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Sabres Moulson is getting settled

Los Angeles, CA (WGR 550)  -- Matt Moulson came to Buffalo from the Islanders, but he started his NHL career with the Kings. Moulson still likes coming back, “Yes, it’s always fun to come out to L.A. I still know a lot of guys on the team. Obviously, I’m closer to the Quick’s so it’s always fun to come back.
What is Moulson’s relationship to Jonathan Quick you ask? I’ll let him tell you, “We’re family, we’re, married. Jonathan and I married two sisters, so we’re a pretty close knit group.”
Moulson’s first day as a Sabre was October 28th. He says he’s adjusting both in and outside of the locker room, “It’s been great. Everyone within the organization and the city of Buffalo have been very welcoming both to myself and my family and it’s been a great bunch of guys here. As players we get treated extremely well from the organization.”
Moulson has already tried a restaurant that was featured on The Food Network. The winger said, “My brother told me about that, he’s a big Guy Fieri fan so he told me about the Lake Effect Diner.”
Just like Thomas Vanek, the man he was traded for, Moulson is an unrestricted free agent after the season. He realizes he could move again and really isn’t thinking about it. He’s more concerned about his wife and new born baby back in New York.
To hear more from Moulson, tune in to the Sabres pregame tonight with Brian Koziol beginning at 9:30.

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