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Howard Simon's Blog
BIG $$$???

Should Bills show Gilmore the money?

It wasn’t too long ago the Buffalo Bills were criticized for letting too many of their best players leave via free agency.  Is it possible the opposite will now be an issue for the team? 

Its time for MLB to kill "the code"

Let me start by saying I’m an “old school guy”. But its time for Major League Baseball to grow up.

Bruce Smith gets a well a deserved honor from the Bills

BRUUUUCE!!!! Just say that and any Buffalo sports fan who was around for the 1980's and 1990's knows exactly who you're referring to.  

Was it a perfect draft?

Something weird happened over the weekend.  The Bills had a draft that left most of their fans happy. 

Free advice for the Bills brain trust

I finally have my plan of attack for the Buffalo Bills and the first round of the NFL draft.  Click here to check it out and then react as you see fit.

Are the Bills playing with fire regarding Tyrod Taylor?

I’m not the general manager of an NFL team but I play one on the radio.  If I were the GM of the Buffalo Bills, I’d be handling the Tyrod Taylor contract situation exactly the same way.   

Is Sabres season a success?

As we enter the final week of the NHL season, the standings say the Sabres are closer to last place overall than a playoff spot.  But is there anyone who doesn't think the season has been more of a success than failure?

Is Auston Matthews better than Jack Eichel?

Where would Auston Matthews have been slotted in last years NHL draft? Click here to find out the answer.

Hey NFL, its the catch rule!

NFL owners are discussing 19 different rules proposals this week but they aren't talking about the most important one.

What a day for UB basketball

Mark it down.  March 12, 2016.  Perhaps the greatest single day in the history of University at Buffalo sports.

A quiet prelude to what should be an active Sabres summer

Well, that was pretty boring.  

I'm worried for Scott Norwood

It must be pretty cool to be a professional athlete, right? Maybe not.  Just ask Scott Norwood.

My off season plan for the Bills

They haven’t asked me but if the Bills were wondering, here’s what they can do this off season to make me happy. Draft a quarterback and in the first round if you can.  Yes, despite the fact most of you would be happy to see the Bills use

Bills shouldn't follow the "Denver model"

Defense wins championships.  Its been a popular phrase amongst Bills fans since Sunday night. 

The NHL had a great weekend

The NHL does plenty of things that make us shake our collective heads but its time to give the league some credit.
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