brought quick look at the caller Phyllis kind of saying. In his time he was the best you know great at about arguing with that. You could be maybe you could would Bradshaw you probably could but you know some of these cases you wouldn't it's just in that. In that format. That doesn't is that what it comes down to you're not doing it like dominance in your error you want but the best players and at least that's my understanding. 8030550. Is the number mean maybe it is we weep when we talk about best ever that's the first thing got to figure out. Is are we doing against his peers are we doing just all time to just do it the other way you end up with modern guys almost every every time. Much over the bulldogs this is WGR. Premise that you are first prize of the week. Caller five who's gonna get a pair of tickets to go see foreigner Cheap Trick in the Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin experience. This Friday at Darian lake ample theater minimum value of the prizes fifty dollars courtesy of all wired nations general contest rules apply. Each paid ticket into free seemed a park admission tickets on sale of live nation dot com. 6449878. Caller five again former chief trick Jason Bonham lives up one experience. Nice that nice day nice night ahead they say the weather should be real good for a couple more days. The fisons are in Columbus maybe go to the ballpark and like this advised or not edit. The byes and have won seven of their last forty. I respect that the by dozens who send the game notes out you get them to then everyday the email from the by seasons with their. Like their notes for the for the game. I respect that every time I look that is in there. Because in sports now I wouldn't assume that they I would almost expected not to be a and we would like Leo and leave that yes. Like when you trade. Jose can Todd but your tweet is the four prospects that you got enough that you traded Jose can spot where the best pitcher. I mean that's just how horses that's why were here because. Do you need to keep bad on us seven and 33733. There eighteen under and they were what I guess he's over seven over whatever that is before that's for wanna slump harsh. Seven and 33 in baseball. These blue jays are in Boston and we are too with who were two weeks from the deadline right in July. Yep and Toronto is going to be very interest thing. Donaldson. Maybe. Me distraught. I mean meet me if they're if there are able there's a lot of guys are good move. But. To look a couple of those guys they might like to move will be hard with their contracts by Pastrana goes. And Donaldson. That will hurt but I think so. I had to guess I would I do they think that's how they're looking at that big kind of blew it startled I think they think they have to do it and Donaldson at 31. As great as he has been. An important. I think trading him is the move right I usually say that you write your pretty quick to reset yup. By I thought this for the blue jays last year and they didn't they help that they held and and they went to the ALCS again like I would've been wrong. I would I was wrong in retrospect. This year though it was more obvious they have to do it they're real life problems they have a great attendance going right now we've beaten American League. And you're talking about guarding. A team has been very popular. But. What are you agree there for. Winning. And that would be the move but. We Tulowitzki and mark were guys in the winter that I think they should have made every effort to trade and maybe they maybe they tried I don't know no but they're still there. And their stock and too bad it but what would turn up 33 years' worth of during there was. When they make the tool was his at two Summers ago the zoo was skiing on a price it's that that's our price was only in Boston for a last year you know the year in the report that is the Reyes trade and RA Dickey crying and or two years before that one of the soup. And that. Didn't that didn't work out race event but its two years ago it's too was Tulowitzki in price and the two trips the ALCS Kansas City and then Cleveland beat them. Trial of Boston tonight first before it's not a real it's a real long Lou large when. No you don't mean just a couple years of Mulligan and OK we're done but it was predicted it was it was about what is showed about you know with the ages like they were never. Young and they traded away you know some of their future sell about Yoakam enough. Who is better quarterback Tyrod Taylor Terry Bradshaw. That and more or sell after the update which opened Bulldog WGR.