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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Friday, July 7th

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Nightcap with Ryan geeks it's. Yeah Brendan Morrison that doesn't you don't quite always have that number to one ultimate oversight concerns Fleischer doesn't play several time and why does titled us. Circles are more flights and you've got okay well he's gonna he's gonna feel great and there are seat placement plays more than waiting for them but there's also nice in the last two months. Guys we're gonna chalk on I really played it Saint Louis targeted date water related sailors who played on the wing cycle played senator empire played right. We'll play and single points out okay looks like there. Let us move past that nothing wrong with Carey Price left lettuce and many degrade him all the hockey's very technically sound and the big body presence on all of us. Cool if you think about it now Jose Theodore crystal ball you would be created that can get home. They have got dobbs and inside is an unrestricted free to come out of Brown University this is not fit. From what truck they have so many other. You've brought. Tonight and had no. I met surging convention at all. On WGR. Sports Radio 550. Some nice it highlights. From Pierre McGuire. Highlights of Pierre McGuire there but do you together by my geo. Kerry priceless benefit for the Canadians yeah he's a treasure. Though. That's it's definitely an. Called takes exposed. Carey Price not fit to send rich school contract of all time. If real 551888550. To five feet deep breathe and David's tackle. Haven't heard that name and so on forgot about David's tackle. It was maple leaf there for a little while filling their super excited for David's tackle to. Those are like those Alex Steen met staging days I think. Mcgetrick off nick can't propel those guys. Yeah that's one but it's time to be alive our. Davey forgot about David's tackle and then you you remembered them. So the Astros. My Astros and in Toronto. They've about had enough there probably won't because I only see. But George springer tonight so the third inning. Single double. Home run. Only needs. The triple he's only got one on the season though so I wouldn't expect. It happened yeah it's not a baseball guy but every time I'm looking at score if you are accurate and tanner morons. All the time. It before last night I. I think the previous two games. Sixteen in nineteen heads in each of the games. Which is just absurd. I mean the amount of hitting that the Astros have been doing this season. Is it's crazy and burglaries and I'd actually like coliseum in maybe. I haven't I haven't taken a good look at the schedule bought us talk with some roommates who. Unfortunately day he was down he lived down state now this with me. But he doesn't have a passport or an enhanced license he he's unable to make the trip so an hour considering. Possibly. Cleveland or Pittsburgh. But men Toronto is awesome and it's afternoon games which is nice though. Arnold could still be some pin on my agenda to Obama camp by the way is starting tomorrow and Joseph don't worry you'll have plenty of time pre game four tomorrow. 'cause it's not that Tony and that's Sunday starts 10 AM on Sunday session 11030. Session starts on Monday tomorrow. 2 PM plenty of time perfect plenty of time to get doll. Tailgate for the development camp got tailgate for development camp. Got a tailgate for development camp that's right here that's what Joseph tells me the development campus always you know. It's just in buffalo I feel it's. More. Importance. Very it's exactly more prevalent than in other in other cities and it's just goes show how crazy. The buffalo market is about hockey because you look at some. I really I look at the names on the roster of her development camp. Galapagos secretly this this development camp. Got asked point Bailey Baptiste. Fashioning. Kerrobert Jack comes to us that when I don't I don't skip over rob Vesely clocked off our o'clock o'clock jobs that are darling yeah he has taught and darling he's a fan favorites. Really. It was a it was. He was loved last year during this camp so he's I'm sure he'll be back to to do march on the long. Not even having them leave home to go to a development camp just gets you know and drive to development camp that sits. Casey middle Staten you Lander. Cliff proved. CJ Smith. Merry go at such a nice group of forwards don't keep an ion. At development camp probably the last development camp for both Bailey Baptiste. I would think bashing to this would be his last development camp. Dashing out here yet and it goes home. Barely read. You look at indeed defenseman bore again. That's pretty it's nice nice got to keep an eye on Casey FitzGerald Anthony fourteen old Cooley. Austin and I may Penske he's the he's a local guy. About it Stevenson and Jonas Johnson. And broke a tackle Lou Canon are the guys that are going to be enough. Or optical equipment. Man pastors creepy. Readiness creek. Mine