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Posted: Tuesday, 23 July 2013 5:09PM

Bills release DE Mark Anderson

(WGR 550) -- Less than a week to go before the start of training camp for the Buffalo Bills, the team has released one of their big signings from the 2012 off-season. Taking only one sentence to explain in the press release, the Bills announced they have released defensive end Mark Anderson after just one year of his four-year contract.

When the agreement first happened, Anderson inked the contract which would have paid him $19.5 million over the four seasons if he saw the end of the deal. Only $7.9 million, however, was qualified as guaranteed money.

Now with Anderson's release, he made a total of $8,104,850 from Buffalo in his 16 months as a member of the roster. The Bills parting ways with Anderson now means they'll be on the hook for a cap hit of $4.5 million at some point. They could choose to take it all on the 2013 salary cap, or they could instead elect to prorate it.

In real cash however, Anderson will not see a dime of the remaining $11.4 million (his remaining three base salaries and final two years of workout bonuses) that he would have had he been with the Bills all four seasons.

In one injury-plagued season, the 30-year old played in just five games. Anderson amassed only 12 tackles and one sack in 2012. He suffered a torn lateral meniscus early in to the season and dressed for only one game the rest of the way.

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