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AFC Playoffs: What you need to know

Here is everything you need to know for this weekend as far as the Bills, playoff standings, tiebreaker rules and who to root for.

AFC playoff standings


Division Leaders

[y] Patriots

[y] Broncos

[y] Colts



Bills pull off a shocker


JW: All-22 Review - Playmaker Wanted

The Bills loss in Denver was the latest to highlight the fact that the Bills are lacking an elite play maker at quarterback.  From the 3rd-and-1 slide, to deep shots that they don't take, the Bills offense is crying out for a quarterback that will step up and make a play.  Check this week's All-22 to see what's missing, and also to debunk the NFL conspiracy theorists.

Sabres' Hodgson having season to forget

On a Buffalo Sabres team that struggles to produce on offense, Cody Hodgson's nightmarish season is making matters worse.

Bills back to square one at quarterback...again!

The Bills can now officially add "get a quarterback" to their list of things to do this off season.

AFC Playoff Race Primer

Here's some handy information to help you out on Sunday.  First, the current AFC standings and then the remaining schedules for the Bills and the rest of the teams fighting for a playoff spot as well as the combined won-loss record of those teams

What has gotten into the Sabres?

What in the name of winning hockey is going on with the Sabres?  How do you explain a team that was 3-13-2, winning 5 of its last 6 games?


Darry Talley's struggles hit Bills fans hard

If you were a fan of the Buffalo Bills in the late 1980's and into the 1990's, reading the story about the struggles of Darryl Talley hit you hard.  REALLY hard. 

Bills game turns on 3 straight plays

In the first half, the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns were putting their respective fan bases to sleep. But three consecutive plays in the third quarter sent the Ralph Wilson Stadium crowd into a frenzy and the Bills on to victory.

Bills offense needs to come alive

The Buffalo Bills offense has hit the skids at a most inopportune time.  Their inability to get into the end zone is the main reason why the Bills dropped back to back critical games and went from playoff contention to a team looking for a miracle. 

JW: All-22 Review - Bills/Chiefs

The Bills loss to the Chiefs will likely be remembered for fumbles and fourth downs.  This week's All-22 review from Jeremy White will showcase the Bills success in the run game, why the Bills should #PayJerryHughesMoney, and the misfires from Kyle Orton that played into the heartbreak.

Not again! Come on Bills!

You'd think we'd be able to handle games like this since we've had so much experience with them but they get more sickening every time the Bills find a creative way to lose a crucial contest.  

Bills top story lines

There are a number of interesting story lines that have emerged through the first half of the Buffalo Bills 2014 season but there's no question which story is at the top of the list.  

Bills get an important win

Sure there were some exasperating moments but I feel much better after the Bills win over the New York Jets than I did after the last second victory over Minnesota one week earlier. 
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