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Buffalo Business Report - Friday July 26, 2013

Evans BankCorp reports second quarter earnings up 29 % from last year for a net income of 45 cents a diluted share, or approx. . $ 4 million .

The super discount bus service Megabus is teaming up with Coach USAs Lakefront lines to offer new service to and from Cleveland beginning August 1.  READ MORE from them HERE 

Erie Community College is winding down a week of working with high school and community college teachers focusing on Bio-manufacturing and pharmaceutical processes, as part of its its advanced manufacturing certificate program

 Batavia Downs is delaying the opening of its new gaming facility. All the special contests that were set for the end of august will still be held. but the new gaming facility wont open now until September  27h

 A private citizen is suing Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders to try to void expansion of casino gambling approved in June. Robert Schulz of Washington County says the bill voted into law on the last day of the legislative session contained dozens of substantive, last-minute changes hidden from public view.

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