got. All right so early development camp coming up he'll be able to go to all those for free. It and I feel like looking for what to expect our development camp I am last year for the first time. Harbor son really was just in to go on down to check out harbor signer. I take a look at the scene of what was going on down in development camp. And you're gonna see guys skating around with parachutes. PSE guys tied up the bungee cords. You know skating off the wall. We'll do some like obstacle course is wet. Pox flipping over those little bar things in stuff like that but maybe a rerun their. I assume is gonna be a lot of the same stuff but it will probably be at least a little differently run because Phil Housley is coach now like bring it up maybe hopefully. And there's no there's no better Rimage this year which kind of states that skating with a bungee cord may be there being chased by polar mayors or something. They got a scare away from they'd just have you know like Balanchine and they just put the ball and chain around them instead of doing the parachutes it's the heavy ball that drags on the ice. What does it be charter college Sheen or repair issue. Parachute hire you yet because. Makes more of a it's it's like you can you could yet you're doing it drifted back. Yeah well all feel the weight. It's restrictive. Where you could just if you want to get on the step ball change the momentum actually might carry you'd. The speedway you'll be hard to stop I feel it would definitely be our stock has got to watch out for that apology come behind you and taken turns. That's not happening is that things gonna whip Rollins. Might just whip you around with its parachutes probably four or should sound a little safer yet guided parachute definitely sounds safer there is no. Doubt about that. If Rio 55188552. Front and he joked yet Donna I'm excited for bill okay I mean this this year it. Feel like I know almost every one on the roster even like the lesser guys like Eric Cornell sector OPEC and oil and Connor earlier philly's been floating around forever. And I mean. Venus and Weis back at your brain talk about a lot defenseman. Not a lot there. Past those big names you name him about the Stevens is a guy that I've seen this look pretty well up there but. I would suggest people it's good hockey you don't especially if three and three turn written down again giro exciting I'm I'm. All for that three are returning and I'm definitely gonna go down there and check it out just because I wanna see the wave that day. Divide things up Casey middle stat I don't think we sent his name he's gonna be there obviously the eighth overall pick going to be able to get your first. Look at him. And the French connection tournament where they split into three and three teams 915 to 1215. On Tuesday so you'll be able to go check that out everything is free and open to the public. All right we are going to shift gears a little bit here from development camp to get back in the conversation. With Mike Kelly my tally with Jeremy White Jeremy here Z isn't goes into his latest obsession you know Jeremy how we get sometimes. We'll see he puts his mind on something sometimes you just can't get away from it and right now is his latest obsession. Is offer sheets so here he is talking with Mike Kelly about offer sheets in the NHL. Mike Kelly joining us here on now the AT&T hotline one last question approached by appreciate all the time I've I've got to ask you that your opinion of them might. My obsession. I'm obsessed with the lack of offer sheets. And as someone I was taught in dealt with the agency dealt players. Yeah I just see so many opportunities. To either give a player. For a a price that's worth it a first to second and third round pick for a great player or a good player is absolutely worth it. And I see. How does that just countless examples of teams that are led off the hook there in cap trouble and no one pushes them couture off with Tampa. Postured neck with with Boston you. And now we're bogged dries title in Edmonton. You have an opportunity either get a player that's really good or if you fail. Mean this is competition and I'm I know not the only one I'm sure that's the first thing you've ever heard it but. It is my till the die I do I think this league needs to open up offer sheets and GM's need to just start getting involved in part of what should beat the process of player movement. He I mean it it's illegal measure to take its rules so it is bought. The Mormon I think. And I think that there is some element of these kind of a taboo subject among among general managers to do that. About part I don't really understand I can't I can't speak to how much. All the part of it is but. I think that that is certainly an element the other thing to meet UN and I think if you do a lot of times just to look at a guy to offer sheet she discovered she backed. Yeah how you determine first of all there's value. So if if you're talking about a player who's the star player and it is going to command a salary