JW: Why the NBA's hot and the NHL's not

I pick the Golden State Warriors over the NHL for the same reason I drive an extra five minutes for my coffee in the morning - reliability.


The NHL has lost my trust.  If I'm forced to make a choice, I'm too often leaving the sport I love for what's giving me a better time.  The NHL should be concerned.


There’s a funny thing happening in
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Ortiz hit this ball in the third inning, when he tries less hard than in later innings.

Hockey holding to its myths

Things are going pretty well this season for the Boston Red Sox. They have 229 runs, averaging 6.0 per game -- both numbers tops in the majors -- and at 24-14 they share the third-best record in baseball.

Boston won three of four over Houston last weekend, including a comeback win Saturday. Down one with two outs in the ninth, David Ortiz tripled in the tying run to force extra innings. In the
Jeff Banister, John Gibbons
The Code

Its time for MLB to kill "the code"

Let me start by saying I’m an “old school guy”. But its time for Major League Baseball to grow up.

Bruce Smith gets a well a deserved honor from the Bills

BRUUUUCE!!!! Just say that and any Buffalo sports fan who was around for the 1980's and 1990's knows exactly who you're referring to.  
Bills draft

Was it a perfect draft?

Something weird happened over the weekend.  The Bills had a draft that left most of their fans happy. 
Should star players get preferential treatment when it comes to suspensions?
  Yes. The stars of the game should have a longer leash
  No. Top guy or bench guy, they should all be treated the same with discipline
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