7-6 Nightcap with Ryan Gates HR 1

Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Thursday, July 6th

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Time to relax and we live. No effect. Come down with a over there just gonna let me finish my. Kids to eat and so here every time I actually try something volunteers like god is gonna gal can be allowed. Mean yeah I'll be loud and talk override it and. I. We told you volume up. Well you're not guaranteed at the bass player in the draft you draft hurt you they go your way you want what you want to know why we're why don't why has your outlook because people. Overvalued the position of quarterback. Yet at all to. I disagree. It's a nightcap with Ryan geeks on WGR. Sports Radio 515 here. You know what that means I. What made here. Meets your guys. Where in for a great show me Geary. Ryan gates there Kremer hate outlook here it is that nightcap ends. You know we're trying to. I've got these guys here and I'm trying to do to make the transition. From hockey season. Too good to know looking forward to fall policies in three weeks away from the beginning of buffalo bills' training camp. Some trying to get myself into it to the football mode. A bit it's such a hockey east data mine now her. On how coach gets fired Jian gets fired season's over here. Ever sense that it spent all hockey playoffs. And it's. Expansion draft and draft and free agency and trades and everything. So I brought the guys brought Derek in need and because then maybe you're like me. Maybe you're like me you're still trying to get your way you're trying to get your toes into the football waters because you've been plunged into the deep guy and a hockey life. For the past two and a half plus months and I got start shifting your focus so if you're out there and you're listening. You don't 30551888550. To 550. What's you're your favorite thing. Going into to this football season that doesn't necessarily have to beat Buffalo Bills related to it can be if you're super excited about. The potential law of Sammy Watkins being healthy for sixteen games and putting up big numbers only say that could be that or could be. You like the Oakland Raiders. And you think they're cool what Marshawn Lynch but he did you do if you like that didn't gone with that. Or maybe you have this new elaborate. Thing that you're gonna do got out. Dude this sex toy throwers like maybe you have an elaborate scheme you failure ready to. Roll out in public that you're due one maybe don't wanna tell us do you wanna maybe. Sneak preview like. Plans to throw something obscene in the field you could have that's I mean we don't we now can we don't condone it here but right here but we would like to hear it yeah but we'd like to be the first ones on the case it would be the first ones. Case if that is the case if you've got some ideas or 08 season. Tale season is it's coming up our passing letters and charity per tables letter charities is probably already gotten I can tell you I oh I don't think I am. Why I don't think I can come out and tell you this game because I don't own the rights of the game my cousin doesn't actually keep probably get upset with you can't jam no. It is I've played it as stacked last week and he's been telling me about this for awhile that his dad my uncle Steve created this game. And when he was in college and I played for the first time he'd been just you know talking to scale up also desperate game we've never played Michael OK want played. Every drinking game and they are all the same games or they are pretty close to the same and I end up getting bored after a while this game. Was inventive it was bragging how much physical activity on lots. Button. Actually I don't see a lot of it he just enough moderate moderate not critical activity but it's. There's a lot of score that yet to be yet to pay attention to there's there's usually have an official score you do have to have a little bit of athletic ability. It's essentially a home run derby. You mean did you know. You know there John that's been used it gets that your bats there's no dizziness involved okay. What is there to gain a skill wreaking it's a game of skill and high tolerance. A ball boy. Is that all you could say about it that's all I can say yeah I can legally that's all I can say that the only beer ball. Yeah game. Actually all tolerant it's called beer ball however it's not into that they know Jagger all of the game isn't to hit a beer can with a ball. There is no ball in this game and why is it called beer ball. I guess you'll have to find a way so you can hockey doesn't have a ball they don't call hockey ball. No but. It's essentially sit. Are all right guys legally we're gonna move on I I just. I don't want to sound like a plus I don't want to ruin his invention is this like becomes bigger wanna make sure that he's credited with this game like I don't wanna just give this idea to somebody. And then go to all right how well he doesn't edit trademark no heed president had to trade America are patented or anything select that I don't wanna just out him. And and you know had to go right it is great game you don't want any like thought climbed on