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NFL Draft Report

By Joe Buscaglia

WR Kendall Wright, Baylor

Kendall Wright, #1
5'10", 194 lbs., 22 years old
Pittsburg, Texas
2011: 108 receptions, 1663 yards, 14 TD
2010: 78 receptions, 952 yards, 7 TD
2009: 66 receptions, 740 yards, 4 TD
2008: 50 receptions, 649 yards, 5 TD


- Speed. His timed speed should be one of the best amongst wide receivers at the NFL Combine.
- He exhibits very good run after catch skills, breaking tackles and getting in to some open field where his speed can take over.
- Will eat you alive in a soft zone. His speed may mean NFL teams give him some space.
- Can be a gadget player as well. Can throw the ball, run reverses, etc.

- Size is below average. Can he be a true number one WR?
- A body-catcher. Rather than rising up to meet the ball at it's highest point with his hands, he'll jump to rope it in to his body.
- Gets alligator arms occasionally time. Sees a big hit coming and sells out by going after it without full intentions to make the play.

Special Notes:
- Turns 23 in November.
- Played QB in high school.
- 2007 high school Texas Class 3A state long jump and triple jump champion.

Projection: Mid-1st to early-2nd
- I see a lot to like about Kendall Wright. His statistics, speed and run after catch ability are through the roof. He'll need to prove his hands in Indianapolis and get away from the tendency of letting the ball getting in to his body. Not a true number-one target in my opinion. If he develops, he can be a dependable complimentary target.

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