Mock Draft

Buscaglia: NFL Mock Draft #1

As the NFL offseason starts to shift into its next gear, the rumors circulating around the 2015 NFL Draft are only just beginning. WGR's Joe Buscaglia brings you the first of many mock drafts as we lead up to the first round in April. Who does he have the Bills taking? Head inside for both the second AND third round picks!
Tim Murray may have another big decision to make.

Should Murray be willing to 'go downstairs'?

Twenty-two Sabres games to go and the quest for last place and Captain Generational McEichel is far from over. The gap was eight points but now it's five and Edmonton and Arizona still can't (won't?) pull away. The NHL trade deadline is in six days, a last chance of sorts for teams to spin off expiring veterans for future maybes.

Meanwhile, over here, the debate about the

My stress level is rising

Last week I did something I never thought I'd do.

JW: Sabres

JW: Roster Building

The Sabres sit in 30th place, 26 games away from selecting one of the most highly touted players in franchise history.  It’s not the last piece of the puzzle, and it’s by no means the first. General Manager Tim Murray showed a bit of his plan last week, and the rest should come together quickly.

There are reasons for Myers fast start in Winnipeg

Tyler Myers is off to a fast start in Winnipeg for one big reason. He’s not expected to be the number one defenseman.