cracked a lot no eggs. You know what I got mine crime I don't want. Any of that yet you don't he can't have that you can't have that so yeah. It's intellectual. Problem actual property until actual theft that's about as looking for intellectual theft. Our rights see where we're geared up for football so yes we are clearly gearing up for football season. So what's what's on everyone's mind going now we've got we are training camp coming out pins. Or we could talk about you know well what's going on with. The linebacker position but I'm not really good at that so it's not something I've really ever. Tried to do next batter at that that's usually bring him in there may be too well Ramallah. You know like evaluating. Things that have been on the football Alia watching football team like nerds via a bad guy that thing we do that you guys do that much and argues though. I'll leave that to you guys but I am still interested in knowing what they are people just in general I know it's still July. No hockey wave just ended there's some baseball before it was a couple days ago. But but football seasons on its way football seasons its ways on this wondering where people. Gearing up for. For the upcoming football season the the battle a punter to me is a law author and Rico and correct its Austin recalled vs call which meant that might be the battle that's the pre near battle of training camp. It could be. Then she should there be music to this nice little list of things to look forward and non interest rates it is something we certainly are mostly ranting we are just ranting there is no sort of coordination to this bout as about say. The beauty but there yeah maybe but the thing I'm most excited for has nothing to do the bills. And we imagine that right before we came on air here. It's following along the Kansas City Chiefs net has something to do with the bills well I guess it does it as does it do to Mexico because the you have. The chiefs draft pick but. It's not you know it's not the bill's performance on the field. Sell that's that's what I think you know it's I think back to the sabres. Years. When they had multiple first round picks when they had the islanders picked him we had the islander watch. Hoping rooting for your teams are playing the islanders every night and I think it's even better. In a football setting because there's so many last games and all of the bills games are won Pia. 1 PM essentially all the bills games except for a Thursday night game means. What is the other one there's one in San Diego or something like that's. Sandy Ottawa wave the white guys not only to tears no games in San Antonio or Los Angeles ago. But other than that every single game is I want the united most of the chief schemes are later games I think five out of their first southerner. Prime time games so you've got all these games that you can actually pay attention to the chiefs the chiefs are Super Tuesday right now because. They. Draft a quarterback they trade up the bills drafted cornerback. And I and they fired or gee I am. Surprisingly. A few months later it's kind of like okay what exactly is going on the chiefs. What as the third direction as franchise ends. Is it going to be beneficial for the bills to really have that pick and see exactly. Where those guys finish. There was the conversation earlier with Mike Childress and you know always six vs three and three would you be more excited for as bill stand always sex chiefs I think that's what I would be most excited. That would be probably investing. For bills fans like the bills can be attire fired the chief sorrow and six dislike. This is awesome again after six point Toomey. You know I look at the cheese is a team that maybe is more confused in the bills aren't we are they ours franchise. They just fired their general manager. They don't. For whatever it like they fired the general manager after the draft after free agency like eight just fired their general manager I don't all because he wasn't getting contract extension right. So they just fired and they put in and the new guy and that's sad and they have a new god I'd I'd think that they just promoted with that. Okay at. So a team that just drafted and traded up to take a quarterback for a team that you would think right now. Is that going order is kind of quarterback away. Right because Ralph Smith is in its. Grades. You'd think. That they're looking for a guy that can give them more and and even I think golf you know cutting Jeremy Maclin. And now rather you know lying on Chris Connelly. Yet Chris Conley and Albert Wilson and I'd be Tyreke tell us it's a great great but it's you know one outlay side receiver is here gadget guy. Right in there but that you of the defense which. They just just. Brought it dump truck full of money for Eric Berry. Okay they just paid top Bali. Houston in Derrick Johnson they gave a lot of I didn't they just paid to do they just can't corner they paid somebody increase team on a quarter to like. It just seems like. If their building to be a quarterback away why would you not add another player of the significance and and that really deep draft. I mean you could've stayed back at the 27 pick and