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Yeah, I work in the media, still root for Buffalo sports teams to win, and make no apologies for it! Have a problem with that? Too bad.

Born and raised in WNY. Attended Syracuse University. I bleed orange, too.

I’m that guy who can tell you the last 30 Heisman Trophy winners and Super Bowl champs, but don’t know how to change the oil in my car. The world needs people like that……I hope!

Former high school football coach, track coach, teacher, bartender. Current husband, dog lover, drummer, golfer, craps player, radio & TV host and play-by-play announcer. Secret goal in life is to be the host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. But don’t tell anyone.


CAPACCIO: Bills Gameplan: How to Attack the Chiefs

There haven’t been many November games as big as this one for the Bills over the past 14 years.  The winner takes a huge step towards a playoff spot.  Sal Capaccio goes into the film room and inside the numbers to tell us how the Bills can attack the Chiefs.

CAPACCIO: Bills Gameplan: How to Attack the Jets

At 4-3 and the bye coming up next week, the Bills are in a position to get half-way to 10 wins at the midway point.  Sal Capaccio looks at the Jets film, numbers, and tendencies and tells us what the Bills can do to take advantage Sunday.  See inside.

CAPACCIO: Bills Gameplan: How to Attack the Vikings

After playing their first six games against teams with 21 combined wins, the Bills now enter a portion of their schedule they need to take advantage of.  After reviewing the film and numbers, Sal Capaccio tells us how he believes they can do that.......

CAPACCIO: Bills Gameplan: How to Attack the Patriots

The Patriots have been the gold-standard for over a decade in the AFC East.  We know what they’ve done to the Bills over that time period.  So, what can the Bills do Sunday to change that?  I looked over the film, particularly the Pats loss at

CAPACCIO: Bills Gameplan: How to Attack the Lions

How can the Bills attack the 3-1 Lions with the most success? Sal Capaccio looked at the tape and the numbers and put them together.  Go inside to see what he found.....

CAPACCIO: Bills Gameplan: How to Attack the Texans

How should the Bills attack the Houston Texans on both sides of the ball to give them the best chance to go 3-1?  Sal Capaccio looked at their film and the numbers and put it all together.  Take a look inside at what he found......

CAPACCIO: Bills Gameplan: How to Attack the Chargers

How should the Bills attack the Chargers on offense and defense to get to 3-0?  Sal Capaccio looks at the film and the numbers and breaks it all down inside.....

CAPACCIO: Bills Gameplan: How to Attack the Dolphins

Sal Capaccio looks over the film and stats and says how the Bills should attack the Dolphins Sunday in Orchard Park.....

As Bills stay in WNY, so do family traditions and bonds

The sale of the Bills to the Pegulas, and keeping them in WNY, means much more than just a new owner.  As Sal Capaccio explains, it means family bonds and traditions can continue for generations to come......

Capaccio's Crystal Ball: 2014 NFL Predictions

What would the start of the NFL season be without predictions?  About as boring as it would be without you telling me how crazy I am. Come inside to read them, and of course, make your own......
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