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Posted: Monday, 09 September 2013 1:20PM

Byrd, Bills still waiting out his injury

Orchard Park, NY (WGR 550)  -- With a healthy blend of injuries, youth and inexperience in the defensive secondary, many are wondering exactly how long it will take for franchised safety Jairus Byrd to get back on the field for the Buffalo Bills.

Unfortunately for those looking for a defined timeline, both the Bills and Byrd are vague regarding the specifics. The safety is dealing with a condition known as plantar fasciitis in both feet which, according to WebMD, affects the heel or bottom of your foot due to a strain that makes it weak, swollen or irritated.

Any time head coach Doug Marrone is asked, he reverts back to a wait-and-see approach with Byrd.

"He’s working extremely hard to get back, really working hard on the game plan," Marrone said last Wednesday. "I feel very comfortable with his knowledge and he’s out there doing things with us and it’s just a matter of one day I think he’s going to wake up and say ‘Hey, I feel great let’s go.’"

Meeting with reporters once again on Monday, Byrd said there hasn't been any real change but admitted he needs to be fully ready to get back out there on game days.

"I've gotta be 100-percent to go out there and get ready to go," he remarked. "Once these are ready to go, I'm the first one to say, 'Hey, I'm ready to get back out there.'"

The safety previously made mention that he had been dealing with the condition in 2012 and played through it. On Monday, he added it had been an issue for the majority of the season.

Byrd has used different treatments for it, citing stretching, creams and orthotics to try and help the issue go away sooner rather than later. He seems to be of the same mindset as his head coach, waiting for that one fateful day where the pain is no more.

"It's something that really just takes time," Byrd said. "One day, it just goes away I guess."

He was on the sidelines Sunday, shadowing defensive backs coach Donnie Henderson to get an understanding of the defense during an actual regular season contest. It was the first time Byrd had been on the field during a regular season game as an NFL player, and to not be dressed and playing.

"It was really a weird feeling actually. To be honest, it hurt," he said. "It's not a good feeling to watch a game like that. It's not cool. It was different and the way we lost kind of made it worse. It was a different experience."

If his feet don't get better in a timely fashion, Byrd will have to get used to watching from afar.

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