picture devious white and had a starting corner or. You could've traded up in got a player that's going to help you win this year evenly figure quarterback away. I think what this does is just. You and of drafting a quarterback that's likely a year or two from being a good legitimate of Oscar if he's going to beat that nobody knows. Guess can't pay as you say that. Not all it's there's there's no hand heroes series worth EJ Manuel Lee. Aliens yet they leave them. I think that's what people code called WM. Doug feet Lee. Not keep fee icing on. No but it. The chiefs earlier teams so it could goal lot of directions on that one nature that's I guess an interesting thing to pay attention to during a great division via an in you have to assume the chargers are gonna have a little bit more of a prospect season if they just there at the entire team. The past three years. By like week eight they're missed they're like into the eighth receiver bulky and Allen gets injured we few weeks to every Harris three years since their defense and it just. It just seemed like every year they've just had a mask. While this year at me. Seem like maybe they've they've and it's a nice piece is they got Michael is hopefully. Keane and out come back and be a player for them who knows me after two devastating injuries. It's gonna be difficult but. You look around that cut that division you know Denver's quarterback away from still being a National League team that got the lead defense but they've got into coaching staff. And you look at the raiders they're a good team they maybe are ready to take that next step as a franchise of being India Super Bowl contender team that can go up against the patriots. So that division is loaded than you look around the rest the AFC. And you see a lot of mediocrity in and then you look elect AFC south could be a division that really is a bounce back year because of Bradley got some good young quarterbacks thrust into the division. And maybe Blake portals can out of bounce back season after two really rough ones. At least in terms of wins and interceptions I mean statistics wise he's still did pretty well but a lot of times I mean it's just when he's. Throwing garbage time when all that's all we got any time a significant is throwing interceptions essentially sell. No it just when you look at that the chiefs there's a lot of directions can go and I think that's been the most interesting part is. A team like the chiefs he just like two years ago they started what all win six. And then they won eight straight games of them made Zain mayor with a sort of one in six and then made the white straight made it to the playoffs yet and like that was crazy and and you look at is that team gonna be and really since then. They've been very good since like week seven or eight of two years ago. They may really good either like seventeen in three or something like they are really good in their last twenty. You'd look at the chiefs to wins and a lot of times people want to compare. With what's going on with buffalo. And the situation in buffalo with the quarterback in the direction of the franchise here. With a team like the chiefs or with a team like the angles because it's the question of and that was kind of the conversation earlier with what might as well. What is the direction of the team are you going to be that team that just continually tries to push it to make the playoffs. And then you get into the playoffs you're not ever really that team that's truly a contender you're just. Getting in the playoffs playing a game after the chiefs at least winning a game. But if you're a team like the angles in the Bible's haven't won. A playoff game since I've been a life. Andy it's the question of okay is a good enough just to make the playoffs for the bills and you look at the chiefs the chiefs. Dirt deep balanced is absolutely a calling card. And I think they realize that with some of the moves that they made this offseason. Jeremy Maclin. The way that he played last year I think the front office there thought that T had. Taking a step back physically so they decide you know what let's let's cut our ties here we got the young guy tire retail. We can move forward with him as an option trip its policy is probably going to be this year the most targeted tight ends in all football team. Really wasn't already last year he's going to be guy that is a quarter piece. Of that offense and they know the limitations of what else that is he's never got a guy throws downfield so it looked at Maclin. They they realized that he brings more to the table than just that. But is he going to fit what they wanted and they say that taunt and cap. Now there they're moving forward with Al Smith this season because I think they they view it as obviously went from homes as the pack up. Or even know what he's you probably because I was angry I really don't know it now most. Tyler a pause. Yes indeed yeah actually it Brent and look at their notes that I don't either back. Moms know Brett. Brady think rented that I'd I'd like my home is probably doesn't dress in a program he just sits keep Cargill Johnson takes a Richard he's got the but parties he's over there