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Miller Lite Moments
Every day in sports, there is that moment we end up talking about, tweeting our friends about, or sending a text to our buddies about.
“Did you just see that !, “Can you believe what he just said! or “Wow, what a play!”
Now, every Friday at 8:45AM, Howard and Jeremy review all these great moments of the past week and select “ THE MILLER LITE MOMENT OF THE WEEK”.

Check out the winners so far.
Andrew's Superior Standouts
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Only Way to Beat the Odds

Only Way to Beat the Odds   What are the odds of making it to the NHL? Does anyone really have a concrete percentage of this statistic?   When talking about making it in professional sports we sure act like we know the percentage. I made it to t

Andrew Peters - Doing it all over again

Someone asked me the question the other day.. “would you do it all over again?” 

Not, "What would you do differently?", which every athlete, even the greats, must ask themselves at some point.

I myself don’t need to. I already know the answer to that.

Why I Still Feel Stamkos Will End Up in Toronto

I'm not convinced yet that Toronto won't swoop in and crush your hopes and dreams like a Thief in the Night.

Stamkos Deal Won't Be A Deal

Stamkos deal won’t be a deal.   Sniper says he wants to play Center, center of attention maybe .   Steven Stamkos is the Lebron James of the NHL right now. He could hold a one hour special on one of the major cable networks in Canada and a

Peters: Not just a playbook

A promise kept, Off Season commitments risen, Robert Woods pushes himself beyond football.


Sights Set of "D"

Sights Set on Defense
With the 2016 NHL Draft Lottery over and the Sabres set at 8th, I'd like to see the Sabres focus shift to “D”. 
After drafting Sam Reinhart (#2 2014) and Jack Eichel (#2 2015) back to back, a defenseman would be a great snag for Buffalo. Click the article headline for more!
If the Bills release Tyrod, would you be worried he'd be really good elsewhere?
  Yes. That's a big reason why I think they should keep him.
  No. I think we have seen his ceiling.
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