The NHL had a great weekend

The NHL does plenty of things that make us shake our collective heads but its time to give the league some credit.
JW: $$$$$$$

JW: Playing the Game

Bills GM Doug Whaley says that the Bills are open to the idea of a contract extension with Tyrod Taylor.  Is Tyrod open to one?  Should he be?  WGR's Jeremy White runs down the five factors that could play into this game, from holdout, to 1st round QB.

Trading may now commence!

Next up for Sabres: Deadline Day

The playoffs are a near-impossibility, and they weren't this year's mission anyway.No one is talking "tank", which became the buzzword for selling off older players and those on expiring contracts for youth and draft picks, something many teams like the Sabres have done and all teams like them should have. As a state of mind tanking is off the table, but if that's your word

Free advice for the NFL

As we prepare for the penultimate day of football in the 2015 NFL season, I’m wondering again how many times I will think to myself “why doesn’t the NFL just follow the lead of college football?” 
Yes, the Bills' playoff drought has lasted this long.

A season's worth of futile finales

WARNING: This article is long, because it should be.


Sixteen years, no playoffs. Bills fans know it well. Some might wear it as a tattoo, like a badge of honor, if it didn't need changing every year.

The scar of the playoff drought looks uglier if you add that only once all these years (2004) have the Bills made it to their final regular-season game