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Sabres Go With Lemieux To Start Round 2

Sabres Get Their Sam: Reinhart Goes #2 Overall

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Murray on the Lottery

Sabres Murray talks new Draft Lottery


Will the Sabres' No. 1 pick play in Buffalo this year?

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What should the NFL do about the Bills-Jets game?
  Do everything possible to play it Sunday
  Move it to Monday
  Move it to Tuesday
  Move it to Toronto or Syracuse
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Thursday Night NFL : Chiefs at Raiders

Thursday, November 20th

Sabres vs Rangers

Friday, November 21st

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Bills vs Jets

Sunday, November 23rd

Sunday Night NFL: Cowboys at Giants

Sunday, November 23rd

Monday Night NFL : Ravens at Saints

Monday November 24th
Fred Jackson

Bills' Jackson expects to play, will be at full capacity

The Buffalo Bills are in the midst of a crucial stretch of their season. As long as all goes well at practice this coming week, they'll be getting back one of their best players for Sunday's game against the New York Jets. Details inside!
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