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Bills Hackett promises major role for CJ Spiller

When the words came out of Nathaniel Hackett's mouth, they had to be music to the ears of Bills fans.  During an interview on WGR Wednesday morning, when asked if CJ Spiller will be the focal point of the offense, Hackett said in part, "we are going to give him the ball until he throws up."

In case you need a refresher course, Spiller was one of the most electrifying running backs in the NFL in 2012 but was, in the minds of many Bills fans, under utilized.  The former Clemson star tied for first in the NFL in average yards per carry with Adrian Peterson(6.0). His 12 runs for 20 or more yards was second most in the league, only to Peterson.  His 1,244 rushing yards for the season was eighth best.  But Spiller was 22nd in carries with 207.  

Based on what Hackett said, Spiller should expect the number of carries increase this season.  Actually, when Hackett was asked about Spiller being the focal point of the offense, he seemed stunned that it was even a  question.  "Uh, yeah?" the incredulous Hackett told WGR.

"Look it is real simple" Hackett continued.  "We are going to give him the ball until he throws up, so he has to either throw up or tap out on the field, let's just put it that way.  Any team that has watched him knows that you have to stop CJ and the great thing is we have some great weapons on the outside if you do want to stop that guy.  It does not necessarily mean that we are not going to make him a focal point, but even though he is a very good player there are some ways they can stop him."

If teams load up the box in an effort to stop Spiller, Fred Jackson and the Bills run game, Hackett has no problem trusting his quarterbacks and the stable of receivers to make opposing defenses pay.

"The happiest guys of them all are Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller to see the guys on the outside" said the 33 year old Hackett.  "Stevie Johnson, T.J. Graham, Robert Woods, I mean its going to be exciting and that little guy, number 88"(Marquise Goodwin).

In talking about the receivers and whether or not the Bills will look to stretch the field this season, Hackett recalled a conversation he had with Bills Running Backs Coach Tyrone Wheatley when the two were on Doug Marrone's staff at Syracuse.

 "He always would tell me over and over and over, throw the ball down the field" Hackett said.  "You have got to take shots. Obviously we do have some speed but at the same time, whether its completed or not, its going to help 28(Spiller), its going to help 22(Jackson).  Its going to help the guys in the backfield because it is keeping them(the defense) honest."

"If you throw eight of them a game(deep balls) and you get four of them, that's why I go to the games.  You want to see CJ Spiller break it and you want to see bombs. Let's be real, we are in the entertainment business and thats the exciting stuff."

You can hear the entire interview with Nathaniel Hackett and hear him discuss his thinking behind  going with the no huddle, fast paced offense as well as the many challenges provided by the Bills new look defense in camp:

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