taking no idea where that's at the end of the day. If things go solved he he could see him as academy gets inserted week 1415. Yeah but the not going to be rushing him in there certainly well certainly and so I I just look at the chiefs and I think fair. There are little more interesting. Van. I just I harder predict and what the bills will be and when eating you I've won seventeen yet I think I mean I've even look at the chiefs last year and I was a guy that was saying throughout the year they chiefs really just. Aren't that good they're not that good I mean and they go in in you know make the playoffs and win a playoff games so. It depends on what your definition of goodies but it is always viewed down their team that relies on their defense in a league that really. I know defense can win the key look at the Broncos couple years ago they want the Super Bowl Seattle. Even last year new England's defense is really good so good defense gets you there. But I've always viewed them as they don't really have the offensive weapons and pieces to be a great contending team. And even. If it's best forwards to next year and Patrick Holmes starter. He's got Kelsey. I'm still really unsure at wide receiver yet it's I don't know what Tyreke hell is real easy. I don't the only as the number one guy if you as a guy that now. What a Jeremy Maclin on your team is going to be. The number one. Focus besides track skills he's gonna be the guy you're focusing on this contract else. He reminds me. Roscoe Parrish. Not that bad I think Percy Harvey and before all of the late. My dream no let I'd say it was migraines pretty hard in the one word of it Odom who is that kid from saint with the rams that they've got off tape on Austin aka one C Tyreke. He's team on Austin he's a team he's a guy that teams over value a guy that has. That explosive element the thing is. He was the kind of guy that each upon return to a shot receiving touchdown and running tough shot and game. Teams are gonna cut shot that they're not gonna kick the ball as much the case not gonna get that many opportunities as a kick return this year. Now he's. Taking on the net did other team's number one corner. A likely and on and on a weekly basis where last year he's coming out of the back field or in the slot and doing a slant are doing a screen pass line of scrimmage or. Out of running up a linebacker out running the teams their best corner. Now he's going to be asked to go up against the Richard Sherman's. Malcolm butler's. The premier corners in the sleet. And I think without another target certainly we can't forget about Travis tells him I'm not but the right thing is on the outside you're talking about. Matchups. Terry kill small this is a sub 510 guys. Not sure this is a sub 43 guy to in the forty but the thing is is can he be eight NFL receiver guy that can run every route in the route tree. A guy like Sammy Watkins you're talking about a guy likes Amy Lockett to confront every route. Who can make almost any cat's away from his body is just a guy can even catch away from his body. Is this a guy that's gonna be asked to run all those routes because if he's not then personnel you're running a really. Binal elementary offense which they can do wonder Al yeah. As I think they're they're doing that anyways that is wanna quickly go through. Like their weapons their offensive weapons so we've got Travis Kelsey who I think is what the number one. And then these other receivers tire retail Chris Conley Albert Wilson and the Anthony Thomas Kenny talk to Marcus Robinson he's there wide receivers yes we. I don't know Gant did Toms is considered a receipt I guess it's because he's so small he can't play running back from Ramallah Amman are lads dot com with a you'll never felt that Anthony Thomas I think probably is a wide receiver 'cause he's so small. Mean he's running neck from Oregon from you know whatever was 67 years ago. He's is blazing fast he's type Raquel. Yeah so I'm whether it and then they've got a bunch of you know. Gary dear. Marcus can Alonso more. So on TBS Jones. Just flew to Seoul on Kevin Jones agreed to halt any Stevens as you go back what was the name. Joseph boots on. Well what was the name jetBlue. She is just on. So that's when I'm gone Leno let's go I don't know what is and they look at the running back say three can you be the running back position Spencer ware. Who. Yeah. Decent Turkey and drink Turkey underclass. Careened onto I think it's it's I think this is the stud and he's done yet CJ Spiller. I'll ask features brother's kids that teaching people ought yes though that took some burned yet so that they don't think I would a lot of those guys get people's backs they've got a stable of like those little gadget backs little gadget backs to one trick ponies right so be interesting to see how a he used the chess pieces now Indy Reid's gonna decide that they have brought that. Offense really effectively they disguise what they're trying to do when they're running screen pass to the wide receivers they run like these weird stack formations that you seem like a school football. That confuse defenses and caused you know loomed. Could this batch numbers and