north of nod and a half million dollars. Be yours you're giving up 41 round pick. And yet you don't subsequent years so number one yeah apple Apple's 41 round pick in the four years. Which not all seen you. Number two if your aid. You know kind of audit team in the NHL that the look for that help. You have to assess whether or not your next first round pick the the next season is going to be potentially a pop. Number one picker pop reject. You know it Oilers offer sheet Iowa you're you don't have your first overall pick. Are your bigger your first round pick innuendo that scenario to drop ago economy David Pallet that helped write rights well all the things to be aware of and also make sure that you get value right if you give up for for a picture if you give up. You immediately on direct quote an example and you are rare case where I honestly think it offers she would be absolutely the right thing to do. Right because you can if you could offer less than that I think it's nine point eight for four firsts. You could offer. Eight and a half. And Edmonton they they say they'll match anything and to me it's like being at a poker table on the guy says I'm calling no matter what you put in like our grade fine and I'm gonna put CNN. Yeah. Exactly and I think there is that element of respect to most general managers they don't offer sheet just. Q do it and screw got up with the salary caps because they can come back dude you write so it. If you're legitimately. Player and I think price so the guy actually would do it. And the reason is. The biggest issue with the right negotiation and Edmonton. Is it was I should say in things may have changed what negated by and his is contract but. When when the thirteen to fourteen million dollars a year its been around you Buford drive title camp with the app. It was down saying okay you know we see this as and McCain and gave the Balkan Crosby type scenario where you two superstars. But nobody gonna question David is the greater player but you have to superstars in the game I believe that. And and they deserve to be paid within a certain within certain parameters so the issue for. Price settled it was what you're gonna get Carter thirteen to fourteen million you can't come back and they offer our guy. What you know 78 million dollars year. Is significant. Soul. There was an opportunity I believe become an at all or she leant right title and throw nine million all you have to give up 21 round pick 12 one. Third I believe. And and you you know I got to thank you oil as a quarterback anyway but now you put them in you put them and abiding you have an opportunity to you if you can get. A superstar player tried it in a sentiment is gonna get our veteran in the NHL. He can absolutely right away on his own and and you know some people look at what he did last year or play caller that. When he was not with David. It is even moving the pocket and and driving possession at a higher rate. So you know I think you'll end up being excellence that are about human absolutely capable of driving a lot except. I think it would. She what level now that negated agents. But four point five million average it's going to be really hard from behind drive vital issue. To get you know the nine million dollars that people were expecting different I was expecting him to get. A caller on over thirteen so and offer sheet now will certainly if you offers cheated. Struck level now nine million lot. Meteors are going are likely not going to side in the ideal world you'd. You you put pressure on the Connecticut or supportive of doing those kind of things and again you owed to determine the value in doing or your team or lose lose in the next. Out of it to begin with what we have the guys do work. I look I look at it seemed less thing relatives you like Vancouver are they gonna go to the bottom and decide to rebuild. Or debate and that to me their perfect. Candidate talked to offer sheet because if they don't get it. Well worst case scenario you know you take a team that is right there with few and you just kind of just workable little bit like put their cap Bob as high as high as you can. So Vancouver if you lose 21 round picks a second and third for dry so aren't you hoping that one of those firsts is as good as tries subtle and being in as being just as happy if one of them is to me. That that's the perfect scenario is Vancouver a team like that. Yeah all I mean African annular going to be on the work on. And it cannot I don't know I give. It hit there's an organization I wouldn't wanna be in the NHL that might be them where the paper where they are now and what in the pipeline. You may be that you beat top three for. It seems like they didn't read the writing on the wall like two years ago you concede that this is gonna go south and they kind of ignored it. Exactly and and I did actually you know. Publicly that they don't think they need a full rebuild and and if it but the writing wasn't one cannot stand but I would make Hoover for a few years. Cannot stand are Smart and