JW: Gauging TT

JW: The Gauge Game

In fourteen games last year, Tyrod Taylor set his bar.  Fourteen games remain this year and should have to go above and beyond that bar to get a third season.


Bills make predictable move

For those of you who think coaches can become predictable, so can organizations. 

COME ON, Tyrod Taylor

You saw the game, and now you've seen the play. The Bills' first offensive play of the 2016 season has a chance to define it. Read more here:

Bills go right to life sucking mode in 1st game

So much for all of those good feelings I had about the offense.  
Henderson Suspension

Seantrel Henderson: Why the NFL Needs to get this right

The issue isn’t the NFL’s antiquated stance on marijuana and its place in professional sports, rather, it’s their negligence in offering little to no concern about their candy like distribution of uber-addictive opiates such as Vicodin and oxycodone.