in all that good stuff so you know they're maybe the more can one of the more. Top teams to pin down on I'm what you think of that and you could ask you could poll five people. You could fight Paul five normal fans of the NFL on in poll five Kansas City Chiefs fans and probably get five come ten completely different answers of what. They think the team's going to be it was 30551888550. To 550. We're kind of switching from cocky mode to football mode on the nightcap so we're just trying to. What things are we excited about going in. Two with the NFL year college football year even if you want that help high school football year the other team out there. I know look welcome snow and it's a big frontier guy at school that I went to north Collins go where thousands there is no football programs on non Muslim happy and yeah I'm not excited story a high school football season but what story lines or your side or is there by any moves this off season you're excited for one team. The raiders always pop open mine mine's the Alley chargers you want them what are you excited forgoing it for policies and Bryan gates sneak Yury. Derek cream awry you know if you here in congress talk more about what is exciting. As football season approaches and WGR. I mean they need. Structure they need everybody on the same page I think that. In their heading in that direction with the defense get a feel more straightforward that they needed to really clear how a lot in that building Sean McDermott branded vehicle highly regarded around the NFL if you think they're going to significantly better be on the same page. That is bleacher report's Tyler gallant friend of everyone here everyone and it does everybody's friend. Everyone's friend tired I think he's everyone's friend just all around awful is that the Ryan Reynolds of talk radio he had yet you saw the Ryan Reynolds they assume. The latest Ryan Reynolds thing. There was a girl who had her pictures that she Photoshop Ryan Reynolds needs over on the maker boyfriend jealous and Ryan Reynolds just within pretended that he went from there. Definitely didn't go to drama there. So that's pretty I got text into the tax hey I had a health teacher in the frontier school system named mr. Geary. What do you know about that need. Are you health teacher net. As I depends how old is. He's an older gentleman if he's older I think there was a. Semite and a failure member of the did figure in the series REE. A wide re easy we blanket Western New York all were everywhere. If you went to a school or is likely Geary there whether it's a student or teacher or affect our faculty or or or G editor. That you made probably aging editor yeah gender. You need to generous at 30551. G 88550. Q 550 on the phone numbers here just wondering what your excited about for the football season we're transferring you know or where hockey town where football town. And where that were and that little. And the wall period of the camp is three weeks away and where were geared up for that apple is trying to get into the football easy way to do that just. Keep listening to some some good music you know all that's houses say the music. Ha fairness it's an easy way to get the Pope actually ESPN prime time music. Might be some of the most under rated music of all time I'd like to get about loop that way I feel more may be. Who's motivated to walk quickly and a treadmill yeah I feel like you know. You've got Mozart genachowski. And you've got yeah I get NFL primetime clobber the organist for ESPN yeah I'd agree job acreage are about life Tommy coherence is excited about for something. He's excited about something that's happening at football this year Tommy what's going on in your on the night yeah. They got of god good. I really am most excited for the bills getting back to a or Syria have you practices. Crazy genes are people are running all over the field and I have no clue where there are. We led to see Jerry sack on the outside actually doing something that your yes thank. Yeah I think that is. I think he knows even more excited for that a lot of the players on the team. Yeah you listen to Shaq Lawson and Jerry Hughes talk about going to the 43 now there Baltimore comfortable. It's going to be. I think it's going to be a big and not necessarily a huge improvement. But I think that defensive line is going to be much more comfortable in the fourth three and you look at the defense of blind. Jerry Hughes Kyle Williams Marcel Darius. And check losses and that's exciting I think you look at the corners with. Everything I've been hearing about previous white and it's just out of mini camp and remember you know. Who was Dionte Thompson or someone was like man he had a dozen and Louis media laws don't have yet a great many offseason superstars right so today this white was really a guy that stuck out during mini camp but it's it's tough because there are on pads. Check Lawson was and our guy stuck out during mini camp. But I think all of those players are. Also super excited to go back to the fourth three because I'd just feel a lot of the guys in the system had been there from the Jim Schwartz here is. They made the switch there was a ton of