JW - Seven Days in Spring

A Thursday night hockey game between the Sabres and Coyotes feels like a game that could change the fate of a franchise.  It could be more than that though.  Jeremy White looks into how the next four games could swing the fates of these two teams, and the NHL itself.

Sabres get two back with Hackett in goal

Pat Kaleta will be back in the lineup tonight after missing 18 games getting a bone chip removed from his knee.

Arizona Coyotes Broadcaster Nick Boynton In Police Custody

Arizona Coyotes broadcaster Nick Boynton is now in police custody following an overnight incident at the downtown Buffalo casino.  Charges are now being finalized against the former NHL defenseman.  Alcohol was allegedly involved in the incident.

Boynton played 605 games in the NHL with stops in Boston, Pheonix, Florida, Anaheim, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

The Buffalo Sabres
By the #'s

Sabres and Coyotes numbers are ugly

Befitting teams that are 29th and 30th in the NHL standings, the Arizona Coyotes and Buffalo Sabres have put up some horrible numbers this season.


Could Babcock be interested in the Sabres?


The Red Wings' coach is a free agent after this season....
What will happen tonight?
  Sabres win in regulation
  Coyotes win in regulation
  Sabres win in OT or shootout
  Coyotes win in OT or shootout
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