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Posted: Thursday, 05 September 2013 11:01AM

Bulldog: A New Hope

It would be really great if EJ Manuel blew all of our minds Sunday afternoon. Hitting Stevie Johnson on well timed slants, scrambling around to extend plays then chucking the ball 60 yards downfield to Flash Goodwin.  Expertly executing Nathaniel Hackett's fast paced offense and upsetting the mighty Patriots with fancy Tom Brady.

Cool.  It could happen.  Maybe the Bills will be struck by the sort of quarterback lightning that struck Seattle last season and ride it all the way to a one year turnaround and the dawning of a new, well, not so sucky era.

I, like any sane Bills fan would take that, start running with it and never ever look back.  I don't want to say that it's too much to ask.  Mostly because it has been so long since the Bills really mattered.  We're as due as maybe any fan base ever for a break.  Some good fortune few predicted would go down awfully smooth right about now.

But much less than Manuel going all Russell Wilson could still serve to get Bills fans fired up about the future, if not the 2013 season.

I say jumping right out of the gym at some point is necessary for Manuel and if I see enough of it I'll be able to live with the sorts of rookie mistakes that sometimes still cost teams games.

Progress is what I'm looking for.  As long as Manuel can show us he has the high end talent to be a difference maker at quarterback for the Bills, the number of games they win is not that important to me.

I am prepared to be a tough sell on this.  I know now that I tried too hard to see something that just wasn't there with guys like JP Losman and Trent Edwards.  Not doing that again with Manuel.  Don't take that to mean that I'll be unreasonably hard on Manuel because I won't be.  I'm pulling for him hard.  I love how bold the Bills were in picking him.  I believe in the changes they've made in the off season and would like very much for them to look good.

They say you have to work at your marriage.  Well this isn't my marriage, it's a football team looking for the long sought after answer to the most important position in the sport.

I'm not going to work at it or try too hard to see it.  I'm ready to be impressed.  Period.

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