JW: 3-2-1

JW: The 3-2-1

Three points, one column.

I try to come up with a sports rule idea worse than Justin Tucker's, toss some thoughts on Jack Eichel's return, and give five candidates to land Tony Romo.

Bills season so far perfectly predictable

The preseason win total was eight. Last year's win total was eight. Had New England not pulled Tom Brady to rest him for its upcoming playoff run, the 2014 Buffalo Bills' win total probably would have been eight. This season the Bills have never been more than two games above or below .500.

Bulldog: Staying alive

I wrote it last week. The existence of the .500 team is such that when you reach this point of the NFL season, all a win does is make it necessary that you keep winning.  Beat the Bengals last week?  Congratulations. Now do it again.

Big plays keep Bills season alive

The Bills are 2-2 in must wins and because of that, the 2016 season stays alive. 

The Bills are doing what it takes to win

The Bills had to come from behind three different times to beat 2-9 Jacksonville 28-21.
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