confusion and now we're going back to something that's it's more natural comfortable form. Jerry Hughes was pretty much proclaimed a Boston Indianapolis because they're playing a 34 system. The me most of bottlenecks in all they switched to a 34 after he had a great year and a 43 doubted because because bills. Yes and I'll tell you what I think may be. I guess an organization. Who stands to benefit the most from this upcoming football season. And I think it's the pac twelve conference in college football. You're talking about a conference that has potentially three or 41 round picks at the quarterback position in the pac twelve right now. Jake Browning for Washington Sam Darnell USC. The kid I think Faulk from Washington State and Josh Rosen from UCLA. It right there wrap they have four quarterbacks in one conference. And you're talking about maybe a handful maybe 56 teams in the NFL whose teams are just gonna be terrible the jets broke is that the one that comes with me you're talking but the biggest market. And probably pro sports in New York City is going to be paying attention to the USC games to all of these late night pac twelve games. The pac twelve network is gonna be booming this year because there's gonna be people that are paying attention to where these quarterbacks are Howard they developing his job ledger said this morning Arctic was it a that was a subordinate with this afternoon well John it's very he was with sale and John was talking about how. Each of these guys an even moving out just the pac twelve with all the records baker mayfield guys who are we have shown things in their due to the beginning of their career. That would suggest you they've got pro potential. But need to take that step this year Joshua Allen from Wyoming another guy people are gonna watch while in football this year like only might have the most to gain some seriously it's like poking football's going to be a thing it's gonna be a thing and while it's gonna get put on ESPN. They're gonna give all this prime time looks and. I think college football I mean. I'm a big fan a couple I watched it up every seat this is that this is a year. Maybe this figure to hitch your wagon to one quarterback that you may be. Like because of the jerseys they Wear something stupid. Ought to say I like something. Fingers feet something something you know silly that you be like I like this team because I like their mascot and their cheerleaders are cute. Well that's yet that that's probably more like Browning to me. Is maybe the most interesting quarterback because he's not huge. However he is the most prolific high school quarterback. Okay he threw like ninety something touch on the senior has like 400. Career touchdown passes in high school now ethically I think it's it's. Look it up. Last and last year Browning came on the scene taking washing into a playoff spot. You know and you didn't get trashed by album. So it's a no other way to see a dialing Jake running see if you can make that next step up and B are you looking it up. Yeah I am in school and force his way into a conversation that doesn't have his name into it right now yet in it just. It just seems like college football this year to me especially for the bills if you're talking about being a bills fan obviously you want to look forward of the season and a lot when I was on my way in listening to show talk a little bit about today a little bit about what other crazy. I mean it's it's not quite deep the 400 number that you put on it about all of me also calculate the amount of rushing touchdowns that he had so yet told all. Aden in high school fruity hair. On the grounds. Math. 242. Touchdowns in three years. His senior year he threw 91 touchdowns junior year 75. His sophomore year 63. And he was playing in California which is. Pretty good football prison. He pretty tee ball and football if you're suck in 91 touchdowns yet port at some point no. Are you kidding me that plus a does that count up campus and eat it counts I mean state playoffs too I'm sure you know what those games count it's not like eight games he threw that in my I don't like in those regular season games it's probably 77 to twelve all right and touchdown do you get more. I will say one thing about his growth in high school as high school quarterback. His first two years sixteen plus interceptions his last year seven. Better decision making 91 touchdowns and then you look at his freshman year at Washington he really kind of came on eighteen and last year obviously just. Lights out really all year long until they played ban on heed to struggled I mean obviously spam but that's yeah that's the test. When he's packed upward this year the pac twelve is going to be extremely competitive. You've got 45 teams as I mentioned with great quarterbacks boxers gonna be one or two other teams Oregon all have something to say about it. Or against state some of these other good you taught these good pack of schools that don't have a super woman Quebec right now. Are gonna be a yet to talk about I think too I'm John ledger said it too is Mason Rudolph are on the way back Oklahoma State am up 65. A really nice pocket passer so this year's