Mets ruin my holiday weekend

Father son sports trips are the best. But my favorite baseball team did everything it could to ruin my most recent excursion.


JW: Revisiting Bylsma - One Year Later

The Sabres are now in the market for a coach and Dan Bylsma might be the choice.  What could be different for Bylsma this time around?  In comparing the Penguins and Sabres models last year, Jeremy White gives you a look....
Eichel Watch

JW: Eichel Watch: Possession and Power Play

Jack Eichel's play at the World Championships offers a glimpse into what he might look like as an NHL player.  If the last few games, featuring some of the world's best players, are any indication, we should expect Eichel to be a demon of possession, and a terror on the power play.

Brady got what he deserved

"It's not personal, it's strictly business."  That classic quote from "The Godfather" is exactly how I feel about the suspension for Tom Brady.
Genie Bra
We're unable to show you the end of this hockey game. It's time now for Genie Bra.

NHL playoffs a yawn-a-thon

What would have to happen, really?

Would a playoff game have to go into a fifth overtime, scoreless? Would two games in the same series have to do that? Would seven?

Would a network have to abandon a game to switch for middle-of-the-night paid programming? ("It's 2 a.m., so due to contractual obligations we now leave tonight's Penguins-Flyers playoff game to bring you Genie
The Sabres reportedly will hire Dan Bylsma to be their next head coach. Your thoughts?
  I'm happy.
  I'm not happy.
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