Draft Watch

Draft names to watch: HB Josh Robinson

The Buffalo Bills still need to make a decision on C.J. Spiller, but if they decline to re-sign him, they'll be in the market for a new running back. Want a later round name that could be just what Rex Ryan and Greg Roman are looking for? Head inside for the scoop on Mississippi State runner Josh Robinson!

Sabres' Ennis enjoys coming home

When the Sabres play in Edmonton tonight most of the hockey world is focusing on two teams that are two points apart, fighting for the right to finish last and draft Connor McDavid.
Murray speaks

Murray talks draft, trade deadline and more

On Thursday afternoon, Buffalo Sabres general manager Tim Murray spoke with Mike Schopp and the Bulldog regarding the current status of the team and what the upcoming future holds for the team. Click here for more!
Hockey Heaven

Sabres making Buffalo a hockey destination

Some big hockey events could be making their way to Buffalo in the next few years.  Click here to find out more.

Fewer games

Would fewer games make for a better product?

As I was watching the Sabres play the Flames I really enjoyed the game. It was nice to watch pure hockey, the players were fast, there was jump from the break and there were plenty of scoring chances, but would we see a better game with 10 fewer games?