Schopp: Drama building on Taylor's future

The Tyrod Taylor Saga continues -- if one exists.

Simon: Should the Sabres deal Evander Kane?

Evander Kane's value is as high as its been with the Sabres. What should the team do about it?

Simon: NHL gets it wrong...again!

I'd like to congratulate the NHL on its consistency.

A pox on the Falcons house

I hope the Atlanta Falcons NEVER win another game!

Stick a fork in replay reviews and challenges

Its time for professional and college sports to step back in time.   We need to return to the days when instant replay was for just for viewers at home and not used to correct officiating errors.  I don’t mean to sound like a 54 year old g
If the Bills release Tyrod, would you be worried he'd be really good elsewhere?
  Yes. That's a big reason why I think they should keep him.
  No. I think we have seen his ceiling.
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