Perfect Weekend

Lottery, draft, fun!

The West is now set in the NHL Playoffs

The Nashville Predators had never played a Game 7 and now they’re 1-0 as they walked into Anaheim to take a 2-1 win.

What teams ahead of the Bills can play spoiler to the player you want?

Be on the lookout for these teams to steal the player you want

How the draft lottery could change Buffalo's offseason plans

Who says this year's lottery isn't big for Buffalo?
Draft Plan

Free advice for the Bills brain trust

I finally have my plan of attack for the Buffalo Bills and the first round of the NFL draft.  Click here to check it out and then react as you see fit.
Itts your last chance to vote. Tonight, the Bills should draft a:
  defensive line
  defensive back
  offensive tackle
  wide receiver
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