and their passion like third they're right up there in terms of passions wit with Detroit autos in the Buffalo's. And they knew. They all do it and mail that what Barbara did you pared down this isn't going anywhere and it took the conduct of the team a couple extra years to figure that out. And other worse shape or so. You can't find guys quickly on dry cycle. You know in in free agency in and usually in traditional means you're you drop them you don't have. And offer cheating it is is one way to do it yet to make sure it is it the right situation. And I think we all the rare case where it is a 100% I would have done. Who the other two teams can I gas that is Detroit one of them. Yeah I don't like to dump Detroit too much into the playoffs by history years and it's gonna catch up with the you're gonna age out you've got SARS like that it's gonna you know I don't think they did anything necessarily wrong. But it's is right it's gonna happen you I would I would put Detroit high on the list of teams that. It's going to be a rough couple years. Yeah and what are not wannabe gets going forward. I would wanna be Vancouver in the next couple years there would wanna be Detroit again as did their Lidstrom lead and that you could mean at the nothing they did themselves but. All soul I would not want to be years old coyote. And not you know about 25 minute covers the. Right that's up but that's as an an ever green tweed is this an art Mike ideology guy's got to wait longer than you probably signed up for thank you so much had a great time and not would love to have you back some time. Organic like tonight. Mike Kelly. This guy does a lot. He's. Four times sports analytics guys that I've TS an NHL network meets TV. To solve little little snippet album he's on sports center on TS on. Blake is a guy that he's a working man I respect that and he had the you don't. The way the guy talks about the guy calculates its its findings. When he needs talking about analytic Syrians now the the offer sheets right there there's a guy that is. Really good at what he does. It 30551. Eat eat eat by fifty to 550. Is as. Restricted free agents offer sheet something that you think people will ever catch on as a something down lock out there that we all think is going to come in a few years. They'll be discussed maybe they just. How could ever get rid of restricted free agency because it brought allows teams. Like a buffalo may be. Blake. Arizona if you want Arizona to keep her property around for longer so I'll see that system going anywhere. I don't see going to be like the NBA where you have players get drafted in the end after their first contracts take off. I think VD NHL realizes that if that were the case in their league don't have a lot of issues with. A lot of teams. In in markets and they need to figure out to be sustainable product and a lot of these markets as opposed to. Just coming in and coming out in being lower on the totem pole which they are. They are lower on the totem pole than the NBA AB MLB. The and a foul. I mean the VM alas is rising costs gonna have like African thirty teens in a few years. Also latest tweet out this this pitcher. If you know what for excellence. Fossils like miniature soccer played indoors tiny little ball. Well there's apparently a game out there which is now he combination of that for us all ample room ball. Where players run around on the ice fall equipment. And the play fossil. Was just incredible. Uninterested. I wanna play. There's got to be the going to be probably interest them and bottles out of a big soccer following there's the BD ISL which is a huge soccer league you got to see what's under the epic center which has soccer leagues. All we need is done combined. Place with soccer and I think we can have ourselves and it's looking. I'm in search team star team will be. I don't know I think of the name for a little while. I can't come up with one immediately the high. We'll take it you're 305 if you want. 888550. To 515. Coming up we've got a UFC and WWV preview it's gonna start with Bryan as routes here it's going to be the last segment of the show. He's got rob Whitaker on with him who is going to be fighting for the interim middleweight title. At USC to thirteen this weekend is also apparently there's a paper view for a rustling. Yes the WWE. So stay tuned for that he's got your preview coming up in about twenty minutes or so. Tonight GAAP brigades Jody BR CW GR. That's great to get some it's our experience going into next year on marriage you're so off season. Alex chameleon here. Talking there at the end of the season when he made his short debut with the Buffalo Sabres. I know he'll be back we'll be back for development camp I remember watching him skated the Obama camp last year. He had the moments in. The game the scrimmage where he had super high school. But and that's. It's kinda just to guy out there who struggled a little bit with the struggling. Does this rate and skating and stuff like that and that's I'll be anxious to see if Casey metals