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NHL's West is best

West is best and East is least.  I know that's usually reserved for high school sports trash talking but it can also describe what's going on in the National Hockey League as once again the Western Teams are getting the better of the match ups with the Eastern clubs.

Going into tonight's games, the West is 96-40-17 in head to head match ups with the East which comes out to a winning percentage of 62%.  Thats slightly better than the 59% of the games the West has won going back to the 2005-06 season, the first out of the season long lockout.

If you look at the league standings, you will find that eight of the top ten teams reside out west including the top six: Chicago, St. Louis, Anaheim, San Jose, Los Angeles and Colorado.  The only Eastern teams in the top ten in terms of points are Boston(7th) and Tampa Bay(10th).

If you go to the opposite end of the standings, you'll find seven of the bottom ten teams are from the East. I don't need to tell you who is in last place overall, right?

11 of the 14 Western Conference teams have winning records as opposed to the East where its just seven out of 16.

Only one Western team has a losing record in games against the East this season.  Edmonton is 6-9-1.  Nashville is 5-5 so the remaining 12 clubs have winning records in inter conference play.

There are only four East teams that have winning records against the West: Boston, Tampa Bay, Toronto and Pittsburgh.  If you were wondering, the Sabres are 2-9 against the West with wins coming over San Jose and Los Angeles who are both in the top five of the league standings.

If you'd like to get into team statistics, the best offensive teams are in the West.  They claim the top six spots in terms of average goals scored per game.  In fact, those six teams(Chicago, St. Louis, San Jose, Phoenix, Colorado and Anaheim) are the only teams averaging more than three goals a game.  However, Eastern teams do occupy spots seven thru 12.

In terms of the best defensive teams its an even split.  Five from the West and five from the East in the top 10 when you look at average goals against per game.

As far as individual stats, the West has seven of the top 10 goal scorers including former Sabre Jason Pominiville.  But the three members from Eastern teams are in the top four: Alexander Ovechkin, who is first, Steven Stamkos, who is third despite suffering a season ending injury seven games ago and Sydney Crosby who is fourth.

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