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2007 Brawl

10 years later...

February 22, 2007 was one of the most memorable nights in recent Sabres history. 10 years later, the memories live on.

Simon: Should the Sabres deal Evander Kane?

Evander Kane's value is as high as its been with the Sabres. What should the team do about it?

Lambert: Bailey's game growing at NHL level

Amerks head coach Dan Lambert joined Howard Simon on The Instigators on Monday. Here what he had to say about some of Buffalo's prospects in the AHL:

Simon: NHL gets it wrong...again!

I'd like to congratulate the NHL on its consistency.

Bylsma: We have to let Jack be Jack

Hear what Dan Bylsma had to say when he joined Howard and Jeremy this morning on WGR.

A pox on the Falcons house

I hope the Atlanta Falcons NEVER win another game!

Stick a fork in replay reviews and challenges

Its time for professional and college sports to step back in time.   We need to return to the days when instant replay was for just for viewers at home and not used to correct officiating errors.  I don’t mean to sound like a 54 year old g

You can take your Patriot Way and...you know what!

I can’t take two weeks of this.  Two weeks of “The Patriot Way”. 

Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback

Now that's what great quarterbacking looks like.

Rapoport: McCoy 'biggest domino to fall'

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport joined Howard and Jeremy this morning on WGR. Hear what he had to say:

Sabres aren't good for my sanity

"Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in".

Bills take page out of the politics handbook

I decided to go on twitter after the Doug Whaley press conference to read reactions from my colleagues in the media as well as Bills fans.  I’d say there were a variety of reactions which included, anger, despair, depression, frustration, skept

What does this Bills win mean?

Good news Bills fans.  The unthinkable didn’t happen.  

Bills travel a familiar path

From the "haven't we seen this before?" department, I give you the 2016 Buffalo Bills. 

Back to the QB drawing board for the Bills

Its time for the Bills to crank up the old quarterback search machine.
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