that can really keep up. As well because it's. There really their first taste of what it's like to be in an NHL style practice they're gonna be with a bunch of players who are. Near that Maine equality in competition. But you're hoping and adds these two guys middle staff and the Lander especially. You look at each of all men they're both kind of similar in their stature 61. Middle stats a little how the year about twenty pounds heavier according to the roster. But. He knows that can pull it melts that was only a 180 pounds he'd do Paul. If that's possible job you view is only 180 pounds he could do at least one poll as to when he lost pounds. Maybe one. Maybe one he's not he's not paying an Alley five or six if you're ignorant one now and yet no no way but he's he's and you don't. Always mean you sure you wanted to start you'll pull up. But. You also want your you wanna have quick hands are you injured stick handler like he has so you don't wanna be like Brit Blake. Does does that fact that that means big biceps facts of the quick hands I feel like you can't a little victories you're moving your arms a lot. You don't want those big muscles idea how why else that I feel like every year this happens for re get a prospect the initial draft combine. The kid to a pull up like Sam bad it yet but yet. Like you don't notice when the playing they are on the body around. Yeah that's always been I think about doing a poll up and the necessary the reaction that again it's. Is pulled up really and an aged guy NHL's dial movement. Look at he could do the bat Jeter and I don't know how much of the benches at the combine. But I view that is at least a little bit more of NHL's. Dial movement because you're gonna have to cross checked people in the NH. It's just a fat. The your battle and from the not know what you do on your potion here across Jack and you get into the corners here shall be your push in across jacket and that's the cross check movement the bench press. So that one's a little more. What really need to now on the NHL prospects coming in squads indeed that's what I want now I want those. Thick tree trunk like blacks. I wanna see you play an up big numbers on the squat rack that's where I want SE it's the poll. What ever get to pull up hopefully you have these tree trunk flags that are preventing you from apple doesn't solve muscular and the U camp pull yourself up. Yes he did the most pull up to this year's draft. Market Davidson markets Davidson. Dodi newseum on Oka who. Niko here she future well that's why went first he hit. Bet that that's what they'll they'll poll numbers this strictly poll numbers are the reason mine Niko keeps your own life first overall well you like the bench results I'm looking at the top ten guys in and channel and even when the first round. The trust and you view the game. The game always goes in cycles. I think golf right after the lock out. Right after the block out the sabres had a team that was just whole east and I'll talk about the final six clearly the big board. The team that was poised to take advantage of the rule changes for a quicker speedier. Tight game that it necessarily have. These big guys they still you know Adam Mair in heaters my career even if you want on this to let guys who can play that style of game. But I think golf re air an on again off and Derek Roy in pomp and bill it was these smaller speedier guys. That. Came all the lock in really excel and nine. The cycle be the penalties being called us and ends. All of a sudden the the bigger guys started takeover you look at the Bruins of that era and it was always they wanted big guys who could be cue ball and score thirty Eagles. It was never do a lot. Tyler Sagan. They want and meanwhile Lucci each and that was a successful formula for awhile and I think we're trying to restore to see the trend back to the the speedier guys. And with that I think you look at the sabres. And not seeing that these guys are small they're still. I am wondering what the average height is the player in the NHL he looked it up for Joseph average right about where in the NHL. I'm assuming it's probably 601. I'd hazard a guy that's six foot 601 is probably. The average height you've got your your call liars with giant guys and small guys I'm just looking up and down this development camp roster by the lab and six point 625116. Foot 626. Foot 61616. Sports on the 661. I got it up by position. Wall OK let's hear goalies the average 620. Defenseman average is 62. Wingers 61 senators six foot and accidents happen each six and. 666 feet. Six feet and a half inch yeah. Geoff Johns are right I would assume that's. My my gas from the get go probably right around there. So they're not small guys IE I guess the average height of a male in the United States you know the average height of the male in the United States is Joseph. Yeah well if we have seen reports that is that 58 it's fighting the verdict it's five if that's what you are your average Joseph. On average on the short him or have we got average