Posted: Thursday, 25 April 2013 8:35AM

Want a trade down? Bills' best friends on Day 1

(WGR 550) -- Ask 100 fans of the Buffalo Bills, and I'm willing to bet a solid 80 of them would prefer the team to trade down from the eighth overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Here's the rub: you have to find a partner to tango with to make any of those moves possible, and for that team to be interested there has to be a hearty amount of incentive involved. When looking over the draft order, it's fair to analyze the five picks after the Bills and what their needs are.

From there, you look at other teams beyond that five-pick range, and see if there's a player they may very well covet. The five teams picking behind the Bills, for now, are the New York Jets (9), Tennessee Titans (10), San Diego Chargers (11), Miami Dolphins (12) and the New York Jets again (13).

If you want the Bills to move out of the eighth overall pick in the worst way, there are specific players that could be not only yours, but the team's best friends during the first round as well. Here's a handy guide to break it all down, grouped by players who play similar positions:

DE Ezekiel Ansah & LB Barkevious Mingo
- If the talented but raw pass rusher drops down to eighth overall, perhaps a team would look to the eight pick as much more attainable than if they were going for the top five. Ansah has the type of pure skills that teams drool over. With Mingo, he's been getting a lot of love in the final week leading up to the draft, and the New York Jets and head coach Rex Ryan are said to be "smitten" with the prospects of Mingo. If Ansah is off the board and Mingo is still there, perhaps a team could be willing to make the move necessary to keep him out of New York.
- 9 to 13, who might want them? - New York Jets (9,13), Tennessee (10), San Diego (11), Miami (12)
- Potential suitors that might be willing to trade up? Anyone that sees Ansah sliding, really. He's a unique talent that a team could justify trading for. The market for Mingo might be only a few teams with some like the Saints (15) not having the means to trade up with no second round pick.

CB Dee Milliner
- The top cornerback on the board for many teams, a team desperate for one might be willing to make a move to acquire the rights to this player. If he's there at eighth overall, he could generate a lot of interest.
- 9 to 13, who might want him? - Without Darrelle Revis, the New York Jets, the Tennessee Titans need one, so do the San Diego Chargers and the Miami Dolphins. He could be a hot ticket.
- Potential suitors that might be willing to trade up? Tennessee (10), San Diego (11), Cincinnati (21), Indianapolis (24), Denver (28), Atlanta (30), San Francisco (31)
WR Tavon Austin
- One of the most explosive players in the draft, there has been plenty of buzz surrounding Austin's name for that past month or so. He may even find himself in the top 10. He, along with Milliner, are one of the three players I believe are most likely to help induce a trade-out scenario for the Bills.
- 9 to 13, who might want him? New York Jets (9, 13), San Diego (11)
- Potential suitors that might be willing to trade up? St. Louis (16), Cincinnati (21), Minnesota (23), San Francisco (31)

Others that could garner interest if available:
G Chance Warmack, DT Star Lotulelei, DT Sharrif Floyd, G Jonathan Cooper, DT Sheldon Richardson, any of the offensive tackles who might fall (but are unlikely to).

So if you're a fan of the Bills, root for Ansah, Milliner and Austin to be there at eighth overall because it just might mean Buffalo can turn it in to more picks.

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