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The Bills drafted some guys

Nix likes Bills' draft, I think, and more

In this case, Buddy Nix speaks for me.
Plucking from the transcript the Bills sent out after the draft was over, I see Nix apparently was asked by a reporter how he felt about his draft. Buckle up.
"We felt like we stayed with the board," Nix begins by saying. But ... "Everybody says that. Everybody says they do not draft for need, but basically you do some. Everybody does some.
"We stayed with our grades and we think we filled a bunch of holes."
Then, the kicker:
"It remains to be seen if ... we feel good about it."
That's how I feel too.
I'd just like to point out that I didn't put those dots in there. I believe they're called ellipses. The Bills did. That means Nix did some more talking in there that the Bills decided wasn't worthy of sharing. I guess that's easy to believe when you think about how meaty the rest of the quote is.
Nix concluded by saying, "We think we got them at the right position and we think they are good players."
That's a relief.
Seems Nix got a question later about the Bills' drafting of defensive back Duke Williams. I don't know who that is but I see the words "issues with alcohol" in the question so I just Googled "Duke Williams beer". More on that in a minute.
Nix: "Duke was a younger guy. He had not had any sense. Most of it was like a lot of things, bad judgment." (That time I put the comma in.)
More Nix on Williams' "issues with alcohol": "I think one of them was underage possession of alcohol, beer. Anybody in here ever done that? (Laughs)".
Awesome. Uh, no, if you're asking me. I never was arrested for underage alcohol possession. I feel kinda bad now, like I missed something. Think of how much better a relationship I'd have with the Bills had I broken some laws.
"The last couple of years he has been a model citizen and a good player."
Reading from kolotv.com, an article dated Dec. 7, 2011: "Nevada's Duke Williams was arrested Tuesday night after being involved in a car accident. Williams hit another vehicle on the northbound transition to westbound I-80. He was cited for driving with an expired license, an expired registration and driving without insurance.
He was then arrested on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear. That stemmed from an unpaid traffic ticket."
Hilarious. Also? Not two years ago.
But seriously folks, who hasn't done all that?
Williams had been suspended three times by Nevada before this incident where he broke several laws at once.
Anyway, as usual the Bills like all the teams drafted a bunch of guys I've never seen before. Maybe it will work out. It usually doesn't but you never know.
You don't know it but I just stepped away for about 15 minutes. I came back and looked at the transcript again, trying to find one more interesting section. A few comments are so numbingly confusing that I don't know where to start.
I do see that Doug Marrone got a question about Ryan Nassib going to the Giants. This is a question I'd also like to know the answer to, how Marrone feels about his college quarterback slipping to the fourth round and going to a team with such an entrenched, excellent starter.
"I'm not going to lie, I'm very happy. I really am. ... I'm extremely happy. I'm not going to lie." (My dots this time.)

Some of these football people make The Bachelor sound like Churchill.
Marrone went on, "It's struggling and you go through it and it's (apostrophe added) human nature. We sit up here and we get in front of you guys. We say things and talk and you listen to things, but anyone that gets up here and says I don't listen to that or I don't have any feelings, in my opinion they're not telling the truth."
I'm glad we have a few months before the next game because I'll probably need that long to understand what he meant.

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