quarterbacks I'd say air probably seven to ten quarterbacks deep relook at lecherous three. And then it was that NN in this year three or four. And this year it's a different story so you've got. Things because here's a thing to build a two for tropics. Ride they could potentially get the top quarterback. They might at the third best quarterback well here's my thing about that is because there's already bad these rumors coming out that science and Arnold is stay in school which at my age I think he should. Because it's a ged classes that's why each other is just I think it's because he's a little I listen he's a freshman last year. Yeah I think he's a redshirt freshman but either way he's still very very young. He kind of came on the scene who knows if he's even taking a step forward this year like I think it's really just. Quick to assume he's going to be the best quarterback in the nation. After it's eight good games last year like he still has a lot of growing up to do I could be. I'd be fine with him staying another two years accurate USC OK like it's not like you're at UV you're here at a school where your. You know it's a small type of Wyoming. That you're trying to leave right away your annuity money out of southern cal playing for the trojans in the coliseum. Beautiful college girls pick out I couldn't wait a year yeah I millions yet instead maybe not I go to the tax policy is. You're the big deal you are. See that's like being and I had a full team just back in eight except that he's a 888. Sure life. I mean. If he comes out and he's like the number one pick in the draft is going to be you know tons of millions of dollars. I think I think you can have plenty of and for lowest rate in. He got planning a beautiful women around you if you tens of millions of dollars and you're the number one cornerback drafted in the. Sure leaking well short but what if you're and listen this you look at guys like. Matt Barkley OK perfect example. He was considered the top quarterback his junior year. And said you know what I think it is they see it's pretty good out here but I'll bet I know what a fifth. And yet the odd that I host the Connecticut where true look at totally back fire or you get into law. It can begin to look where he was the top rated quarterback he went back to school head almost won a national championship one I did not. Know he always came in second. And ends up. Developing an extra year in gets put into I think. As such we tree was going to the playoffs every year instead of going to. The worst possible team which to meet right now at your quarterback. Your player your trust that we from the jets' third disaster. Yeah I'm not I'm not trying to get anywhere near the Johnson we'll all talk about them coming up after the break because they're they're still. Interesting and I think they're gonna be though that Mike was talking earlier about are we going to be jealous of the jets in May be just because. And I think this is the point he was trying to make this kind of arguing with them just for the sake of argument thoughts. It's going to be interesting for that to be looking at all the quarterbacks looking at what other teams are doing looking at all of these different things. But the judge I just think of they don't have the right formula a look at the formula the browns outbursts at the jets and we'll talk more about that after the break. They carry gates dare Kremer trying to into football mode here so I got you know. Big time football guy need Kyrie definition football guy here so we affable guy in. Derek is he's he's he's switched I'm a balanced guy who dare to switch it up 30551888552. By fifty if you Colin. And tell us your most excited about the upcoming football season this is my captains are WG. With a more. I'm concerned about accuracy. On a big scale on I think the only at all levels. I like a lot of things about and I loved his arm of lives as a lead to quit he had the ability to do things with his legs and other people just can't do. But right now accuracy and his guys who would would definitely get me concerns about his game. That's everybody at WG spry and John larger. Image Tyler Dolan wolf. Every once frontier. Come on with everyone and their cool with everyone they. I'm trip and your trip and an accurate look at it I just put it on my snap Kelly child like you'll prior. You're not weary shouldn't follow. And yeah I don't wrong. Nobody trio. Anyways. What did people my step Kennedy grace with is this video of Brian wearing two pairs of sunglasses one above one way i.'s actual lies in the one above them. So what a makes them appear as though he's potentially you eat half past four eyes yeah hand. It's it's slow trip you look at and then and I don't know I just you know it's it's too. Yet you are tricked us. Speak I don't I don't see why they got a diet it's so it's messing you up so I bet they are and how much I pay him today and her over I got home from work today. In my roomy works every Thursday at at a local watering at all. And sometimes he works Wednesday's like every other Wednesday or so Wednesday to. So he came home former today's a cop marked double Mike let's Wednesday's your work and