JW: The 3-2-1

JW: The 3-2-1

In an effort to raise awareness for the NHL’s desperate need to move to a 3-2-1 point system, I’ve opted to start a featured column with the same name.  Three quick takes today on the Sabres OT disaster, Dmitri Kulikov’s presence, and NBCSN’s latest rivalry night.

Bills threw me some curve balls

 Miami was able to do 3 things I didn't expect and that allowed them to beat the Bills.
JW: Mailbag

JW: Sick Day Mailbag (of tweets)

After missing the show this morning with, as Howard phrased it, "an upper body injury", I asked for some questions to fill a Tweet-bag.  Here are ten selected questions and answers... Some Bills, some Sabres, some beer, and the 11 NFL teams I decided should tank.

Bills rolling along

I can get used to this Bills winning thing.  Its fun. 
JW: Cheer Up

JW: Dealing with the Eichel injury

The 30 club, designed to get you through the misery of the tank, is back!  No, we’re not going to be tanking again.  Instead we’ll laugh at our misfortune and commiserate.  Here’s some of the best reaction from you, and a thought on what the Sabres might want to do to deal with Jack's bum wheel.
Will the Bills beat Brady and the Pats on Sunday?
  Are you kidding me with this question? No, they won't.
  Get out the brooms to sweep away the Pats. Yes, they will.
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