Joseph here the thousand dollar man averaged 2000 dollar into the opener nick. Average Joseph the thousand dollar man. Average Jody B CD and a thousand immediate progress I have a victory releasing what do you think position wise all four major sports which position as the smallest. Which position is the smallest of the four major sports any position for any of the sports I would DOS. Second base. Infielders in baseball is fourth smallest the smallest. Is defensive backs in the NFL. Others say defensive backs have to be up there because a lot of those. And mom uses data from if you can if you get 40152015. Because there's been on the trend of bigger defensive backs being drafted like you're you're six foot guys but for a long time. A defensive backs were the guys who just weren't essentially big enough to be receivers. And they were super athletic like five time 511 guys who could still make play on the ball. But weren't the guys are going to tower over you just rip went down over you where what solace to a three if you don't mind. First smallest yet bowl running backs which is the only other position it averages under six feet and then centers in hockey. Not biggest star Hollister signers India and and well or not in in the NBA and I offensive lineman. Her rouge forced. The top three year NBA co signers power forwards small forwards and offensive lineman in football. British summer's day the goal slightly just like right down in the middle there there are laid right on top of point guards in the NBA yeah so yeah I guess that makes sense to me. So if you look gets you look at these guys. There'll pretty average size of third their position group in the NHL. So we're not small guys but I think you look at middle Staten. I've only seen a few highlights and that's why I really wanna go down in and see what this kid really adds. Because you look at that and you see the highlights and some of these highlights are against high school age kids you're not really sure. What to make a bit that's how I've felt about all these highlights it's just see. You never can can really be sure. Yes he looks excellent and he played with such speed against these kids and it's Minnesota where the hockey products. And state hockey and high school hockey is it's huge. But then you've got other guys were playing against kids who have been training all year around their SharePoint eighty games a year. And it's it's just a different beats and guys have been playing against adults with 35 girls in the cage shelf so it's it's a different beast playing high school hockey. Verses. In well. Professionals across seas. Junior hockey. LB they'll be good to see on all close also development camp if you watch check that out starts tomorrow 2 PM 3:30 PM. As the first session second session 4 PM to 5:30 PM. Sessions on Sunday 10 AM to 1115. AM. QPM to 315. And then yen that you'll get filled in about Monday out of skew view those two coming up next though Brian mast rusty joins the program he's got a preview. Of the weekend in UFC and WWE that's coming up next on the nightcap. UF CQ thirteen. Tomorrow night which. That means Brian has announced he is here. And I'm still like in takeover because. He's got the guy he's he knows what he's doing his professional Brian as a husky take it. Our teach you know the deal when I come on the show I bring the good the guests because that's the only way he'll let me on the show pretty much so I didn't disappoint this time. Joining me. Is Robert Whitaker UFC to thirteen is tomorrow. And Robert Whitaker will be taking nine year old Ramiro for the interim middle weight. Belts so let's get right into it's time for the fight all weeklong you've been doing interviews things like that so what is worse for you. The grueling training camp that you go through or this past week doing interviews set hanging around and just kind of waiting for Saturday night. Speech blockade it's funny I actually enjoy this we to a certain extent because. Well Uggla started in it is no more break essentially any malicious. Cruising into the floor you know use them up Murray playing PDA game not try not to think about the fort until you know what state. They cut White Sox in but it's a small part. The you're coming off that amazing flight first Jack raid did you know going incidents. The you're going to kind of have an opportunity to really put this division totally on end. Are there wouldn't release some real thinking about there's more just wanted to bring the best out of myself and when we did in there just. Chronicle performance which. And united in doing that you know probably jeopardy and that it did the Chinese clothing when we certainly put. Put a lot of the division on notice. A lot of people were expressing surprise after that fight I'm guessing it was no surprise deal. It is here in America. Our note my potential and on rather turn a cushion soft McCain's friends in the out of turn. And you know he's. I didn't think that in any other fought side children that I could do anything list. Is the game