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Aaaah, Football Season

You can count on it every year.  I don't think it matters who the coach is, who the quarterback is, or really even what team we're talking about in which part of the country. 

The dumbest idea a football coach ever had is the one that didn't work.  This can be as wild an idea as trying a trick play, or as simple as running instead of passing or passing instead of running.

Football allows for almost any reasonable point of view to be supported in some way and thus, it's beautiful for discourse.

Following the Bills season opening loss to New England, the hullabaloo seems to be centering on a Buffalo possession that started with 5:51 on the clock and the Bills holding a 1 point lead.  The Bills went three and out and in the process took only 1:20 off the clock.  They ran their offense and after the game Doug Marrone explained that at that point in the game he felt his team needed to score and I completely agree with him because his team was playing Tom Brady's Patriots.

Apparently, this cost them the game.

Cut. It. Out.

In what alternate universe is giving Tom Brady the ball back with anything less than a minute not costing you the game? Remember, all he needs is a field goal.  The problem is the three and out folks, not the hurry up offense.  Seriously, you give me Brady down by 1 on his 20 yard line with timeouts and 45 seconds and I'm expecting to lose.

I think if the Bills start that drive with 2 minutes to go this conversation makes sense.  Not milking clock at that point would be nutso.  But again, there are almost 6 minutes to go.  Don't try too hard.  The 1972 Dolphins maybe, maybe, are grinding out the win from there.  Guess what?  It's not 1972 and Larry Csonka is not walking through that door with that really cool bull horn thingy hanging down from the top of his helmet.

Face it, if Marrone and the Bills had turtled on that same drive and tried to run clock, I'd be listening to how wrong they were for going soft and straying from who they are and sending the wrong message and playing not to lose and how Syracuse wasn't really that good anyways and wow this is some crazy run on sentence and I wish a train would plow into my house right now.

But for real, I'm in a pretty good mood about the season even though they lost on Sunday.  Manuel made some good throws and I like this coach.

Welcome back, football.  I love you.  Assuming love should make me want to duct tape my mouth to a bus tail pipe.  And in my experience, sometime love is like that.

Go Bills!

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