that you know that double and it's like. Today it's. Thursday. Dude that's the the holidays the mid eighty S today is it messed me up I think I mean. And a petition I haven't been petitioning that's that's a lie I haven't done anything I've said here you're mentally petitioning yeah I'm just gonna complain about it but. I was gonna complain about it Tuesday holidays. Give Monday are you kidding me make it Monday Tuesday. What's what's the point well let's go let's all go to work I mean I feel like a lot of companies and their liking what. People are gonna come to work on Monday and not really give it they're their best effort and they realize that we're just like you know what. Let's just take a company holiday. Alan on Monday yes instead of a national holiday was making a company holiday because we know people are just gonna come and and just you know alternate and how to jazz and remain go through promotions did that taping for you right that you added that that man enough Monday. And ammo on sir yes yes I did I had Monday off I slept dole. About 1030 which for me is like. Damn near impossible well also had worked off hours to us as the guys that were twelve hours on Tuesday and I'm tempted to lower your Mike and went three worked on the and the holiday to. I was emanating really yeah wasn't donating relief fund except for. Drinking and enjoying the company of friends. And celebrating did. Independence of my country he's he did not buy that that mid Tuesday out all the Tuesday know what. Monday it was an all out Monday Tuesday that's on Thursday. Thursday Friday office on Wednesday okay. Okay awkward it's like it is your does your boss like you it is awkward because if your boss likes you re gonna give me those two days off what you think my boss likes me I. You'll Moscow lie I was talking about this with a coworker of mine today. Do you think it would have been nicer of your employer to give you off Monday. Or form Wednesday pool because think about this way like if you told me I can't Wednesday off putting at a comment Monday I think I might have gone in on Monday. No I think you the extended weekend it is nice exit advocate but. Then you come back it's Thursday you've got two days of work the rest of that week end you have to worry like you. My web every Tuesday night like the fourth of July like I had a digs at 6 o'clock. Obviously to get home and just kind of settle land and I've got to worry about any lightening holes are right on discredit Sean I must player works on my television. That's weird. So as we hear so you're saying. That wins there argued that data reach out of bad out the beach told. Unlimited. I would as I would have left a slap to the beach until Wednesday morning right and I could walk up at like 7 or 8 o'clock on Wednesday morning. Super hung over go walk somewhere to find the find my car which by the way when we come back I should probably tell you. An unfortunate event that happened to me this week in involving mover that now own gas gas and end it they had a tough first weekend in my opinion. And I'd like I'd like to go into a little bit about how they belong to me well. As I say no way to the Wednesday idea. So you're saying now it's because it's still the same problem the company's gonna view at the same way like okay now we're gonna meet people come in on Monday they're gonna have two days off there's no work done that entire week in that case yeah. What you what you think you get more work done. I and Monday no you what I insert on ones they know it should two days off and come in for one day and then have another two days off not to network. But don't you may know it is full days maybe. Maybe just scrapped the week. Because that's what a lot. I mean I'm in sales my other job and I'm like Colin talk to nobody ever went on vacation everyone to do a public what is my point Reza just give it my salary and send me home. That's what I said but they're like now he got to push the ball in nature starts running people still need a lot of ESPN radio like they have people who are but I think. It probably similar sup is recorded like and like the middle portion of the day but. Like some of their late night stuff on public. That's Sox. All you mean the the overnight show yeah like the only guy just has him rated yeah yeah that is that's tough and that's like that's like your. Easy class Jersey class celebrities too like. Kirk Morrison. Yet Kirk Morrison is on he's on overnights. He's and yeah. Mr. Geary was in his late twenties I'd say that and still junior in 19781000. His seventh grade health class yes see I I. So your. Yes he is related he is an uncle. Some sort yes I don't he's not an immediate family member of mine but he is indeed in the family tree. I figured as much out of somebody's told me about this too I figured it couldn't be someone that was like our age because I and went to that point I'm like don't know that's not. That's not anybody I'm related to and then when he said in 1978 I was like yep that's them. All right but you're related hit a 30550 are clearly giving you all pumped up for the football season there talking about. How we should have more days off it's the nightcap on WGR.