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Two Tickets to...Cleveland?

Not quite what Eddie Money had in mind is it?  For me and my oldest son though, Cleveland will be paradise on Saturday night.

Nationals at Indians is our trip this year and despite an injury to Bryce Harper and realizing we'll miss Stephen Strasburg by a day, we can't wait.

It's become kind of a thing for me now each spring.  As soon as the hockey season is over, usually mathematically, I start looking over the schedules of the teams nearby.  Having a trip booked is a good way to forget about the frustration that can come with the hockey season around here.

It's also a great way to remind myself what I love about all this in the first place.  I'm pretty sure when I was a kid that we didn't get to a ball game on every family trip, it just feels that way looking back on it now.  There were at least a few stops in Cincinnati while driving south.  I know we hit Fenway when I was a teenager and spent part of our two weeks in August exploring New England.  Those trips meant the world to me and couldn't have been super popular with my two sisters, but my dad made it happen.

Squeezing a ball game into the trip is something I've tried to do with just about every trip we've gone on.  Driving the 10 hours to or from Ocean City, Maryland?  Break it up with a stop in Baltimore and catch the Orioles.  We've done this so many times now I joke around that the O's have almost become our team.  Almost.

These trips to Baltimore, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Toronto get me by while I wonder if I'll ever get around to going back to Fenway.  One of the great appeals to these other parks is that tickets are available and affordable.  Good, sometimes even great seats priced anywhere for $25 to $50.  Priceline a hotel and you're off. Consecutive sell outs in Boston have ended and maybe at some point we'll give that a whirl but not this year.

For now, I'm content with hitting the road to Cleveland. Owen will turn me on to some more Jack White, his current favorite, and maybe I'll teach him a thing or two about The Replacements.

Dinner at the ballpark never sounded better.