plan for you much different. Going into this Saturday that it was for your last fights and does it vary too much from fight to fight or do you more focus on yourself. He. Focus more myself because he can't you can't worry about your apartment. You know what he comedies it's just too much stress and into what you think about this receipt from a Montgomerie he's so dynamic. And so at first call me people get anything. But a column in the fought their car company wanted to that I am more certain of the word got. The implementing mortgage plan portion eye on him and just in just one of them so. Not everyone says they can't look ahead to march but today have you been told for sure it all that then winner of this fight. Gets a shot it is being on that a unification fight though will happen or is sticking things still kind of up in the air. You know I like icons icons these names that are exit. Cities marked futures these are important to left to play. Because fuel treasure looted the caliber of autos. You'll narrowed the field and put it fires up our Antarctic. You know more properly. Kind of looking at what else is going on Saturday you've been on a car before headlined by Iran around seat. Now you're on a coward headlined by Amanda Nunez. Can you compare. Those two women and it kind of star power they bring to a cart. You know they're both very hard fought we've spoken amazing athlete. And a lot of people know what. You know you know become the person who do you do it right. Do you feel that. I guess faith is may be going your way on John Corey takes that fight against you year a hole to beat him. And moving to this position and then all of a sudden there's an injury pushes back. Co main events in this fight gets elevated it is fate may be on your side right now. I'm a bigger decisions with what vote united some auctions site and see what happens what what in my division took him. So and it it down at the Moammar. It's. You know I used could be ready that the nineteen big relief we can jump rope chain. They're Robert Whitaker thanks for joining us is he will be fighting you'll remain are for the interim middleweight title. Tomorrow UFC. To thirteen. It should be a hell of a fight especially if you. I'd I guess gather anything for his fight against jock or re worried it was a stunning. Knock outs absolutely fantastic fight. I mean no doubt we're gonna see as something just is great. Now altogether on Saturday night I'm really looking forward to it Sanders some other awesome fights. Still to come on Saturday you have of course the main event Nunez defending her belts against the Valentina. Shevchenko that'll be a form one to watch Mandy Nunez the last time we saw her in action absolutely demolished. Rhonda drowsy you have Fabricio over DOL sour over green two big names on that powered. Anthony pettis is fighting Saturdays so is Travis brown. I'm looking forward all of that still to come later this month you have what's probably going to be the biggest coward. Of the summer USC to fourteen the main event is Daniel Cormier who we just saw here in buffalo USC to ten. Defending. His belts against John Jones the Rochester native was bent out of action. For quite some time was last supposed to fight Ding you Cormier eight you have seat 204. That was waved off he was suspended. Just on suspension this week. And that fight will happen on July 29 the U of C. 214 also going down that night you have tyrant would leak against steamy in my head that's gonna be awesome cyborg is on their card. Robbie Lawler against cowboys are Roni which downed flight was supposed to happen Saturday night and add to be up pushed back because of an injury said to fourteen is going to be awesome too. It's big night of our big week and I should say. A fights Ryan. We have not only UFC. Coming your way tomorrow night but Sunday night Brock Lesnar. Samoa Joseph. For the WW we universal championship I am so looking forward to it I can't wait. For this match I mean it. Two big guys on paper. On and by paper I mean the poster it looks exactly like Brock Lesnar verso mark punts from your seat 200 button and that's not or looking at here. And Lesnar defending his belt. Most people would say he has no shots at dropping it to Samoa Joseph. I don't know I think there might be kind of a chance the build up has been so awesome. Even though still thing it's going to be a Roman rains Brock Lesnar yelled several Roman rains taking on brawn stroman in that ambulance match. It's going to be a really good show Sunday so I think I'm staying up late. Past my bedtime. For a bowl events this weekend should be fun. There's Brian as brows ski with your. Your preview of the big weekends of flight stuff. That's gonna do for us to. So I'm getting out here I'm enjoying my week and you catch me at sabres development camp you might be able to catch me at the Toronto Blue Jays Houston Astros game. Or you might be able to catch me on my couch. Because that's where I might just end up anyways. Right gates I'll be back on Monday and I kept WGR.