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Bills had a tough task

Weird start to this one.  Thad Lewis gets crushed and fumbles on the first play from scrimmage and right away it feels like it might be a really, really long day in the Superdome.  But the Bills defense is up to it early and seems to be well prepared for the Saints offense.  

After giving up a TD following a second turnover deep in their own territory, the Bills managed to score the next ten points and have the lead.

That, it seems, is when the Saints and Drew Brees remembered that they're the Saints and Drew Brees.  A blown coverage leads to a 69 yard score for Kenny Stills. That is followed up by a 2 minute drill that is helped along by offsetting penalties negating an end zone interception by Leodis McKelvin.  Just like that the Bills are down by 11 at halftime and once again I'm bracing for the letdown that has to be coming.  I mean, the Saints are really good and eventually the Bills are going to have a game against a good team, especially one with as explosive an offense as New Orleans, that just gets out of hand.  Mix in how limited the Bills offense really is and you've got a recipe for the inevitable lopsided score.

And so it came.  I'll spare you the "they hung tough" speech even though I kind of think they did.  The loss drops the Bills to 3-5 and I don't know how realistic it is to still think of them staying in the race for a playoff spot.  A more reasonable task awaits at home next week when undefeated  Kansas City comes to town.  The Chiefs have gotten fat on an easy schedule and don't possess the kind of offensive firepower of the Saints.  A win and the Bills are back to a game under .500 and that sort of record keeps you on the fringes of the Wild Card race.

It's been a strange season.  I started out not worrying at all about their record preferring instead to just focus on the development of EJ Manuel.  Injuries have ruined that and rather than just sit here and watch the season go by, the idea of them keeping their heads above water became appealing.  At 3-5 that gets pretty tough to sell and it gets even harder at 3-6.  Lose this next one to KC and I think the dream dies.  

Manuel is still a few weeks away for returning so all we've really got is their record.  I sure hope they find a way to beat Kansas City.  If they can't, the rest of these games before the bye are going to feel at least a little bit like a waste of time assuming Manuel still can't play.

That ultimately should be the takeaway from this game with the Saints.  You need the quarterback and until further notice, Manuel is the guy we're all hoping develops into a someone who can hold his own in a duel with the likes of Drew Brees.  In some ways, any time spent this season not watching Manuel develop kind of feels like we're just hanging out watching time go by.

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